Proceedings of the First Mandalika International Multi-Conference on Science and Engineering 2022, MIMSE 2022 (Informatics and Computer Science) (MIMSE-I-C-2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

I Gede Pasek Suta Wijaya, Junseok Hwang, Agung Mulyo Widodo, Bambang Irawan
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 1st MIMSE 2022 on September 14, 2022 in Mataram, Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful description...
Proceedings Article

Go-Food Sentiment Analysis Using Twitter Data, Compared the Performance of the Random Forest Algorithm with That of the Linear Support Vector Classifier

Muhammad Abdullah Hadi, Nizirwan Anwar, Budi Tjahjono, Lina, Binastya Anggara Sekti, Yunita Fauzi Achmad, Yulhendri
As a generalization, many modern consumers now favor using one of the many available e-commerce websites to do their shopping. Customers can save time and energy by shopping online instead of going out to physical stores because they can do so whenever they like, from wherever they like. Eighty percent...
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Mapping Identification of Sea Water Characteristics for Cultivation Land for Giant Clams (Family: Tridacnidae) in Sekotong West Lombok

Laily Fitriani Mulyani, Nanda Diniarti, Bagus Dwi Hari Setyono
One of the mollusc phyla and bivalve’s class which is included in the group of invertebrate animals is the giant clam. Giant clams play an important role as filter feeders in the ocean and their clams can be used by various coral reef biota as a place to live. Therefore, it is necessary to manage clam...
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The Design of Indonesia e-Government (SPBE) Governance in Tangerang City

Andriyanti Asianto, Gerry Firmansyah
SPBE Governance is a framework that ensures the implementation of regulation, direction, and control in the integrated implementation of SPBE. This SPBE Governance aims to ensure that the SPBE elements consist of the National SPBE Master Plan, SPBE Architecture, SPBE Roadmap, SPBE Program Plan and Budget,...
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Requirement Engineering: Development of Manufacturing Information Systems Using a Role Based Goal Oriented Model

Sandfreni, Anik Hanifatul Azizah, Fransiskus Adikara, Muhammad Bahrul Ulum
Information system development is required by business development. Prior to a system development, the system requirements are defined, including the roles and involvement of users or actors and the dependencies between actors in running a business. The manufacture information system is a system used...
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An Enhanced Information System Success Model for Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation on State-Own Enterprise

Anik Hanifatul Azizah, Sandfreni, Riya Widayanti, Muhammad Bahrul Ulum
The concept of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was integrating each line in the company’s management transparently and within high accountability. With the concept of ERP, one department can access other department’s data easily through an integrated network. ERP has been widely applied in several...
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Implementation of Knowledge Management on Customer Relationship Management System, A Literature Review

Adi Widiantono, Puteri Sejati
Currently the value of a customer (customer's value) is very important in a business competition. For this reason, they continuously improve customer relationships using Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). The implementation of Knowledge Management (KM) can improve the quality of information...
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Using Phase Coding Method for Audio Steganography with the Stream Cipher Encrypt Technique

Made Sutha Yadnya, Bulkis Kanata, M. Khaerul Anwar
One of the most popular audio file formats suitable for hiding information is Windows Audio-Visual (WAV). The two main areas of modification in a WAV file for data embedding are the storage environment and digital representation of the signal that will be used. In order to conceal secret messages successfully,...
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Internet of Things (IoT) Based Multi-server Room Temperature and Humidity Monitoring and Automatic Controlling by Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Agung Mulyo Widodo, Andika Wisnujati, Mossiur Rahaman, Bambang Irawan, Kraugusteliana Tambunan, Hsing-Chung Chen
The data center is a significant space that serves as a place to store equipment related to the server. Important data must also be safeguarded inside the server room itself, thus security standards are required to safeguard the space, starting with air temperature, humidity, fire disaster prevention,...
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Design and Build a Mobile-Based Pet Care Information System with Personal Extreme Programming Method

Ida Ayu Dela Aurellia, Royana Afwani, Budi Irmawati, Moh. Ali Albar, Noor Alamsyah, I Gde Putu Wirarama WW
Pets are animals that are tamed and cared for by their owners and have an emotional bond between the two that will form a relationship. The high interest in raising animals has led many communities and animal lovers because animal owners have the same interest in caring for and caring for animals. The...
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Evaluation of SPBE Management Domain of Tangerang City Government Based on Regulation of the Minister of PAN-RB Number 59 of 2020

Bayu Sulistiyanto Ipung Sutejo, Gerry Firmansyah
To maintain the quality of electronic services to be fast, efficient, and convenient, the government has issued Ministerial Regulation PAN-RB Number 59 of 2020 concerning Guidelines for Evaluation of the Implementation of the Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE). There is one new domain in the SPBE...
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Indonesian SMS Spam Detection Using TF-RF Feature Weighting Method and Support Vector Machine Classifier

Muhammad Syulhan Ghofany, Ramaditia Dwiyansaputra, Fitri Bimantoro, Khairunnas
SMS Spam is an unsolicited or unwanted text message by a user that is sent to a mobile device. At this time, increasingly criminal acts can annoy recipients by spreading unsolicited or unwanted spam SMS, including promotions, fraud, pornographic messages, and others. Therefore, the classification of...
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Smart EV Navigation and Data Collection System for Tree Based Data Modeling Using IoT

Wirarama Wedashwara, Heri Wijayanto, Andy Hidayat Jatmika, I Wayan Agus Arimbawa
Machine learning for autonomous can be done by recording the displacement and condition of the vehicle through manual control by humans and modeling the data. The research proposes designing a data collection system for tree-based data modeling on Internet of Things (IoT) based autonomous electrical...
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IoT Based Water Turbinity Classification Using Color Sensor TCS3200

Ida Ayu Vigi Meidhyana Putri, Wirarama Wedashwara, Ariyan Zubaidi, I Wayan Agus Arimbawa
The use of water in households must pay attention to the cleanliness factor of the condition of the water itself. Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 416/Menkes/PER/IX/1990, water quality requirements include physical, chemical, biological, and radiological...
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Classification of Nile Tilapia’s Freshness Based on Eyes and Gills Using Support Vector Machine

Muhammad Imam Syarwani, Gibran Satya Nugraha, Ramaditia Dwiyansaputra, Khairunnas
Fish is one of the foodstuffs that contain high protein and essential amino acids the body needs. Nile Tilapia is a fish that the people of Indonesia widely consume. The high nutritional content of tilapia and affordable prices make this fish popular with the public. The difference between fresh and...
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Optimization of Data Mining for Grouping Courses Using the MDDS and MAR Methods

Paryati, Agung Mulyo Widodo, Shankar Rao Munjam, Krit Salahddine, Sagayam Martin
To find meaningful clusters from a data set, attribute clustering is carried out, so that the attributes in the created cluster will have a high or very good correlation, as well as interdependence with each other. While the attributes in the other clusters are less correlated or more independent. The...
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User Experience Analysis for the Use of Electronic Signature in the Academic Activities

Ahmad Zafrullah Mardiansyah, Ario Yudo Husodo, Cahyo Mustiko Okta Muvianto, Raphael Bianco Huwae
During the Covid-19 pandemic that has spread all around the world, the government has announced policies for conducting physical distancing among people and doing work from home (WFH), including in the academic field. Although in WFH there are still tasks that can be done, some activities are still challenging...
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Credit Risk Management Prediction Using the Support Vector Machine (SVM) Algorithm

Iwan Setiawan, Evi Martaseli, Tugiman, Nizirwan Anwar, Mirfan, Panji Kuncoro Hadi, Imam Suhrawardi, Hendry Gunawan
Information sharing throughout the globe or universe has become a characteristic of social media. There has been a lot of research into the classification of sentiments. In this study, Twitter has been mined for unstructured Gofood Reviews data. It has been preprocessed to analyze the reviews’ sentiment...
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Black Box Testing with Equivalence Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis Methods (Study Case: Academic Information System of Mataram University)

Putu Ayu Desi Anggara Santi, Royana Afwani, Moh. Ali Albar, Sri Endang Anjarwani, Ahmad Zafrullah Mardiansyah
Mataram University Academic Information System (SIA UNRAM) is software built and managed by UPT PUSTIK to make it easier for users to manage various academic data and academic information at Mataram University. Although the system has been developed, the users still discover the system's lack of...
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Mobile Application Design for Online Physiotherapy Services

Nizirwan Anwar, Jerry Maratis, Dewanto Rosian Adhy, Rudi Hermawan, Muhammad Abdullah Hadi
Type disease and disorder health the more many and varied. Dynamics Public as well as technology and change method life influence condition health society. Appearance The covid pandemic is also one development of disease and health. Need anticipation to condition that. Consider the need to lower disease...
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Implementation of Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System Using LoRaWAN for Pharmaceutical Industry

I Ketut Agung Enriko, Fikri Nizar Gustiyana, Misbahuddin, I Gusti Bagus Astawa
The drug production process certainly requires a room with certain conditions where the temperature and humidity must be following the provisions of the Good Manufacturing Practices standard. In the current condition, there are still many production processes that use manual methods to check the room...
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Speech Signal Algorithm Conversion from Sasak Language into Sasak Script with CNN and Rule-Based Method

Arik Aranta, I Gede Pasek Suta Wijaya, Fitri Bimatoro, Gibran Satya Nugraha, Ramaditia Dwiyansaputra, Belmiro Razak Setiawan
Sasak speech-language is can’t operate in application such as google speech, Alexa assistance, and so on. It makes society need a new development technology who can solve the problem for sasak language. West Nusa Tenggara Province has more than thousand ancient manuscript writen in lontar leaves and...
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Determining Optimization of the Finance Distress Parameters of Islamic Bank by Using Grey Relational Analysis (GRA)

Sobar M. Johari, Wing-Keung Wong, Agung Mulyo Widodo, Sabrina Ayu Ramadhania
This study aims to identify potential causes of financial distress by combining Grey Relation Analysis (GRA) with internal and external variables of Islamic banking companies in Indonesia. The data utilized is panel data for the period 2015–2019, with an Indonesian sample of five established Islamic...
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Comparative Study of Lung Disease Prediction System Using Top 10 Data Mining Algorithms with Real Clinical Medical Records

I Ketut Agung Enriko, Teuku Muda Mahuzza, Sevia Indah Purnama, Dadang Gunawan
These years, the use of machine learning for disease prediction is blooming. Meanwhile, lung disease is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Many researchers have been doing research on lung disease predictions using various techniques. In this study, ten machine learning algorithms are used for...
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Early Detection of COVID-19 Infection Without Symptoms (Asymptomatic) with a Support Vector Machine (SVM) Model Through Voice Recording of Forced Cough

Ni Nyoman Wahyuni Indraswari, I Gede Pasek Suta Wijaya, Arik Aranta, Rani Farinda
COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a coronavirus which spreads from direct human contact through droplets of mucus in the respiratory tract of an infected person. The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that asymptomatic COVID-19 patients may account for more than...
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Bayesian Network Student Modelling on Intelligent Tutoring System

Heri Wijayanto, I G. P. Suta Wijaya, Siti Nurmutmainnah, Ida Bagus Ketut Widiartha, Ramaditia Dwiyansaputra
Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) is an electronic tutorial that has intelligence for adapting learning materials. It adjusts the contents of learning materials depending on the users’ requirements. This research developed an ITS for Object Oriented Programming course that is based on Bayesian Network...
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UI/UX Analysis of Integrated E-Commerce System with Smart Village Concept to Promote MSMEs (UMKM) and West Nusa Tenggara Tourism with Design Thinking Method

Ario Yudo Husodo, Nadiyasari Agitha, Fitri Bimantoro, Budi Irmawati, Ramaditia Dwiyansaputra, Indah Faidun Najah
West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) has the potential to increase the economy so rapidly amid the momentum of the international MotoGP event. Unfortunately, currently available systems and information technology have not optimally supported this potency to stimulate economic improvement. The wealth of natural resources,...
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Design Mobile Application Variable Temperature and Humidity Water Flow Rate Automatic Control System

Nizirwan Anwar, Agung Mulyo Widodo, Mosiur Rahaman, Sularso Budilaksono, Roesfiansjah Rasjidin, Hendry Gunawan, Kundang Karsono Juman, Muhammad Abdullah Hadi
The primary measurements used to calculate the amount of water required are soil temperature and plant humidity. As a result of this system's sophisticated functional equations and non-linear input design, it needs a system that can decide when to sprinkle water. One of the ideas that can be applied...
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IoT-Based Smart Village Transaction System Using RFID and Load Cell Modules

Candra Ahmadi, Wirarama Wedashwara, Ni Nyoman Harini Puspita, Jiann-Liang Chen
MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in the village play an essential role in improving the welfare of business owners and consumers. MSMEs in the village meet the living needs of the villagers. Research is developing an IoT-based smart village transaction system using RFID and load cell modules....
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Classification of Pringgasela Typical Songket Using Multi Texton Co-occurrence Descriptor and K-Nearest Neighbor

Ridho Ilahi, Fitri Bimantoro, Ramaditia Dwiyansaputra, Rani Farinda
Songket is one of Indonesia's cultural heritages in traditional fabrics that are still preserved today. Pringgasela, a village located on Lombok Island has been producing Songket with distinct characteristics and various patterns. Generally, people are aware of the typical Pringgasela Songket pattern...
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Aksyaa: Web-based Accounting Information System with Sharia Financial Perspective

Giri Wahyu Wiriasto, Misbahuddin, Muhamad Syamsu Iqbal, Djul Fikry Budiman, A. Sjamsjiar Rachman, Lalu Ahmad Syamsul Irfan Akbar
For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), tools for recording and managing company finances are critically needed. Many of these SMEs have not been successful in improving their business performance, partly because of their inability to manage their business resources. So if there is a freeware licensed...
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Mobile Application Based Parking System Control and Monitoring Model with Motor Vehicle Parking

Budi Tjahjono, Nizirwan Anwar, Nixon Erzed, Rudi Heri Marwan, Euis Heriyati, Salman Maulana, Binastya Anggara Sekti
Land transportation is an important component of the national transportation mode system, which encompasses provinces, cities, and districts, and has a significant impact on the economy and national development. Parking accumulation is necessary for determining the number of automobiles in a parking...
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An Optimized Framework for Breast Cancer Prediction Using Classification and Regression Tree

Asma Agaal, Mansour Essgaer
Several machine learning algorithms have been proposed in recent years to design accurate classification systems for a wide range of diseases such as cancers, hepatitis, and coronavirus. In this study, the Classification and Regression Tree (CART) is proposed to predict breast cancer in the early stage,...
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Privacy Preservation Agri-Food SCM Operation Based on Online/Offline RFID Using Block Chain

Mosiur Rahaman, Andika Wisnujati, Agung Mulyo Widodo, Aminul Haque, Ria Sakar, Hsing Chung Chen
The state-of-the-art Supply Chain (SC) becomes more complex and effective not only for the business viewpoint but also for environmental care and sustainability Despite the current progress in realizing how RFID systems can considerably advance agri-food maintenance, there is a major gap in the storyline...
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KADARING SIBI (Indonesian Sign System Online Dictionary): Web-based Indonesian Sign System Learning App

Rizaldi Septian Fauzi, Budi Irmawati, Nadiyasari Agitha
Deaf people (Teman Tuli) in Indonesia currently use the Indonesian Sign Languages (Bisindo). Nevertheless, it has numerous versions geographically. To smooth communication between them, the Indonesian government has standardized the Indonesian Sign System (SIBI) for the learning process at special schools...
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Hierarchy Clustering Implementation on YouTube's Top Data

Sekar Mulyani, Iin Fatonah, M. Wildan Santosa, Imam Tahyudin, Andi Dwi Riyanto, Dhanar Intan Surya Saputra
Clustering is a method or process of grouping datasets into various clusters to produce variations in smaller clusters. Clustering has broad application fields such as data concept construction, pattern recognition, web search, simplification, security, and several other areas. Clustering methods are...
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Utilizing Random Forest Algorithm for Sentiment Prediction Based on Twitter Data

Iwan Setiawan, Agung Mulyo Widodo, Mosiur Rahaman, Tugiman, Muhammad Abdullah Hadi, Nizirwan Anwar, Muhammad Bahrul Ulum, Erry Yudhya Mulyani, Nixon Erzed
Information sharing throughout the globe or universe has become a characteristic of social media. There has been a lot of research into the classification of sentiments. In this study, Twitter has been mined for unstructured GoFood Reviews data. It has been preprocessed to analyze the reviews’ sentiment...
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Blockchain Implementation in Indian Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Diminish Counterfeit Product

Mosiur Rahaman, Bibisumaiya Chappu, Agung Mulyo Widodo, Andika Wisnujati, Aminul Haque, Ria Sarkar, Hsing-Chung Chen
The pharmaceutical counterfeit product problem has become a harmful problem for people in India and has drawn significant attention from everyone. It is very crucial for healthcare and daily life. The pharmaceutical industry and its supply chain are humongous and complex in management. The pharmaceutical...