Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Mathematics, Modeling, Simulation and Statistics Application (MMSSA 2018)

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Extend UML Based Timeliness Modeling Approach for Complex System

Hongqing Xia, Jian Jiao, Jie Dong
With the increasing task demand for complex system, the timeliness of the system is becoming a prominent problem, especially in the inefficient system and may even lead to safety problems. This paper proposes a modeling method considering the issue of timeliness for complex system, in which the clock...
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A New Magnetic Model for Distinguishing Between UXO and Non-UXO

Yaxin Mu, Xiaojuan Zhang, Wupeng Xie
The traditional magnetic measurement method is based on the magnetic dipole model that is a point model, and the shape information of the target cannot be determined, resulting in high false alarm rate and low detection efficiency. In this paper, a magnetic multi-order pole expansion model is proposed,...
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A Comprehensive Management Control System Design Method

Yong Sun
This paper proposes a simulation system comprehensive management control software design method, which is used to monitor, manage and maintain the simulation system, and manage various hardware, software, data and information in the control system. It is management software that considers various types...
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Music Emotion Recognition Using a Variant of Recurrent Neural Network

Huaping Liu, Yong Fang, Qinghua Huang
Searching music by emotion has always been strongly needed by users. Since music streaming applications usually have tens millions of music pieces in database, it is impossible to label emotion tags for each music piece manually. It is desired that an intelligent algorithm can recognize emotion expressed...
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Design Method and Example of a Simple Educational Robot

Tongxing Jin, Wei Xie, Jiachen Ma, Kuangzheng Ye
Nowadays educational robots have begun to walk into campuses and households, changing the traditional way of teaching and learning. There are many physical or virtual robot education platforms on the market now, whose perfect systems and mature hardware or software not only reduced the difficulty of...
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Research on the Logistics Equipment Training Simulation System Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Zhonghou Guo
Logistics equipment training is an important means to improve the logistics business level. The traditional training method has high training cost, high equipment loss and is vulnerable to the external environment. Using virtual reality technology to establish a realistic training simulation environment...
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Study on Judgment Methods of Cement Deficiency Position of Non-axisymmetric Well-hole

Danyan Xie, Wei Yang, Jin Qian
In a series of non-axisymmetric well-hole sound filed, besides judging the channelling type according to characteristics of different sound fields, judgment of cement deficiency position of channelling well-hole is also important. The essay put forward to arrange a series of receivers around the wall...
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Methods of Test Procedures’ Generation on the Basis of Simulation Model’s Knowledge Base

Olga Isaeva, Ludmila Nozhenkova, Andrey Koldyrev
We represent a new approach to testing of spacecraft onboard equipment’s functional control using simulation model’s knowledge base for test procedures’ generation. It allows to analyze characteristics of the objects under study using software models with further creation of real equipment’s testing...
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An Adaptive Inter-Carrier Interference Mitigation Method for MIMO-OFDM Systems in HST Environment

Yuzho Wu, Wuchen Jiao, Guanmin He, Wenbo Zhu, Yong Fang
In this paper, we propose an adaptive inter-carrier interference (ICI) mitigation algorithm based on phase rotated conjugate cancellation (PRCC) scheme. For the MIMO-OFDM systems in high-speed train (HST) environment, the ICI is caused by the non-stationary time-varying channels. By updating the optimal...
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Research on Key Technologies of 3D Printing Control System

Lin Du
As an additive manufacturing technology, based on a computerized 3D design model, 3D printing is mainly composed of high-precision mechanical systems, numerical control systems, injection systems, and computer technology. The software is layered discretely and numerically controlled to create a physical...
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Researches and Preparation Status on IMO Second-generation Stability Criteria

Kyounggun Oh, Jilpyo Ok, Byungyoung Moon
Even though the ship was designed and constructed by applying the current IMO (International Maritime Organization, here in after “IMO”) stability standard "IS CODE 2008", it has been found that the ship can be capsized due to the waves even in the static condition due to frequent accidents in the ocean....
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New Method of Flow Measurements Based on CFD for Partially Filled Pipe

Wen Li, Qingfang Zhang, Xueke Luo, Xu Chen
Aiming at the problems that current methods of flow measurements for partially filled pipe are difficult to measure flow at low liquid level , install and maintain, the new measured method for partially filled pipe is proposed. The liquid level is got by using a high-precision pressure sensor that is...
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Construction and Simulation Analysis of Cooperative Game Model of Hospital Group in Medical Waste Stream System

Jie Quan, Yukun Liu
The management of medical waste stream is an important issue of social concern. Based on the cooperative game theory, the cooperative game evolution model of the three-level hospital group and the basic hospital group is constructed. The Netlogo multi-agent simulation tool is used to analyze the behavioral...
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Numerical Calculation and Experimental Study on Penetration into Multi-Layer Spaced Steel Targets

Xiangli Cheng, Hui Zhao, Bo Liu, Jun Liu
To provide exact mechanics input for anti-high-overload optimal design of penetration projectile, a projectile-target response model was built. On the basis of force analysis for penetration process, the rigid body motion model for projectile was established by adopting Newton’s second law. Then, numerical...
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Mathematical Modeling of Droplet Injection Process of Indirect Piezoelectric 3D Printhead for Casting Sand Mold

Hong Liu, Dexing Zhu, Yang Gao, Fan Peng
Aiming at the problem of small size of ejected ink droplet and easy damage to contact between piezoelectric sheet and liquid in the process of casting sand mould 3D printing, an Indirect piezoelectric actuated diaphragm-driven micro-droplet jetting technology is presented to overcome the defects of the...
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Modeling of the Process of Determining the Speed of the Development of Cracks in a Solid Medium

Z.G. Dambaev, V.D. Anakhin, A.S. Buldaev, I.D. Burlakov
The article is devoted to determining the rate of development of cracks in a solid during a model experiment in a solid medium. At the same time, the rate of crack propagation and its resource development potential for the destruction of solids are substantiated.
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Design and Operation of Distribution Automation Test Simulation Platform Based on RTDS

Ran Chen, Yi Zheng, Jian Lu, Haining Xie, Liming Zhuang, Yun Wang, Tao Li
Distribution automation is the most effective means to improve the quality and reliability of power supply.In view of the complexity of distribution automation test, this paper presents a design and operation scheme of distribution automation test platform based on RTDS.Based on the common distribution...
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The Process Modeling Technology for Virtual Maintenance Training of Mechanical Equipment

Weijun Chu, Xiaohui He, Zicheng Zhu, Xingxin Li
Firstly, this paper presents the logic modeling problem in the development of the general platform for the virtual maintenance training system of mechanical equipment, explains its content and composition, and points out two difficulties in the logical modeling of virtual maintenance training system...
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Simulation Study on High-Voltage IGBT Turn-Off with Polysilicon Distributed Gate Resistance Effect

Rui Jin, Lei Cui, Chao Gong, Yu Wu
This paper presents a device simulation study on a high-voltage 4-cell IGBT structure with a distributed gate resistance. It is shown that during turn-off, the emitter current of IGBT will demonstrate a “homogenous– non- homogeneous– re- homogeneous” evolution before the collector voltage rises. Therefore...
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A Two-Layer Electric Energy Substitute Planning Model with the Rationality of Regional and Annual Target

Yu Zhang, Yuan Xiao, Shaoyun Hong, Guilin Huang, Chaoxiong Fang, Yi Lin, Ke Xiong
There are some problems in the planning of electric energy substitution, such as the disconnection between headquarters planning and provincial planning, the disconnection between provincial planning and the unscientific measurement. To release them, a two-layer planning model is proposed, with which...
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Adaptive Ability Assessment Model for New Business Mode of Power Grid Enterprises in Electricity Retail Sector

Song Xue, Xiuqing Cui, Wei Li, Chenghui Tang, Yuan Hu, Xiaoxuan Zhang, Li Ma
With the advancement of various reform tasks, from the perspective of business content, service objects, and service channels, traditional power grid enterprises are facing a new business mode in electricity retail sector. Based on enterprises’ core influencing factors analysis of new business mode adaptability,...
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Business Entrustment Risk Management and Control Model of Mixed Ownership Distribution Electricity Company

Song Xue, Zechen Wu, Wei Li, Yuan Hu, Chenghui Tang, Xiaoxuan Zhang, Li Ma
Mixed ownership distribution electricity company develops business entrusted operation, can reduce business costs and improve business efficiency. Firstly, the entrusted business of mixed ownership distribution electricity company is studied. Secondly, based on risk matrix method, risk classification...
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Research on Evaluation Index System and Model of World-class Power Distribution Network

Cai Liang, Yuan Hu, Guowei Gao, Tuo Liu
First-class cities match first-class power grids, build world-class modern distribution networks, and accelerate the construction of distribution networks in world-class cities to become the mission that Chinese power grid enterprises must undertake. There is no consensus on the current connotation characteristics...
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A Novel Classification Method for Subsurface Targets

Wupeng Xie, Xiaojuan Zhang, Yaxin Mu
In this paper, a novel subsurface targets classification method based on the DE-LM joint inversion technique is presented, which requires few control variables and has strong robustness. It eliminates the inaccuracy of the inversion results when an initial value is far away from the truth value by the...
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Comparing the Export and Import Trade Patterns of the Chinese Low-technology Manufactures

Yu Hong, Shanshan Ren, Bonan Shao, Xiaowei Mu
This study analyzes the Chinese trade patterns in low-technology manufactures for the period of 1987-2017. We employ H-index, or the difference between net export capability and symmetric revealed comparative advantage, to assess the trade policies in exports and imports. The results reveal that China...
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The Import Patterns of the Korean Agro-manufactures

Yu Hong, Yumeng Yang, Xiaowei Mu
Using annual trade data during the period of 1976-2016, this study conducted co- integration analysis of the Korean trade pattern in the imports of agricultural manufactures. We find that Korea has comparative disadvantage and trade deficits in the imports of agricultural manufactures. Granger causality...
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Perturbation Methods for Maximum Principle in Optimal Control Problems

Buldaev A.S., A.S. Buldaev, I.D. Burlakov, V.D. Anakhin
Iterative methods for searching of extreme controls (satisfying the maximum principle), which are based on the theory and methods of perturbation of necessary conditions for optimality, are suggested. The methods are characterized by computationally stable alternating solution of phase and conjugate...
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Cloud Bayesian Network Based Data Processing in Battlefield Sensor Networks

Haiyan Yang, Shuaiwen Zhang, Mu Yang
The application of battlefield sensor networks needs a simple but efficient method to fuse the data and information from multi-sources and generate a cognitive result for commanders. However, it is still a challenge to convert the sensor data into fuzzy concepts so that people can understand easily....
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Evaluation for Parachute Reliability Based on Fiducial Inference and Bayesian Network

Zhanfeng Wang, Jianbo Wang, Pengfei Meng, Fuyong Wang, Wenbao Dai
Reliability is an important indicator for evaluating the performance of a parachute system. Verification of reliability often requires a large number of successful system-level airdrop tests, which is often difficult to accept in practice. This paper proposes a reliability analysis method based on Fiducial...
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Econometric Analysis on Development of Port Logistics Industry in Zhanjiang

Yanli Xu, H. Eugene Stanley, Yinyi Su
In order to study the relationship between Zhanjiang port logistics and economic development, this article uses data from Zhanjiang port logistics and economic development from 2004 to 2014 to establish an econometric model by using regression analysis methods. The regression equation indicates that...
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Distributed Big Data Modeling Research

Min Tu, Fangqiang Zhong
This paper focuses on how to better build a model from resource aggregation to analytics mining in mainstream cloud computing and big data. Distributed Big Data Analysis Modeling Research, provide high reliability, high security and high efficiency services in analysis and judgement for various intelligence...
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Power System Data Management Design

Weijiang Qiu, Zhonghua Guo, Jilin Chen, Sicheng Zeng, Yongfeng Sun
In this paper, a definable scheme for grid management information and data management in power system automation is proposed, and a software technology framework and implementation method are established to provide an effective and flexible data management method for grid operation analysis and management....
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Numerical Calculation of the Penetration of Parametric Beams into Sediment

Songwen Li
KZK equation is used as the base of calculation. When the grazing angle of the source is smaller than the critical angle, the Snell’s law can not be used to determine the progressive direction of the evanescent wave in the sediment that is necessary for solving the KZK equation by using the finite difference...
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Green Industry Evaluation Index System Based on Cluster Rough Set Analysis

Xinyue Yang
Building a reasonable green industry evaluation index system is the key to green industry evaluation. According to the connotation of green industry, the criterion of eliminating information duplication index and the criterion of screening the index with the largest quality coefficient of approximate...
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Assessing the Trade Policy of the U.S. Agro-Imports

Yu Hong, Zhengmei Yin, Yumeng Yang, Xiaowei Mu
This study compares the U.S. import trade patterns in primary agricultural products and agricultural manufactures from 1978 to 2017. We find that the U.S. imports of primary agro-products are subject to import restriction, while that of the agro-manufactures are characterized by import facilitation....
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The Theories and Methods of Military Operations Research in BD&AI Era

Xianjin Bu, Qiwang Huang
With the development of science and technology, human beings have entered the era of big data and artificial intelligence. How to play the role of fundamental subject has become a topic of concern in military operations research. In this paper, based on the changes of key element in the command and decision-making...
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Evaluation for Parachute Operator Reliability Based on Fuzzy CREAM

Zhanfeng Wang, Jianbo Wang, Dushu Li, Wenbao Dai, Qiang Zhao
It is important to evaluate the reliability of parachute operators before implementing the airborne mission to improve the mission completion rate and ensure the safety of personnel. This paper draws on the cognitive reliability and error analysis method (CREAM), and establishes a quantitative model...
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Analysis on the Entrepreneurial Operation Mode of PE Majors in Hubei Province

Meng Zhang, Hongjun Ma
This paper analyzes the operating mode of the establishment of the sports college students in Hubei Province. Using the method of literature review and logical analysis, under the background of the national policy of supporting university students’ entrepreneurship and the plan of "millions of college...
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Research on the Application of the Model of College Physical Education Teaching Club

Zhuo Sun
The reform of physical education in colleges and universities in China has been deepening, and the club model has become an extension of college physical education. The establishment of physical education in colleges and universities not only promotes the development of students' physical health, but...
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The Analysis of Export Competitiveness of Kazakhstan

Olzhas Issabekov
One of the major strategic interests of Kazakhstan in foreign trade policy is to be included in 50 World’s most competitive countries and strengthen the competiveness of the country on the international market [1]. The issue of competitiveness takes a significant place in the economic development as...
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Agricultural Production Evaluation and Spatial Correlation Analysis of Townships in Hainan Island

Lu Ye, Maofen Li, Xiaoli Qin, Yuping Li, Weihong Liang
Using principal component analysis, natural breaks, spatial correlation analysis methods, based on the status evaluation, spatial differentiation and correlation of agricultural production of 195 townships in Hainan Island were analyzed, so as to provide a reference for formulating scientific township...
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Research on Image Clustering Based on Evolutionary Programming Algorithm

She Liu, Shuying Yang
Evolutionary programming algorithm is applied to the problem of image clustering. The solution of the problem is encoded by the symbol coding, and swarm intelligent model is used to search the solution of the problem. In evolutionary programming algorithm, the global search ability is effectively improved...
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Research on Design of Heating System of Continuous Heat Transfer Machine

Mingchu Hsieh, Jungsen Lin
This equipment’s temperature uniformity during continuous thermal transfer process has a critical influence on the transferred product. The bigger surface area of the roller, the poor temperature uniformity caused when heating starts. This study focuses on the thermal analysis of these electric tubes...
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Reliability Analysis of Gas Turbine Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process and FTA

Zhigang Bai
Gas turbine generator sets have complex structures and poor operating conditions, which place high demands on the reliability of components. Aiming at the structural characteristics of gas turbine generator sets, combined with the latest theory of reliability analysis development, based on the characteristics...
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Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Vapor Bubble Growth from Two Heated Plates with Different Temperatures

Xiaopeng Shan, Deming Nie
In this work the pseudo-potential based lattice Boltzmann method is adopted to numerically study the bubble departure from two heated plates with different temperatures. By doing this the temperature for one plate is fixed while that for the other one is varied to examine the effect of the inhomogeneity...
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Research on Two-shot Reclosing Technology of UHV AC/DC Interconnected Power Grid Based on Off Line Simulation

Yimin Liu, Juan Du, Fei Cao, Liming Su, Rui Yu, Ning Wang
In AC/DC interconnected power system, when the important AC transmission lines have faults and power supply is broken, the safe and stable operation of power grid will be seriously threatened. At present, one-shot auto-reclose is widely used in high voltage transmission lines. In order to enhance the...