International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

Volume 6, Issue 1, February 2013
C. Lopez-Molina, B. De Baets, J. Cerron, M. Galar, H. Bustince
Pages: 14 - 28
There exists a large number of techniques for content-aware smoothing. Despite its simplicity, the Perona-Malik Anisotropic Diffusion method is among the most employed ones. In this work we study this method in detail and propose a generalization of its diffusion scheme using restricted dissimilarity...
A. M. Callejón, A. M. Casado, M. A. Fernández, J.I. Peláez
Pages: 29 - 37
We find in the accounting literature the use of neural networks (NN) for the prediction of insolvency data from the last financial year before the bankruptcy, with a success rate below 85%. The objective of this work is to increase the predictive power of the NN models to discriminate between solvent...
Khalid Jebari, Abdelaziz Bouroumi, Aziz Ettouhami
Pages: 47 - 63
The Control of Genetic Algorithms parameters allows to optimize the search process and improves the performance of the algorithm. Moreover it releases the user to dive into a game process of trial and failure to find the optimal parameters.
Özlem Coşgun, Ufuk Kula, Cengiz Kahraman
Pages: 64 - 78
We consider the markdown optimization problem faced by the leading apparel retail chain. Because of substitution among products the markdown policy of one product affects the sales of other products. Therefore, markdown policies for product groups having a significant crossprice elasticity among each...
Xiaoming Zhang, Bingyu Sun, Tao Mei, Rujing Wang
Pages: 79 - 86
Inspired by the transmission of beans in nature, a novel evolutionary algorithm-Bean Optimization Algorithm (BOA) is proposed in this paper. BOA is mainly based on the normal distribution which is an important continuous probability distribution of quantitative phenomena. Through simulating the self-adaptive...
Yejun Xu, Huimin Wang, Daniel Palacios-Marqués
Pages: 87 - 95
The aim of this paper is to develop an interactive approach for multiple attribute decision making with incomplete weight information under linguistic environment. Some of the concepts are defined, such as the distance between two 2-tuple linguistic variables, the expectation level of alternative, the...
Hamideh Kerdegari, Khairulmizam Samsudin, Abdul Rahman Ramli, Saeid Mokaram
Pages: 127 - 136
This paper presents an accurate wearable fall detection system which can identify the occurrence of falls among elderly population. A waist worn tri-axial accelerometer was used to capture the movement signals of human body. A set of laboratory-based falls and activities of daily living (ADL) were performed...
MariaJ. Martin-Bautista, Carlos Molina, Elizabet Tejeda, Maria-Amparo Vila
Pages: 137 - 155
We present a new multidimensional model with textual dimensions based on a knowledge structure extracted from the texts, where any textual attribute in a database can be processed, and not only XML texts. This dimension allows to treat the textual data in the same way as the non-textual one in an automatic...
Ayda Kaddoussi, Nesrine Zoghlami, Slim Hammadi, Hayfa Zgaya
Pages: 156 - 173
There has been a significant increase in the improvement of response to disasters in crisis management supply chain. Due to their sudden occurrence, these disasters require a consequent quick and efficient response that depends on the ability of logistics systems to generate plans under a variety of...
Hu-Song Ding, Ping He, Fu-Xiang Wu, Yan-Hong Sun
Pages: 174 - 185
Due to the mismatch between the order of costumers and the production capacity resulting from demand uncertainty, product shortages or wastes of production capacity occur. In response, the subcontracting of production among the plants occurs to diminish the influence of this mismatch on expected profits....