International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

Volume 7, Issue 4, August 2014
Özlem Coşgun, Gamze Ogcu Kaya
Pages: 636 - 649
In this study, we consider data envelopment analysis for comparison between thermal energy plants which are natural gas based and coal based power plants. Results of this study will give a roadmap to decision makers in selecting type of thermal plant they will construct. Also public and private energy...
Tamalika Chaira, A. K. Ray
Pages: 686 - 695
In this paper, a novel method to generate fuzzy edges in medical images using the Type II fuzzy set theory is presented. Medical images are normally poorly illuminated and many edges are not visible properly, so construction of fuzzy edge image is a difficult task. Fuzzy edges are not the binary edges...
Wenyi Zeng, Shuang Feng
Pages: 706 - 714
Since comprehensive evaluation model was introduced by Wang in 1984, the comprehensive evaluation model has many successful applications in real life. But some examples show the inefficiency of the comprehensive evaluation model. In order to process these problems, in this paper, we introduce two concepts...
Qian Yin, Ruiyi Luo, Ping Guo
Pages: 715 - 723
Software fault prediction techniques are helpful in developing dependable software. In this paper, we proposed a novel framework that integrates testing and prediction process for unit testing prediction. Because high fault prone metrical data are much scattered and multi-centers can represent the whole...
Guoyuan Lin, Yuyu Bie, Min Lei, Kangfeng Zheng
Pages: 785 - 795
Considering trust issues in cloud computing, we analyze the feasibility of adopting ant colony optimization algorithm to simulate trust relationships between entities in the cloud and then propose a novel behavior trust model: ACO-BTM. Trust relationships between entities in cloud computing are dynamic,...