International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2010
Victoria Lopez, Matilde Santos, Javier Montero
Pages: 8 - 20
In this paper we present a software tool designed as a decision aid system for all actors being involved when buying or selling real state, client and realtor, where a main objective for the commercial is to concentrate the client preferences into few alternatives. Since the required previous analysis...
Guiwi Wei, Xiaofei Zhao, Rui Lin
Pages: 84 - 95
With respect to multiple attribute group decision making (MAGDM) problems in which both the attribute weights and the expert weights take the form of real numbers, attribute values take the form of fuzzy number intuitionistic fuzzy numbers, a new group decision making analysis method is developed. Firstly,...
H. Doreswamy, M.N. Vanajaskhi
Pages: 115 - 122
Advanced engineering materials design involves the exploration of massive multidimensional feature spaces, the correlation of materials properties and the processing parameters derived from disparate sources. The search for alternative materials or processing property strategies, whether through analytical,...
Sevil Sentürk
Pages: 123 - 140
The fuzzy regression control chart is a functional technique to evaluate the process in which the average has a trend and the data represents a linguistic or approximate value. In this study, the theoretical structure of the “α-level fuzzy midrange for α-cut fuzzy X -regression control chart” is proposed...