Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

Volume 10, Issue 4, November 2003
Pages: 451 - 463
The procedure of Dirac reduction of Poisson operators on submanifolds is discussed within a particularly useful special realization of the general Marsden-Ratiu redution procedure. The Dirac classification of constraints on `first-class' constraints and `second-class' constraints is reexamined.
Thomas ERNST
Pages: 487 - 525
We present a notation for q-calculus, which leads to a new method for computtions and classifications of q-special functions. With this notation many formulas of q-calculus become very natural, and the q-analogues of many orthogonal polynomals and functions assume a very pleasant form reminding directly...
Sasanka GHOSH, Debojit SARMA
Pages: 526 - 538
The N = 2 super-KP equation associated with nonstandard flows is bilinearized using the Hirota method and soliton solutions are obtained. The bilinearization has been done for component fields and its KdV limit is discussed by comparing the soliton solutions obtained by this procedure with those found...
Giuseppe GAETA, Paola MORANDO
Pages: 539 - 554
We provide a variational description of any Liouville, i.e. volume preserving, autnomous vector field on a smooth manifold. This is obtained via a "maximal degree" variational principle; critical sections for this are integral manifolds for the Liouville vector field. We work in coordinates and provide...
Pages: 555 - 569
We study the Toda equations in the continuous level, discrete level and ultradiscrete level in terms of elliptic and hyperelliptic and functions of genera one and two. The ultradiscrete Toda equation appears as a discrete-valuation of recursion relations of functions.