Proceedings of the First ASEAN Business, Environment, and Technology Symposium (ABEATS 2019)

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Investigation on Buyers’ Purchase Intention of High-Rise Properties in Malaysia in the Era of 4.0

Darren Khoo, Yen-Nee Goh, Mao-Seng Ting
Customer in the era of 4.0 may be influenced by social media when it comes to their purchase intention. Nonetheless, when the product involvement for the purchase is high such as buying a property, buyers’ intention is greatly determined by psychological factors. Hence, the aim of this study is to determine...
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Investigating Factors Affecting Intention to Use Mobile Payment Among Young Professionals in Malaysia

Shaizatulaqma Kamalul Ariffin, Khor Teik Lim
This paper is to investigate the factors that influence intention to use of mobile payment among young professionals in Malaysia. Theory acceptance model and Theory of planned behavior had been integrated to investigate this phenomenon. Five factors (perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, attitude,...
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Promoting Innovation in Food Industry Through Supply Chain Networks: Transactional or Collaborative?

Erni Ernawati, Setiadi Djohar, Machfud, Idqan Fahmi
Innovation is also a determinant of excellence in business competition. However, innovation is often perceived as an activity that costs money, time, energy, and mind. Yet by utilizing the supply chain network owned by the company, innovation can be done more cheaply, easily, quickly, and right on target....
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Driving Food and Beverage SMEs Innovation

Farida Sasha, Arina Charabsarn, Noor Hazlina Ahmad, Zurina Mohaidin
This study proposes the factors of innovation (i.e., incremental and radical) on SMEs performance in the context of food and beverage (F&B) industry in southern Thailand. This study is in line with Thailand new policy labelled as “Thailand 4.0”; an economic scheme aimed at developing a value-based...
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Replacing Plastic: An Assessment of New Material for Food Production Package to Re-Engineer Packaging Industry Based on Multi-Criteria Analyses

Dikky Indrawan, Stevia Septiani
Decisions in relation to planned food package materials to reduce and replace plastic materials are made in the initial phase of investments. Different alternatives of packaging resources and materials are assessed, which requires reviewing many factors. As there many factors are considered, the more...
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Business Model Canvas for Animal Health Business Using IoT Application

Dikky Indrawan
Animal health business has an opportunity to utilize the Internet of Things (IoT). A change in industrial direction was caused by this technological leap that focuses on the improvement of biological and chemical hazards detection for an animal. This paper aims to describe an improved business based...
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Identification of Compensation System in Culinary Business: The Case of Bogor City, West Java Province, Indonesia

Lindawati Kartika, Dikky Indrawan
The objective of this research is to identify the Compensation System for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) in the culinary business at Bogor City, West Java Province. The subjects of this study were 24 SME in the culinary business. Data collection used primary and secondary data through questionnaires,...
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Do New Technology Characteristics Influence Intention to Adopt for Manufacturing Companies in Malaysia?

Ahmad Shahir Abdul Aziz, Nabsiah Abdul Wahid
Today, the world has acknowledged the importance of technology as a tool to enhance company’s performance. It is observed that industries globally have started to embrace new technology which is in line with fourth industrial revolution or better known as Industry 4.0 that occurs in the marketplace....
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How Organisation, Job, Personal Factors, and Motivation Drive Job Performance and Technology Adoption

Hemalatha Somu, Jignyasu Prafulla Joshi, Aizzat Mohd Nasurdin, Lavinsa Paramasivan, Cheng Ling Tan
In recent years, Industry 4.0 has been introduced as a popular term to describe the trend towards digitization and automation of the manufacturing environment. To sustain in this new era with technology adoption, every engineer in manufacturing companies especially R&D engineers plays an important...
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Human Resource Management Practices (Training and Development, Performance Appraisal, and Reward System) as Latent Predictors of Job Performance: A Technology-Based Model Development

Hemalatha Somu, Hafinas Halid, Aizzat Mohd Nasurdin, Yu Yin Lim, Cheng Ling Tan
The article proposes Human Resource Management Practices (HRMPs) to enhance employee’s job performance. Researchers and practitioners have paid considerable attention to job performance because performance at individual level has desirable consequences on an organizations. From a strategic perspective,...
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The Impact of Business Intelligence Adoption on Organizational Performance Among Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia

Shahrizal Nazri, Mohamed Azlan Ashaari, Yulita Hanum P. Iskandar, Hazrieffendy Bakri
Business Intelligence (BI) ideally provides organizations that embrace them with immerse impact. Very few researches have empirically assessed these claims. There are limited studies of its impacts on organizational performance in the context of higher education institutions (HEIs) in developing countries....
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Industry 4.0 Technology Re-Engineering Impacts on Strategy Agility and SME Competitiveness in Malaysia

Paramasivan Lavinsaa, Hemalatha Somu, Noor Hazlina Ahmad, Jignyasu Prafulla Joshi, Nabsiah Abdul Wahid
Competitiveness is the key factor for manufacturing SMEs to increase the Malaysia economy. Competency of manufacturers to react with the changes driven industry 4.0 is now becomes imperative for the manufacturers to sustain Competitiveness. Hence, the main objective for this study is to assess the competitiveness...
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Low Economic Benefits of Fish as Source of Fish Albumin Besides Cork Fish

Nur Fatma, Mala Nurilmala, Metusalach, Nurfaidah, Nurpudji Astuti
The high intensity of use of cork fish (snakehead fish) to produce various products of fish albumin has put the natural stock of this fish species under a great pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to find alternative sources of fish albumin other than the cork fish. The purpose of this study was to...
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Analysis of Banking Efficiency in Indonesia (Case Study in General Bank of Business Activities Level 2 Go Public)

Ferry Ardiansyah, Mulya E. Siregar, Hermanto Siregar, Dedi Budiman Hakim
This efficiency is a calculation of the ratio between input and output variables. This research is using non-parametric Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) for General Banks of Business Activities (BUKU) level two banks registered at IDX with the period of analysis in 2014- 2018. To analyze its efficiency...
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Bridging Social Media Technologies to Enhance Destination Image and Recommendation Intention Towards Mobility Program Among International Students in Malaysian Public Universities

Subramaniam Govindan, Salmi Mohd Isa, Anil Kumar Om Parkash
Malaysia is transforming and growing into an international educational hub. Malaysia is among the top 11th world ranking exporter in the scholarly discipline. However, there is lack of empirical study on mobility programme in higher learning institution. Recently, social media technologies become popular...
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Influence of Endorser Credibility on Consumers’ Attitude Toward Advertising and Soap Brand

Ratih Hasanah Sudradjat, Nabsiah Abdul Wahid
Consumers’ easy access to digital media in the era of Industry Revolution 4.0 has contributed towards increased product advertising by companies in the medium. To increase advertising effect, marketers appoint celebrities to endorse advertised product as they are perceived to be credible endorsers that...
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Critical Success Factors in Business Succession: The Indonesian Family Business

Nyayu Lathifah Tirdasari, Wawan Dhewanto
Despite the consequence of business succession in the family business, neglection of the study with regards to its crucial success factors is often. The critical success factors in succession with regards to the family business in Indonesia was explored to provide lessons that ease the succession process...
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Role Impact in Knowledge Management of Automotive Component Firms in Indonesia

Anita Silvianita, Tan Cheng Ling
The automotive industry in Indonesia has grown significantly as indicated by the increasing number of automotive sales from year to year. This growth has certainly an impact on the development of the automotive component firms in the country. In addition to serving domestic needs, this industry is also...
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Family Business Challenge in Technology and Engineering: Human Capital in Industrial 4.0

Raden Isma Anggraini, Nyayu Lathifah Tirdasari, Dikky Indrawan
More than 95% of business in Indonesia is a family business that is facing difficulties and challenges to match their human capital with industrial 4.0, related to technology and engineering. This study aimed to describe efforts to develop human capital in a family business and to propose guidelines...
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Striving Toward a Circular Economy: A Case Study of a Zero Single-Use Plastic Policy in Pearl of the Orient (Penang)

Corry Maciej Glanowski, Ramona Blanes, Cheng Ling Tan
This study aims to explore how the state of Penang could enhance a circular approach to single-use plastic by implementing a new federal policy (Malaysia’s Roadmap Towards Zero Single-Use Plastic 2018-2030). The study involves twelve semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders, including representatives...
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Determinants of Work Stress for Construction Industry Employees in Malaysia

Jignyasu Prafulla Joshi, Lavinsaa Paramasivan, Nabsiah Abdul Wahid, Hemalatha Somu
Work stress has been identified as a major factor affecting company’s success because it affects the productivity and efficiency of the employees. In Malaysia, in light of industrial revolution 4.0 (IR4.0), work stress has been observed to continue happening within the construction industry even though...
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The Relationship Between Digital Human Resource Management and Organizational Performance

Hafinas Halid, Yusmani Mohd Yusoff, Hemalatha Somu
Digital Human Resource Management (HRM) is a digital transformation of HR practices and processes through the use of electronic media, mobile, analytics and information technology (IT) to make HRM more efficient. In other words, digital HRM is basically doing or managing all the human resource work using...
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Artificial Intelligent Service Quality to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty (Survey of PT. Telkomsel Customers)

Syaeful Alam
This study aims to explain and determine the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. This research was conducted at PT. Telekomunikasi Selular (PT. Telkomsel) and the population used are customers who have used Telkomsel’s Intelligent Artificial services. The sample used...
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Green Marketing: Perspective of 4P’s

Rennyta Yusiana, Arry Widodo, Agus Maolana Hidayat
Globalization in today’s industry brings social and environmental problems. The challenges of increasingly sophisticated technology for business, encourage companies to adapt to consumer needs. Now consumers are starting to switch to using environmentally friendly products, to minimize negative impacts...
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The Analysis of Effects of Operating Leverage, Financial Leverage, and Liquidity on Profitability in the Telecommunications Industry Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Lokita Rizky Megawati
The creativity and innovation of domestic telecommunications operators is still very slow and lagging behind the creativity and innovation developed abroad. This has an impact on profitability measured by ROA on five telecommunications companies listed in the IDX. Often companies need additional funds...
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Designing Compensation System for Culinary Business: The Case of Bogor City, West Java Province, Indonesia

Lindawati Kartika, Dikky Indrawan
The study objective was to formulate the Compensation System for the culinary business at Bogor City, West Java Province, based on Position and Person Value. The Person Value determined by competencies possessed by a job holder. The study interviewed 565 employees from the 24 culinary business. Data...
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The Influences of Leaders’ Sustainability Experience on Sustainable Procurement Practice Based on Decision Support System

Hazrieffendy Bakri, Mohamed Azlan Ashaari, Yuvaraj Ganesan, Shahrizal Nazri, Azlan Amran
Human capabilities play an essential role in decision making regarding sustainable procurement practice (SPP). As tools in helping Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SPP requires supports from top management in ensuring the proper practice. Additionally,...
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The Development of New Material for Food Production Package in Indonesia: Proposed Key Success Factors

Nyayu Lathifah Tirdasari, Andina Oktariani, Dikky Indrawan, Nur Hasanah
Nowadays, it is important to reduce and replace plastic in the food manufacture industry. However, the development of new material is less than satisfactory. This paper aims to analyze the key factors for the development of new material for the food production package. A survey was conducted to gather...
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Does Cosmetics Start-Up in Indonesia Concern Green Product?

Andina Oktariani, Annisa Ramadanti, Navila Purba, Noer Azam Achsani
Consumer awareness on appearance, beauty, and skincare is rising in the era of consumer behavior 4.0. This condition drives the cosmetics industry to grow rapidly, including the cosmetics start-up as one of the actors in the industry. In the face of intense competition within the industry, start-ups...
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Value Preposition Canvas Design for Herbal Tea Product BEETEA

Ani Nuraisyah, M. Syamsul Ma’arif, Okhy Widhasari
This research aims to design the value proposition canvas for herbal tea’s product BEETEA with one approach is action research. Value proposition canvas for BEETEA is formed based on several stages, including analyzing the value proposition canvas 0 by conducting in-depth interviews with the owner of...
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Integrated Feasibility Studies: A Tool for Sustainable Development for Jakarta International Stadium

Asaduddin Abdullah, Fithriyyah Shalihati
PT. Jakarta Propertindo (PT Jakpro) as one of the Region-Owned Enterprise (BUMD) of Jakarta Province was selected by the Governor of DKI Jakarta to handle the project of Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) construction. The construction of the JIS is expected to be conducted in three years from 2019...
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Plastic Bag Diet: Economic or Environmental Motives?

Agustina Widi Palupi, Fithriyyah Shalihati
The problem of plastic waste is, in fact, not only a problem of developing countries but also of countries big in the world. The phenomenon related to the export of used paper infiltrated by plastic waste by developed countries suggests that plastic waste has become a global issue, even though there...