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Innovative Technologies of Cultivation of Crops in the Era of the Digital Economy

N.V. Abramov, S.A. Semizorov
Based on long-term stationary and field experiments (1977-2017), the optimal parameters of soil fertility (gray forest, dark gray forest, leached chernozem) were established. The highest economically and ecologically justified productivity of agrocenoses is obtained when the density of addition for cereals...
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Nutrient Concentration of Straw during its Degradation in the Conditions of Forest-Steppe Zone of Trans-Urals

Anastasiya Akhtiamova, Oksana Kulyasova
Based on the economic reasons, the agrarians refused to apply organic fertilizers on arable land. Nowadays, to obtain high yields of agricultural crops, agrochemicals have been actively used, which led to organic matter shortage entering the soil. Straw, as a by-product, is usually removed from fields,...
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Use of Kinematic Analysis For Rational Choice of Parameters and Modes of Tillage Disc

A. P. Akimov, V. I. Medvedev, V. P. Mazyarov, Yu. V. Konstantinov, G. S. Yunusov, L. M. Rybakov
The paper gives a method to determine a blade line element cutting angle of tillage inclined and vertical flat disks. Formulas are obtained for the blade line element cutting angle of discs, depending on its geometric and operating parameters. Similar dependencies based on the angle, characterizing soil...
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Operating Staff Optimization in Case of Headed Cabbages Mechanical Harvesting Under Adaptive Technologies

S. S. Alatyrev, A. S. Alatyrev, P.V. Misihin, N. N. Pushkarenko, O. V. Mikhailova, Yu.V. Loskutov, M.S. Volkhonov, S.A. Ovchukova
A cabbage combine harvester adapted to technological schemes of harvesting is proposed: bulk shipment of heads in the vehicle bed and shipment of heads on flexible flooring with a subsequent delicate packing in containers in the vehicle bed. The machine harvesting process of headed cabbage under the...
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Productivity of Young Aberdeen Angus and Hereford Breeds

Svetlana Sukhanova, Elena Alekseeva, Nikolay Lushnikov, Oksana Nazarchenko
The article presents an analysis of the development of beef cattle industry in the Kurgan Region, as well as the research results of the productivity of beef cattle. The studies were carried out in the Kurgan Region farms in 2013-2014. During the research the young stock of the Aberdeen Angus and Hereford...
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Stability of Flour Mixture under Various Storage Conditions with Addition of Fenugreek Seed Powde

Lyudmila V. Anisimova, Osama I. A. Soltan
This paper investigates storage stability (165-day period) of whole oat flour obtained by hydrothermal treatment and stored at 40 degrees Celsius in cloth bags and flour mixture containing 66.7 percent of whole oat flour obtained by hydrothermal treatment, 13.3 percent of fenugreek seed powder, 6 percent...
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Content of Trace Elements in Plant Raw Materia

A.V. Fyodorov, O.A. Ardasheva, D.A. Zorin
The paper deals with the analysis of trace element composition of stevia plant raw material. The stevia plant is able to regulate excess of toxic elements and to selectively accumulate essential elements. The essential element content in the plant raw material does not exceed the acceptable standards...
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Productive Qualities of Beef Cattle Breeds in the conditions of the Southern Trans-Urals

A. A. Bakharev, O. M. Sheveleva, K.A. Fomintsev, K. N. Grigoriev, B.Zh. Bugasov
The paper deals with the topic of the development of the beef cattle breeding industry in the Tyumen region. The dynamics of the productive qualities of French beef breeds for a fifteen-year breeding period in the conditions of the south of the Tyumen region are analyzed. The object of the study is imported...
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Conformation Traits of Salers Cattle of Different Genetic and Ecological Generations

Aleksey Bakharev, Olga Sheveleva, Svetlana Aleksandrova, Evgeny Renev, Andrey Koshchaev
The paper describes the conformation traits of Salers beef cattle raised in the Tyumen region. The studies were conducted on first-calf cows of different generations. The imported animals belong to the zero generation, their offspring belong to the 1st generation, and the grandchildren - to the 2nd genetic...
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Characteristics of Leather and Hair Covering of Nenets Deer

Aleksey Bakharev, Aleksey Aleksandrovich Bakharev, Olga Mikhailovna Sheveleva, Svetlana Sergeevna Aleksandrova, Evgeny Petrovich Renev, Andrey Georgievich Koshchaev
The paper presents the characteristics of leather and hair of Nenets deer of different age and sex groups. The results obtained in the course of study indicate that the hair covering is much better in young animals. With age, there is a gradual decrease in the hair thickness and a slight increase in...
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The Efficiency of Impervious Protection of Hydraulic Structures of Irrigation Systems

Mikhail A. Bandurin, Irina F. Yurchenko, Victor A. Volosukhin, Vladimir V. Vanzha, Alexander V. Mikheyev
To prolong the service life of hydraulic structures of irrigation systems and dams there were developed and patented method and device of creating impervious coating of irrigation channels, impervious geotextile coating of low-pressure earthen dams, a device for sealing butt joints of trays providing...
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Reclamation Measures to Ensure the Reliability of Soil Fertility

Irina F. Yurchenko, Mikhail A. Bandurin, Victor A. Volosukhin, Vladimir V. Vanzha, Alexander V. Mikheyev
The analysis of farming systems functioning on reclaimed lands shows the need to improve their operation, based on the greening of reclamation activities, primarily within the protection of soil from degradation, its preservation and reproduction of soil fertility. Modernization of procedures for planning...
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Modeling of Kinetics of Mass-Exchange Processes for Fruit and Berry Production Preservation

Yu.G. Bazarnova, T.A. Kuznetsova, E.B. Aronova
At preservation of fruits and berries mass-exchange processes take place in liquid mediums, which define quality of the canned production. The composition of covering syrup should guarantee preservation of turgor, taste and color of fruits and berries and prevent fermentation processes. We carried out...
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The Influence of Genetic Factors on the Productivity of Holstein Cows

Anzhelika Yevgenievna Belenkaya, Nina Ilyinichna Tatarkina
The article presents the data on productive and reproductive qualities of cows of Holstein breed depending on genetic factors. The cows of the line by R. Sovering were characterized by higher productive qualities during their first and third lactation. Cows of all three lines are characterized by the...
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Influence of Paratypic Factors on the Productivity of Holstein Cows

A. E. Belenkaya
The article presents the dataset on the influence of paratypic factors on the productivity of Holstein cows. The best indicators of productivity were revealed in the cows with a live weight of 400-449 kg at the first successful conception. The milk yield amounted to 8863.2 with a fat mass fraction of...
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Barley Productivity and Protein Content: Fertilization Effect

Raisa Belkina, Andrey Vasilyev, Mikhail Gubanov, Vera Gubanova
The results of study of yield and protein content in grains of chaffy and naked barley in the experiment with the increasing rates of mineral fertilizers were described. The relationship between the nitrogen content in the leaves of barley plants and protein content in grains were calculated. For the...
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Investigation of Ultrasonic Dough Processing Influence on Bread Quality

N. A. Berezina, A. S. Komolikov, T. V. Galagan, V. V. Rumyanceva, I. A. Nikitin, I. V. Zavalishin
The positive influence of ultrasonic radiation on the fermenting microflora of the semi-finished dough product and the quality of bakery products is determined. The experiments were performed with the help of experimental ultrasonic radiators with a frequency of 100 ± 6 kHz and 20 ± 2 kHz. The ultrasonic...
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Modern Methods of Etiotropic Therapy and Preventive Measures in Dogs Suffering Dirofilariasis

Nadezhda Bespalova, Sergey Semenov, Tatyana Zolotykh
The paper presents the core findings of a study aimed at therapeutic efficacy of domestic antiparasitics such as Inspector Total C and Helmimax on the basis of moxidectin used for etiotropic therapy and prevention of dirofilariasis in dogs. The dogs were infested by D. immitis and D. repens nematodes...
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Identifying Mobile Indicators that Reflect the Functioning of Biological Systems Depending on the Environmental Factors

Svetlana Failievna Sukhanova, Ruslan Musarbievich Bischokov
Mobile indicators have been established (productive indicators, biological indicators and natural resistance) that show a high degree of susceptibility to influence of various external factors, including feeding ones. A large influence quantity of the feeding factors onto poultry productivity was established,...
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Complex Resistance to Leaf Diseases of Spring Barley in Leningrad Region

Lyubov M. Bondareva, Tatiana N. Radyukevich, Lyudmila I. Kartasheva, Dmitry A. Danilov
The article presents a study of the comparative characteristics of new promising lines of spring barley L1623 (nutans), L1505 (pallidum) and standards of varieties Suzdalets (nutans) and Leningrad (pallidum) on resistance to leaf diseases in various meteorological conditions of the growing season of...
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Effect of Enzyme Preparations with Endo-Xylanase and Exo-Peptidase Activities on the Bread Quality, Dough Properties and Fractional Composition of Wheat Gluten Proteins

A.A. Nevsky, N.V. Tsurikova, G.F. Dremucheva, M.V. Nosova, I.A. Velikoretskaya, D.M. Borodulin
Enzymes (EN) are widely used in many countries with purpose to adjust the quality of flour in baking and milling industries. It is known that the combined application of EN with endo-xylanase and exo-peptidase activities provides a higher positive effect in the bread quality compared to the use of EN...
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Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Energy Consumption in Rotor Fertilizer Spreaders Operation

Alexey Dmitrievich Brovchenko, Anatoliy Petrovich Dyachkov, Nikolai Petrovich Kolesnikov, Vitaliy Anatolievich Sledchenko
Here, theoretical studies of energy consumption in rotor fertilizer spreaders operation have been given. Multi-blade rotor fertilizer spreaders have been suggested to enhance quality of fertilizer distribution. Expressions for determining all the elements of total power on the rotor shaft, such as power...
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Reduction of Energy Consumption in the Siberian Agricultural and Food Sector: Priority Measures

Irina Chirkova, Alexey Bolgov, Igor Kulazhenok, Peter Pershukevich, Ludmila Tyu
Basing on the results of energy consumption monitoring during greenhouse vegetables and fish products production possibilities to reduce energy consumption have been determined. It can be done by investing into additional energy saving equipment, design changes in the main equipment stock, improving...
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Criteria for Assessing the Quality of Cultivable Land in Land Use Optimization

Dmitry А. Danilov, Alexander L. Ilves, Lyudmila P. Smolina
One of the tasks of land use optimization is to exclude low-quality, unprofitable for agriculture land from active agricultural use. Preliminary it is advisable to carry out an indicative assessment of the volume of possible cultural and reclamation activities. Obviously, if the area of unused plots...
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Production Engineering of the Low Fat Meat Products

М М Danyliv, M.M. Danyliv, O.A. Vasilenko, O.N. Ozherelieva, N.M. Derkanosova
One of the most significant factors in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases is the nutritional factor. According to the report of the World Health Organization, an unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy diet, bad habits make up 80% in the formation of heart diseases. Cooked sausages, produced according...
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Growing Corns by Grain-Growing Technology in Siberia

Evgeniy Demin, Dmitry Eremin
The development of animal husbandry in Siberia has led to the necessity to form stable fodder base at the expense of domestic products. Many producers and scientists consider the corn as the most promising culture. It is the integral component at the creation of a high-energy forage for farm animals...
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Study of Self-Fertilization of Alfala Medicago L. in Northern Trans-Urals

N.N. Dyukova, A.S. Kharalgyn
In our research, 27-29% of alfalfa plants formed beans during self-pollination in the I_1 -I_2 generations. At the same time, there was an increase in the number of plants that bound the beans under insulators in a closed flower without auto-tripping. This means that it is possible to obtain alfalfa...
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On Effectiveness of Growth Regulators for Presowing Seeds Treatment of Soybean

Lyudmila Valeryevna Eliseeva, Ivan Petrovich Eliseev, Olga Varsanofieva Kayukova, Georgy Anatolyevich Mefodiev, Svetlana Veniaminovna Filippova
To increase the acreage of soybeans, it is necessary to introduce agrotechnical methods that promote its earlier maturation and increase the productivity of plants. The object of research was the soybean variety SibNIIK 315, the seeds of which were processed before sowing with Ekopin, Lignohumate and...
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Dynamics of Total Content of Antioxidants in Vegetable Products

Svetlana A. Eliseeva, Alla A. Smolentсeva, Olga I. Irinina
In the article the authors give the results of the study of the total antioxidant activity of fresh vegetables, vegetable semi-finished products after heat treatment and in the process of refrigerating storage, dried vegetables, and vegetable cryopowders when designing functional food products. Determination...
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Fertility of Arable Chernozems of Western Siberia during Long-Term Application of Mineral Fertilizers

Dmitry Eremin
Western Siberia is the area of risk farming; however, it has always been and still remains a promising region for the development of modern agriculture. Unlike well-developed European chernozem or black soil, their Siberian counterparts are unstable to the anthropogenic impact. Therefore, the farming...
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Agroeconomic Rationale for Applying Mineral Fertilizers to Cereal Crops in West Siberia

Diana Eremina
In a market economy, agricultural enterprises have switched to a new system for planning and justifying the arable yielding capacity. Soil cover patterns in West Siberia are very diverse. From an economic point of view this raises certain difficulties relating to the formation of crop yields. The given...
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The Interrelation of Agronomic Character and Mineral Nutrition as a Basis for Mathematical Model of Grain Growing in West Siberia

Diana Eremina, Natalya Otekina, Svetlana Kayugina
Modern agriculture strongly relies on mineral fertilizers that make it possible to increase the arable land productivity fast and cost-effective. The traditional use of fixed doses of mineral fertilizers under a free market economy is ineffective, as it does not reflect the character of soil fertility....
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Changing Soil Fertility in Chernozems of Western Siberia as a Result of Prolonged Plowing

Diana Eremina, Galina Selyukova, Svetlana Selyukiva
Agriculture in Western Siberia is a dynamically developing sector that has its firm foundation in results of agricultural research. Plowing-up of high-fertility soils led to changes in the direction of soil formation. It reflected in their quality and productivity. Vastly increased anthropogenic burden...
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Applying QFD to Quality Management of Biologically Active Additives

E. Ermolaeva, J. Dymova, O. Zhukova, A. Mikhaylova
QFD is a system to convert customer expectations to fit the relevant requirements of an industry at each stage of the product development from the research stage through design and production to sales. This study uses QFD approach to determine the requirements for biologically active additives, popular...
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Biochemical Status of Animal Organism Under Conditions of Technogenic Agroecosystem

Rinat R. Fatkullin, Evgeniya M. Ermolova, Vladimir I. Kosilov, Yuliya V. Matrosova, Svetlana A. Chulichkova
The biochemical characteristic of the conditions of systems allows reviewing the nature and intensity of diseases (pathogenesis). To study the adaptation of the animal organism to the conditions of ecosystem pollution by toxic elements and to establish the specific metabolism routes, we have investigated...
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Accumulation of Mineral Nutrients in Leaves of Momordica Charantia L. And Trichosanthes Cucumerina L. Grown Using Grafting

A. Fedorov, S. Musikhin, I. Fatykhov, D. Zorin, O. Ardasheva
The article examines accumulation of macro- and microelements in the leaves of Momordica charantia L. and Trichosanthes cucumerina L. grown using a grafting method. It contains data on the content of key mineral nutrients in the leaves of examined crops. It marks high calcium content in the leaves, reaching...
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The Impact of Biologies and Chemicals on Winter Wheat Diseases, Yield and Grain Quality

Vasily Fedotov, Nadezhda Podlesnykh, Sabir Kadyrov, Diana Chtedrina, Oleg Stolyarov
The use of intensive technologies is the cornerstone of receiving heavy yields of winter wheat. However, the agro-technology intensification is impossible without the use of pesticides increasing ecological tension which is enough already in the field husbandry. In this regard the application of alternative...
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Potatoes Tuberous Reproduction Productivity Dependence On Seedlings Growing Technique

S. A. Filippova, L.V. Eliseeva, G.A. Mefodiev, L. G. Shashkarov
The analysis of various methods of obtaining potatoes seedlings was conducted. The study objects were the first and second tuberous reproduction of the hybrid generative progeny of the Nikulinsky and Breeze varieties. The aerial portion of potato plants was estimated by their height. The yield structure...
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New Generation Varieties of Spring Oats Selected for Areas with the Climate as in Ural, Siberia and the Far East of Russia

Mariya Fomina, Galina Tobolova, Anna Lyubimova
New varieties of spring oats Otrada and Foma have been created in the Northern Trans-Ural Agricultural Research Institute. Midseason varieties are resistant to drowning and shedding, and mid resistant to spring-and-summer drought, have potential productivity of 7,0 - 8,0 t/ha. The top grain yield of...
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Raw Materials of the Far Eastern Region are a Valuable Source of Micronutrients In Human Nutrition

N.A. Frolova, I. Y. Reznichenko
The article proposes a complex scheme of processing of fruit and berry and animal raw materials as a valuable source of physiologically valuable ingredients in human nutrition. The chemical composition of the powder of reindeer antlers and juice and phyto-powders of berries, cranberries was carried out...
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On Fitotoxicity and Possibility to Utilize Boiling Lye During Grass Cellulose Producion by Innovative Methods

Minnegali Yusupovich Gilyaziv, Fannur Shuakatovich Fashutdinov, Ragat Vagizovich Minikaev
New grass cellulose production technology from straw has been developed in Republic of Tatarstan. It can give a new impact to steady development of agriculture areas. Fitotoxicity of boiling lye during grass cellulose production has been studied. This allows grounding ways of its utilization in agriculture....
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Dermacentor reticulatus biorhythms in the Northern Forest-Steppe of the Tyumen Region

Yuri Valerievich Glazunov, Larisa Aleksandrovna Glazunova
Toforecast thenumberof ticks and take successful measures for decreasingthemin population it is necessary to know the features of their phenology in aparticular region. The majority of acarologists pays attention to the features of Ixodes persulcatus’activity as they transmitixodic infections. The proved...
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Acaricidal Efficacy Against Ticks Delcid

Yuri Valerievich Glazunov, Larisa Aleksandrovna Glazunova
In the Northern Trans-Ural region ticks are dangerous to animals as carriers and reservoirs of viruses and parasitic diseases. New compositions with prominent acaricidal qualities, the majority of which belong to the group of synthetic pyrethroids, are being constantly created against ticks. In the search...
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Abyphipr - Perspective Insecticide on the Basis of Fipronil and Abomectin for Combating Zoophilnium Flies - Intermediate Bells of Belts

Larisa Aleksandrovna Glazunova, Yuri Valerievich Glazunov
Cattle thelaziasis is widespread on many continents. The disease is characterized by damage to the organs of vision, the development of conjunctivitis, keratitis and corneal ulcers, the development of panophthalmia is often observed, and therefore, animals are culled. Since the vector of invasion is...
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Regional Private Farming: from Theory to Practice

O.N. Goncharenko, L.B. Medvedeva
The paper considers the experience of private farming in the agro-industrial region, based on the theoretical insights of prominent Russian economists including A.V. Chayanova. Through output statistics, expert interviews as of 2018 and the results of the 2016 survey, it reveals the main positive phenomena...
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Fuzzy Modeling in the Management of the Lumber Drying Process: Formalization of uncertainties in the problem

V.V. Gorokhovsky, V.V. Pobedinsky, A.G. Gorokhovsky, E.F. Hertz, E.E. Shishkina, A.A. Pobedinsky
The problem of lumber drying is considered. The relevance of the research is due to the need to improve the system of automated control of the technological process of drying lumber on the basis of modern information technologies, reducing the energy-intensity of these technologies, which is enshrined...
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Synthesis of a Fuzzy Model in Matlab for Automatic Control of the Drying Process

V.V. Pobedinsky, A.G. Gorokhovsky, E.F. Hertz, E.E. Shishkina, A.A. Pobedinsky
The paper considers the relevant issue of improving wood drying, reducing the energy intensity of these technol-ogies, primarily by means of automated process control systems based on modern information technologies. To take into account the uncertainties of the input parameters and the influencing factors...
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Aggression of European Dark Bee and Possibility of its Decrease by Selection

Nikolay N. Grankin, Ekaterina A. Fomina, Svetlana N. Bakina, Angela P. Tyapkina, Tatyana V. Fedyaeva
The paper presents the results of the study of the adaptive behavioral trait of workers of European dark bees' subspecies. The significance of the study is due to the need to decrease the level of aggression of European dark bees and increase its adaptability. The materials of the paper are aimed at...
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Characterization of High-Producing Cows by their Immunogenetic Status

S.L. Gridina, V.F. Gridin, O.I. Leshonok
The selection of high-producing cows into the group of cows carrying bull calves is of great importance for successful breeding as for a single farm, as for the industry in the whole region. Present work analyses the productivity of the cattle herd in Sverdlovsk region. It was established that the percentage...
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Agronomic Characters of Hulless Barley Collection

Vera Mikhailivna Gubanova, Mikhail Valerievich Gubanov, Anatoly Alexandrovich Gryaznov
The research was conducted in 2011-2013 in the northern forest-steppe of the Tyumen region. The vegetation period of hulless barley samples ranged from 63 to 80 days. The samples with the length of stages - seedling-heading - 38-42 days and heading-ripening - 29-33 days produced the yield higher than...