Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Architecture: Heritage, Traditions and Innovations (AHTI 2020)

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The Academy of Construction and Architecture of the USSR: Formation of the Idea of a New Goal in the Conditions of Transition to “Industrial Rails”

Konstantin Khrupin
The active search for the optimal structural arrangement of the profession itself, as well as the architectural and construction academic science, in particular, which would correspond to the tasks of the epoch, in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in the middle of the XX century, was largely...
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Modern Challenges and the Outline of the Future of Architecture

Eskander Baitenov
Space parameters of architecture (morphological level) have substantial impact on the life quality. The diagram on the architectural evolution that covers periods from the ancient times up to now, is offered for your consideration. As per the diagram there have been three subsequent architectural dominants:...
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Wooden Architecture of Central Russia: A New Discovery

Andrei Bode
There are few pieces of wooden architecture heritage remaining in Central Russia today, but in the past wooden construction flourished there and had a rich tradition. Recent research of Moscow Oblast wooden architecture reveals an almost unstudied field in the history of architecture. Wooden churches...
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On the Traditional Attitude Towards Architectural Innovation

Igor A. Bondarenko
Along with all the traditionalism of ancient cultures, there was also a place for seeking innovation. History reveals more or less significant changes in the planning and development of settlements, which took place for various reasons. It is important for us to be able to distinguish the changes forced...
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“Structural Rationalism” as a Trend in Architecture of the Second Half of the XIX — Early XX Centuries: In the Context of the Cities in the South of Russia

Anna Mikhailovna Ivanova-Ilicheva, Alexander Mikhailovich Buchka, Grigory Efimovich Shapiro
The article describes the idea of “structural rationalism” as the most important trend in the architecture of the XIX - early XX centuries. The origin of the idea of “structural rationalism” belongs to the period of total classicism domination. This idea is related to the rational recognition of the...
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Dacha of the Merchant K.P. Golovkin — Bright Sample of Samara Art Nouveaux

Vladimir Chekmarev
Golovkin chose a very small area near the upper edges of the strongly descending terrain towards the Volga river and the nearby ravine for the construction of his dacha. The 2-storey stone building with a basement and an elevated tower is located on the highest point of the site. Developed by K.P. Golovkin...
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The Program of Urbanization of Russia in the Activities of S. Yu. Witte and P. A. Stolypin (Late 19th – Early 20th Century)

Maria Nashchokina
The article describes the role of the most important Russian politicians of the late 19th – early 20th century, S.Yu Witte, and P.A. Stolypin, in the urbanization of the country. Beside the fact that their strategic initiatives were oriented at the development of Russian economics, and the safety of...
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The Results of New Studies of the Rock-Hewn Churches of the Historical Regions of Endärta and Tämben (Tigray Region, Ethiopia)

Sergey Klyuev
The article is devoted to the results of new research carried out in Tigray (Ethiopia) in October 2019. The focus is on rock-hewn churches located in the southern part of the region, in historical areas Tämben and Sähart (Endärta). These are the churches: Wuqro Yohannes Wäldä Nägwädgwad, Abunä Samuʼel...
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Genesis of Architecture and Synthesis of Arts

Armen S. Sardarov
Genesis of architecture as a consistent activity focused on the formations of habitat possesses several starting points. These are temple complexes Göbeklitepe in modern Turkey, Mgarr and Tarksien in Malta. There is much in common in the architectural concept of these ancient complexes, i.e. planning,...
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The Role of Medieval Armenian Architecture in the Process of the National Self-Identification

Anush Ter-Minasyan
For hundreds and thousands years, under the extremely difficult conditions of regular wars, raids of foreign invaders, political and natural cataclysms, the self-identification of the Armenian people has been developed only through the national culture, particularly in architecture. There is no exaggeration...
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Western European Prototypes in the Cult Architecture of the Lower Volga Region (Second Half of the XVIII – Early XX Centuries)

Valentina Serebryanaya, Olga Kozlova, Yury Kolyshev
The article considers both preserved and lost Roman Catholic and Evangelical Lutheran churches located in the territory of the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional region of the Lower Volga region. The presence of national cultures of Poles, Germans determined the distinctive features of the development...
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Analysis on the Modeling Characteristics of the Masonry in the Han Dynasty Architectural Portraits

Lai Zhou
The Han Dynasty portrait masonry left a lot of architectural drawings for later generations. These architectural performance drawings played a key role in the study of Han Dynasty architecture. However, is the building on the portrait masonry a reproduction of the real building or a product of artistic...
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Moisei Ginzburg’s Studies in Milan (1910 – 1914) and Italian Architecture of the Early XX c

Anna Vyazemtseva
Moisei Yakovlevich Ginzburg (1892 - 1946) - an outstanding architect of the XX century and one of the key figures of constructivism used to pass the first years of his studies in Europe and most of all – around 4 years - in Italy, in Milan, at the Brera Academy and, as it turned out, in Milan Polytechnic....
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The Interpretation of the Culture and Belief of Color in Tibetan Architecture

Lan Yu
The style and color of traditional Tibetan architecture have strong plateau characteristics based on its unique geographical environment, climatic characteristics, religious beliefs, and ethnic customs. No matter its colors or forms, its architectural decorations have many connections with religions....
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Study on the Tone and Aesthetics of Architecture

Yifan Guo
This article expounds from the multiple analysis of the architecture’s virtual reality, tension, rhythm, confrontation, void, symbol, light and field. An extremely profound example analysis is used to explore the imagination of architectural aesthetics, and then it is further sublimated to the so-called...
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Sacral Topography of the Tver Kremlin in the Period of Appanage Principalities

Aleksey Salimov, Vasily Danilov, Elena Romanova
The following article shows the development of church building in the Tver Kremlin in the 13th – 15th centuries. The authors localize and describe all known wooden and stone temples using the written and archaeological sources of the period. The authors state that some decades after the establishment...
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The Ancestral Tomb Model in the Tomb System of Tang Dynasty

Bo Qin
There is ancestral tomb model in the tomb system of the Tang Dynasty, including Yongkang Tomb, Xingning Tomb, Jianchu Tomb and Qiyun Tomb. The stone carvings are concentrated on both sides of Shinto on the south side of the grave mound, standing opposite each other. The stone carvings from south to north...
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Architectural Image and Structural System: Two Churches of Ani in the Epoch of the Bagratids

Armen Kazaryan
Shaping of an architectural image and transformation of the structural system of building are usually studied separately. However, these two phenomena are connected in one way or another. On the sample of monuments of the site of Ani – the medieval capital of Armenia – the author traces an obvious interconnection...
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Architectural Ensembles of the Cities-Plants of the Orenburg Province on the Example of the Katav Plants

Elena Ponomarenko
The relevance of the topic of this study is determined by society’s growing interest in the architectural traditions of the regions of Russia. The article deals with the peculiarities of the emergence and development of cities-plants on the territory of the Orenburg province in the XVIII - XIX centuries...
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Historical Industrial Ensembles in the Landscape of Saint Petersburg: Renovationas and Losses

Margarita Stieglitz
In the article, problems of transformation of industrial territories of St. Petersburg are analyzed, taking into account that these territories include numerous monuments of industrial architecture. The author presents results of some transformations of the kind; she notes the possible ways of realization...
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The Monuments of Wooden Architecture of Shenkurskiy Uyezd of the XIX Century: From the Tradition to the Architecture Style

Olga Zinina
The article is devoted to the XIX century wooden church monuments of Shenkurskiy uyezd of Arkhangelsk province that have not been studied before. The method of work is based on the study of archival historical sources, conducting field surveys, historical and architectural analysis of forms, as well...
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Abdullah Akhmedov and the Phenomenon of Author in Soviet Modernism

Ruslan Muradov
The problem of authorship remains the least studied topic in the history of Soviet architecture, not in the sense of attribution of specific projects and structures, but as a topic of function-author. This article deals with the emergence of the phenomenon of the architect-author as an independent person,...
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A Narrative Study of Architectural Construction From the Perspective of Ancient Geomancy Science

Liang Yan, Jin Xu
Over thousands of years of time and space evolution, the ancient building construction theory/technology based on geomancy science has not only shaped the linear multiplication of ideas/knowledge in textual space, but also linked the multi-level three-dimensional logic relationship hidden behind the...
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Architect Johann August Giesel (1751-1822) and the Question of the “English Garden” in Saxony

Vincent Dupanier
The place of the architect Johann August Giesel (1751-1822) in the contribution to the picturesque or English Garden in Saxony is not to be overlooked. The pupil of the painter Charles-François Huttin and the architect Friedrich August Krubsacius, he worked on the reconstruction sites of Dresden after...
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The Gate Belfry of Vysokopetrovsky Monastery With the Church of the Intercession: To the Question of the Genesis of the Type

Natalia Merzlyutina
The following article touches upon the problem of the genesis of one of the new types, which was formed in Moscow architecture at the end of the 17th century. The gate belfry of Vysokopetrovsky Monastery with the church of the Intercession was built during the period of 1690-1694 with the participation...
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Organic Architecture of Japan

Nina Konovalova
The main components of organic architecture, leading to the inner harmony of an architectural structure, are archetypal for the architecture of Japan. Since ancient times, those principles have been identified and placed at the head of absolute harmony, which has become the essence of the Japanese culture....
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Problems of Structural Understanding of the Image of Medieval Town/City

Aleksey Shchenkov, Nataliya Antonova
The main object of the article is a problem of interconnection of material and non-material in the image of city. The authors start with a supposition that elements of non-material heritage of a settlement or its historical centre possess a structure, in many aspects similar to that one of the complex...
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Concerning Restoration Approaches in Italy at the Turn of the 20-21 Centuries

Anna V. Goryacheva
In the article we discussed the approaches to restoration, which are most widely used in the restoration practice in Italy. A comparative analysis of the creative concepts of the authors – theorists and practitioners of the profession – was carried out regarding restoration additions, the relationship...
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Reconstruction of the Wanshougong Historical District in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China

Marianna Shevchenko
Reconstruction of historical areas of cities remains one of the most prominent problems in China. The project of reconstruction of the Wanshougong historical district is in its final stage of implementation, and reveals main issues faced by Chinese architects nowadays. This is the only district in the...
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Architectural Heritage in the Areas of Industrial Development of the Lower Angara Region: Stages of Formation and Problems of Preservation

Vladimir V. Tsarev, Vladimir I. Tsarev
The article deals with the problems of preserving the architectural heritage caused by the new stage of industrialization of Central Siberia that began in the 21st century. The construction of the Boguchanskaya HPS (hydroelectric power station) on the Angara River and the development of natural resources...
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Revival of Light Industry Enterprises (On the Example of Silk-Weaving Factories in Shchelkovo)

Elena V. Malaya
The article is devoted to issues related to the revival of silk-weaving enterprises in order to develop a unified scientific approach to creating conditions for adapting industrial facilities to the new socio-economic conditions of the XXI century. It is shown that the revival and operation of silk-weaving...
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Evolutionary Attitude Towards the Preservation of the National Architectural Heritage: The concept of Time Cycles

Alexander Shumilkin
The article discusses the patterns in the change of attitude towards the national architectural heritage in the XX - early XXI centuries. The interconnection of processes in the theory and practice of restoration with the attitude towards the preservation of historical architecture at the governmental...
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Revitalization of the Penitentiary Complexes in the Historic Centre of Florence

Ekaterina Tribelskaya
The project of revitalization of penitentiary institutions, occupying a significant part of Santa Croce for more than 100 years, is considered in the article. Particular attention is paid to the project of the social center created on the basis of the former Murate Prison complex. The history of these...
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Inheritance and Protection of the Water-Faring Community (Dan Jia) Boathouse Structure in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Yile Chen
Most of the past urban and rural planning or urban renewal design focused on land planning, or land communities involving waterfront space. However, in reality, there are water-faring communities (The Dan Jia Settlements) dating back to 7,000 years ago, most of which still lived away from the sea, or...
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The Impact of Virtual Reality Technology on the Protection of Traditional Ancestral Temple Architecture in Eastern Hubei Province

Jiahao Yin, Kai Cao
Ancestral temple is a model of Chinese architectural art. Due to its unique geographical environment, the traditional ancestral temples in Eastern Hubei retain a large number of exquisite architectural structures, and also record the precious vernacular immigrant culture. How to solve the problem of...
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Protection and Recycling of Architectural Heritage in Macau’s Urban Renewal

Lier Mi
The era of rapid urban development requires effective protection and reuse of urban architectural heritage. Urban renewal aims to replace the decaying physical space with new urban functions, while respecting and protecting the architectural heritage. In the stage of rapid urban development in Macau,...
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Research on the Relationship Between the Protection and Utilization of Modern Buildings and the Regional Economic Development in Xi’an

Yifan Feng, Junqiang Zhao
In recent years, with the continuous advancement of the “Four Reforms and Two Demolitions” work of the Xi’an Municipal Government, the protection and utilization of the existing outstanding modern architectural heritage shows a significant gap from the urban development situation. Some outstanding modern...
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Protection and Development of Excellent Architectural Heritage in Modern Times

Shuyan Pei, Kangfan Wei
The excellent buildings of modern times carry the important information of China’s modern history and culture, but such buildings have not been reasonably protected or exploited. In the need of developing new city, most of the buildings were destroyed or ruined. Xi’an is a cultural ancient city. This...
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Analysis on the Development of Industrial Architectural Heritage Regenerative Design

Feihui Luo
People are always accustomed to carefully protecting Chinese agricultural civilization and rich ancient ruins thousands of years ago as cultural relics. Compared with them, industrial architecture has only a history of nearly a hundred or decades. Many industrial buildings have lost the use value of...
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Study on the Identification and Protection of the Historical Landscape of Traditional Settlements of the De’ang Nationality Based on the Theory of Rural Landscape Heritage

Dongqiang Zhang, Haiyan Li
Traditional villages are the pacesetters in the construction of beautiful villages and the promotion of rural revitalization strategies, and the carriers of the relationship between traditional farming culture and rural life. Since 2011, the International Federation of Landscape Architect (IFLA) and...
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Research on Protection and Restoration of Heritage Buildings Based on Heritage Building Information Model (HBIM) Technology and Its Application

Lu Zhang
In this paper, a heritage building information model (HBIM) is constructed through multi-dimensional data of cultural heritage buildings such as literature data, picture data, and 3D scanning, and through point cloud data processing and Revit software. The parametric component library of cultural relic...
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Research on the Application Strategy of Virtual Reality Technology in the Historic Building Protection Courses

Zhili Zhu, Kai Cao, Jiahao Yin
More and more attention is paid to the protection of historical buildings around the world, and more attention should be paid to the training of relevant professionals. Virtual reality technology currently has a good trend of development in various industries, and has obvious advantages that can be used...
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Building Arches: Typological Potential of an Architectural Form

Anna Gelfond
The article considers typological potential of the architectural form of buildings-arches. The main message of the article is approbation by this example of theoretical provisions of special typology. The analysis is performed from several points of view: town-planning — a building-arch is investigated...
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Hybridization in Architecture

Galina Ptichnikova
Based on the analysis of modern architectural practice, the author proposes the concept of hybridization in architecture as a way of assimilation of globally distributed architectural practices by local structures. The intention of this paper is to investigate the impact of cultural globalization processes...
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Research on the Similarities of Morphogenesis in Architecture and Nature

Nickolay Kasyanov
This article highlights some of the patterns and trends of form building in the architecture of the early third millennium. An interdisciplinary approach, integrating different fields of science, contributes to the identification of morphogenetic parallelism in living and non-living nature, which is...
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The Master’s Creed: Richard Rogers

Tatiana Vozvyshayeva
The article is dedicated to the works of Richard Rogers and the architectural company he is leading — Rogers Stirk Harbour+Partners (RSHP, the UK). The numerous and diverse projects of this company always carry the master’s signature approach. They are easily recognizable by their rationality and abundance...
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Concepts of Project Forecasting in the Formation of the Architectural Space of the Future

Natalia Saprykina
The article is devoted to the urgent problem of identifying the latest scientific concepts and trends in architecture, which can influence the formation of new approaches to the creation of habitat in architecture theory. The leading approach to the study of this problem is based on the use of historical...
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High-Rise Dominants in the Urban Landscape of Baghdad: Architecture and Composition

Sumayah Layij Jasim
The placement of high-rise dominants in the structure of large cities has become a hallmark of modern urban transformations in the face of active urbanization. High-rise dominants can greatly benefit a city where they can enhance its value and express its development and the strength of its economy,...
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Media Facade as a New Mean of Artistic Image in the Space of the XXI Century City

Marianna Maevskaya
The article below describes different aspects of implementation of media-technologies in contemporary architecture. The article focuses more on usage of media facades in high-rise architecture as a very convenient typology of contemporary buildings which can employ LED-screens for creating a new visual...
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Study on the Application of Green Decoration Materials in Residential Environment

Xiaoxue Wang, Yuchan Wan
Since the implementation of reform and open policy, with the rapid development of China’s economy and society and the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for the quality and environmental protection of housing are getting higher and higher. However, indoor pollution is also a serious...
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Research on Implanting the Sustainable Design in Rural Revitalization: Taking the Qianyang Village in Jin’an District, Fuzhou City as an Example

Hongjun Ou, Meijin Xiao
Aiming to explore the study on revitalizing the village of Qianyang village in Jin’an District of Fuzhou City, this paper attempts to put forward a new design strategy for Qianyang Village with the concept of sustainable design and planning. Many traditional dwellings in China’s rural areas are abandoned...
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Study on the Update Design Method of Existing Residential Buildings in Northern China: Taking Ji’nan as an Example

Xiao Wang, Bing Li
Existing residential renovations have become the main form of urban residential development in Western countries. In China’s cities, there are huge housing stocks, the deterioration of living environment and the aging of residential functions. China has taken some measures in this regard. Due to the...
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Analysis of Light Art Application in the Gallery Exhibition

Wei Tu, Yue Jiang
Most of the light art designs in modern exhibition galleries today have two distinct characteristics: satisfying functionality and conforming to artistry. When the above two characteristics are satisfied in choosing a light source, it is necessary to meet the functions of relatively weak ultraviolet...
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History, Types and Regeneration of Gasholders

Haiying Li
With tall images, gasholders not only have witnessed the history and civilization of industrial productions but also have become local landscape landmarks. This paper reviews the historical generations of gasholders and summarizes the appearance evolutions and characteristics. Starting with the shape,...
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Research Significance of Architectural Color in Modern Chinese Universities

Dapeng Zhou
With the intensification of economic globalization, the regional characteristics of architecture are gradually disappearing, and architectural color plays a great role as an important means to reshape and protect regional characteristics and culture. The regional differences of the architectural colors...
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Research on the Application of Natural Daylighting System in Office Space

Zhang Wu, Chulsoo Kim
Natural light is the most important element in the natural environment and a valuable asset that nature has given us. In architecture design. In architectural design, if the natural light can be used scientifically and reasonably, it can not only effectively reduce energy consumption such as lighting...
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Research on the Multi-Path Construction of Nostalgia Space in the Town With Beautiful Rural Characteristics

Yan Zhong
Nostalgia, as a collective subconscious shared by local residents of towns and villages, is not only an important aspect of the cultural construction of small towns with beautiful rural characteristics, but also the place spirit of the social development of towns and villages. In this paper, the construction...
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Research on the Design of Elderly-Oriented Public Activity Center in Rural Planning and Construction

Xuefeng Liu, Li Zhang, Ying Li, Lu Tan
Against the background of new rural construction, this paper takes the rural public activity center as the research object, and systematically combs the design of elderly-oriented rural public activity center. The strategy of elderly-oriented rural public activity center is summarized, which provides...
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The Research on the Optimum Design Strategies of the Public Space Against the Background of Active Aging

Shidan Wu
The urban public space is an important part of the daily living space of the elderly. The paper explores the practical significance of the urban public space in meeting the psychological needs of the elderly and their will to participate in the society. The urban elderly space based on the concept of...
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Socio-Environmental Paradigm of Architectural Knowledge and Russian Strategies for Urban Formation

Konstantin Kiyanenko
This paper is about the systems of architectural knowledge in terms of their connections with strategies of urban formation. The author’s concept of paradigms of socio-architectural knowledge is a theoretical basis of research. Each paradigm is a set of social models, incl. models of a human being, of...
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The City as an Art Integration Space

Mikhail Dutsev
The author introduces an advanced understanding of artistic dimension in architecture and in urban environment by referring to the concept of integrity. It is suggested to use the author’s method of artistic integration to consider the architectural practice in interconnectedness of historical background,...
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Retrospective of Settlement Scheme Formation in Coastal Zone of Ob-Yenisei Waterway in 18th and 19th Centuries

Olga Litvinova
The current research is done as a part of the project “Urban retrospective of middle-sized and small-sized populated localities of Ob-Yenisei waterway”, which is directed on research of the transformation of residential areas of one of the most important water communications of Siberia, with the a starting...
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Academy of Municipal Engineering in the 1930s: The Failed Scientific Center of Urban Planning

Yulia Kosenkova
The article focuses on the creation of the Academy of Municipal Engineering, its structural organization and activities in the 1930s - early 1940s in the field of urban planning of socialist cities. It is shown that during this period the Academy was considered to be of great importance not only as the...
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Search for the Principles of Architectural and Spatial Organization of a Residential Quarter in the Research of Soviet Architects in the 1930s

Yulia Starostenko
The article provides an overview of the searches made by Soviet architects while working on the problem of designing a residential quarter in the 1930s. Among the factors that influenced these searches, the problem of mass residential construction for the needs of industrialization, the idea of “collectivization...
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The Research Into Morphogenesis Patterns of Residential Planning Units in the Early 21st Century

Irina Fedchenko
At the beginning of the 21st century, the dynamics of modern cities reform the understanding of the development of residential facilities. Increasing mobility, multifunctionality, problems of social stratification, segregation, as well as the growing dynamics of functional integration of production activities...
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The Architecture of the Conflicts

Irina Kukina
The environment of the modern city suffers various conflicts, e.g. infrastructural, functional or compositional. In studies on the city’s morphology, the types and kinds of hard-to-avoid problem areas are considered. These areas are usually formed in the course of natural structuring caused by unpredicted...
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Technological Paradigm and the Social Life of the Metropolis (on the Example of Moscow)

Elena Barchugova, Natalia Rochegova
The social demand for the realization of the multilayered process of the citizens’ network interactions changes the face of the metropolis. Both dominant and ordinary buildings, streets, squares, parks, and water spaces are combined in a single stream of urban life. Buildings which have previously been...
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Priorities for the Development of Large Cities of the Central Black Earth Region From Their Foundation to the 20th Century

Anna Gorbunova
One of the main focal points of current state regional policy is the priority development of regions that are critical for the Russian economy and the implementation of its geopolitical strategy. The Central Black Earth Region is endowed with resources and has a rich history and requires special attention...
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Historic “Modus Operandi” in the Revitalization of Ancient Towns: Japanese and Polish Experience

Galyna Shevtsova, Svitlana Linda
The comparative study of Japanese small historical towns’ (Hagi, Onomichi, Omi Hachiman examples) modern revitalization processes led to the discovery of a presence of theirs historical “modus operandi” (mode of action): a direct connection between the nature of the main driving force of revitalization...
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An Analysis on the Design of Public Communication Space in College Student Apartments: Taking the Student Apartments on the Nanhu Campus of Wuhan Textile University as an Example

Yuhui Yuan
This paper starts with the analysis of the current situation of modern college student apartments, and takes the student apartments on the Nanhu Campus of Wuhan Textile University as a survey object to summarize the composition of public communication spaces in student apartments, and summarizes four...
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The Historical and Genetic Model as a Method of Structuring and Choice of the Settlement Development Strategy

Lyubov Kubetskaia
This paper looks at the genesis and evolution of the urban fabric in order to understand the model of the settlement structure, consisting of different historical parts and layers. Several genetic models were considered, those tied to their geographical factors, administrative, religious, and cultural...
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The Matrix Coupling Integrated Planning Experiment of Coastal Sponge City Under the Framework of Pressure-State-Impact-Respond (PSIR): Taking Xiamen as an Example

Danjie Wu, Lili Ma, Junhua Su
The construction of sponge city has become an important way to coordinate the balance between human development and natural ecological environment. Therefore, the research on the coupling planning of the coastal sponge city in the framework of Pressure-State-Impact-Respond (PSIR) was put forward. On...
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The Effect of Memory Construction of Cultural Landmarks on Urban Development

Bo Gao
The rapid development of a city can be reflected in its culture, social formation and industries. As the most distinguishing trait, cultural landmarks bear the memory of the city, set off its development and carry forward the spirit of the place. Cultural landmarks, the key point of urban spatial structure,...
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Research on the Inheritance and Innovation of Regional Culture in Environmental Art Design

Xiaonan Cao
With the continuous deepening of the national reform and opening up strategy, urbanization construction has gradually become the focus of the reform. This makes Chinese cities expand in size and quantity and keep pace with each other, which deepens the interaction and inheritance of regional cultures....
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Suture and Revival of Historical Blocks in the Context of Modernity: Comprehensive Planning and Architectural Design of the Leqiao-Caoqiao Section in the Ancient District of Ganjiang Road, Suzhou City

Ziyi Xin, Yingpeng Zhang, Jinxiu Wu
In the context of the modernity of urban development, Suzhou Ganjiang Road, as the main road in the ancient city, has been unable to meet the existing urban needs, and the contradiction between the ancient city’s infrastructure and modern lifestyle has become increasingly prominent. In this paper, Ganjiang...
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A Study on the Revitalization of Community Building in Taiwan Based on Qianyang Village

Hongjun Ou
The purpose of this paper is to study the revitalization of Qianyang Village in Jin’an District, Fuzhou City. The paper tries to embed Qianyang Village with the experience of Community Building in Taiwan, and at the same time puts forward sustainable design management strategy. This research is to organize...
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Research on the Reconstruction and Reuse of Historic Blocks From the Perspective of Urban Catalysts: Taking a Historical District of Foshan as an Example

Xinyuan Fan
The transformation and reuse of historical blocks in the process of urbanization need to focus on the continuity of their culture on the basis of authenticity and coordinate with modern urban blocks to bring positive effects to the surroundings and even the entire city. Involving the urban catalyst perspective...
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Visual Culture and Spatial Infiltration: Modern Traditional Architecture of Fuzhou From the Perspective of Creative City

Yunqi Li
The promotion of cultural and creative industries, the construction of creative cities and the attraction of creative classes can not only promote the reconstruction of urban space with cultural consumption capital, but also impact local cultural thinking, resulting in the alienation of urban space and...
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Study on the Spatial Morphological Characteristics of Traditional Village Settlements in Nanxijiang River Basin

Yixi Liu, Zhiyao Ma
Traditional villages contain a long history of the nation, which is an important carrier for reviving traditional culture and an important link in the implementation of rural revitalization strategies. The field survey method is used to investigate the representative Yanlong Village in the Nanxijiang...
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Comprehensive Development and Utilization of Underground Space and Underground Rail Transit

Xiao Xing
Research purposes: Based on the analysis of the development trend of urban underground space, this paper briefly describes the necessity of underground space development, and focuses on the necessity of joint development and utilization of underground space and urban rail transit. From using the master...
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Research on the Design of Rural Revitalization in Remote Areas of Yunnan: Taking Wengding Village of Cangyuan as an Example

Haoyuan Kong, Wenyi Fan, Zirui Min, Weibing Li
Wengding Village is a representative of rural areas in remote areas of Yunnan, which known as “the last primitive village in China” and has a unique cultural charm. However, under the impact of the market economy, there are also urgent problems to be solved and strong protection development needs. Starting...