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Assessment of the Impact of Technology-Related Factors of Urban Environment on Population and Long-Term Environmental Tasks for Business

Nikolay Borisov, Oleg Klepikov
The aim of this study was to assess the impact of technology-related factors of the urban environment on population and to establish long-time tasks for business in order to improve the ecological situation. We used the materials from the Federal Budgetary Health Institution “Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology...
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Mechanism for Stimulating the Development of Tourist and Recreational Potential of the Republic of Crimea

Tatiana Anopchenko, Roman Revunov, Anton Murzin
The existing system of exploitation of natural resources is irrational, which provokes a permanent regression of the resource potential of the Republic of Crimea. The study examined the legal and organizational and economic prerequisites for the development of the tourist and recreational potential of...
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Regional Model for Early Intervention Service in the Chuvash Republic

Svetlana Velieva, Igor Kozhanov, Artem Veliev, Anna Pavlova
The creation of the Early Intervention Service as a structural unit of educational, medical or social welfare institutions in the Chuvash republic territory is especially in demand due to the preservation of the number of children with disabilities. The article discusses a model for constructing an early...
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Analysis of the Potential of Digital Youth Entrepreneurship Development in Russia

Valeriy Smirnov, Vladislav Semenov, Anna Zakharova, Galina Dulina
This study provides the analysis of the potential of digital youth entrepreneurship development in Russia. Research rationale is associated with increased global competition relating to the approaching recession and the active use by world leaders of non-market methods of struggle that violate the free...
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Implementation of the Regulatory Mechanism for Developing the Educational Potential of Senior Citizens in Russia and Abroad

Tatiana Rezer, Lyudmila I. Voronina, Irina Turgel
The article analyses the experience of implementing the regulatory and legal mechanism for the development of the educational potential of senior citizens in Russia and abroad; it substantiates the need for its application in social practice. The purpose of the study is to determine directions, features...
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Implementation of Digital Technologies into Projects in Area of Creative Industries

Anastasia Vasina, Yuliya Glushkova, Svetlana Golubeva, Maria Golubnichenko
The article considers theoretical and methodological aspects related to the creative economy, namely, projects in the area of the creative industries, their characteristics and nature. The authors have explored and explained the positive influence of implementation of digital technologies into such projects,...
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Success Factors of Social and Professional Adaptation of Senior Citizens in the Modern Labor Market

Tatiana Kasianova, Tatiana Radchenko, Lyudmila I. Voronina, Irina Turgel
Elderly workers may remain in demand in the labor market. Aging is currently considered as an evolutionary process in which adaptation mechanisms are included to maintain and strengthen connectivity to the world. The article presents a study of factors contributing to the success of social and professional...
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Human Capital as an Accelerator with Synergistic Effect of Scientific and Technological Progress

Aleksey Yakushev, Sergey Filin
The decisive role of human capital in the development of society and the state is undeniable. The degree of change in the qualitative characteristics of human capital under the influence of successive basic technologies is the subject of scientific discussion and depends on the attitude of society towards...
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Practice-Oriented Training as a Mechanism of Development of Professional Potential of Students of Higher Education in Russia and Abroad: Historical and Social aspect

Tatiana Rezer
This article deals with the theoretical and methodological justification of practice-oriented education as a mechanism for the development of professional potential of students in higher education. The authors consider the process from the point of the historical and social aspects of this phenomenon....
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Improvement of Government Support System of Families with Children at the Federal and Regional Levels (On the Example of the Kurgan Region)

Svetlana Surkova, Svetlana Gavrilyak
The article is devoted to the actual aspects of the system improvement of the government support of the families with children, at the federal and regional levels to make the demographic situation in Russia and its regions better on the example of the Kurgan region. The stability of the demographic problem...
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Forecasting of Environmental Pressure Indicators as Part of the Monitoring of the Ecological and Socio-Economic Development of the Extracting Region

Victoria Bobrova, Lyudmila Kirchmeer
One of the components of monitoring of ecological-socio-economic development of the extracting region is forecasting. To assess the ecological-socio-economic development of Orenburg region, which is the extracting region, a system of indicators developed by the authors is used based on the “Pressure...
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Innovation Activity in Regional Agriculture: Evaluation of Management and Proprietors’ Readiness

Alexey Dudnik, Valentina Neganova, Alexander Panchenko, Natalia Tonkikh
The core idea of the article below is the existence of complicated array of deterrent factors that influences innovation activity of agriculture organizations, and subjective, psychological factors among those factors as well. The main goal of this work is to assess the top management and proprietors’...
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Digital Information Technologies in Land Resources Management System

Oksana Lazareva, Alexey Artemyev
Nowadays the frequency of digital technologies use in economy is increasing. It is vital to employ innovative approaches to increase the efficiency of management and get new possibilities for permanent search and access to the relevant, full and reliable information about the object of management in...
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Special Aspects of Natural Resources Management in the South of the Kurgan Region: Problems and Solutions

Alexey Taranov, Natalya Politikova, Darya Kusleeva
This paper describes specific aspects of natural resources management of the border areas of the Kurgan region which have similar climatic, geological and morphological, landscape, hydrological and ethnic and economic characteristics. It includes the analysis of natural resources management system in...
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Health Status of Working Pensioners

Elena Chistova, Alexander Tyrsin
This article draws out two points of view regarding the health of working pensioners. The study presented in the article is aimed at testing two hypotheses put forward on the basis of analysis of theoretical models and sociological surveys of the population. The first hypothesis is about that the labor...
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Transformation of Human Capital Phenomenon: Making of New Research Paradigm

Vera Zhilina, Nina Kuznetsova, Elizaveta Zhilina
In this article the analysis of the transformation of human capital in terms of the integrity of its functional features was carried out. The specificity of the scientific evaluation of existing market relations in the structure of the study of modern social development was revealed and substantiated....
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Economic Realities and Strategic Orientation of the Development of Russian Industry

Elena Smirnova, Olga Mikhailova
The authors substantiate a vital task – the need to develop industrial and post-industrial potential of the Russian economy. Problems in the activities of industry in the Russian Federation revealed through analysis of statistical data (low level of average annual production capacity utilization, high...
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Modernization of Production Planning Methodology in the Context of Virtualization and Increasing Multi-Agent Meta-Environment

Sergey Evseenko, Yurii Kupriyanov
The article is devoted to the problem of changing the production planning methodology in the conditions of the merging of external and internal environments of the enterprise, virtualization of resources in the global supply chain to ensure the flexibility of the production system. Platform homogenization...
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Differentiation of Rural Territories According to the Conditions of Human Reproduction

Vasilii Zakshevskii, Irina Merenkova, Irina Novikova
In conditions of high spatial differentiation of rural territories, an objective assessment of the conditions for the reproduction of human capital is of particular importance. However, the developed methods, firstly, cannot always take into account all the components of human capital. Secondly, they...
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Prospects for the Development of Export of Dairy Products from Industrial Region

Elena Ploskonosova, Alexander Vidyakin, Evgenia Balaganskaya
This article describes the analysis of existing problems and defining promising directions for the development of the agro-industrial export potential of the Kemerovo Region (Kuzbass) based on systematic-dialectical approach involving the consideration of factors that contribute to development and counteract...
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Conservation of Biodiversity of the Transboundary Territories of Russia and Kazakhstan in Western Siberia Under Conditions of Climate Change

Sergey Gashev, Luiza Mardonova, Maksim Mitropolskiy, Natalya Sorokina
This article is devoted to analysis of authors’ expeditionary data, as well as literature and departmental materials on the problem of monitoring and protecting biological diversity in the transboundary territories of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan in the south of Western Siberia....
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Ecological and Hygienic Assessment of the State of the Recreational Lake in the City of Ufa

Airat Ishbirdin, Maya Ishmuratova, Guzel Gabidullina, Zulfiya Baktybaeva
Lake Kashkadan is one of the aesthetic and recreational sites of the city of Ufa. An assessment of the ecological and hygienic condition of the reservoir was made and a system of biotechnological and bioengineering measures to optimize the conditions of recreation was developed. It was revealed that...
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Modeling Interaction of Society, State Administration Bodies and Business in the Field of Environmental Safety on the Basis of Cognitive Methodology

Svetlana Mukhametdinova, Evgenia Tyumentseva, Oleg Luchko, Bakyt Irmulatov
One of the most urgent problems of modern metropolises is to ensure environmental safety, since industrial enterprises are concentrated exactly in large cities, which are the main sources of environmental pollution. Despite the fact that environmental problems are receiving more attention from both the...
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Systematization of the Socio-Economic Risks Caused by Retirement Age Increase in Russia

Inna Kulkova, Valery Sharin
The research is aimed at studying the possible negative consequences of raising the retirement age in Russia. The study is based on the assessments of the raising the retirement age negative consequences analysis, conducted by domestic and foreign scientists. Using methods of system analysis and general...
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Improving Methodologies of Assessing the Efficiency of Agricultural Land Use

Irina Artamonova, Irina Baturina, Oksana Mikhajluk, Elena Poverinova
The article is devoted to the problem of the search and generalization of the values, which allow making an objective assessment of the efficiency of agricultural land use. For the whole period of the existence of humankind land resources have been the basic condition of its survival and further evolution,...
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Environmental Management Features at Industrial Enterprises of the Russian Federation (Judicial and Economic Aspects)

Yuliya Kiva-Khamzina, Tatyana Rakhlis, Natalya Balynskaya, Natalja Dyorina
With all the variety of normative and legislative acts existing in the field of environmental legal regulation, a difficult environmental situation remains in many cities and regions. The problem is particularly acute in the regions - large industrial centers, which is Chelyabinsk region. In the national...
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State and Environment Purifying Functions of Forest Stands Under Conditions of Polymetallic Pollution in the Industrial Center of Sterlitamak

Rafak Giniyatullin, Zulfiya Baktybaeva, Guzel Gabidullina, Luisa Teltsova
Environmental degradation of urbanized areas negatively affects the population health. Air pollution is a priority among other environmental factors affecting incidence. The issue of environmental pollution by heavy metals, which exhibit high toxicity in trace amounts and have a high migratory ability...
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The Use of Complex Fertilizers in the Cultivation of Shallot

Tatyana Ivanova, Elena Lekomtseva, Elena Sokolova, Tatyana Tutova
The results of research on improving the elements of shallot technology are presented. The research was carried out in 2016-2017 in Italmas village of Zavyalovsky district of the Udmurt Republic. Purpose of research: comparative assessment of the productivity of shallot depending on the planting material...
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High-Tech Complex as a Strategy for Sustainable Industry Development in a Commodity Region

Oksana Ryzhkova, Varvara Borodkina, Anna Moskvina, Mikhail Likhachev
Relevance of this study is caused by the lack of effectiveness and effective mechanisms for managing the innovative and technological development of new sectors (high-tech sector, knowledge-intensive sector) in the conditions of a commodity region which ensure the sustainability and quality of economic...
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Determining the Effectiveness of Corporate Controlling Based on the Use of Effective Algorithms

Ivan Nepomnyashchikh, Alexey Artemyev
Currently, the trend of globalization of the world economy is intensifying, therefore corporate entities seek to expand their economic power and influence, which encourages them to constantly search for ways to increase the efficiency of their activities both in the domestic and foreign markets. These...
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Innovative Potential of the Metropolis: Evaluation of Candidate Cities for World Expo 2025

Galina Bannykh, Svetlana Kostina, Vasiliy Zapariy
In the article, the authors consider the existing methods of assessing the innovative potential of the territories and offer their own to assess the innovative potential of candidate cities for the World Expo2025: Osaka, Yekaterinburg, Baku. As a result of analysis and evaluation, the innovative potential...
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Strategic Development and Use of Agro-Food Sector’s Potential in Rural Areas

Zariya Zalilova, Milyausha Lukyanova, Vitaliy Kovshov, Aidar Sharafutdinov
Strategic planning for the development and use of the potential of agro-food sector in rural areas helps to identify agricultural activities for specific rural municipalities as sources of growth and create a brand for the municipalities. Agribusiness occupies an important place in the economy of Bashkortostan....
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Efficiency Assessment of Export Development on the Border Territories of the Ural Federal District (On the Examples of the Kurgan, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg Regions, and the Republic of Kazakhstan)

Nikolai Kremlev, Nina Zotova
The article substantiates the necessity of the improvement of the assessment toolkit of the efficiency of the export development on the border territories of the Russian Federation with the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is a highly topical issue for the scientific research. It is revealed that there...
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Contradictions of Reproduction of Human Capital in Modern Russia

Lyudmila Vasiltsova, Nadezhda Alexandrova, Nataliya Simachkova, Elena Zarubina
The article draws out the main contradictions in the reproduction of human capital from the point of view of the state of healthcare as the basis for the formation of biological human capital, education as a platform for the formation of intellectual capital, motivation for its development and preservation...
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Principles of Nature-Likeness in the Creation of Technically Organized Territories

Alexey Taranov, Natalya Politikova, Darya Kusleeva
This article describes theoretical and methodological basis of the use of methods and principles of nonlinear dynamics in the development of projects for the organization of territories in the terms of nature-likeness. Based on the conclusions made, we can recommend using of the self-organization property...
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The Brand as a Tool for Agricultural Products Promotion in the Region

Natalya Pyzhikova, Tatyana Smirnova, Kristina Chepeleva, Zhanna Shmeleva
Strengthening of positions in the agricultural products market creates additional opportunities for the socio-economic development of the Krasnoyarsk territory. In turn, the increase in agricultural production of the region, the expansion of the products range is possible only through the marketing technologies...
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Social Adaptation of Foreign Students in Higher Educational Institutions (Case of Samara University)

Anna Pustarnakova, Lyudmila Vandysheva, Svetlana Mitrofanova
Research interest of the authors of this article was inspired by the objective of the Education National Project: to increase the number of foreign citizens studying in Russian universities. The aim of this study is theoretical and practical understanding of the social adaptation of the foreign students...
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Functional Aspects of the Development of State Tax Management in the Digital Economy

Andrey Shelomentsev, Svetlana Chuzhmarova, Andrei Chuzhmarov, Alisa Chuzhmarova
Currently, under the implementation of new information technologies in the sphere of public administration – what is one of the priority tasks in the field of e-government development - the transformation of state tax management system, as well as understanding of the functional aspects of its development...
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Forecast of Inter-Regional and Cross-Border Interaction Development Between Orenburg and Aktobe Regions

Natalia Speshilova, Olga Inevatova, Rustam Rahmatullin
The national interests including the international relations between the regions of different countries is of primary importance for any country while building external economic relations. International relations between the regions, especially in the framework of cross-border and inter-territorial cooperation,...
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Digital Transformation of the Agro-Industrial Sector of Russia: Challenges and Opportunities

Konstantin Kalashnikov, Mikhail Zhadan, Natalia Baryshnikova, Sergei Saninsky
The relevance of this research is due to the required digital modernization of agro-industial complex (AIC) that will significantly increase production efficiency, product quality and competitiveness, as well as labor productivity in comparison with traditional economy management. The objective of this...
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Tendencies of Export Development in the Kurgan Region of the Russian Federation

Olga Zyryanova, Iraida Uvarova
The article considers the regularities of the development of the export external economic activity, formed in the region. In particular, the assessment of market instability has been conducted within the periods of export growth and decrease, conditioned by external factors. The characteristic has also...
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The Impact of Globalization Processes on the Reproduction of Human Capital

Vasilii Zakshevskii, Irina Merenkova, Elena Kusmagambetova
The rapid development of globalization in the world economy has a significant impact on the transformation of the socio-economic structures. The main vector of this impact is aimed at the reproduction and development of human capital, which is an intensive productive and social factor contributing to...
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Industrial Complex of the Orenburg Region: Challenges and Growth Prospects

Mariya Lapaeva, Sergej Lapaev
In this article, we performed the analysis of the development of the industrial complex in Orenburg region; revealed trends (reduction in the share of industry in gross regional product; transition to more simplified types of industrial production; decrease in the share of manufacturing products in total...
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Perspective Lines of Development for Inbound Tourism (The Case of the Orenburg Region)

Zhanna Ermakova, Irina Polyakova, Yulia Kholodilina
The article analyses inbound tourism as one of the priority types of tourism in the Russian Federation. It presents positive and negative development tendencies of inbound tourism as defined by the state interests. It describes specific activities of tour operators with inbound tourist flows. The article...
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Impact of General Government Sector Expenditures in the Added Value of Regions of the Russian Federation

Alexey Pasynkov, Ekaterina Zakharchuk
Expenditures of the general government sector have an increasing impact on the socio-economic development of the regions in the Russian Federation. Such exposure can vary quite greatly, depending on the sector’s presence in the territory. At the same time, there are no proven methods in calculating both...
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Regional Aspect of the Dynamics of Wages and Labor Productivity in Russia

Elena Pochekutova
The national economy of Russia is characterized by a high level of differentiation of labor productivity and wages. During the period under review, 2000–2017, there is no significant reduction of the gap in the average wage level. Leading regions are the entities of the Russian Federation specializing...
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Modern Methods of Assessing Housing Affordability, Issues and Improvement Paths

Kristina Shishkina, Ekaterina Kashina, Kristina Chepeleva, Zhanna Shmeleva
Housing affordability is a comprehensive assessment of the housing market social orientation. The article deals with methodological problems of the housing affordability assessment. The latter becomes relevant in connection with the introduction of project financing in Russia. In the current environment,...
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Role of Transport Infrastructure in the Border Regions’ Development

Victoria Bobrova, Lyubov Berezhnaya, Ekaterina Kutsenko
The present-day degree of transport infrastructure’s influence on formation of national and regional economies is difficult to overestimate. Transport is becoming one of the most important communication factors for border regions both with the center of the country and with the neighboring states, having...
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Occupational Health of Mid-Level Medical Staff as Indicator of Labor Efficiency

Olga Rechkalova, Alexander Rechkalov, Dmitry Koryukin, Oksana Lovygina
This article analyzes the adverse factors in the professional activities of nurses and the possibility of their negative impact on the health status. The results of a study of the occupational health of nurses, including the level of adaptive capacity of the circulatory system with an analysis of adaptation...
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Prospects for the Development of Legislation in the Field of Bank Secrecy as an Information Security Institution at the Stage of the Digital Economy

Natalya Khramtsova
The article discusses the legal aspects of bank secrecy as the information security institution in the Russian Federation. The author explores the problems of determining the composition of information constituting bank secrets, the problem of determining the procedure for securing information constituting...
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Management of Arctic Field Development Based on a Multi-Criteria Approach

Vera Plenkina, Aina Mamaeva, Irina Osinovskaya
The article provides recommendations for improving the methodological basis for the selection of priority projects for the development of Arctic shelf deposits. The emphasis is on the use of a multi-criteria approach at the stage of selection of the most effective projects, which will directly lead to...
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The Study on the Readiness of Russian Municipalities for Implementation of the “Smart City” Concept

Sergey Kamolov, Yulia Kandalintseva
This article deals with the government system of “smart cities” in the Russian Federation. The hypothesis is that the result of the digital transformation of urban settlements depends on the effectiveness of managing the digital transition at the municipal level. Presented empirical data proves that...
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Bio-Resources as the Object of Natural Resource Management of Lakes in the Kurgan Region

Alevtina Koval, Oleg Kozlov, Larisa Podkorytova
In the conditions of the market system the attitude towards the natural resources and their use in the economics has changed. It is necessary to reconsider and reform the mechanism of their management with the aim of the improvement of the natural resource management efficiency (in this case, of lakes)....
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Taxation of Personal Income in Russia: Areas of Improvement

Nikolay Zotikov, Elena Lyubovtseva, Alina Savderova
In the taxation of individuals a personal income tax (PIT) occupies a special place. Being federal, this tax does not enter the federal budget, and according to the established standards is credited to the budgets of the subjects of the Russian Federation and local budgets, being one of the main sources...
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Directions and Prerequisites for the Outflow of Youth from the Arctic Zone of Russian Federation

Andrey Shelomentsev, Lyudmila V. Voronina, Anna Ukhanova, Elena Smirennikova
The article is devoted to the study of prerequisites and directions of the outflow of youth from the country’s Arctic territories. Based on the data from the interviews in 2019, it was determined that educational migration has recently become one of the main factors of the outflow of young people from...
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Sociocultural and Educational Spaces of Russia and Mongolia in General and in Particular

Irina Alekseeva, Valeriy Nadkin, Aleksey Yakushev
Features of the sociocultural, educational spaces and territories of the modern open and transparent world determine conditions for the formation of a worldview, assimilation of knowledge by students and incentives to acquire it, which actualizes the role of the teacher personality as one of the main,...
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Various Features of Nitrate Pollution of Spring Water of the Kaluga Urban District

Alexander Vasyukov, Svetlana Nikulina, Maria Morozenko, Tatiana Chudakova
A simple assessment of nitrate pollution of spring water of the Kaluga urban district using the threshold limit value showed that the decrease in the average concentration of nitrates in groundwater of 30 springs from 2001 to 2016 is almost 25%, but this assessment does not allow solving a number of...
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Statistical and Cartographic Analysis of Demographic Burden in Municipal Districts of Lipetsk Region

Elena Kozlova, Maxim Novak
One of the starting points in the planning of economic development and sustainability of the national economy is the analysis of the dynamics of the amount of labor available in the future (the volume of labor). The initial value of the volume of labor is determined, first, by the number of the population...
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Tools for the Reproduction of Human Potential in the Socio-Economic Space of Heterogeneous Rural Areas

Vera Rubtsova, Sergey Andryushchenko, Irina Sharikova, Artem Sharikov
The reproduction of human potential in the socio-economic space of heterogeneous rural territories is a prerequisite for ensuring food security in Russia and sustainable development of rural territories. The state regional policy aimed at improving the quality of life of the rural population is not effective...
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Mathematical Education as Key Aspect for Human Resources Enhancement in Digital Economy

Svetlana Kosovskih, Lyudmila Filonova, Natalya Usynina
Currently, digital economy penetrates into all spheres of human life and society. Economy digitalization is changing the employment structure and, consequently, the syllabus and methods of the educational process at the university. Mathematical education is one of aspects of human resources enhancement...
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Formation of the Mechanism of Public-Private Partnership as a Factor of Innovative Development of the Regional Economy

Ekaterina Kutsenko, Lyubov Berezhnaya, Igor Korabeynikov
The relevance of the problem stated in the article is due to the fact that in the conditions of innovative development of the regional economy, the problems of interaction between the state and business are constantly in the spotlight. The interaction of state and business is considered as a certain...
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Trust as a Category that Determines the Development of Entrepreneurship in the Digital Economy

Yelena Nuriyeva, Anna Likhter
This article attempts to consider the concept of trust as an economic category important for the development of Russian entrepreneurship in the transition to the digital economy. Trust is a multifaceted concept, which is most often considered in the scientific literature from the psychological, cultural,...
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Territorial System Analysis and Modeling of the Socio-Ecological Processes of Natural Resource Management (On the Example of Ethnic Geosystems of Southern Trans-Urals and the Soil Cover of the City of Kurgan)

Natalya Nesgovorova, Olga Zavyalova, Vasily Savelyev, Denis Timofeev
System approach to scientific research is the principle and direction of cognitive and practical activity which is based on systemic reflections of reality and on the processes of considering different objects as systems. System analysis (SA) is a methodology for understanding the world and solving emerging...
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Key Aspects of Cooperation Between the Orenburg Region and the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Sectors of Fuel and Energy Complex

Alina Diakonova, Tatiana Efimtseva, Elena Mikhailova, Oksana Rakhmatullina
The Article is devoted to the study of the main directions of cooperation between the border territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation in the sectors of fuel and energy complex. This issue is of particular interest, since these States are members of the Eurasian Economic Union,...
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Physical Fitness of Pupils in Schools of Russia and Kazakhstan

Oksana Lovygina, Dmitry Koryukin
The presented article is devoted to the study and comparison of physical fitness of children and adolescents, studying at the educational institutions of the border regions of the Kurgan region of the Russian Federation and the North Kazakhstan region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Both countries have...
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Influence Pattern of Forest Strips Complex and Mulched Para-Plowing in Crop Rotations on Erosion in the Volga Region Steppe

Petr Proezdov, Dmitry Eskov, Dmitry Mashtakov, Aleksander Rozanov
The article is devoted to the analysis of long-term data (1964-2019) and mathematical modeling of the impact of the complex of anti-erosion techniques in fodder and field crop rotations on the elements of water balance and soil erosion on the erosion-prone slope of 4,5°. It is established that after...
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Role of Healthy Environment in Preserving and Strengthening Students’ Well-Being in Institutions of Secondary and Additional Education

Svetlana Emanova, Anastasia Ryleeva, Elena Zakharova, Svetlana Bernikova
The contemporary priority in the field of education is to preserve the health of children and young people. Specialists of The Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing of Kurgan region annually monitor the health of children. The most common diseases...
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Modern Energy Supplements for Correction of Physiological and Biochemical Status of Cattle

Ivan Mikolaychik, Larisa Morozova, Vladimir Chumakov, Vladimir Morozov
Energy supplements are often used to normalize the physiological and biochemical status of cattle during milking; to increase the yield and make up for the energy lack in the diet. The objective of this research was the practical justification for the use of modern energy supplements in the diets of...
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Assessment of Solvency and Financial Stability of Agricultural Consumer Cooperatives

Tatyana Medvedeva
Agricultural consumer cooperatives are non-profit organizations and act as socially-oriented business entities. They are formed to solve not only economic, but also social issues in rural areas. Domestic and foreign experience in the study of cooperatives has shown their ability to increase labor productivity,...
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Formation of Regional Standards for the Provision of Services in Rural Settlements

Aleksei Orekhov, Dmitrii Kleimenov, Elena Kuznetsova, Yuliya Tkacheva
Russia is an agrarian country, the significant part of territory is rural areas with a population living on them. It is well known that in many important respects they are highly differentiated from cities: lower incomes, availability of services and opportunities for self-realization. Currently, the...
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Effects of Market Selection in the Ural Federal District: Did Sanctions Bring Any Changes?

Oleg Mariev, Andrey Pushkarev, Anna Sennikova
In this research we assess the market selection effects on productivity and firm growth. Using data on more than 22 000 manufacturing firms in the Urals Federal District over the period from 2006 to 2017, we conduct aggregated labor productivity decomposition at the industry level and then proceed to...
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Development of Human Potential in Training of the Culture and Art Specialist as a Social Capital of the Kurgan Region

Helen Baboshina
The question of the formation of the human being remains the leading one for philosophy and education, and the quality of its solution is transferred to the policy of society. The relevance of the problem is connected both with the study of the concept and phenomenon of human potential and with its development....
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Differential Approach to Assessing Investment Potential

Aliya Esembekova, Anastasiya Anfalova, Valentina Borovinskikh, Lubov Chumakova
The article outlines foreign and domestic approaches to the study of investments, as a result the authors define the investment potential, which implies a combination of resources and factors that, if properly ordered, will attract additional sources of financing for the development of the territory....
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Methodological Approaches to the Distribution of Territories by the Level of Resource Potential Use

Natalia Gushchenskaya, Dmitriy Paliy, Marina Sumarokova, Marina Pavlutskikh
This methodology is based on the selection of indicators reflecting the availability, level of investment and efficiency of the following types of resources: labor resources, fixed and circulating funds, agricultural land area. To bring the system of heterogeneous indicators to a single basis, the normalization...
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The Role of Modern Industrial Complexes in Ensuring Ecological and Economic Sustainability of Territories

Inessa Vasileva, Natalia Morozova, Ildus Yusupov
The second half of the XX century is known worldwide not only for achievements in the field of science and technology, the development of various types of production, but also the emergence of serious problems. A special place here is occupied by the growth of environmental and economic crises, which...
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Development of Business Support Institutions in the Digital Economy

Ekaterina Khomenko, Inna Matveeva, Larisa Vatutina, Elena Panteleeva
The modern phase of development of the digital economy in the Russian Federation is determined by the formation of a federal-regional information system in all spheres of human activity, which is also accompanied by the massive introduction of information and communication technologies in business. Informatization...
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Assessment of Agricultural Cooperatives’ Performance in Russia: The Case of the Kurgan Region

Svetlana Golovina, Maria Antonova, Ekaterina Abilova
Agricultural cooperation, especially in a current socio-economic, political and institutional environment, has a significant impact on the development of agricultural economy, rural communities and rural territories. The effectiveness of agricultural cooperative performance depends on the government...
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The Use of Trigger Components in the Assessment of the Economic Security of Meso-Economic System

Elena Fedorets
The article includes analytical material, reflecting the author’s interpretation of the trigger approach for revealing potential threats to the economic security of meso-economic systems. The term “trigger of economic security” is defined, the attempt is made to single out the main factors that form...
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Education Development Tendencies in the Region (Based on Bashkortostan Republic Materials)

Alfiya Kuznetsova, Dilara Yapparova
Human development has a direct impact on the economic well-being and competitiveness of a country. Among the positive trends, it should be noted that over the period from 2010 to 2017 in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the number of pupils of preschool educational organizations increased by 41%, the number...
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Trans-Regionalism and Fictitious Capital

Daria Dinetc, Mikhail Konotopov
This article analyzes the role of the United States in the formation of trans-regional trends as opposed to globalization under the rules of the WTO. It is shown that the mechanism of cross-border expansion of fictitious capital in the conditions of inefficiency of American economy is a way of transmitting...
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Peculiarities of Individualization Principles of Multilevel Professional Education Under Conditions of the Cross-Border Educational Complex

Dmitry Legenchuk
The article discusses the categories, principles and foundations of activities in the system of multi-level vocational education in the border region. New integration processes in professional education have made visible demand in receiving education among applicants from foreign countries. The Kurgan...
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Factors and Directions of Public Policy for Rural Development

Alexander Pavlov, Alexander Kudryavtsev
The article outlines the most common approaches to implementation of public policy for the development of rural areas. Results of a sociological survey characterizing the attitude of residents to individual factors in the development of rural areas are studied. It is concluded that there is a significant...
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Public Service Motivation in State Civil Service

Valery Sharin
The problem of public service motivation remains in Russian state service, and it has an impact on working efficiency and professional level of its staff. This research is aimed at studying the problem of public service motivation of civil servants. Methodological base includes the concept of the bureaucracy...
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Environmental Non-Tax Revenue as a Source of Business Financial Risks

Mikhail Gordienko
This article draws out the essence of fiscal non-tax revenue in the fiscal system of the Russian Federation. The set of fiscal non-tax revenues in the field of ecology has been examined in chronological order since 1991. The current practice of these revenues is represented by fees for the negative impact...
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Tax Burden as an Indicator of Assessing the Impact of Taxation System on Region’s Economy

Tatyana Vasileva
In this paper the following such indicators of assessing the impact of taxation system on the economic development of a region were investigated: actual tax burden on region’s economy and tax potential of the region. An additional indicator “estimated tax burden” is proposed which is calculated based...
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Improving the Application of Special Tax Regimes in the Region

Alla Shulgina, Nina Roznina, Valentina Borovinskikh, Julia Fedotova
The article reflects the currently existing problems of taxation and considers the basis for the application of special tax regimes. The dynamics of tax revenues on the territory of the Kurgan region, in particular within the framework of special tax regimes operating in the region, is studied. There...
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Identification of Energy-Saving Methods of the Hermetia illucens Larvae Drying

Ksenia Anisimova, Nadezhda Glavatskih, Olga Porobova, Mihail Yurkov
The promising direction of using the black soldier fly larvae as a feed additive necessitated the use of drying to preserve their organoleptic characteristics and biological value. The following drying methods were investigated: convective drying, convective drying in the infrared field, drying in the...
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Human in the Digital Economy

Larisa Lazareva, Elena Korol
This article discusses the concept of “digital economy”, its pros and cons. The following issues are addressed: what are the requirements for personnel for the “digital economy”; whether it is necessary to change the system of training; what place does the person occupy in the “digital economy”. According...
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Legal Regulation of a Remotely Concluded Sales Contract in the Era of Digitalization

Tatyana Mayboroda
The object of this research is the social relations that have arisen in the course of legal regulation of a contract of sale of goods concluded remotely. Due to the specificity of this type of contract, primarily due to its fundamental difference from other types of contracts of sale, in particular,...
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Research on the Moral Development of High School Students

Raisa Ovcharova
Research on the moral development of high school students on the verge of adulthood, relevant in the scientific, practical and social aspects. Psychological and pedagogical practice is often not very effective due to the lack of a holistic theoretical understanding of the moral sphere of the individual,...
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Suicide as a Negative Factor in Reproduction of Human Potential of the Kurgan Region, its Determination and Prevention

Elena Alekseeva
The article notes a debatable nature of the concept of “human potential”, the criteria for its assessment, including economic, social and demographic indicators, and discusses the problem of reducing the demographic indicator of human potential in the Kurgan region, where the population has been steadily...
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Fundamental Algebra in the Training of Developers of Digital Economy Software Product

Aleksandr Gein, Dmitry Kosolobov, Pavel Egorov
The article analyzes the basic problems of the fundamental mathematical training of IT students as highly qualified developers in the digital economy sphere. These include creation and maintenance of a high level of motivation to study fundamental mathematical disciplines, development of highly productive...
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Transformation of an Open Innovation Model Under Conditions of the Modern Business Environment

Zinaida Varlamova
The modern management theory indicates a growing trend in using business modeling as a key managerial innovation. The processes of growing globalization, digitization, offering a new service as an inherent value or supplement to the product make up a sphere of interdisciplinary research being at the...
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Modern Organizational and Technological Trends in the Financial Sector of the Economy

Sergey Orlov
The article analyzes the key organizational and technological changes and trends occurring in the financial sector of the economy under the influence of active introduction of modern technologies. The author reveals a logical connection between the influence of radical changes in the productive forces...
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Project Culture in Design as a Key Factor of Human Development in the Region

Olga Remizova, Svetlana Legkikh
The article considers the issues of fostering project culture in design as a key factor of human development in Zauralye. These include a set of cultural programs and projects focused on creation of comfortable authentic environment, as well as favourable educational environment and pedagogical conditions...
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Law Support of the Digital Economy: Problems and Prospects

Olina Filonova, Elena Polyakova, Alexey Neverov, Tatyana Mayboroda
The article is devoted to the search for a model of legal regulation of social relations arising in the transition to a digital economy. The rapidly developing information technologies require scientific justification for their promising legal regulation, which determines the relevance of the research...
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Assessment of Readiness of Accounting and Statistical Systems for Digital Economy Transactions

Olga Nenkina
The digital economy is a given. The digital economy has already taken its share in various spheres, industries and territories as part of the traditional economy and will only grow. This will happen for a number of objective reasons, as digitalization leads to the growth of economic benefits, to the...
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Virtual Segments Formation of Administrative Apparatus of an Industrial Enterprise

Marina Zhuk, Vladimir Kovalevsky
The article contemplates with actual issues of structures virtualization of the administrative apparatus of an industrial enterprise in the conditions of digital transformation, which allows to create an optimal organizational chart and effectively implement modules of intelligent information systems...
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An Organization’s Cash Flow Management in Digital Economy

Nadezhda Piontkevich, Ekaterina Shatkovskaya
Modern conditions for the development of the world economy determine the formation of needs in the creation and implementation of new approaches to managing economic processes at all levels of an organization. Digital solutions that meet the modern business demands and, when used rationally, contribute...
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Human Potential and Competitiveness of Russia in the Context of the BRICS Association

Olga Leskina, Svetlana Barbashova, Olga Burmistrova, Yana Mochalina
The objective is to analyze modern indicators of the development of human potential of the Russian Federation in comparison with other BRICS countries and assess the impact of human development on the competitiveness of Russia, which determines the relevance of the chosen topic. The data of all-Russian...