Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environmental Science 2015

1037 authors
Zhou, Cheng
Research of boundary security monitoring model based on Big Data for smart grid
Zhou, Jixue
Effects of different Al contents on as-cast microstructure and properties of Mg-Al-Si-Sr alloy
Zhou, Jun
Research and Simulation of SCR Soft-Start Asynchronous Motor
Zhou, Junjie
The Research of Runoff Variation Characteristics of Wei River Basin
Zhou, Maokun
Design of a practical substation equipment condition monitoring integrated system
Zhou, Meishi
The Fatigue Life Analysis of the Battery Bracket
Zhou, Ning
Study on the Influence of Distribution Generation on Over Current Relays in Distribution Networks
Zhou, Tianxia
Photocatalytic Degradation of Selective Herbicides Using Ag/AgCl/Ag3PO4 Plasmonic Nanocatalyst under Visible Irradiation
Zhou, Weihong
Research Progress on Catalytic Pyrolysis Technology for Liquid Fuels
Zhou, Xiao
Experimental Study on Overtopping Failure Mode of Reinforced Tailings Dam
Zhou, Xiaodong
Measuring the impacts of urbanization on energy consumption and economic growth in China: A computable general equilibrium analysis
Zhou, Xing
A Research on Implementing GPS to Synchronize Sampling in a Disturbed Phase Difference’s High-precision Measure System for Insulation Testing
Zhou, Yang
Comparative Study on the Migration of Heavy Metals in the Sewage Sludge Treated by Supercritical/Subcritical Water Oxidation Process
Zhou, Yuting
The growth traits of microalgae for biofuel and its effect on nitrogen and phosphorus removal in waste water
Zhou, Zhengyin
Three-dimensional numerical simulation of storm surge disaster
Zhou, Zhicheng
Influence of electrical joint compound on the temperature rise of electrical equipment
Zhu, Baihui
Validity of Quarter-wavelength Approximation In the case of Tohoku-oki earthquake
Zhu, Boyu
Policy and legislation of China’s low-carbon development
Zhu, Boyu
The Establishment of China Low-Carbon Legislation and System
Zhu, Daoyong
The Research on the Problems Relevant for Water Resources in Coal Mines
Zhu, Feng
A Large-capacity DC-DC Converter with Input-Series-Input-Parallel Output-Series-Output-Parallel Connection
Zhu, J.H.
Effects of different gases on electrical properties and reliability of Ge MOS capacitors with GeOx/GeOxNy as gate dielectric
Zhu, Jianhong
LVRT Research Based on Novel Energy Storage Control System
Zhu, Lina
Laws and Regulations and Research Status Wastes Disposition in Substation
Zhu, Qianyi
Industrial Heritage Conservation in Urban Transformation for Sustainable Development
Zhu, Sixi
A research on the vertical transfer process of Cu in Jiaozhou Bay
Zhu, Sixi
Aggregation, divergence and homogeneity of Cu in Marine bay bottom waters
Zhu, Sixi
Impacts from human activities and natural background to Zn contents in Jiaozhou Bay
Zhu, Xuejun
The Research on the Problems Relevant for Water Resources in Coal Mines
Zhu, Xufang
Researching on the method of Rayleigh wave extraction
Zhu, Ying
Effect of 1-MCP treatments on ‘Hanfu’ apples during long cold storage
Zou, Changchun
Transmission Line Intelligent Inspection System Based on GIS
Zou, Hai
Study on Internal Electric Field Simulation Analysis and Local Optimization Strategies of High Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear
Zou, Xianbai
The Research of Runoff Variation Characteristics of Wei River Basin
Zuo, Jiane
Pilot Study on Advanced Treatment of Wastewater Produced by Pressurized Coarse Coal Gasification
Zuo, Jiane
Study on Property of Gel-embedded Nitrobacteria Carrier and Its Application in Treating Urban Sewage
Zuo, Jiane
Evaluation on the Stability of Muddy Tidal Flat