Proceedings of the 2023 4th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education (ICAIE 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Fang Huang, Zehui Zhan, Intakhab Alam Khan, Mehmet Cüneyt Birkök
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Research on Influencing Factors of College Evaluation Results Based on Machine Learning Model

Guorui Zhao, Tingting Tian, Qiwen Li, Shuosa Zeng
This paper introduces the machine learning model into the research of determining the factors on college evaluations. Taking the “double-high colleges” of the Ministry of Education as a research case, compared with support vector machines, decision trees and other models, Lasso-Logistic can more efficiently...
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Big Data-Based Research and Countermeasures of College Students’ Negative Emotions

Yun Liu, Tingshao Zhu
As big data is leaping forward, it has aroused the attention of all walks of life over the past few years. The psychological behavior based on network big data has aroused an increasing concern and has been more extensively affirmed, which acts as a novel way for humans to explore the law of psychological...
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Design of Multimedia Courseware Teaching Resources Online Management System

Qian Zhang, Yi Yang, Gang Li
In order to effectively improve the effectiveness of the operation and management of the traditional college education online management system, this paper proposes to optimize the college education online management system based on cloud computing technology. Improve the system hardware configuration...
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Research on Online Learning Behavior of Higher Vocational Students Based on Data Mining

Fenglin Qu
Exploring the characteristics of online learning behavior of students in higher vocational colleges has important guiding significance for improving the teaching level of higher vocational colleges. This paper collects more than 3000 online learning data of “Fundamentals of digital photography” courses...
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Research on the Evaluation Model of Teachers’ Teaching Quality Based on Principal Component Analysis

Xiao Chen, Yuncheng Li
Teaching quality evaluation is one of the important contents of teaching management. This paper can achieve a more scientific and reasonable evaluation of teaching quality by building a principal component comprehensive evaluation model. Therefore, this paper selects the actual evaluation data of eight...
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The Clustering Analysis on Public Health Data with Missing Values Based on Dimension Reduction Methods

Honghao Zhao, Weiyi Ding, Fang Ye, Weimeng Yuan, Hangyu Chen
With the development of medical information digitization, machine learning techniques have become a popular method of mining medical health data for hidden information and knowledge. Health data from normal medical checking is usually limited. However, public health data from magnetic resonance (MR)...
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Measures Discussion of Virtual Reality Technology Applied in Architectural Design Teaching

Chen Xi, Xiao Chen, Huaiye Xu
From the traditional teaching mode of architectural design, the teaching knowledge is relatively abstract, which requires students to have higher abstract thinking ability, and the whole teaching mode is not intuitive enough, which makes it relatively difficult for students to understand, resulting in...
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Teaching Method of Building Energy Conservation Based on Virtual Simulation Platform

Take the Teaching of Building Sunshade Design as an Example

Xiao Chen, Chen Xi, Hui Wan, Yiqing Luo, Mengchao Zou, Yuqin Ying
There are two problems in the course of Building Energy Conservation: “theory” cannot be effectively converted into “idea”, and the basic knowledge connection is not perfect. In order to solve these problems, a new teaching mode will be developed by using the virtual simulation laboratory. This paper...
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Study on the Influence of Ingroup and Outgroup Perspective on Empathy for Pain in Self-Involvement Situation

Yuran Yang, Qian Wang, Siying Zhu
The study used the pain empathy paradigm to investigate the level of pain empathy in situations with or without self-involvement. The researcher randomly selects 30 representative subjects. The experiment implements 2 (situation: self-involvement situation group, no self-involvement situation group) × 2...
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Establishment of an Evaluation Index System on Versatile Talent Cultivation Modes of Universities for Childhood Autism Rehabilitation Based on Delphi Method

Qian Wang, Yuran Yang, Xiaofeng Xu, Xiu Zhang
A comprehensive method, including literature review, demand survey and group discussion, was employed to form the correspondence questionnaire for experts, and 20 experts were performed with two rounds of correspondences by Delphi method. Finally, the corresponding evaluation index system was established...
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The Research Hotspot and Frontier Evolution of Computational Thinking of Information Technology Discipline in Chinese Primary and Secondary Schools

Visualization Analysis Based on CNKI and CiteSpace Software

Linxing Ye, Degang Yang
In order to explore the research hotspot and frontier evolution of computational thinking of information technology discipline in Chinese primary and secondary schools, this paper uses bibliometric analysis method and CiteSpace software to analyze the related papers in this field collected by CNKI, and...
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Data Mining and Enlightenment Analysis of the Overseas Dissemination of the English Translation of Mencius

Mingzhu Yang
As a classic of China, Mencius is also known as a treasure of Chinese culture with its splendid spiritual and humanistic contribution. It has a profound influence on the world. In the era of globalization, the dissemination of English-translated versions of Mencius is of practical significance. However,...
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Design and Implementation of Online Teaching Platform for Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Experiment

Yulong Wang, Hongyuan Qi
With the new form of “Internet + higher education”, online teaching platform has become more and more important, especially for practical teaching courses. In view of the problems of limited space, insufficient openness and low enthusiasm for learning of students in the traditional experimental teaching...
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The Innovative Path of Intelligent Teaching in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Ye Liu, Shuai Wang, Jun Liu, Shaohui Qu
In order to promote the innovation and development of intelligent teaching in the era of artificial intelligence, colleges and universities actively make use of artificial intelligence technology, seize rare opportunities, effectively deal with challenges, adhere to the leadership of the Party, update...
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English Teaching Evaluation Model Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Yiran Chen, Qianchun Ma, Jiaxin Li
English teaching is a worldwide and essential education component for human society and talent innovation system. Therefore, the correct evaluation for English teaching methods has become a necessary condition for education system and can assist the supervisors to adjust the education methods to reach...
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A Study of History Education in Macau Based on the Context of Big Data

Jiehua Zhong, Xi Wang
This study is conducted on Macau education and the Macau Chinese Education Association. This paper provides a systematic review of the history of education in Macau. Born in the fertile soil of Macau, the Chinese Education Association of Macau has witnessed and participated in every major event in Macau’s...
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Constructing a Model of Intelligent Learning Space for Vocational Education in the Age of Intelligence

Huiyun Zhang, Ran Lu, Peiyu Liu
Vocational education is the key to achieving a strong country with skilled personnel and has become the central position for high-level professional personnel training in the new international context. However, traditional vocational education learning spaces lack the construction of learning contexts,...
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Cognitive Diagnosis for Programming Domains

Yongfeng Huang, Kaiyuan Wang
Cognitive diagnosis plays an important role in intelligent educational scenarios as a method that can reveal students’ knowledge mastery. Existing cognitive diagnostic methods are mainly applicable to objective questions in core subject areas (e.g., mathematics); however, in the field of programming,...
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Constructing a Student Mental Health Education Platform Based on Virtual Reality Technology - Value and Practical Pathways

Dan Liu
The construction of a student psychological education platform based on virtual reality technology aims to provide a psychological intervention tool that is more adaptable to students’ cognitive and social lifestyles in the information society. The research is based on a prototype development process...
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The Integration of Modern Technology and Elementary School Teaching Management in the Context of “Double Reduction”

Ketao Huang, Jun Wang, Hejin Wang
With the promotion of double reduction policy, elementary school teaching management is facing new challenges and opportunities. This paper discusses the thinking of elementary school teaching management under the background of double reduction with the support of modern technology. Firstly, the background...
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Tsing XiaoAI: A Digital Teacher in Virtual Environment

Jiahao Li, Wai Kin Victor Chan, Ke Fang
Digital humans have become a significant area of focus in the fields of computer graphics and human-computer interaction research. In this context, we propose a technical framework for the implementation of digital teachers in virtual teaching environments. To evaluate the effectiveness of our design...
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Improving Language Learning Performance Using Multimodal Dialogue Systems

Zhenyu Wu, Zhiyang Ding, Zhaowei Zhang, Yanqin Mao
Learning a language poses a significant challenge for learners, who must comprehend the intricacies of language and analyze the relationships among its components. While computer technologies have been developed to assist language learning, they fail to mirror the human cognitive process. This paper...
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Data-Driven Precision Teaching Practice in Blended Learning

Peizhong Xie, Junjie Jiang, Xin Wei
The development of new-generation information technology and the gradual promotion of digital education have facilitated the application of precision teaching. Given the widespread promotion of blended learning in institutions of higher learning, this paper explores how professional subject teachers...
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Application of Data Mining in Computer-Aided Bilingual Teaching System

Wentao Meng, Jing Zhou, Weiyi Zhang
In order to understand the significance of computer-aided bilingual teaching systems, this article proposes a study that utilizes data mining technology to enhance computer-aided bilingual teaching systems. Firstly, the structure of the computer-aided teaching system was analyzed, and the advantages...
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Research on the Integration of Educational Information Technology into the Collaborative Education Path of Rural Basic Education in the Context of Double-Reduction

Jialing Feng, Qianqing Meng, Pengfei He
Education modernization can only be achieved through the implementation of education technology. The rise of digital education has given birth to numerous brand-new topics. This article begins with the collaborative education mechanism of rural home-school communities within the context of Double-Reduction....
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Unsupervised Learning of Digit Recognition Through Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity Based on Memristors

Yu Wang, Yu Yan, Yi Liu, Yanzhong Zhang, Yanji Wang, Hao Zhang, Tong Yi
Neuromorphic computing based on spiking neural networks (SNNs) is a promising alternative in the field of intelligent computing, especially when traditional Von Neumann architectures is facing several choke point. Memristors, as the fourth-generation fundamental circuit element, play a crucial role in...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness and Influencing Factors of the Construction of Internship and Practical Training Base Under STC Teaching Mode

Zhibo Zheng, Hongmei Zhang, Jingru Lu, Jiangjie Sun
This paper investigates the 2019–2021 graduates of Baoshan College from internship and practical training base hardware construction, institutional mechanism construction, faculty, practical teaching system, school-enterprise cooperation, social services, social benefits, economic school level, talent...
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The Wireless Sensor Monitoring System of Track and Field Training Intensity in Physical Education

Zhihong Yin
In view of the existing monitoring system can only carry out local monitoring of athletes, the detection accuracy is not high, the signal wave frequency change is inconsistent and other problems, this project plans to carry out the research of sports teaching and track and field intensity monitoring...
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A Study on the Application of the PBL Teaching Method in English Majors’ Reading Teaching

Yanmei Wei, Jun Wei
The purpose of this paper is to study the feasibility and effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) method in English majors’ reading teaching. In this paper, data collection and analysis are carried out by questionnaire, test and combined with teaching experiment to explore how to apply PBL teaching...
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Research on Integrated Training and Hybrid Teaching of Industrial Robot Technology Based on Virtual Simulation

Gaohua Liao, Xingling Peng
In response to the current problems in the comprehensive training and teaching of industrial robot technology, virtual simulation technology is used to integrate the concept of hybrid teaching, explore a new teaching mode that combines virtual and real, and achieve the combination of classroom teaching...
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Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in English Translation Skills Training

Zhiping Li
In the era of big data, artificial intelligence has been widely used in higher education, providing technical support for college teaching. In modern education, teachers are no longer just providers of knowledge, but become mentors and promoters of learning. Students need to process, analyze and use...
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Empirical Research on Talent Training Mode Based on DEA Data Model

Jiaping Zhu
Since improving the quality of education is an important task for the development of the vocational education service industry, the talent training mode has become a research hotspot nowadays. Previous research on the evaluation of training modes is carried out from the perspective of educational macro-management....
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Analysis of English Education Multimedia System Based on Artificial Intelligence

Shinan Zhao
In order to solve the problem of English teaching among different schools in the same school, a cognitive model based on English teaching management is proposed. On the basis of completing the design of English teaching storing module and system server, the hardware design of the system has been completed;...
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Research on the Intelligentization of Education Management Based on ChatGPT Model

Na Qin
In order to innovate teachers’ teaching process, this paper puts forward the research of intelligent education management based on ChatGPT model. Based on the current situation of education management in senior high schools and the application of Internet technology in education, this paper studies the...
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Use Data for Education

Take Li Deyu’s Self-reported Texts of Two Demotions as an Example

Qian Wang, Tingshao Zhu
In the education and teaching of linguistics, psychology, literature, history and other related fields, teachers and students usually analyze the psychology and image of characters by studying the historical background and the author’s life experience. Given the limited language text data available for...
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Exploration of Integrating “Technology+” Swimming Course Teaching for College Students

Li Song, Dianyi Song, Xinxin Hao, Xiaoya Zhao
Swimming is a compulsory course for survival, and in the university life where spare time is more adequate, more and more college students join swimming lessons, and then the teaching quality for swimming courses needs close attention. This article adopted the “technology+” deep learning method to improve...
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Research on Load Balancing Technology for Product Data Management Server Cluster

Jing Li, Peizhang Wang, Yi Sun, Qian Li, Lu Jia, Yongle He, Lijuan Duan, Yin Luo
The problem of load imbalance in Product Data Management (PDM) server clusters not only reduces the efficiency of PDM system applications, but also causes downtime in severe cases, affecting the development process of scientific research models. This article applies three server cluster load balancing...
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Analysis of the Development Trend and Hot Spots of China’s Education Digital Transformation

Shijuan Xu
In recent years, with the continuous development of Internet technology and the promotion of digital transformation, the education field has also shown the development trend of digital transformation. Researchers have begun to focus on the background, issues and challenges of digital transformation,...
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Design of Monitoring Platform for Communication Operation and Maintenance of Distribution Network Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

Jia Chen, Guoying Liu, Junhong Weng
This article proposes a design of a distribution network communication and maintenance monitoring platform based on artificial intelligence technology to improve operational efficiency. The platform adopts a B/S hardware architecture, providing a stable environment for efficient hardware operations;...
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Construction of Traditional Wushu Online Teaching System Based on Streaming Media Technology

Changli Liu
As a brand-new course teaching mode, Internet + education has obvious advantages in realizing teaching innovation and strengthening teaching effect in colleges and universities. However, in view of the special education category of traditional Wushu, the integration of online education and traditional...
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Location of Mulberry Leaf Picking Points Based on Improved Mask RCNN

Siyong Zeng, Yingchun Hu, Shanghao Qin
In response to the current situation of high labor cost and low efficiency in mulberry leaf picking in China, and the lack of information on the location of mulberry leaf picking points in the intelligent development process of mulberry leaf picking, a mulberry leaf picking point positioning method based...
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Design of Evaluation Index System for Smart Classroom Learning Activities Based on Multimodal Data

Jie Jiang, Haiyan Wang
Under the background of education informatization in China, smart classroom is one of the research hotspots in the field of education. In smart classroom, students’ learning activities involve a variety of data sources. Based on the evaluation index system of smart classroom learning activities, this...
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Smart Space Planning Promotes Educational Equity and Resource Sharing

Yizhong Shui, Tingzhang Yang, Xinyi Xie
This study explores in depth the potential and application of smart spatial planning in improving educational equity and resource sharing. The goal is to realize the optimal allocation of educational resources through intelligent space planning technology, and further promote educational equity and resource...
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The Construction of College Student Management Network Application Platform from the Perspective of “Three-Wide Education”

Jiazheng Peng
With the deepening of the construction of digital campus, the new generation of digital information technology and college education and teaching are fully integrated, which brings new opportunities for student management in the new era. In this regard, this paper will put forward a set of construction...
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Research on Computer-Aided Assessment of Graduate English Course

Zhouting Ma, Minxue Li
The 21st century witnesses a surge of new technologies which have been developing by leaps and bounds and have been applied universally. The development and improvement of computer software and hardware technology is an intrinsic incentive for foreign language teaching reform. The evaluation of graduate...
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Construction of Simulation Platform for College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses Using Hyper-Converged Cloud Platform

Jun Zheng, Yu Bai, Wei Huang
In the era of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, how to improve innovation and entrepreneurship education is one of the urgent problems to be solved. Therefore, the construction of high-quality simulation platform for innovation and entrepreneurship courses is the necessary foundation, urgent need...
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Design and Development of an Educational Game Based on Human-Computer Interaction for Solar Terms

Haonan Jin, Hongjuan Wang
The current educational games are lacking and there are many problems. The games either lack interactive fun or are not closely related to culture itself, making them of little educational significance. This study utilized Unreal Engine 4 to design and develop an educational game about solar term culture....
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Optimal Design of Vocal Music Teaching Platform Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Honglu Lin
Through virtual reality technology, human-machine immersive interactive system, virtual scene, beautiful structure of music teaching is implemented, and the new concept of using virtual experience is the real technology of music teaching. To create a virtual reality system with high sensitivity and multi-dimensional...
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Information Design of Distance Teaching System for English Translation Course Based on Unsupervised Learning

Jing Chen
Remote learning systems are susceptible to feedback from business Slervlets, leading to abnormal operation of some functional modules. Therefore, it is necessary to design a new distance learning information system for English translation courses based on unsupervised learning. Designed FPGA chips, IDE...
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Building Method of a BERT-Based Model for Key Information Extraction from Chemical Engineering Literature

Zhenhua Liu, Shoulong Ma
For researchers, it is essential to access various literature in order to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and trends in scientific research. Chemical engineering literature, characterized by its diverse range, lengthy articles, complex experimental conditions, and numerous references to...
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Knowledge Map Analysis of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Based on Citespace

Zhipeng Ye, Yichia Lin, Peng Huang, Zuoqian Yu, Jiajia Li
This study examines the research trends in this field by comparing the number of papers published in the past 10 years in the Web of Science (WOS) and the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) databases. The findings reveal a steady growth in research enthusiasm among domestic scholars. A total...
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Affective Computing Research Progress and Its Implications for Education Technology: A Bibliometric Analysis Based on Web of Science via VOSviewer

Qingbo Jiang, Yong Huang
Affective Computing (AC) is a dynamic and evolving research field. This paper presents a bibliometric analysis of 1428 publications related to affective computing, extracted from the Web of Science database, using the VOSviewer software. Through an examination of the existing literature, the study investigates...
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Design and Research of Blended Teaching Mode Based on Artificial Intelligence

Yingying Shan
Blended teaching, which has flourished during the pandemic, also faces teacher burdens. Overweight, insufficient student supervision and other problems. Design a hybrid based on educational artificial intelligence. Teaching mode, and from the teaching process design, teaching resources construction,...
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Research on the Application of 3DS MAX Course in Teaching Environmental Design Major at Private Colleges

The Application of 3DS Max Course in the Teaching of Environmental Design Major in Private Colleges and Universities

Songlin Wu
With the development of society, computers are widely used in various fields and play a crucial role, especially in the design field. Computer-aided design (3DS MAX) is a computer-aided design performance course that follows computer-aided design (PS), computer-aided design (CAD), and computer-aided...
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Design of Professional Basic Courses Based on Artificial Intelligence and Open Learning

Peiting Yu, Han Liu, Xuan Zhu
In response to the shortcomings of the current curriculum teaching design, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, an open teaching design was carried out using professional basic courses as an example to understand students’ learning situation, clarify teaching objectives, summarize methods and...
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Digital Experience Design of Traditional Martial Arts in Intangible Cultural Heritage

Yingfang Zhang
It has become a consensus to protect intangible cultural heritage all over the world in the background of globalization. This article mainly discusses protection, exhibition and spread of traditional martial arts that is an intangible cultural heritage, and how to design digital experience system based...
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Design and Application of Entrepreneurship Education Platform in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of Big Data

Fanmin Kong
With the gradual deepening of education informatization construction, colleges and universities should adhere to the development concept of “data-driven entrepreneurship education”, promote entrepreneurship education to achieve deep-seated changes in the underlying logic, development model and management...
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A Study of Computer Teaching Practices Based on Group Intelligence

Xiaodan Ma, Zhong Wang, Gangqing Fan
This paper examines the benefits of open source education, compares the applicability of various platforms, chooses Gitee as a platform to carry out practical computer teaching based on open source, and proposes an evaluation criterion for practical computer teaching based on open source in the context...
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The Importance of Cloud Accounting Informatization and Software to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Juan Yan
This article is in the high speed development of our country under the background of the era of big data, comb to cloud the theoretical basis of the status quo of the content of the domestic accounting, the accounting development in different periods of morphological analysis under the cloud accounting...
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Design and Construction of Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Platform in Colleges and Universities Based on VR Technology

Daigen Huang
With the deepening of education informatization 2.0, the new teaching form under VR technology can fully expand the deep integration of teaching space and experimental teaching projects, form a brand-new teaching mode, and become an important measure to improve the quality and level of experimental teaching....
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Research on Open Learning Based on Art Education in Smart Museum

Zheqian Liu, Ying Cao
With the digital development of museums and the continuous extension of their educational functions, the Smart Museums are facing new opportunities and challenges. At the same time, there is a growing demand for open learning in society. Based on the construction and application of E-GPP-C intelligent...
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Multimodal Translation Model of Chinese Culture Based on SPSS Cluster Analysis

Ruihua Nai, Hanita Hassan
The dissemination of national culture is a form of expression in global communication. In the early years, international media often communicated specific cultural values to the world through “soft cultural” content such as American movies and Japanese cartoons, but the one-way communication is gradually...
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Research on the Ideological and Political System of Logistics System Simulation Course in the Context of Artificial Intelligence

Yan Tang, Anqi Cui, Yang Hu
Universities are trying to integrate algorithms into the teaching of logistics system simulation courses. However, students have difficulty in understanding algorithms due to the complex teaching formulas and computational processes. The main purpose of this paper is to solve the current teaching dilemma...
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New Liberal Arts Construction Dynamics and Development Path Based on Citespace

Yaoyao Han, Jie Yang
New liberal arts construction has gradually become a strategic choice for higher education to meet the challenges of the technological revolution and international competition. In this paper, the core collection of Web of Science and CNKI are used as data sources, and the literature related to new liberal...
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Network Security Swarm-Intelligence Application Design Based on Collaborative Defense Technology

Dongmei Bin, Chunyan Yang, Songming Han
This paper proposes a collaborative defense of network security based on Swarm intelligence Framework. This technology is based on joint detection and collaborative response, Relying on the swarm intelligence technology, the scheme can recognise the complete attack chain and perceive the global network...
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Simulation Study of 24–Form Tai Chi Typical Movements Factors Based on Computer Analysis

Bo Pang, Ji Li, Huishan Song, Xuerong Qiao
Objective: In order to provide the scientific conduction of Tai Chi practitioners. Method: Taking the neuromuscular control of Tai Chi exercise as the starting point, by infrared capture system and Any Body human modeling simulation system, compared ability of professional group and preliminary group....
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Mask Wearing Specification Detection System Based on Residual Network

YuChen Zhang, ZiQi Shao, YaNan Chen, GuangHan Guo, HangXu Wu
In order to solve the problem of normative detection of mask wearing, this paper proposes an LMSE-ResNet based on improved residual network. Firstly, the cascade classifier is used to strengthen the features of the mask-wearing part, detect whether the face in the image wears a mask, and then load the...
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Research on the Evaluation of Comprehensive Level of Compulsory Education Based on Factor Analysis Method

Yingxuan Tian, Mingxin Wang, Saidong Lv
Basic education is one of the key factors to determine the development of education, and studying its quality level is helpful to make more scientific and sensible decisions. During the decade from 2010 to 2020, the popularization of compulsory education in all parts of China has increased significantly....
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Based on CHAID’s Knowledge Base Uses Expectations and Intelligent Recommendations

Kuotai Tang, Hailing Duan, Lin Fang, Xiaowei Huang
Knowledge base is an important part of cultural soft power, and the expected use of knowledge data is often the concern of knowledge base operators, and also the expectation of college students when using it. In this paper, a questionnaire was constructed based on the technology acceptance model (TAM)....
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A Visual Analysis of the Application of Internet of Things Technology in Education Based on Citespace and Vosviewer

Gaoyuan Xie, Die Pu, Mingxin Wang, Yirong Liu
In order to analyze the application trend of Internet of Things technology in information education, this paper adopts bibliometric analysis method and Citespace visualization analysis method to analyze the application status and application trend of Internet of Things technology in the field of education...
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Building Project-Based Teaching Model Based on BP Neural Network Associative Learning

Yan Chen, Jun Zheng, Yalin Chen
The project-based teaching has become an effective model for training practical talents. BP neural networks learn to continuously adjust the network linkage weights and thresholds by propagating formulas to achieve minimum error control. Introducing BP neural network associative learning algorithm into...
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Design and Implementation of Big Data Training Project Platform Based on Hyper-converged Architecture

Jun Zheng, Yu Bai, Wei Huang
Building high quality big data training courses is the necessary foundation and urgent need for training big data talents, and it is also an urgent task at present. In this study, hyper-converged architecture technology is used to design and implement a big data training project platform for college...
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Study on Online Monitor System for Surface Quality of Rolling Rail Based on Machine Vision

Xingqiang Tan, Benwen Zhang
In view of quality control process of the heavy rail on universal rolling line, based on method of machine vision, a system can be used to monitor surface defect of hot rolled heavy rail has been developed and it’s configurations of hardware and software are introduced in this paper. This system adopted...
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Evolutionary Trends and Opportunity Identification of University English Learning Patterns Based on Louvain Clustering Algorithm

Fang Xia, Xin Liu, Li Yin
This study aimed to analyze the current state of research on college English learning models and to identify opportunities in this area by analyzing evolutionary trends. At present, the demand for university English learning mode research is expanding, and the university English learning mode research...
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Innovative Design of Medical Big Data Platform Integrating Machine Learning and Knowledge Graph

Jun Wang, Ai-Rong Yu
With the rapid development of medical information technology, the amount of medical data continues to increase, and the data structure becomes increasingly complex. How to efficiently process and utilize this data to improve the quality and efficiency of medical services has become an important issue....
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Analysis of the Teaching Effectiveness of the Flipped Classroom Model with Python

Linbo Zhang
This paper mainly explores the teaching effectiveness of the flipped classroom model in the college English listening teaching. Ninety subjects from Xi’an Mingde Institute of Technology were organized into two experiment groups and one control group so as to show a contrast between the traditional listening...
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Design of an Intelligent Manufacturing Practice Teaching Platform Centered on Innovation Ability

Huanqing Han, Na Liu, Shaoyong Cao, Dongqin Li
This paper designs and implements a practical teaching platform for relevant majors in the field of intelligent manufacturing, focusing on the cultivation of innovation ability. With MES as the core, six major software and hardware systems were designed, including S7-1500 controller, CNC machining, intelligent...
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Digital Transformation in Vocational Education: Challenges, Strategies, and an Experimental Proposal

Yanping Zhu, Haiwei Zuo, Yun Chen
In our rapidly evolving society, the digital revolution has significantly restructured every sector, with education being no exception. This discourse delves into the digital transformation impacting vocational education, identifying inherent challenges, proposing strategic solutions, and introducing...
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Blended Equipment Operation Teaching Based on Smart Teaching Platform

Lixiang Qin, Jing Yang, Quan Gan, Hongkai Wang, Changyao Chen
Colleges and universities serve as the primary hubs for nurturing skilled professionals, and the equipment operation course plays a crucial role in their training. Therefore,it is very important to explore the teaching method of the new equipment operation course. With the rapid development of artificial...