Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Advanced Multidisciplinary Research (ICAMR 2018)

417 authors
Yakin, Ahmad Al
Internal Conflict of Political Parties Post Reform (Case Study of Conflict Romahurmuziy - Djan Faridz in United Development Party)
Yana Kansil, Yoo Eka
Student’s Metacognitive Activities in Solving Mathematics Problems
Yani, A.
Development of Physics Learning Device Based on Modified Free Inquiry as a Supporting Curriculum 2013 at Senior High School
Yani, Muhammad
The Effect of GPBL (Generative and Problem Based Learning) Models on Self Efficacy of Students
Yasriuddin, Dr.
The Relationship between Body Shape and 60 Meter Running Speed
Yasriuddin, Dr.
Using a Secure-Simple-Real-Innovative-Objective-Measurable (SSRIOM) Approach on Sports Science Teaching
Yuliani, Galuh
The Relationship of Science Knowledge and Decision-Making Based on Gender on Socioscientific Issues
Yulika, Rian
The Effect of Emotional Intelligence and Learning Motivation on Student Achievement
Yunus, Pangeran Paita
Assessment of Ceramic Arts Learning Skills
Yunus, Sitti Rahma
The Science Process Skill Profile of Pre-Service Science Teacher
Yusri, Mr.
The Development of The Instrument of Politeness in The Language Used by Teachers in The Learning Process
Zainal, Henni
Empowerment of Micro Business in the Department of Trade, Industry, Cooperative and Small and Medium Enterprises
Zainal, Henni
The Analysis of Discipline of Civil Servants on Agrarian Office in Makassar City
Zainal, Zaid
The Influences of The Physical Work Environment and Excelled Motivation towards Employee Performance of Local Education Service of Parepare City
Zainal, Zaid
The Effectiveness of Means-Ends Analysis (MEA) Learning Model Application on Improving Mathematical Learning Result of Elementary School Students in Parepare City
Ziska, Ika Yanti
Need Analysis to Design Blended Learning Model: An Instructional Design to Create a Dynamic, Engaging and Student-Centered Learning Environment
buddhabhumbhitak, Ketwadee
Bandung Tourism Image: Stakeholder Perceptions on The Representation of Creative City