Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Advanced Multidisciplinary Research (ICAMR 2018)

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The Effect of Speed, Agility, Foot Coordination and Motivation to The Football Playing Skill

Ahmad Adil, James Tangkudung, Achmad Sofyan Hanif
This study used a survey method to see the influence between variables. The data analysis technique used path analysis to test the direct and indirect effects of speed, agility, coordination, and motivation on the skills of playing soccer of the students of the Faculty of Sports Sciences, Universitas...
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Capacity Building for Biological Experiment Gardens through Campus Intellectual Product Business Development Program (PPUPIK)

Dr. Adnan, Mr. Hamka, Sitti Saenab, Nani Kurnia, Akhmad Faqih Dzulkarnaen, Syamsul Bahri Hs
Biological experiment garden is one of the work units in the Biology Department FMIPA UNM which functions to support the implementation of lectures, especially the practicum of various courses that are relevant for students majoring in biology. Through the Campus Intellectual Product Business Development...
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Do Scientific Learning and Problem-solving Develop Mathematics Students’ Creativity?

Dr. Alimuddin, Prof. Ruslan, Mr. Nasrullah
This paper aims to investigate the connection between scientific learning, problem-solving, and creative thinking theoretically. Building on the results of elaborating theories among scientific learning, creative thinking, and mathematics problem solving, it is then acquired connection among them, that...
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The Effect of Scientific Approach at Natural Science Learning on Elementary Students’ Learning Outcome

Prof. Amir, Abdul Haling
This study aims to: (a) design the description of the application of the scientific approach to science learning in elementary schools, (b) discuss whether there is an effect of scientific approaches to science learning on student motivation and students' learning outcomes in elementary schools. This...
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Student’s Metacognitive Activities in Solving Mathematics Problems

Mustamin Anggo, Mr. Suhar, Yoo Eka Yana Kansil
Metacognitive activities in mathematics problem solving are important in order to obtain the right solution. The implementation of metacognitive in solving problems indicates that the activities are supported by awareness and regulation of knowledge. For education students, the awareness and regulation...
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The Effect of using Interactive Students’ Worksheet on Learning Achievement and Students’ Perception in The Basic Chemistry Course (Study on Reaction Rate)

Muhammad Anwar, Ms. Ramdani, Ahmad Fudhail Majid
This research is quasi-experimental research that aims to determine the effect of using Interactive Student Worksheet (ISW) on learning achievement and students perceptions of Chemistry Education Study Program of Makassar State University in basic chemistry courses on reaction rate topic. The research...
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Academic Digitalization in Postgraduate Programs Universitas Negeri Makassar

Citra Rosalyn Anwar, Abdul Hakim, Ms. Nurhikmah
The academic services activity at PPS UNM is shifting from manual-based services to online-based services. This phenomenon is interesting to examine because of the transfer of the service system from manual to digital, not only on the readiness of the device and system, but more on the readiness of its...
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Concept Development on Spin Serve Exercise Model of Lawn Tennis Based Kinovea

Ians Aprilo, Moch. Asmawi, James Tangkudung
The article aims to enrich the research approach on the model of exercise serves lawn tennis sports. The development was conducted focus on the study of the development exercise model of spin serve lawn tennis sports based on kinovea. The novelty of the concept model developed is using motions analysis...
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Analysis of University Students’ Mathematical Representation in Solving Geometry Problems

Rezki Amaliyah AR, Nurfadilah Mahmud
This research is qualitative research with a descriptive, explorative approach. That aim is to describe the ability of students' mathematical representation in solving geometry problems. The population was all Mathematics Education Study Program who programmed the Basic Geometry Course. The sampling...
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The Development of the Physiology-Based Aerobic Exercise Model

Poppy Elisano Arfanda
The purpose of this research and development is to produce an aerobic exercise training model for students of the Faculty of Sports Sciences (FIK) of Universitas Negeri Makassar (UNM), primarily for students in the Field Teaching Program (PPL) who must have skills in the field of sports. This is considered...
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Try Out of Online-Based School Principal Recruitment in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Prof. Arismunandar, Nurhikmah H, Muhammad Ardiansyah
This research describes the results of try out the application of the school principal's recruitment system online. This application is a product of the principal's recruitment system that has been developed and will be implemented in South Sulawesi. This system is divided into two parts, namely administrative...
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The Open Eye Induction Techniques (Alert-Hypnosis) Development in Hypnoteaching Models for Mathematics Learning

Fajar Arwadi, Mr. Ja’faruddin, Dr. Djadir
The study was aimed at developing an effective and efficient technique of open-eye induction or alert hypnosis in hypnoteaching model for mathematics learning. It applied developmental research as the research method based on the Plomp theory with students majoring in mathematics as the research subjects....
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Students’ Intuition in Mathematical Problem- solving at the Stage of Understanding the Polya Problem

Mr. Arwanto, I Ketut Budayasa, Mega Teguh Budiarto
The type of this research is descriptive explorative with a qualitative approach, aims to know the intuition of students in solving math problems at the stage of understanding Polya problem. Data collection methods triangulate data through tests, interviews, and documentation. The subject of the research...
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Career Guidance Model using Experimental Learning Approach to Improve Students’ Soft Skills

Farida Aryani, Abdul Saman, Muhammad Ilham Bakhtiar
This study aims to find out: firstly, the needs to develop the career guidance model using the experiential learning strategies for students and secondly the experiential learning approach that has been validated by experts to improve students’ soft skills. The research was conducted in SMK Negeri 3...
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Paper Conceptions and Misconceptions of Pre-Service Teacher about Light

A. Sri Astika Wahyuni, Nuryani Rustaman, Dadi Rusdiana, Mr. Muslim
The purpose of this study is to define a description of the various conceptions and misconceptions of pre-service physics teacher about the concept of light in basic physics courses. This research was conducted on 96 students of a pre-service physics teacher in one of the state universities (PTN) in...
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Enhancing Communication Capabilities in Discussion as an Effort to Improve Learning Outcomes: Implementing Lesson Study in Basic Chemistry Class

Army Auliah, Muhammad Anwar, Mr. Hardin
This study is a quasi-experimental study that aims to determine the effect of increasing student communication skills in discussing students' learning outcomes in basic chemistry learning. The indicators of student discussion skills include: (1) conveying messages well, (2) using clear language, (3)...
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The Application of Creative Play Approach Model on Improving Passing and Dribble Learning Outcomes in Football Game

Benny B, M. Rachmat Kasmad
The purpose of this research is to explore the improvement of football learning outcomes (passing and dribble) through a creative play approach at class VII of students at Junior high School 24 Makassar. The research method in this study used the class action research approach. The instrument used in...
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The Innovation on Biological Learning with Science Process Skills using Student Worksheet

Nurhayati B, Dr. Syamsiah, St. Fatmah Hiola, Mr. Faisal, Nurul Rezky, Nurul Ilmi R.H, Abdul Hadis
This study aims to develop Student Worksheets (SW) based on Science Process Skills (SPS) in ecosystem material that using a development research model that refers to the four D (4D) model initiated by Thiagarajan. This model consists of the define phase, design phase, develop stage, and disseminate stage....
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Need Analysis to Design Blended Learning Model: An Instructional Design to Create a Dynamic, Engaging and Student-Centered Learning Environment

Mr. Badaruddin, Nurdin Noni, Baso Jabu, Muh. Basri, Ika Yanti Ziska, Muhammad Agung, Mas’ud B, Marwati Abd. Malik, Mr. Hartoto, Siti Hajar Larekeng, Rafi’ah Nur, Muhammad Siri Dangnga
Industrial Revolution 4.0 in education emphasizes how to design new approaches to education so that students are prepared to navigate the flows of global change. Blended learning is a strategic instructional model developed in order to fulfill the industrial revolution 4.0 challenges. The present research...
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Blended Learning Method Integrated with Bloom–Rederker–Guerra (B–R–G): Model to Enhance Self-Regulated Learner

Arsad Bahri, Nurhayati B., Dhia Fajrianti Sigarra
The development of science and technology can be utilized to improve the quality of the learning process. Therefore, the teachers need to have a good understanding and ability to improve Technology, Pedagogy, Content, Knowledge (TPCK) to develop their professional skills. The effort to enhance the quality...
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Increasing Student’s Ability in Writing Narrative Text through Cooperative Learning Approach

Nicodemus Bisse
The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of cooperative laerning approach in increasing student’s writing skill especially in writing narative text. The method used was pre-experimental. Here the researcher looked at one class as the sample, namely experimental group. Variables of this...
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The Effect of Buffer Chemisry Learning Strategies Based on Investigation to Critical Thinking Skills, Metacognition, and Mastery of Concepts of Senior High School Students

Muhammad Danial, Dr. Nurlaela, Mohammad Wijaya
The study objectives are 1) to explain the effect of learning strategies based on investigation to critical thinking skills, metacognition, and mastery of the concepts at senior high school students; 2) to empower critical thinking skills and metacognition at senior high school students; and 3) to compare...
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The Influences of Interactive Multimedia Learning towards the Science Learning Outcomes of Student in Elementary School

Rasmi Djabba, Wawan Krismanto, Mr. Fajar
Education becomes an essential part of a country, so it is demanded to continue to grow the student. Technological advancements that are increasingly and rapidly grow today can be utilized for the development of education, especially in the learning process. This study examines the presence or absence...
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Development and Application of a Three-tier Test Diagnostic Instrument to Assess Junior High School Students’ Misconceptions in Algebra

Nurwati Djam’an, Prof. Suradi, Nurdin Arsyad
This paper describes the development and the use of a three-tier diagnostic instrument to identify the misconception of the students in algebra. The three-tier diagnostic test was developed using the theoretical framework by Treagust. The first tier assessed content knowledge; in the second tier, a reason...
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The Effect of GPBL (Generative and Problem Based Learning) Models on Self Efficacy of Students

Ms. Ernawati, Eli Sutarni, Muhammad Yani, Ms. Nurakidah
The background of this study is the real facts, namely the low self-efficacy of students. This problem is because the learning process is still dominated by the teacher's role in learning. Besides that, the low ability of students when doing assignments. As a result, it will give a negative impact on...
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Effect of Motivation and Gender on Problem-solving in Student Mathematics

Ms. Fatimah, Ms. Nurhidayah, Herlina Ahmad, Ms. Febryanti, Muhammad Ali P.
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of motivation and gender on students' mathematical problem-solving abilities. This research is ex-post facto research. The population in this study were class VII students of SMP Negeri 5 Wonomulyo as many as 144 students with a sample of 44 students....
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The Influences of The Physical Work Environment and Excelled Motivation towards Employee Performance of Local Education Service of Parepare City

Abd. Halik, Zaid Zainal, Kamaruddin Hasan
The Existence of Local Education Service of Parepare City is a spearhead in reached one of the Parepare City vision as the city of education. Therefore, this research aims to know the influence of physical work environment and motivation towards an employee performance of Local Education Service of Parepare...
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Developing Character-based Thematic Teaching Materials with Model of Mind-Mapping Plus for Early Grade Students at Elementary School

Abd. Haling, Ms. Rohana, Abd. Halik
This study aims at developing character-based thematic teaching materials using Mind-Mapping Plus Model. It is expected that the teaching materials could foster students’ positive behavior. The outcomes of the study are teaching materials, guidebooks, and worksheets. These products were assessed in the...
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Analysis of Physical and Confidence Component on The Student Ability to Bring The Ball in Soccer Games

Mr. Hasbunallah, Mr. Hasyim
This study aims to determine the physical components and confidence in the student's ability to dribble in soccer games at Madello Elementary School, Barru Regency. This study is descriptive methods with two variables, namely independent variables that consist of physical components (balance, speed,...
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The Combination of the Jigsaw and Teams Game Tournament Model in Increasing the Adversity Quotient (AQ) and Academic Performance

Prof. Hasmyati, Andi Asrafiani Arafah
This study was conducted to investigate the influence of outdoor education through the cooperative learning model by combining jigsaw and the teams game tournament (TGT) learning models to measure the Adversity Quotient (AQ) and at Sports Science Department of UNM students’ volleyball learning. This...
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Assessment of Ceramic Arts Learning Skills

Ms. Hasnawati, Yabu M, Pangeran Paita Yunus
This study aims to develop assessment instruments in the learning of fine arts, especially in learning ceramic crafts that can be used as guidelines for assessment by cultural arts teachers in Junior High Schools. This type of research is research development. The flow of this research divided into eight...
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A Career Development Program for Higher Education in Indonesia; The Strategy to Achieve Career Maturity

Dede Rahmat Hidayat, Arga Satrio Prabowo
Career maturity is not a thing that occurs naturally for every individual as well as physical development but is achieved through a series of activities that must be performed by an individual in a structured program. Through a career development program activities undertaken can make individuals achieve...
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The Development of High Order Thinking Skill Instrument Assessment in Math Study at Senior High School

Ms. Hikmah, Nursafitri Amin
The objective of this research is conducting learning improvement related to testing model and assessment process. The significance of this research is producing high order thinking instrument assessment in mathematics at senior high school grade XI which has fulfilled the requirements consists: 1) fit...
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Traditional Games as Media to Improve Students’ Social Interaction in Elementary Schools in Makassar, South Sulawesi

Karta Jayadi, Ms. Arnidah
The problem in this study is the low social interaction in elementary school age children both between personal and group. Especially in today's digital era, many children use smartphones, so direct communication is increasingly minimal, including in social interactions and children's play. Based on...
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The Misconception of Stoichiometry and Its Impact on the Chemical Equilibrium

Ms. Jusniar, Endang Budiasih, Mr. Effendi, Mr. Sutrisno
Misconception about stoichiometry and its impact on the chemical equilibrium concept were studied on 245 second-grade students at SMA Negeri 2 Gowa, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Research instruments were Stoichiometry misconception test (SMT) and chemical equilibrium misconception three tier tests (CEMTT)....
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The Relationship between Body Shape and 60 Meter Running Speed

La Kamadi, Dr. Yasriuddin, Rachmat Womal
This descriptive study aims to investigate the association between body shape and 60-meter running speed. The population of the research was all students of SMA Negeri 2 in Jeneponto regency with the samples of 40 male students chosen randomly. Data were analyzed using percentage, correlation, and regression...
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Application of Massed Practice Method and Motoric Ability to Fencing Martial Skills

Ilham Kamaruddin, James Tangkudung, Firmansyah Dlis
This research provides information about the application of massed practice benefits associated with the motoric ability of the students in the fencing learning process. The purposes of this research are to understand the impacts of application of massed practice for the group of high motoric skills...
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Non-Anglo-Centrism in Indonesian ELT Textbooks

Satwika Nindya Kirana, Phongsakorn Methitham
Non-Anglo-centrism is a term coined in this study to refer to the superiority that non-Anglophone, developing western countries have upon non-western countries. The objective of the study is examining to what extent is non-Anglo-centrism embedded in ELT textbooks for senior high school students in Indonesia....
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Anglo-centrism in Indonesian ELT Textbooks

Satwika Nindya Kirana, Phongsakorn Methitham
The objective of the study is examining to what extent is Anglo-centrism embedded in ELT textbooks for senior high school students in Indonesia. The textbook was developed by local English teachers, supervised and published by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. The study focuses on analyzing...
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Developing the Computer-aided Accreditation Assessment Application for Vocational Schools

Mustari S. Lamada, Sugeng A. Karim, Dr. Ruslan
This research aims to produce an application for assessing school accreditation at the Vocational High School level. This application is called the Accreditation Assessment Application of Vocational School. Also, this research is also expected to produce an accreditation assessment model for the 2013...
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Developing Teaching Material using Ambal Love as a Context to Promote Character Value of Students

Theresia Laurens, Christina Laamena, Christi Matitaputty
This study aims to produce a set of learning material based on local wisdom in Maluku province and describe how the character value can be developed from the teaching and learning process. This is research using R & D type with formative evaluation. The technique of the data collection is documentation...
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Advance Organizer and TAI Learning Model, Which one Contributes to Student Learning Outcomes?

Theresia Laurens, M.W. Talakua, V. Nikijuluw
This study investigated the effectiveness of advance organizer and TAI learning model in increasing student’s learning outcome in mathematics subject. This type of research is quasi experiment research involving 3 variables namely the concept map (X1), Team Assisted Individualization model (X2) and learning...
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Students’ Interaction Patterns in Learning Mathematics Based on Lesson Study

Mr. Ma’rufi, Muhammad Ilyas, Rio Fabrika, Ms. Salwah, Fahrul Basir
Lesson study as a collaboration of learning allows a teacher identifies detailed learning interaction patterns that occur in the class. Therefore, this study aims to identify interaction patterns in learning mathematics through the stages: plan, do and see. This study was conducted in 3 cycles involving...
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Development of Academic Text Writing Materials through Media Thesis with Scientific Approach in Higher Education

Dr. Mahmudah, Ms. Nurhusna
The purpose of this study was to develop (1) the content of the teaching material for writing academic texts for universities, (2) the presentation of teaching materials for writing academic texts for universities, and (3) the use of language in teaching materials for writing academic texts. This study...
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Integration of Employability Skill Values in Learning in Vocational School

Muh. Nasir Malik, Dr. Hasanah, Mr. Mahyudi, Veronika Asri Tandirerung
The objectives of this research were to find out: (1) the overview of the implementation of employability skills into Extracurricular activity value at SMK Negeri 1 Takalar, (2) the explanation the implementation effect employability skills value in Extracurricular activity into students' personal management...
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The Identification of Productive Teacher Competencies: to Support the Development of Learning Quality in Vocational High Schools

Riana T. Mangesa, Jokebet Saludung
This study is the evaluation of productive teacher competence of a vocational high school in Makassar City specifically for the Department of Computer and Network Engineering. The questionnaire distributed to 40 productive teachers in many vocational high schools in Makassar. The results of this study...
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Development of E-Learning Based Poodle (Portable Moodle) for Computer and Basic Network Subject at Vocational High School

Abdul Muis Mappalotteng, Bakhrani A Rauf, Nur Indah Sari
The purpose of this study was to (1) develop E-Learning based Poodle (Portable Moodle) for Computer and Basic Network Subject (2) produce E-Learning based Poodle (Portable Moodle) on Computer and Basic Network Subject which is valid, practical and effective. In designing learning media, researchers using...
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The Effects of Teaching Styles and Learning Motivation on the Outcomes of Football Dribbling Learning

Adam Mappaompo, Mr. Kasman, Muh. Nur
This study aims to compare two teaching styles and to investigate the effects of learning motivation on football dribbling learning outcomes. The teaching styles consist of reciprocal and training styles. The study was experimental research with a 2x2 factorial design. The sample of the research was...
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Development of Physics Book Based on Local Wisdom in an Attempt to Foster Science of Literacy for Students

M. A. Martawijaya, Mutahharah Hasyim
Book for the student is one of the supporting items in today’s Indonesian learning process. Physics book based on local wisdom aims to enhance learner science literacy, particularly in physics class. The study used a qualitative approach with research and development method. The subject in this research...
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The Effectiveness of Means-Ends Analysis (MEA) Learning Model Application on Improving Mathematical Learning Result of Elementary School Students in Parepare City

St. Maryam, Zaid Zainal
This research investigates the enhancement of mathematics learning of fifth-grade students of public elementary educational institutions in Parepare city. Means-Ends Analysis (MEA) is used for this study as a learning model. The method used is a quantitative approach with a type of queasy experiment....