Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Computer and Information Technology Applications

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The Construction of Social Services of the Evaluation Index about the Colleges and Universities

Feng Lu, Yunlong Shang, Kangning Zheng
This article uses the balanced score card (BSC) and various analysis method construct the evaluation index system of social services.Based on the BSC to build model, using factor analysis, descriptive analysis, hierarchical analysis method, it is used in study of higher education school of social service...
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Design and Realization of Network Public Sentiment Management Platform for Chinese Universities

Liang Hu, Aichun Ding, Yuchi Zhu
The college network public opinion is the vane of the of China the effectiveness of the college students' collective action, based on hot events of the network public opinion structure characteristics of perception and discrimination will directly determine the development trend of Chinese college students'...
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Research of File Index Model for Chinese Internet Fraud Information Management Platform

Liang Hu, Aichun Ding, Yuchi Zhu
According to the Chinese Internet fraud is becoming more and more complex, this paper studies to search engine technology as the foundation, through the computer collected public opinion data fraud, then use the information extracting and processing these data, the semi-structured web data into specific...
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Research of Information Extraction for Chinese Internet Fraud Information Management Platform

Liang Hu, Aichun Ding, Yuchi Zhu
With the number of China's Internet fraud and complexity increasing, from a large number of network fraud data discovery and summarize the regularity of a variety of Internet fraud formulated is conducive to social stability and development of the decision, and take corresponding measures is becoming...
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Research of the Method for EEG Source Localization

Lijun Qiu, Wenqiang Liu, Qifu Fan, Huan Liu
This paper describes the advantages and disadvantages of various models to establish methods and EEG localization problem in the head model used and the source model, focusing on research and analysis of the latest developments to solve the problem of EEG localization algorithm principle, and finally...
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Research and realization of the data analysis of fixture library file

Zhijian Yin, Linhan Dai
With the continuous development of lighting industry and the lighting console built-in lamp library file update, so we need have an analysis of the software of different lighting manufacturers, different lamps and lanterns of the library file data. In this paper, there is a detailed analysis of the different...
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Video image caption location based on FAST corner detection

Huibai Wang, Wen Yuan
It is well known that the caption information is significantly important upon video and image retrieval analysis. A caption location method based on FAST (Features From Accelerated Segment Test) corner detection algorithm is illustrated in this paper. This method use FAST corner detection algorithm to...
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Process Monitoring Based on Improved Principal Component Analysis

Yingwang Xiao
The information provided by T2 and squared prediction error (SPE) test of principal component analysis (PCA) is not corresponding. An improved PCA is proposed which uses principal-component-related variable residual statistic and common variable residual statistic to replace SPE statistic. Then a simulated...
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Batch Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Based on MKMFDA

Yingwang Xiao
In view of the characteristics of batch process and the defect of batch process monitoring method based on multiway principal component analysis (MPCA), using the advantage of kernel mapping in dealing with nonlinear process and the advantage of fisher discriminant analysis (FDA) in the ability of fault...
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Applications and Influence of Intelligent Robot in Education

Ningxian Zhu
At present, Lee Se-dol combats with AlphaGo, it is a historical landmark, and stimulates people to discuss on affection of intelligent robot. They think intelligent robot will trigger a new revolution in the service industry. Similarly, it will have a profound impact on education. This article discusses...
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The Research of Tight MINS/GPS Integrated navigation System Based Upon Date Fusion

Hao Yan, Kai Liu, Hua Che
In this paper, loose, tight and super tight integrated MINS/GPS mode's structure and working principle have been discussed. The Kalman filter module is set up based upon the data fusion theory. The characteristic of tight integrated MINS/GPS system's data fusion has been researched through hardware-in-the-loop...
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Design of Decision-making Process Based Personalized Recommendation System

Ya Luo
In-depth development of e-business requires the combination of information technology and principles des affaires. Most existing personalized recommendation systems emphasize the precision of contents, but neglect the profitability of results recommended and the diversity of recommended lists. Proceeding...
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Design and Implementation of Broad-Band Jamming Signal Source for GPS

Hong Wang, Chuanjun Li, Fuxi Wu
The interference and anti-interference problem of GPS have great significance. This paper proposes a design of broad-band jamming signal source which is based on mixing LO and IF. LO signal is generated from signal generator ADF4351. IF signal is generated from amplifying and filtering the base noise....
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Survey of Media Access Control (MAC) and Routing Technologies of WiFi-MESH wireless Network

Shibing Zhu, Jianmei Dai
WiFi-MESH wireless network which are mainly based on the 802.11 protocols are developed quickly in recent years. The principle features, difficulties, directions and application schemes of the key technologies of WiFi-MESH systems, including MAC mechanisms and routing protocols, are analyzed and discussed....
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Design of vibration analysis and fault diagnosis for the rotating machinery based on virtual instrument

Haitao Bao, Xing Zhao, Yu Yuan
Rolling bearings are widely used on the rotating machinery, but also the most vulnerable parts to damage. This paper designs a rolling bearing fault diagnosis system based on Labview. First of all, by using the transducer, such as torque transducer, temperature transducer, eddy current sensor and photoelectric...
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Design and Realization of Hadoop Distributed Platform

Jing Wang, Haibo Luo, Yongtang Zhang
Hadoop provides a reliable shared storage and analysis system to meet the needs of the mass data of Internet users. We have designed the architecture of Hadoop distributed development platform. And under the environment of Ubuntu, the Hadoop distributed development platform is realized. The aim is to...
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M out of N Safety Computing System Based on General-Purpose Computers

Xingya Dai, Xinya Sun, Wei Dong, Xiang Yan, Yindong Ji
This paper designs an M out of N Safety Computing System based on general-purpose computers. The system consists of some computational nodes and a comparator. For the synchronization among the computational nodes, task synchronization was applied. The comparator designed based on the FPGA is implemented...
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A Design of Wireless Sensor Network Node Location Algorithm

Yun-He Li, Shao-Hua Wu, Hai-Tao Wu
Wireless sensor network belongs to an emerging concept and a technology for creating new application field. Range-free location algorithm can obtain distance information without any specific hardware, and thereby range-free location algorithm is more economic and effective, which is suitable for large-scale...
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Research on Temperature Control System Based on Three-Dimensional Fuzzy-Control

Bin Zhang
A temperature control system based on three-dimensional fuzzy-control is therefore proposed to cope with the problems of time-variation, nonlinear and uncertainty about underground environmental parameter. The precisely controlled variables are three-dimensional falsification, the design of the control...
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Identification of the Infrared Spectra Image using Improved SURF Method

Yuping Sun, Xiaojia Jiang, Qiang Hu, Mingfei Wu, Guozhu Zhang, Yiting Lv, Lei Yang
Applying the bilateral filter, Canny method to detect the edge of the image, the Morphological operation to modify the result, we proposed an improved SURF algorithm. The improved SURF algorithm can effetely handle the image match problems where the image undergoes noise and texture blurry. We utilize...
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Study on Detecting Location for Bus Rapid Transit with Signal Priority

Yangfan Zhou, Shunping Jia, Sijia Zhang, Wei Wei
Three signal priority scenarios were proposed for bus rapid transit(BRT) at isolated intersection based on early green and green extended strategies. The stopping time model of BRT at intersection was built considering signal phase status, detector location and its progression speed. Calculation results...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of Hotel Customer Satisfaction

Mingming Weng
The purpose of this study is to find out the most critical factors that affect the satisfaction degree of customers in Xi'an Hotel. This paper put forward the view that customer satisfaction was mainly influenced by the factors of service quality, price, product quality, brand and prestige. Then a survey...
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Design and implementation of Smart Home integrated control system

Hongyan Wang, Xiangyin Meng, Yang Zhao
In order to design a convenient, intelligent, low intelligent home system. This paper is based on the STM32 microcontroller. TCP/IP communication protocol is used as the communication mode of Android application. At the same time, the Modbus communication protocol is used as the communication mode of...
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DBN theory in constructing multi-sensor FDIR model

Youcai Wang, Shuxiang Gao
In this paper, the DBN probabilistic network model is used to realize the fusion of multi sensor uncertainty information, and using the Active DBN detection method to research the global FDIR implementation strategy and optimization methods of fusion order and partial fusion. An improved hierarchical...
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ERP, Capital Management and Profitability:An Empirical Study of Chinese Automobile Manufacturers

Yihan Wang, Zhenkun Wang
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can be considered as an effective tool for planning and controlling of all the resources in an organization. In order to gain competitive advantage, more and more corporations begin to implement ERP projects and deploy information systems to manage their logistics,...
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Research on a Supervision System for Stateful Firewall Security Configuration based on Markov Chain

Bo Cao, Haohua Meng, Shan Yang, Fei Gao
This article takes security configuration supervision of firewall as the research object, and proposes a supervision scheme of stateful firewall security configuration based on Markov Chain. As stateful firewall is a new type, traditional security configuration algorithm do not apply to its rule set...
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Study on Rocky Coastline Extraction of High-Spatial-Resolution Remote Sensing Images

Liyan Wang, Chen Hou, Peng Li, Hui Qu, Jie Zhang
Because traditional manual visual interpretation was time and labor consuming, automatic method of rocky coastline extraction using high-spatial-resolution remote sensing data was researched. Taking WorldView-2 image as an example, interpreting marks of rocky coastline was established. By applying MNF...
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A project design of virtual cloud desktop system based on OpenStack

Zhi-Hui Shang, Jian-Wei Zhang, Zeng-Yu Cai, Lin-Lin Ma, Chen Yuan, Chun-Hui Hu
In this paper, a virtual cloud desktop system is built in the open source cloud platform. And a design project of virtual cloud desktop system based on OpenStack is proposed through the analysis of the overall scheme of the system. First, this paper made a detailed description for the framework of the...
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A WiFi and PLC Based Smart Home Control System

Risheng Huang
Among the existing network modes in smart home, wired network is not easy to construct and the workload is heavy, and wireless network has shortcomings such as high power and high radiation. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a new network scheme for smart home based on WiFi and low...
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An Empirical Research of gray Literature Based on Citation Analysis: Taking Journal of Library Science in China as an Example

Fengmei Zhao
The paper takes references of all papers published in Journal of Library Science in China between 2005 and 2014 as data source. The paper counted, induced and analyzed the exploitation and utilization of gray literature resources from the perspective of gray literature citations. The influence degree...
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Study on Control of the Enterprises Environmental Cost Based on the Circular Economy Perspective

Jing Xu, Chuang Gao
In recent years, the global ecological environment has been deteriorated, how to control the enterprises environmental cost has been taken seriously. 3R principle of circular economy has important significance on control of enterprises environmental cost. Control of enterprises environmental cost has...
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Situation Analysis and Strategic Development of Fresh food E-commerce in China

Juxiang Zhang
In China, fresh food E-commerce is in the exploration stage and develops rapidly in recent years. This paper introduces four fresh food E-commerce models, then discusses problems and analyzes the external political and economic environment. Development strategies are put forward from the macroscopic...
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In STM32 microcontroller core ECG acquisition Conditioning System

Jia-Ming Liu, Zhi Li
In order to achieve real-time monitoring of ECG, the paper design a set of ECG data acquisition system based STM32 microcontroller conditioning. Design of the system is divided into hardware and software in two parts: hardware including ECG acquisition, preamplifier, bandpass filter and amplifier, band-stop...
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Research on Profit Distribution Mechanism for the Alliance of Industrial Park Wastes

Kailun He, Xiuli Bao, Huilong Sun
This paper mainly consider company's implementation capacity, alliance profit and other factors with the certainty equivalence revenue maximization as the goal of the game, under the condition of meeting the cooperative game rationality to construct the cooperative profit distribution model of wastes...
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A Speech Control System for Intelligent Industry

Jinlong Yao, Yuhuai Liu, Yuanhang Shi
In recent years, the research of intelligent industry has become more and more prosperous. This paper designs a kind of speech control system based on the intelligent industry research background. In this study, the speech recognition theory summarized briefly. The speech recognition processing technology...
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The research on the relationship between consumer attitudes and loyalty index:Degree of Satisfaction is Mediator Variable

Rui Zhang
This article will divide the consumer attitude into the hedonism and utilitarianism meanwhile dividing the satisfaction degree into decision-making and purchasing based on purchase phase ,then studying the correlation among the above 4 points and loyalty index. Firstly, we get the measurement scale of...
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Customer Satisfaction Promotion Strategies Based on Hedonistic / Utilitarian Attitude

Rui Zhang, Wenchao Du
The consumer shopping attitudes was divided into hedonism / utilitarian from the psychological point of view in this paper.The paper also discussed how retail terminal can implement differentiated marketing and promote consumer satisfaction based on the analysis of consumer hedonism / utilitarian attitude.
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Study on Physical Layer Security Performance of Wireless Relay Communication System Based on PLNC

Baofeng Yang, Youfan Zhu, Yuanyuan Gao, Xiaobing Zhang
Due to the broadcast nature of wireless communications, security performance of conventional wireless relay communication system is difficult to be guaranteed. In this paper, security performance of the wireless relay communication system based on physical layer network coding (PLNC) is studied. The...
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Populace Internet Participation in Food Safety Supervision

Chunxia Qi, Wenwen Meng, Xiaoyan Yao
Food safety supervision is a big problem in China, but the supervision system dominated by government is not enough for the vast market. The populace participation is very urgent because of various driving forces from internal needs and external needs. As the most effective platform for modern populace,...
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The Simulation Analysis on Mechanical Properties of Plastic Cantilever Buckle

Huifen Lai
The study focused on plastic cantilever buckle. Combing with actual work and using plastic injection molding theory, the characteristics of conventional cantilever buckle model are summed up. The classical analysis on cantilever buckle the shape parameters and the mechanical assembly performance are...
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The Shearing Test Instrument Design based on Soliderworks

Huifen Lai
In this paper, a shear force tester is designed and developed. Its mechanical parts of the instrument are calculated and selected to determine the shear tester structure framework. With the SolidWorks software, the standard parts library is established to make the design efficiency greatly and shorten...
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An Automated Collective Approach to Verification Coverage Merge

Xu Huang, Yiru Fu, Lintao Liu, Luncai Liu
Increasing design complexity has increased the number of tests required to verify our project, which makes merging of coverage databases inefficient and time-consuming. Using an automated iterative collective approach addresses that bottleneck by continuously merging with existing coverage totals the...
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Application of Electronic Commerce in the Field of Higher Education

Jinming Chang, Bo Niu
The electronic commerce has the bigger development potential in the higher education. In this information time, the progress of higher education method has close correlation with electronic commerce system development. The electronic commerce has provided the brand-new technical method for the higher...
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Influencing Factor Analysis of Urban Wastewater Emissions

Cheng Wang
Water is the source of life, and it is a necessary condition for existence and economic development. In this paper, the problem of analyzing the influencing factors of urban wastewater emissions is studied, and an optimal model of analyzing the influencing factors is presented based on the grey correlation...
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Optimal Model of Forecasting the Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents

Zhongwen Chen
The per capita disposable income of urban residents reflects the people's living standards and spending power. In this paper, we study the problem of forecasting the per capita disposable income of urban residents, and present an optimization forecasting model based on the grey system theory, i.e., an...
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Application of CFD Technology in the Development and Research of Internal Combustion Engine

Qingguo Luo, Xiaoyu Si, Hongtao Yin
In this paper, we analyzed the shortcomings of traditional technology in the development and research of internal combustion engine, introduced the principle and advantages of CFD technology. Also we elaborated the development and application of CFD technology in the development and research of internal...
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Numerical and Experimental Investigation of a Novel Thermal Management System Test Bench

Qing-Guo Luo, Hong-Tao Yin, Dong-Ya Si, Xiao-Yu Si
Increasing power requirements of military armored vehicles and space constrains of powertrain cabin result in some thermal parts, over heat load and more parasitic losses. Therefore, more intelligent Thermal Management Systems (TMS) are implemented, which with more than one cooling loops. A alternative...
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A Study of Optimized Summarization Models on Mobile Devices for Sight-Interpreters

Jianhua Wang, Ying Zhou
To obtain key information quickly from long texts on small screens of mobile devices, sight-interpreters need to establish optimized summarization model for fast information retrieval. Four summarization models based on previous studies were studied including title+key words (TKW), title+topic sentences...
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an Improved Indoor Geolocation Algorithm based on Log-distance Path Loss Model

Liang Pei, Shixuan Liu, Bo Wang, Wenqing Li
This paper proposes an indoor localization algorithm based on Log-distance path loss model. The two parameters of the Log-distance path loss model are estimated by the measured RSSI data. Then the two step filtering was carried out to keep the RSSI signals with the higher probabilities. Finally the Taylor's...
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Researches on Pre-processing for Pointer Meter Automatic Recognition

Liang Pei, Wenqing Li, Bo Wang, Shixuan Liu
The accurate detection of the pointer position is the key of the automatic pointer meter reading. Appropriate image preprocessing is the basis of the precise location of the scale zone and pointer on the dial. In this paper, the images are preprocessed by image grizzle, median filter and image binarization....
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The Seismic Intensity Monitoring System based on MEMS Seismic Intensity Instruments

Qiao Tan, Yunkai Guo, Zhitao Li
To mitigate the earthquake damage, casualties and economic losses, the capacities of disasters monitoring and ear warning need to be strengthened. For this reason, a seismic intensity monitoring system was put forward in this paper. The monitoring system is composed of seismic intensity instrument and...
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Review of the Location Technology in Underground Mines

Liang Pei, Shixuan Liu, Bo Wang, Wenqing Li
The development of the coal mine location systems in the recent decades was reviewed. Location technologies about IR, RFID, zigbee, leakage communication, through-the earth communication and WLAN in mine tunnels were mainly discussed. The conclusion that technologies based on WLAN or zigbee may be the...
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How to improve the teaching ability of university teachers based on MOOC

Jianfei Lu
Massive Open Online Courses rise in the world Bring great competition and challenge for the traditional university teaching. Massive Open Online Courses have The richness of the resources, the flexibility of the teaching methods, the democracy of the teaching idea, which Prompted the university teachers...
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An Efficient GIS Algorithm for Detecting Topological Polygonal Chains

Yonghong Qiu, Yongnian Zeng, Guoqing Sun
An efficient algorithm named Redundant Edges Backtracking Algorithm (REBA) is proposed for detecting topological polygonal chains and its advantages in time performance is analyzed and validated. Using the nesting relationship between redundant edges and polygonal chains in left-turning loops, the proposed...
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The Path of Educational Development in the Perspective of Supply Side Reform

Defen Qi, Zhongliang Guan, Kexin Liu, Deliang Qin
Five development concepts, including innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing, are proposed on the party's the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Conference. Central finance and economics leading group proposed to focus on strengthening the supply side structural reforms, to improve...
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Analysis of Nuclear Power Station Control Signal and Alpha-Stable Noise Filter Method Based on LabVIEW

Xincai Chang, Jishi Guan, Min Fu
This paper presents hardware in-the-loop simulation platform based on labview simulation, tests the response curve of nuclear power station control signal added the alpha-stable noise. Analysis of the response curve by labview signal processing module. By median filter and Butterworth Filter filtering...