Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

Session: SESSION 1

9 articles

Halalbihalal Tradition in Java 2010-2015

M. Ma'ruf Misbah
This article discusses the halalbihalal tradition among Javanese Muslims held only at the time of Eid al-Fitr, whereas the behavior of mutual forgiveness and kinship (silaturahmi) which became the character of the tradition, could be done any time. This research aimed at finding out the cultural power...

The Mosque Kebon Jeruk: a Portrait of Acculturation of Moslem Society in Jakarta 18th Century

Parlindungan Siregar
This research pointed out that Chinese architecture was more dominant at the Mosque Kebon Jeruk. Although, another element of architecture beside Chinese existed in it especially its material components. So, the acculturation has happened at the building of Mosque Kebon Jeruk. It was different from the...

Dynamics of Moslem Scholars in Jakarta: the Role of Ahmad Zayadi in Klender East Jakarta

Abd. Wahid Hasyim
This study investigates the role of Ahmad Zayadi in developing religious social transformation in Klender East Jakarta. Based on the 2003 census, the population of Klender was 57,648 people and most of them are Muslim. However, their religious understanding was still relatively weak, and the level of...

The Existence of Leadership Ascetism Value in the Babad Banyumas Wirjaatmadjan in Indonesia

Ali Ma'ruf, Nunuk Suryani, Hermanu Joebagio
This research described the leadership ascetism value in the Babad Banyumas Wirjaatmadjan and its existence on leadership in the Banyumas in particular and in Indonesia in general nowadays. Babad Banyumas Wirjaatmadjan was one of the manuscripts of Banyumas society. Babad Banyumas Wirjaatmadjan contained...


Dewi Setyawati, Sariyatun Sariyatun, Suryani Nunuk
The social stratification of society in Palembang appeared since the existence of Palembang Sultanate. Beside the native people in the 19th century, the population of Palembang consists of various ethnicities which have special existence of settlement, namely China, Arab, and the ethnic of Java-Malay...

Gelumpai Script: The Relevance of Value Solidarity in Palembang Society

Mayang Indah, Hermanu Joebagio Joebagio, Suryo Ediyono
Gelumpai script is stored in Balaputradewa Museum with inventory code 07.57. Gelumpai script was found in Baturaja Palembang huluan area. Gelumpaimanuscript produced during the Sultanate of Palembang around the 16th-18th century AD. The Gelumpai manuscript shows the cultural system of the unique Palembang...

The Dynamics of the Islamic Publishers in Indonesia: a Case Study of the Publisher Gema Insani Press Jakarta (1986-2011)

Abdul Chair
Gema Insani Press (GIP) is one of the Islamic publishers that have emerged in Indonesia since 1980s. GIP has been publishing many Islamic books in Indonesian. GIP also published the books translated from Arabic into Indonesian authored by prominent Muslim intellectuals of the Middle East, such as Sayyid...

The Role of Pandji Masjarakat During the Guided Democracy Period

Teguh Prasetyo, Mr. M Yoesoev
During the times of Guided Democracy, absolute power over the whole nation was held by Soekarno's hand. Consequently, Soekarno had total control of various government regulations, ncluding the ones pertaining to politics and culture. This provoked responses from different groups, organizations, and political...

The Spread of Mosques in Pre-Independence Malay Peninsula: A Digital Representation

Faridah Noor Mohd. Noor
The coming of Islam to the Malay Peninsula was established after Hinduism had spread throughout the Malay Archipelago. However, different theories abound on the arrival of Islam to the region. At the University of Malaya, a project was conducted to locate sites of mosques built before 1960 in the Malay...