Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (ICCSE 2016)

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Calculation and Analysis of The Safety of Pressure Vessel Wall Climbing Robot

Jixin Liu, Fengju Hu, Haiyan Wang, Jitao Chen
In order to solve the problem of safety detection of pressure vessel wall, a wall climbing robot based on permanent magnetic adsorption is proposed in this paper. For climbing wall robot adsorption mechanism, from analysis of the adsorption of active permanent magnet wheel, and the statics analysis of...
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Research on Control Model of Flexible Manipulator for Ships Based on Fuzzy Neural Network

Libo Yang
In this paper, it makes study on a kind of control model of flexible manipulator for ships based on neural network algorithm, this model can solve the operation control problem of flexible manipulator when ships are in the voyage through the combination of traditional fuzzy theory and neural network...
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Data Analysis of Sterilization Effect of Low Pressure Pulse Magnetic Field on Fruit Juice Products

Zhaowen Zhang
This study verified the sterilization effect of the low pressure pulse magnetic field on the fruit juice products. According to the sterilization effect test of low pressure pulse magnetic field equipment on fruit juice, the results showed that the low pressure pulse magnetic field possessed a bactericidal...
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Study on Prediction Model of Tourist Amount of Scenic Spot Based on BP Neural Network Algorithm

Yongqiu Liu
In recent years, the expansion of tourism market has put forward new requirements to strengthen the management of scenic spots, in this paper, it takes Mount Tai Scenic Area as the researching object, establishing the prediction model of tourist amount by using BP neural network algorithm, so as to predict...
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Research on a Class of Fourth-order Rouge-Kutta Algorithm for Real-Time Simulation

Zhen-quan Huang, Su-ying Liao, Yun He, Ai-Jun Tang
From the basic idea of the real-time Runge-Kutta (RK) algorithm, some parametric equations satisfied the general form of the real-time fourth-order RK algorithm are derived. Then the coefficients of truncation error are deduced based on the analysis for local truncation errors of real-time RK algorithm....
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Experimental and Computational Study on Mechanical Characteristics of Unsaturated Loess in Dam Foundation

Ya-jun Jia, Chun-li Chen, Ping Wang
Because loess dam is greatly affected by the amount of water, the requirement on the power performance is higher, therefore, it can adopt field sampling of indoor physical and mechanical test and analysis as the method, through permeation, direct shear and triaxial experiment of dam soil permeability...
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Research on Vehicle Braking Energy Recovery System and Energy Recovery Calculation

Zhi-qiang Xu
This paper introduces a design of electric storage type energy recovery system through vehicle braking to fulfill energy recovery. Besides, theoretical calculation is conducted on the saving rate. Experimental results show that this system can be used in vehicle energy recovery after braking, and the...
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Implementation of LZW Data Lossless Compression Algorithm Based on VB

Qinghui Yuan, Xiujun Nie, Qingfei Yuan
The first analysis of this paper i chooses the LZW compression algorithm for data compression, it is the basic principle adopted a series of advanced compression table, and compressed file only digital storage, rather than storing strings to achieve the purpose of data compression. In this paper, VB...
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Analysis and Research on Acid Oil's Esterified Deacidification Based on Chemometrics

Li-Tao Jiao, Jian Yang
This article mainly researched esterified deacidification of biodiesel raw materials waste oil, with chemometrics method. It also analyzed and researched esterified deacidification of methanol, glycerin ,and their mixture under the condition of sulfuric acid, sodium hydrogen sulfate, titanium sulfate...
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Key Nodes Mining Algorithm Based on Complex Network

Ye Deng, Jun Wu, Yue-Jin Tan
The problem of network disintegration, such as suppressing the epidemic spreading and destabilizing terrorist networks, has broad applications and recently has attracted more attentions. The fundamental purpose of this study is to find the critical nodes whose deficiency could lead to the network collapse....
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The Mathemetical Model And Dynamic Analysis Of Nonlinear Biochemistry System

Xiaonan Xiao
This article, with the example of different circulation system for a kind of nonlinear, discusses how to make a dynamic analysis of a nonlinear biochemistry system in line whit the character of the system and intercommunication and interaction of each part, thus to establish a realistic ideal mathematics...
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Research on Water Level Sensing Technology of Changjiang River

Quan Wen
This paper firstly aims to survey the layout situation of water gauge in the jurisdiction of Changjiang River waterway maintenance management department, then, in terms of previous survey results, the research analyzes current problems of Changjiang water level sensing point layout and combines with...
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Application of Computer Simulation in the Prediction of Fatigue Properties of Rubber Materials

Jing Xiao
Rubber products are widely used, and some of them have no obvious plastic deformation on surface, there exists huge risk, so the prediction of the fatigue life of rubber materials is very important. In this paper, the fatigue life of rubber materials is accurately analyzed by using advanced computer...
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Study on Straddled-type Monorail Vehicle Driver's Injury Caused by the Secondary Impact

Xiaoxu Zhang
Collision accidents of Monorail vehicles often result fatal injuries to the drivers, which become important subjects. Research on the safety of vehicle collision has become main study topic in the area of urban rail transit. With the development of explicit finite element technology, it is a very good...
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The Optimization of Distributed Cloud Computing Network Routing Model Based on MDA

Yinzhen Zhong, Wuxue Jiang, Shanshan Ji
The optimization of distributed cloud computing network routing model has become an important way to improve the efficiency of data access. It can realize data information docking through function of C-API, the adopted distributed computer network routing environment can optimize the supply management...
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The Design of Water Quality Monitoring Cloud Platform Based on BS Architecture

Yu-jie Chen, Pei-xue Liu, Bao-hua Jiang, Fei Feng
In recent years, with China's aquaculture industry develops rapidly, aquaculture water quality management information collection, transmission, storage as well as regulation, has got newer and higher requirements. The computer network technology and remote control technology continues to mature, which...
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The Research of AGV Guidance Systems Based on RFID Positioning

Shixian Zeng, Rui Xue, Yang Wang, Dengwei Tian
According to the characteristics of the transport system, RFID technology is integrated in the AGV automatic guided vehicle system in the warehousing. The node RFID oriented method is chosen and the RFID note positioning function is used to realize more types and over horizon identification loading,...
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Development of Valuable Users Identification model in Online Education Communities Based on Optimal Removal Strategy

Yu Bai, Gang Yin, Huaimin Wang, Ye Deng
The valuable users in online education communities identification model has broad applications and recently has received growing attention. This paper first presents an optimized removal strategy model for online education communities, and the network performance is quantitatively measured by the size...
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The Research of the Opening System of University Laboratory and the Design of the Laboratory Reservation System

Xiaoxing Ma
In this paper, the problems and solutions of laboratory opening system is discussed, a laboratory reservation system is designed based on mobile device, students and teachers can use smart device to login laboratory reservation system, make reservation and management of laboratory whenever and wherever...
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The Application Study on Computer Aided Design in Construction Modeling

Sheng Zhang, Chang-juan Chen
The paper focuses on the discussion of specific application of computer technology in the construction modeling. From the paper we know that the application of computer aided design to modeling has been quite mature in the process of current market operation, but it seems to be less consistent and flexible...
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The Application Analysis of Computer Technology in Enterprise's Culture Construction

Hairong Zeng, Yun Song, Yan Zhou
Enterprise culture plays an important role in the process of the corporate development. Enterprises are beginning to pay more attention on information technology application in culture constructions. In this paper, the current situation and problems of computer application is analyzed, especially network...
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Risk Assessment for Mobile Payment Security based on Analytic Hierarchy Process Method

Mei-jing Shan
In big data ages, the security is the greatest concerns of mobile payment. Comparing to the internet payment, mobile payment has many personal and difficult problems. A risk assessment indexes system was built up through Delphi method, and the weight of each index was calculated with analytic hierarchy...
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Application Analysis on Zhuzhe Hotel Management System in Chinese Hotel Chain

Yun Song, Hairong Zeng, Yanmei Meng
Due to the advanced hotel management system, the Chinese hotel chains will efficiently manage a large number of information and introduce the advanced management concept to improve the efficiency and service quality. Only when the hotel improve the internal management system constantly, it could improve...
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Preliminary Study on Private College English Teaching Satisfaction Calculation Model

Jian Yang, Li-tao Jiao
Through the college English teaching satisfaction survey of private colleges, this paper uses comprehensive fuzzy evaluation method and calculation model to analyze the factors affecting student satisfaction and put forward suggestions in improving English teaching satisfaction in private colleges.
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Application Study on Control Strategy of Underwater Platforms

Wei Zhang, Qin-Guo Liu, Jun-Feng Pan, Rui Yang
This paper, focusing on control and adjustment of underwater platforms, aims to realize the efficient control strategy of underwater platform attitude and effectively improve the operation efficiency of underwater platforms.
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Design of Temperature and Humidity Automatic Alarm Recorder Upper Machine Based on Delphi

Baohua Jiang, Peixue Liu, Yujie Chen, Xiaoxiao Shi
Because of the low efficiency of manual operation of the traditional temperature and humidity record, a kind of temperature and humidity automatic alarm recorder upper machine system is designed using the computer processing technology, the RS485 communication technology and the human-computer interaction...
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Development of Optical Fiber Fence Alarm System with Video Linkage Function

Qinghui Yuan, Xiujun Nie, Guofang Feng
A new visualized fiber fence alarm system was developed in this paper, which used Sagnac interferometric sensor of optical fiber fence in the surrounding invasion signal detection and positioning, and then sent alarm information and transfer video signals to the control center, so that the monitoring...
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Design of a Flange Socket Mold and Improvement of Production Process

Wei Chen, Dan Chen
Flange socket is a socket fittings which require a higher production process, and has a large market demand. The complex external shape, high precision connecting parts are very difficult to process. The traditional production engineering caused a great waste of materials and is very low efficient, and...
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Design of The Data Acquisition System Based on STM32

Pei-Xue Liu, Yu-jie Chen, Bao-Hua Jiang, Xiao Zhang
With rapid development of modern society, the requirements for high precise temperature and humidity is growing rapidly, for example production, storage, transportation, environment etc., these all have strict requirements for temperature and humidity testing, so the real-time monitoring of temperature...
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Study on Dual-port RAM-based Image Capture and Storage

Qinghui Yuan, Xiujun Nie, Guofang Feng
In the image acquisition system, acquisition speed affects the handling capacity of the entire system, Dual-port RAM for improving the acquisition rate plays a very important role. This paper presents a high-speed, low-cost dual-port buffer memory. The program is complex programmable logic (FPGA) circuit...
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Design of Data Sampling Terminal in Telemedicine System

Hua-guang Li, Yong-hong Fan, Fei-fei An
In this paper a method of the design of Data Sampling Terminal is introduced. The system consists of four main parts: temperature collecting, ECG collecting, the main control circuit, and Bluetooth communication module. Another, it also consists of data processing software. Body temperature acquisition...
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The Design of Intelligent Wheelchair Based on MSP430

Peifen Jin, Yujie Chen, Peixue Liu
With the continuous development of the information society, R & D new intelligent wheelchair products, not only can better meet the needs of the elderly, but also can help the elders to improve the degree of freedom of action, to enable them better integrated into society. This design takes the MSP430...