Proceedings of the International Conference of Ethics on Business, Economics, and Social Science (ICEBESS 2018)

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Analysis on the Implementation of Village Information System in Village Government Performance with Good Governance as Moderating Variable

Dwi Sudaryati, Sucahyo Heriningsih, Lita Yulita Fitriyani
The emerging of the village information system is a new means for the village to socialize the village working program to all the people, especially for the local villagers. Village information system is expected to support the performance of village government to be more transparent and accountable....
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The Effect of Trust to Users To Use Go-Pay And Grab-Pay As Payment Method

Andi Nurul Istiyana, Dien Triana
Nowadays, online transportation has become a viable option for taking people to where they want to go. The various conveniences you get from online transportation, as well as ease of payment, compared to conventional modes of transport. One payment method offered is with the use of a mobile application,...
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Construct Validity and the Coefficient Reliability of Spiritual Attitude Scale to Measure Moslems’ Spiritual Attitude for High School Students

Safa’at Ariful Hudha, Djemari Mardapi
Nowadays, researchers are interested to further investigate and look for the meaning and purpose in human lives and in spiritual experiences. Although it is hardly practical to discuss the definition, the measure of such attribute is another thing. This research aims to investigate the construct validity...
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Relationship of Mutual Trusts of People Against Political Participation in the Use of the Right to Choose in Executive Elections in Indonesia

Dominikus Riki Yonda, Adi Cilik Pierewan
The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship of trustworthiness to other people (trustworthiness of the people) using ethnicity and faith (religion) indicators and their relation to political participation in the use of voting rights in elections in Indonesia. This research is descriptive...
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E-Learning on the Subject of Sociology in SMA N 1 Yogyakarta

Yeni Arini, Siti Irene Astuti Dwiningrum
E-learning about Sociology at SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta. Thesis. Yogyakarta: Graduate Program, Yogyakarta State University, 2018. This study aims to (1) To know the e-learning policy in learning sociology subject in SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta. (2) To describe e-learning viewed in terms of Human Resources...
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Income Smoothing Determinants in Indonesia Banking Industry

Irine Herdjiono, Agusth Billy Bonnex Roempoembo, Paulus Peka Hayon, Ilham Ilyas
The research aims to determine the effect of profitability, corporate value, company size and financial risk to income smoothing. Researchers would like to review the factors affecting income smoothing, at the banking companies listed on the IDX during the period of 2014-2016. The sampling method use...
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Budgeting Information Framing, Responsibility and Intrinsic Motivation in Investment Decision-Making Of Regional Companies

Anna Sutrisna Sukirman, Dedy Abidin, Rastina Rastina, Syamsinar Syamsinar
This study aims to re-examine the effects of information budget framing, responsibility and intrinsic motivation in investment decision-making with group-shifts as a moderating. This study was conducted in companies located in rural areas. This study tests three possible conditions that affect whether...
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Teaching Economic Crisis and Stock Market Using A Movie

Muhammad Hasyim Ibnu Abbas, Yogi Satrio, Annisya Annisya
This study describes the evaluation of teaching method that uses a movie as an instructional media to demonstrate a clear concept about the economic crisis and stock market. In this study, the movie watched by the students is movie entitled “The Big Short”, a Hollywood movie telling the chronology of...
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Soft Modeling of Online Consumer Behavior on E-Business: Marketing Mix, Social Culture, Information Technology and Humanism as a Moderator

Irwan Christanto Edy, Riyanto Riyanto, Heriyanta Budi Utama
Today many banking institutions have implemented e-business in business activities. Nevertheless, there are still very limited consumers who optimize e-business for business. The purpose of this study is to examine the online consumer purchasing decision model in e-business and the role of external factors...
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Synergy Value from Bank Consolidations in Indonesia

Uke Pitaloka Antariksaningruma, Uke Pitaloka Antariksaningrum, Willem Makaliwea
Developing nations witnessed tremendous numbers of domestic bank mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and foreign acquisitions in response to deregulation, technological advances, and the globalization of nonfinancial economic activity. These changes in the corporate governance of banks raise essential questions...
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Transformational Leadership and Job Peformance: Multiple Mediation Role of Job Satisfaction in SMEs Sector in Indonesia

I Wayan Edi Arsawan, Ida Bagus Sanjaya, I Wayan Sukarta, I Komang Mahayana Putra, I Gusti Ngurah Sanjaya
The purpose of the study was to examine and explain the effect of transformational leadership, job satisfaction and organizational commitment on employees' job performance and the role of job satisfaction as a mediating variable. The population in this study were 69 export-oriented SMEs located in Bali...
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Globalizational and Macroeconomics Performance: A Case of ASEAN Countries

Edi Wahyu Wibowo, Jaenudin Akhmad, Agung Edi Rustanto
The ASEAN Economic Community was formed with the aim of achieving the perfection of economic integration in the ASEAN region which is believed to provide tangible benefits to all elements of society. The phenomenon of globalization can be seen from the growth of cross-country economic activities in various...
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Model of Consumer Trust, Technology Anxiety, Sales Service Support, and Other in Features E-Marketplace System to Built Customer Satisfaction

Iwan Hermawan, S. Sartono, Faris Hidayat, S. Suharmanto
The development of online business in Indonesia caused the growing popularity of startup business in Indonesia. Many startups appear mainly in terms of buying and selling or often called a marketplace. The purpose of this research is to know the influence of trust, technology anxiety, customer service...
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The Effect of Collaboration Strategy on Logistics Performance: Mediating Role of Logistics Capability

Cokorda Gede Putra Yudistira, I Ketut Pasek, I Gusti Ketut Gede, I Wayan Wirga, I Ketut Yasa, I Wayan Edi Arsawan
This study was aimed to examine the role of collaboration strategy in improving organizational capability, the latter being the impetus of increased logistics performance. This research adopted a quantitative design, and the research instrument was a questionnaire using a five-point Likert scale. The...
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Foreign Related Parties Transactions as Tax Avoidance Strategy in Indonesia: The Role of Corporate Governance

Nuritomo Nuritomo, Sidharta Utama, Ancella A Hermawan
This study presents tax avoidance practice through foreign related party transaction and the effect of corporate governance on the relationship between the shareholder's tax expenses and foreign related party transaction. Different from other studies that use related party transaction entirely, this...
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Bailout to Bail-in: An Effort to Overcome The Financial Crisis in Indonesia

Theresia Anita Christiani, Kastowo Kastowo
Bailout is an alternative in handling the financial crisis. The fundamental purpose of bailout policy is for the public interest. This research purposed to find out why the bail-in mechanism replaced the bailout mechanism, an alternative to handling the financial system crisis in Indonesia. In this normative...
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Marketing as a Government Program Priority in Optimizing the Regional Superior Product

Husnul Arif, Nahiyah Jaidi Faraz, Diyah Atika
This study aims to analyze the urgent needs of the SMEs in Tanjung Balai, focuses on the business of seashell craft. This SMEs as a producer of their superior product. The main objective of this study was to empirically analyze the best kind of Government support program to make this SMEs more profitable....
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Analysis of Islamic Work Value Affect the Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Employees in Halal Tourism Places in Jakarta

Fadhli Suko Wiryanto, Mohamad Soleh Nurzaman, Banu Muhammad Haidlir
This study aimed to determine the influence of Islamic work value which has been validated, as a mediator between the variable individual characteristics on job satisfaction and organization commitment of the employees in halal tourism in DKI Jakarta as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. This...
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Students’ Perceptions of Crossword Puzzles Media Implementation in Accounting Learning

Agatha Saputri, Sukirno Sukirno
This classroom action research (CAR) aims to know students’ perceptions of learning evaluation on crossword puzzles media at senior high school in accounting service company competence. The researcher used an accounting crossword puzzle media containing 10 essay questions and consists of 5 vertical columns...
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Comparison of Indonesian History Learning Model Science Class and Social Class in Senior High School

Ebma Yudhasatria, Ajat Sudrajat
Psychological patterns and learner classroom condition in science classes and social classes have some differences and similarities in intelligence. This pattern influences the use of historical learning model which applied in SMA Angkasa, Indonesia. This study aims to determine (1) the way teachers...
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The Influence Service Quality and Price Have to The Customers’ Satisfaction at The Swimingpool of Yogyakarta State University

Martono Martono, Tomoliyus Tomoliyus
Swimming pool of Yogyakarta State University is a sport facility that is for rent to the public. This study aims to determine the influence of service quality and price on customers’ satisfaction at swimming pool of Yogyakarta State University. The subjects of this study were 200 customers of swimming...
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The Impact Of Zakat Empowerment Program On Village

Salman Abdun Nashir, Mohamad Soleh Nurzaman
Poverty becomes major problem in Indonesia. Based on geographical condition, the poverty rate in Indonesia is dominated by the rural community. Zakat is an instrument which has function to reduce the poverty rate. Zakat can reduce poverty if managed properly. BAZNAS is an institution that has the authority...
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Individual Characteristics, Islamic Work Values, And Organizational Commitment among Islamic Hotel Employees in Lombok Island, Indonesia

Wahyuningsih Wahyuningsih, Mohamad Soleh Nurzaman, Muhammad Banu
This paper aims to analyze the role of Islamic work values in mediating relationship between individual characteristics and organizational commitment on Islamic hotels’ employees in Lombok Island, Indonesia, where Islamic tourism is a priority sector. There are 130 respondents taken as sample of the...
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Foreign Direct Invesment Effect on Asean Countries GDP

Agung Edi Rustanto, Jaenudin Akhmad, Edi Wahyu Wibowo
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) occurs when a company from a country invests in a long period of time to a company in another country. This study uses quantitative methods with panel data secondary from 2012-2016 by combining 10 ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines,...
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Welfare Meaning and Its Influence on Business and Finance Management of Seaweed Farmers in West Sumbawa Regency

Hari Wahyono, Januar Kustiandi, Tri Wahyu Hardaningrum
Welfare can be significantly different and are subjective for each group, community or individual. Benchmarking indicators and welfare measures at the macro level is basically only useful for comparative studies between citizens in different countries, and certainly does not give a realistic picture...
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Perceived Change Leadership: Employees vs. Directors

Wustari L Mangundjaya, Permata Wulandari
Nowadays with the very tight competition, every organization must survive and adapt with the change happens in the environment. However, not every organizational change program was successful; researches showed that there is even more than 50% organizational change not succeeded. The role of leaders...
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Psychological empowerment as mediator on perceptions of organizational environment with commitment to change

Wustari L Mangundjaya
An organization is an open system; consequently, any changes in the external environment will have an impact on the organization. This condition makes the organization must change. However, based on the previous experiences, not every change program had succeeded, and even can be categorized as a failure....
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Tourist Destination Mapping Visualization in Yogyakarta using Affinity Propagation and Social Network Analysis: A Case Study on @explorejogja Instagram in 2017

Rahmadi Yotenka, Muhammad Muhajir, Nanda Iswandhani, Hafizah Ima
This research was conducted in Department of Statistics Islamic University of Indonesia. The data used are primary data obtained by post @explorejogja Instagram account from January until December 2017. In the @explorejogja Instagram account found many tourist destinations that can be visited by tourists...