Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Early Childhood Education (ICECE 2020)

Curiosity in Young Children

Mahara Suardi, Leli Kurniawati, Yeni Rachmawati
Corresponding Author
Leli Kurniawati
Available Online 24 March 2021.
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Curiosity, early childhood, millennial generation
The era of the industrial revolution 4.0 is a changing development era that integrates cyber and automation technology that have a broad impact throughout the entire field, including education. This caused a great demand for existing human resources as the key to the success of a nation. Some abilities that must be possessed are critical thinking, creative, collaborative, innovative and good communication skills. The phenomenon that occurs, many teachers and parents only provide one-way learning without freeing children to develop their imagination, so that young children are not accustomed to being confronted with a problem that requires them to find solutions to these problems. This article aims to explain how early childhood should be given a habit that requires them to develop their curiosity to prepare them to face competition in the 4.0 revolution era. The method used in this article is a literature review of early childhood curiosity development. The results of the literature review indicate that the development of early childhood curiosity will increase if given the facilities, direction and good habituation to involve them in decision making, and demanded children’s participation. This article is expected to provide understanding for teachers and parents in providing learning for early childhood as a millennial generation.
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