Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Early Childhood Education (ICECE 2020)

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Using Multicultural and Global Picturebooks to Enhance Practices in Early Childhood Education

Rhoda Myra Garces-Bacsal, Najla Sultan AlOwais, Hind Tuaib Ghufli
Research indicates that early childhood educators have been making use of diverse books and stories to expand the global consciousness of young readers inside the classroom [1], [2]. Children are meaning-making beings. As young architects of their worlds, they attempt to make sense of their reality through...
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A Critical Policy Analysis of Early Childhood Education (ECE) in Indonesia

Desvi Wahyuni, Rudiyanto
Education is a basic right of citizens that shall be fulfilled by the state. Thus, as the embodiment of the fulfilment of the citizens’ rights, the state creates policies that are applicable to all components of the society regarding education. For early childhood education (ECE), in particular, the...
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Fun Cooking to Increase Early Childhood Learning Motivation During Covid-19 Pandemic

Erna Budiarti
This research is considered important to describe learning motivation in Early Childhood from home during the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Fun cooking activity is one of the activities that are useful for early childhood in reducing canned food produced abroad by cooking healthy food at home with family....
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Experiential Learning Methods to Improve Young Children’s Science Process Skills During Covid-19 Pandemic

Heni Nafiqoh, Ghina Wulansuci
The research objective was to determine the effect of experiential learning methods on early childhood science process skills in the Covid-19 Era. This research is a pre-experimental design using one group pre-test & post-test design. This data collection technique uses observation, interviews, and...
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Al-Quran Based Learning in Early Childhood Education

Nanda Colina, Aan Listiana
Al-Quran-based learning is learning that discusses problems in the Al-Quran, namely reading, memorizing, understanding and practicing the values contained therein to be applied in life, which in the Al-Quran itself is the value of life, so Every learning activity that has always been and always will...
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Does Background Linearity Matter? A Study About Teacher’s Professionalism in Early Childhood Education

Putri Aulia Juliyanti, Hani Yulindrasari
Teachers’ academic qualification is supposed to correlate with a person’s skill in a particular area. Thus, in many countries academic qualification has become a significant marker of professionalism. In Indonesia, the teacher’s professionalization scheme has emphasised academic linearity in every level...
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Bengkulu’s Traditional Games for Young Children

Ice Purnawanti Puspitasari, Yeni Rachmawati, Nur Faizah Romadona, Ica Purnamasari
Traditional games are the result of past human cultural processes which are rich in local wisdom values. The games are played from generation to generation. They have many benefits, including vehicles and media, to stimulate early childhood development. However, traditional games are slowly starting...
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Does Gender in Children’s Books Matter?

Maya Lestari, Hani Yulindrasari
This paper analysed gender representations in children’s books. To be specific, the paper assesses gender equality in children’s books. In general, children acquired gender concepts from the culture within the society. Then, it is transmitted through various media, book is one of them. Gender is defined...
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Long Distance Parenting in Early Childhood

Ice Purnawanti Puspitasari, Yeni Rachmawati, Ica Purnamasari
Parenting style is a main factor in stimulating the aspects of children’s growth and development since their early childhood. Parents are expected to live together and cooperate with each other in taking care and educating their children. However, parents with Long Distance Relationships have changed...
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Body-Kinaesthetic Program for Toddlers During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Indriyana Wahyuni, Euis Kurniati
Covid-19 pandemics that occur throughout the world have issued various policies including school from home. The process of playing and learning in this situation will certainly have an impact on various aspects of a child’s development, including his physical motor development. At toddler age children...
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Teacher’s Views on Investing Minang’s Culture in Early Childhood Education

Nadila Sari, Heny Djoehaeni
Indonesia consists of various regions; each region has different cultures as their characteristic. People are starting to forget about cultures, like Minang culture that start to be forgotten. So, it is important to instil the values of culture from early childhood to make the children know about their...
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Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood

Nurul Septiani, Ernawulan Syaodih
Children start to learn languages from the day they were born. As they grow and develop, their speaking and language skills become complex increasingly. They learn to understand and use language to express ideas, thoughts, feelings, and to communicate with others. During developing speaking and language...
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Principal’s Academic Supervision to Improve Non-Formal Early Childhood Education Teacher’s Competence

Reni Supartini, Mubiar Agustin
The principal is an essential component of an educational institution. As the institution leader, the principal has an essential role in fostering the teachers’ ability to conduct the learning process. The school principal conducts supervision to improve the teaching staff’s professionalism by increasing...
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Family Development Session of the Indonesian Family Welfare Program

Aan Annisa, Hani Yulindrasari
Poverty is a problem that occurs in many countries including Indonesia. Program Keluarga Harapan (Family Welfare Program/FWP) encourages the community to increase their purchasing power by providing cash, and improve the families’ access to health and education services. Family Development Session (FDS)...
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Media Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Introducing English for Young Children

Ririn Hunafa Lestari, Dedah Jumiatin
Early childhood is a sensitive period to obtain various kinds of stimuli, one of which stimuli that need to be stimulated is language. The focus of this research is foreign languages because foreign languages mastered will have an impact on the future life, one of which is in the career field. This was...
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“They are Empty Baskets”: Teachers’ Perspective on Violence Among Children

Siska Resti Maysara, Tina Hayati Dahlan, Hani Yulindrasari
Violence behaviour in Kindergarten children has raised concerns about how teachers handle children’s violence cases. Teachers’ involvement in preventing and coping with children’s violent behaviour relies on teachers’ assessment of the situation or the care. Perceptions of children’s violence could be...
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The Concept of Outdoor Play Safety in Early Childhood

Cucun Yunianingsih, Euis Kurniati
This study aims to describe the concept of play safety for early childhood in outdoor playgrounds. Safety is an important component in facilitating play activities for early childhood. This study is conducted due to the importance of the research which is related to children’s safety when they are playing...
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Teacher Recruitment Negotiations: A Form of Early Childhood Education Strategy in Indonesia

Inten Risna, Maulida Nur
This paper aims to uncover the extent to which the recruitment of high-quality early childhood education teachers is still a challenge to date, especially in regions (villages/remote areas) in Indonesia. This article is based on the assumption that the professionalism of teachers is influenced by the...
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The Importance of Playing Pattern for Early Childhood Mathematics Learning

Adelfa Yuriansa, Leli Kurniawati
This research is motivated by the inability of the child to recognize the pattern characterized by the inability of the child in estimating the next sequence. Early childhood learning must be done through play because children can learn to discover new things. Playing patterns are fun materials and inseparable...
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The Role of Teachers in Planning Early Childhood Learning

Agus Sumitra, Rita Nurunnisa, Ririn Hunafa Lestari
The teacher as a planner and implementer of learning is the teacher’s role that must be implemented. One of the roles is the administrator role. The administrator is one of the teacher’s roles in planning a series of learning for a certain period following the rules of manufacture and arrangement. However,...
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Is Authoritative Parenting the Best Parenting Style?

Anita Febiyanti, Yeni Rachmawati
Over the past 60 years, parenting style has been consistently explored, particularly with regard to its role in children’s development in western society. Various studies show that authoritative parenting is the best and the most effective parenting style to be applied universally to support optimal...
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Implementation of Augmented Reality in Introducing Islamic Pillars Appication for Young Children

Cahyana Cahyana, Rizza Indah Mega Mandasari, Fat’hah Noor Prawita, Conny Tria Shafira, Diffo Elza Pratama
Augmented reality (AR) is an emerging technology that is applied in various fields. It is believed that AR technology is mostly utilised in the education area. However, the utilization of AR in Islamic learning for early age children is still rare. This paper presents the development of a mobile AR-based...
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The Early Childhood Safety Education (A Case Study at Kindergartens in Banjar)

Devita Savitri, Badru Zaman
The background of this study is the frequent occurrence of early childhood accidents. Children as objects of protection need to be equipped with knowledge and attitudes and behaviours related to their safety. One way to avoid early childhood hazards is to increase their understanding of hazards and ways...
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Role Play Method in Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts for Kindergarten Students in Bandar Lampung

Dharlinda Suri
In this study, interpersonal conflict was experienced by kindergarten students Rasyidul Jannah in daily learning. The purpose of this study is to determine the use of role-playing in resolving interpersonal conflicts in kindergarten students in Bandar Lampung. The research design is descriptive quantitative....
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Teachers’ Competencies of Inclusive Early Childhood Education on Social Justice Perspective

Dina Novitasari Nasution, Rudiyanto
Inclusive early childhood education is an educational institution which is an early childhood part in getting equal education in the same learning environment regardless of race, religion, culture, economy, or even the physical condition of the child. In addition, development and learning include all...
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KH. Ahmad Dahlan’s Thoughts on Teachers’ Politeness and Its Implication on Early Childhood Learning

Elis Solihati, Mubiar Agustin, Lutfi Nur, Dwi Alia
Teacher’s functions are to teach, educate, guide, direct, assess, and evaluate the students in the learning activities. The implementation of learning activities requires a politeness rapport between teachers and students. The famous Indonesian education figure is KH. Ahmad Dahlan. It is necessary to...
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Children Among the Natural Hazards and Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Ina Winangsih, Euis Kurniati, Vina Adriany
During the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, something that has escaped the public attention is the high level of natural disaster threats in Indonesia. If this condition is left unattended, the whole situation in Indonesia will become even more complex and will do harm to the children. Through the perspective...
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Analysis of Early Childhood Tutorial Content to Improve Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic Skills

Luhung Kawuryaning Pertiwi, Heny Djoehaeni
Every parent expects their child to give good academic skills. The characteristics of a child with the academic skills trusted by most parents are to have the ability to read, write and arithmetic to be able to continue the desired elementary school. The phenomenon of elementary school admission requirements...
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The Al-Qur’an Education-Based Curriculum at PAUD IT Sunnah Annajah

Mahara Suardi, Rudiyanto
PAUD IT Sunnah Annajah, which is located in Central Aceh District, Aceh Province, has children aged 5 and 6 who attend Kindergarten B when they graduate and are able to memorize 1 juz of the Quran, which is 30 chapters consisting of 36 letters. The very early age of children is not easy. However, PAUD...
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The Single Parent’s Parenting Style

Muslihat, Aan Listiana
Every parent certainly has a different parenting style, as well as single parents who have to play a dual role in carrying out their lives as father and mother. Being a single parent is not just their wish but a choice they never imagined or dreamed of. In fact, they want a complete and harmonious family....
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Literacy Theories of Children’s Language Development

Nadhifah Rahmadini Hidayat, Nila Fitria
This study discusses the theory of literacy on children’s language development. The purpose of this study is to carry out a number of steps to prepare an initial data or material as a basis which can then be utilized by various parties interested in studies related to the literacy of early childhood...
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Science Learning Strategies in Islamic Kindergarten

Noor Ishma, Ernawulan Syaodih
The 2013 Early Childhood Education Curriculum uses a scientific approach in the learning process. Through a scientific approach, early childhood is stimulated to develop the ability to think critically, creatively, communicatively and collaboratively. One of the implementations of a scientific approach...
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The Role of Parents as Teachers at Home During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Rohita, Sinta Krisnawati
This study aims to illustrate the implementation of parents’ roles as teachers at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. The subjects of this study were 15 parents with the criteria of having children aged 4-6 years, located in Kampung Bonjol RT 04, Pondok Karya sub-district, Pondok Aren district, and were...
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Teachers’ Understanding on Music for Early Childhood

Siti Hodijah, Leli Kurniawati
Music learning is believed to have positive impact and influence on children’s development. Teachers’ understanding of music advocates for music learning practices which are applied in early childhood education. Many literatures explain that the teachers’ perceptions and knowledge of music are very important...
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Cultural Hybridity in Parenting in Indonesia

Anita Febiyanti, Hani Yulindrasari
Indonesia is one of the countries in the world with a quite dense and culturally diverse population, represented by more than 200 ethnicities. Consequently, cultural values tend to influence parenting. It is widely known that cultural values influence parenting ideals and practices. Not only local cultural...
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School Literacy Movement

Nurul Septiani, Leli Kurniawati
Literacy is an ability that students must develop from an early age. This literacy is related to reading and writing. This ability will later become provisions for future children’s lives in their daily lives. However, the level of literacy in Indonesia is still low. This condition shows that the Indonesian...
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Early Childhood Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Desvi Wahyuni, Rudiyanto
This article aims to see the extent to which the quality of learning resulted from collaboration between parents and teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Given that the quality of learning is an important thing that should be considered when the teaching and learning process occurs, both when the teaching...
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Constructing Gender Identity in Young Children

Nelis Nazziatus Sadiah Qosyasih, Vina Adriany
This paper aims to discuss the role of parents in constructing gender identity in early childhood. Based on the existing literature, the writers argue that parents still tend to treat boys and girls differently, reflecting a patriarchal culture in the society. This paper uses a post structuralist feminist...
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Self-Reflection on Critical Theory Course

Sarah Zulkarnaini
The purpose of this paper is to describe self-reflection during critical theory classes. A student should have a critical way of thinking. In this paper, the authors describe many new perspectives, especially in thinking, including how politics, society, economy, culture affect human views and activities....
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Do Children Still Adore Local Fairy Tales?

A Case Study on Al Azhar Syifa Budi Parahyangan Kindergarten

Sharina Munggaraning Westhisi, Dian Handayani
Reading assists an individual to obtain knowledge and provides enjoyment for children’s literacy development. However, promoting literacy through a local fairy tale is challenging since children tend to be familiar with fairy tales from other countries, such as Cinderella or Snow White. Thus, proper...
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Management of Learning Facilities in Kindergarten

A Case Study on Al Azhar Syifa Budi Parahyangan Kindergarten

Aghnia Farrassyania Azhar, Ocih Setiasih, Rudiyanto
Management of learning facilities is crucial for early childhood education institutions. This research purpose is to know how Al-Azhar Syifa Budi Parahyangan Kindergartens manage their learning facility, what are the obstacles, and the solutions made to manage the learning facility. This research uses...
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Motivation and Self-Confidence in Motor Activities in Kindergarten

Tiara Prima Ramdini, Yaswinda
Early childhood is an active and energetic individual. Children love to do challenging motion activities. Because the movement activities that are routinely carried out by children will have a good impact on their growth and development. There are several factors that influence children’s movement. The...
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Young Picky Eaters in Bandung Regency

Lulu Nurhayati, Nur Faizah Romadona, Aan Listiana
This research is motivated by the fact that picky eaters or food pickiness is considered not a serious problem for parents, so many parents still do not know that if it is not handled properly it will lead to chronic illness. The purpose of this study was to get a picture of picky eaters in early childhood...
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Preventing Stunting in Children

Yuli Anggraini, Yeni Rachmawati
Stunting is a public health problem experienced by children globally. These problems have various causes, and have long-term effects. Children who are stunted, views of parents who have stunted children, and programs to prevent stunting. Based on the literature, this article aims to describe the risk...
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Distance Learning in Early Childhood Education During Pandemic Covid-19

Novi Hidayati, Rudiyanto
This article is motivated by the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic which has an impact on changes in the learning system which requires distance learning from home. Distance learning is not only for the middle level, but for early childhood education. So that in this study aims to look at distance learning...
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Becoming Child-Friendly Kindergartens

Resi Nur Asyifa, Rudiyanto, Heny Djohaeni
This research is motivated by the number of child friendly schools in West Java, especially in Cianjur Regency. Kindergarten as a unit of early childhood education is a good basis for early childhood. The purpose of this research is to study the condition of kindergarten readiness in Cianjur District...
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Parent’s Perception on Disaster Education for Early Childhood at Disaster-Prone Areas

Lulu Diyanti Putri, Heny Djoehaeni, Rudiyanto
The background of this research is due to the many cases of natural disasters in Indonesia. In early childhood, both consciously and unconsciously, they often become victims of natural disasters both physically and psychologically. This phenomenon has become commonplace in today’s society. Many parents...
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Curiosity in Young Children

Mahara Suardi, Leli Kurniawati, Yeni Rachmawati
The era of the industrial revolution 4.0 is a changing development era that integrates cyber and automation technology that have a broad impact throughout the entire field, including education. This caused a great demand for existing human resources as the key to the success of a nation. Some abilities...
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Imaginative Game of Treasure Hunt to Develop Early Childhood’s Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Sherin Maudri Asy’ari, Yeni Rachmawati, Rita Mariyana
This study aims to solve the issue on the development of visual-spatial intelligence in children and find out whether the implementation of imaginative games of treasure hunt can develop visual-spatial intelligence in early childhood. The research method used in the classroom action research method (CAR)...
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Parents and Teachers Engagement in Using Cognitive Apprenticeship for Child’s Development of Authentic Problem- Solving Skills in Tanzania

Pambas Tandika Basil
Despite its recognition in the pre-primary curriculum and being among preferred learning outcomes at different levels, it is not well-known how child’s teachers [parents and classroom teachers] engage to enhance children with authentic problem solving skills. Phenomenography study design was used to...
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Adapting with Global Pandemic: Challenges and Recommendations for Playground Facilities

Sakina Ahmad, Annisa Istighfari
The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has been affecting numerous business sectors globally. In Indonesia, millions of children stayed home while playgrounds were closed nationwide to prevent further spread of the virus. Past research explains the importance of playground visits for children’s play and learning...
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Analysis of Parental Views on the Value of Children

Anisatul Khoiroh, Yeni Rachmawati, Vina Adriany
Previous research on the value of children often focuses on the economic values of children. This research adopts literature approaches which discuss children’s value from a parent’s perspectives. This paper adopts literature reviews to see how, children’s values are influenced by other factors. The...
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The Implementation of Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Program in Sekolahalam Minangkabau Kindergarten

Arnita Fitri, Euis Kurniati
Padang City is one of the cities that have the threat of earthquake and tsunami disasters, as happened on September 30, 2009 which killed 1.995 people and caused material losses of 4 trillion. This disaster has a serious impact on society, including early childhood. To rehabilitate the victims of the...
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Critical Perspective on Bullying in Early Childhood

Insan Sheny Priyandita, Mubiar Agustin
Bullying is often ignored in the field of early childhood education because a number of teachers consider that early childhood has limited cognitive and verbal development and intentions with emotional awareness. Therefore, it seems impossible for children to take negative actions such as bullying. Using...
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The Meaning of Playing among Beggars Who Have Young Children

Nuzulul Pawestri, Euis Kurniati
Children’s world is about playing. They spend most of their playing time. Playing benefits children in numerous aspects, i.e., it will develop competencies and creativity as they can learn with enjoyment. Therefore, playing is vital to children’s growth. Unfortunately, not all parents can see this. One...
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Analysis of Gender Equality in Early Childhood Education in Indonesia

Sarah Zulkarnaini, Vina Adriany
This paper aims to discuss gender equality in early childhood education (ECE) institutions in Indonesia. Based on the existing literature, the authors argue that ECE institutions still maintain traditional gender views. The authors also assert that in order to overcome gender bias in the curriculum,...
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Is it Necessary to Ban Gadget in Early Childhood?

Novi Hidayati, Badru Zaman
The advancement of gadget has progressed rapidly in the past 20 years, turning gadget as a basic need for everyone without exception, including to early childhood. However, the excessive use of gadgets may cause negative impacts. While parents cannot completely ban early childhood from using gadgets,...
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Doing Research with Young Children in Covid-19 Outbreak

Ridha Marissa El Seira, Vina Adriany, Euis Kurniati
This article aims to explore how the Covid-19 pandemic impacts early childhood research. The Covid-19 pandemic has a major impact on various aspects of early childhood life, including research on early childhood during the pandemic. This article also aims to explore the challenges that exist in early...
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Needs Analysis of Childrens’ Right Curriculum for Parenting Education

Sri Nurhayati, Wellanda Alby Nugraha, Hani Solihah
This research aims to find out the initial need for children’s rights and how to fulfil children’s rights in accordance with the mandate of the Child Protection Act and Islamic Law for the curriculum of parenting education programs. The explanation of the child’s rights is an important knowledge for...
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Why are Teachers Vulnerable to Stress?

Laila Robiatul Adawiah, Nurfaizah Romadona
Stress at work is a psychological symptom that has been experienced by everyone, especially teachers. Teachers of Early Childhood Education (ECE) are objects that are prone to stress. In addition to the teacher’s function to teach, educate, guide, assess, direct, and evaluate students in teaching and...
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Father’s Acceptance and Rejection of Children with Disabilities

Natalina Purba, Hendra Simanjuntak
Having children is the most beautiful thing parents will feel everywhere. The dream of many parents is that a child is born with perfection, but what happens when the child that is awaited has limitations? children born with low intellectual abilities or often referred to as mentally retarded children....
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The Independence of Young Children in the Care of Working Mothers

Mira Wida Wulan, Leli Kurniawati
For some reasons, independence is important for children. First, it can make them more responsible in fulfilling their life needs; furthermore, it can grow their self-confidence. Independence is one of the characters that must be instilled from an early age to children, because it will have an impact...
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Symbolic Violence in Early Childhood Education

Lia Aprilianti, Hani Yulindrasari
This paper aims to analyse the practices of symbolic violence in ECE. Symbolic violence is an invisible violence that cannot be seen clearly without a critical and in-depth understanding of the person who experienced it (the victim). Symbolic violence often undetectable since it is recognized as something...
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Stereotypes and Prejudices in Young Children

Mubiar Agustin, Heny Djoehaeni, Asep Deni Gustiana
This research stems from the emergence of stereotyping behaviour tendencies and also prejudice in early childhood. The behaviour with stereotyping tendencies and prejudices in early childhood will have a complex consequence including violence. The purpose of this study is to analyse the symptoms of stereotyping...
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A Teacher’s Reflection on Effective Learning in Early Childhood

Insan Sheny Priyandita
Effective learning programs provided by teachers to children are the main foundation in achieving maximum children’s skills. However, many educators have limited theoretical understanding about effective learning. Based on literature research this paper highlights the extent to which teachers understand...
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The Relationship of Welfare Levels with Pedagogic Competence of Early Childhood Teachers in Solokanjeruk Bandung

Tya Ardilla, Ocih Setiasih, Rita Mariyana
This study aims to determine the relationship between the level of welfare and the pedagogical competence of Early Childhood teachers in Solokanjeruk District, Bandung. The research method in this research is the method of correlation by using the Pearson correlation test. This research was conducted...
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Rumah Belajar as Online Learning Model for Early Childhood Education

Vebby Julianti Permata, Heny Dhoehaeni
Covid-19 pandemic has a significant impact on various sectors, including the education sector. To break the spread of Covid-19, social distancing must be done. The government sets a learning at home policy to prevent children from interactions that will have an impact on their health. On the other hand,...
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Early Childhood Social and Emotional Development of Suku Anak Dalam (SAD)

Zakiyah, Nurhafizah
The purpose of this study was to determine the social and emotional development of tribal children in the Nurul Ikhlas Play Group, Bukit Suban Village, Air Hitam District, Sarolangun Regency. The research used a qualitative approach. The results shows that 1) the early childhood learning process of the...
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Acehnese Children’s Traditional Games

Nanda Colina, Yeni Rachmawati
The purpose of this research is to explore various traditional games of Acehnese children and efforts to preserve them. This article was written using a literature review where data collection was carried out using library data, reading, and taking notes. Humans as cultured creatures can empower their...
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Gender Constructions in Early Childhood Education

Lia Aprilianti, Vina Adriany, Ernawulan Syaodih
This paper discusses the construction of gender in early childhood education. Many studies that discuss this topic have been conducted both nationally and internationally. Internationally, research on gender in early childhood adopts critical theories that masculinity and femininity as something fluid...
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The Positive Impact of Memorizing the Qur’an on Cognitive Intelligence of Children

Muhammad Naufal Fairuzillah, Aan Listiana
This research is a literature review, aimed to find out the positive impacts of memorizing the Qur’an on the cognitive intelligence of children. Among Muslim parents, making their children become memorizers of the Qur’an is one of the noble steps to achieve glory and happiness in this world and the hereafter....
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Critical Analysis of Parenting

Vivi Patra komala, Vina Adriany
In the structure of our society, there is still a presumption that parenting is only a mother’s job. This paper intends to conduct a critical analysis on the assumptions of parenting, using the theory of feminist post structuralist. The results of this study show that the concept of parenting is strongly...
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Challenges Faced by Teachers in Remote Area During Pandemic Covid-19

Putu Rahayu Ujianti
Covid-19 pandemic forces the schools to close and the students learn from home. Online learning becomes one of the consequences. However, not all teachers and students are able to implement online learning because of several factors. This phenomenon is experienced by the front-line Indonesian teachers...