Proceedings of the 2019 3rd International Conference on Education, Culture and Social Development (ICECSD 2019)

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The Application of the Reference Book of Choral Pedagogy in the “Chorus Foundation” Course in a Non-state-owned Normal College in China

Xiang Hongxing, Yuan Zhen
There are a series of problems in contemporary normal school chorus courses in China, including the lack of national top-level guidance documents, insufficient professional teachers, insufficient class hours, and misalignment between design of teaching materials and reality. In response to the above...
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Research on Innovation supply chain Management in Fast Fashion Industry——A comparative analysis of ZARA and H&M

Chen Xuejie, Qiao Chang, Zhu GuangHao
ZARA has succeeded in overtaking GAP as the global leader in apparel retailing through innovative supply chain management. However, in recent years, with the trend of the retail market is beginning to slump and rising consumer demand, ZARA lack of furtherinnovation in supply chain management. It is gradually...
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Cultivating College Students' Socialist Core Values Based on Excellent Traditional Culture

Zhou Zhiwen, Zhou Zhijun
Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China, general secretary xi jinping has repeatedly referred to the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, saying that “traditional Chinese culture is our deepest soft power”.
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Exploration on Application-Oriented Curriculum Reform in CDIO Mode— Taking the Course"Ceramic Material Process Foundation"as an Example

Ye Shiyong
Under the backeround of application-oriented transformation in local colleges and universities, the reform of curriculum teaching oriented to applied talent training is imperative.Taking the course of "Ceramic Material Process Foundation"as an example, this paperattempts to introduce the CDIO mode, makes...
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Imvestigation and Research on Flipped Classroom of "History of Chinese Arts and Crafts'"Based on WeChat Platform

Liu Yuan
This study takes the grade 2018 Honghe University students of arts and crafts and product design as the research objects, and introduces flipped classroom teaching into theteaching of history of Chinese arts and crafts. Through the analysis of questionnaires, the author attempts to investigate the acceptance...
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Task transition in teaching evaluation under the light of “student center”

Liu Haiqing, Wu Longhuo
The teaching concept of "student center"deals with transition from "teaching center"to "learning center"in the higher education system. The key of establishing efficient models for teaching evaluation is the conduction of four transition tasks. They are value transition from "teaching for evaluation"to...
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Strategies for developing oral English teaching in life-communication

Liu Haiqing, Wu Longhuo
Oral English development for life-communication is a necessary part in language teaching and English course revolution. Life-communication-oriented oral English teaching may benefit students in enhancement of studying motivation, improvement of logical thinking, and increased capability of dealing with...
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Problems and management of teaching models with multiple interactions in College English

Liu Haiqing, Wu Longhuo
Teaching models with multiple interactions, based on the constructivism theory, significantlypromote the communication and cooperation between teachers and students. Analysis of the processes in multiply interactive teaching models found that teachers, as the anticipators in the teaching activity, were...
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Research on Digital Protection of Cultural Heritage Dujiangyan

Wang Xiaoyan, Lv Desheng
Dujiangyan which belongs to the world cultural heritage and natural heritage represents an important scientific and technological invention in ancient China. It displays the wisdom of the ancient working people and enjoys great value. With the development of tourism in Dujiangyan, the combination of...
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Value Effect of Environmental Information Disclosure in Listed Companies

Fu Minhang
It is difficult to balance economic development and environmental protection for a long time. As environmental degradation becomes more and more serious, human beings are increasingly aware that it is a wrong way to sacrifice the environment for economicdevelopment. In order to enable more enterprises...
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Discourse Construction and Publicity Translation in the Perspective of Effective International Communication

Dai Lei
This research begins by expounding the significance for China to build up a typically political andcultural Chinese discourse system in the perspective of effective international communication. It argues that its establishment will offer a key for the world to better understand China, mitigate the negative...
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Reflection of Christian Spirit on Hester in The Scarlet Letter

Zhao Gaimei
The author tries to probe into the Christian spirit on Hester, describing her as anactive woman, who dares to be against the Puritan world. In the novel, her experience gives us a good explanation of the essence of the Christian spirit. In her life she experiences sin, hardship and redemption. What is...
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Restitution of Cultural Heritage under International Law

Lu Meng
In recent years, the protection of cultural heritage has atracted worldwide attention and has been gradually deepened in all countries and nationalities. Due to all kinds of historical and realistic factors, the problem of illegal transfer of cultural heritage is very serious. And whether in war or peace...
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Textual Analysis for Two Absolut Vodka's Advertisements in Different Periods

Wei Juan
This article aims at exploring the application of semiotics in advertising, based on the textual analysis for two Absolut Vodka's print advertisements. The first one was launched in 1981 which was the very initial Absolut Vodka advertisement, another one is adopted from the series print ad. called '...
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Disney's Glocalization in Shanghai: the emotional branding strategy

Yuan Wenjie
This paper applies the emotional branding strategy to analyze Shanghai Disneyland's successful adaption in China. After Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland all hard to make decent profits for years, Disney executives attempted to take new branding strategy to create emotional attachments to the brand. This...
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The Thought of Correction and Assisted Education in Traditional Family Culture and the System Construction of Modern Citizen Moral Construction

He Guimei
In the traditional family training culture of our county, the combination of education and punishment, such as "governing by government, punishing by law, exempting the people from shame","criticizing without education, punishing with evil and overwhelming: teaching without criticism, punishing traitors...
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Study on the building of teaching team for distance educational courses by internet

Liu Haiqing, Wu Longhuo
With the development of internet technology, the building of teaching team for distance educational courses encounters new demands and challenge. Teaching team building by internet is the critical guarantee for promotion of teaching quality of distance education, and it is the important project for exploring...
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Practice on Optimizing and Integrating English Teaching System in Higher Vocational Colleges

Liu Haiqing, Wu Longhuo
With the further deepening of teaching reform, foreign language teaching needs to be reformed in all aspects, that is, to optimize and integrate teacher teams, teaching materials, teaching models, digital information and evaluation methods. Only by harmonizing all links can we really promote the sound...
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“New Names” In Context of Comparative Onomastics - Take China And Russia As Examples

Sun Yu-min, Tatiana Iarovaia
The article analyzes the process of the emergence of "new names"in the onomastic systems of the russian and chinese languages as a process of interconnection of the development of the languages, histories and cultures in similar periods of the development of society.
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Learning from the UK Community Care Intervention Experience in Dealing with the Risk of Dementia

Li Bing, Hu Rui, Wu Qi
This paper uses a comparative research method to examine the example of the UK community care interventions to address the dementia risk. Based on the ideas of "de-institutionalization movement"and"welfare pluralism", this paper analyzes the barriers to the care of dementia in China's community elderly...
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Problems and Countermeasures of the Development of Medical-Nursing Combined Elderly Care Services in Sichuan Province

Li Bing, Yang Dongqiong
The aging of the population in Sichuan Province is characterized by an increase in the size of the elderly population, an increase in the dependency ratio of the elderly, an increase in aging and disability.Responding to the aging of the population is a major task facing Sichuan Province. Through investigation.interviews...
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The Realistic Dilemma and Way Out for the Teachers Group of Early Childhood in the Remote Rural Areas of Western China

Wang Xiaorong, Guo Suoli
By investigating the professional quality, educational background, professional title, teaching age, salary guarantee and post-service training of preschool teachers in remote rural areas of S Province, we find that there are many practical problems in the construction of preschool teachers in remote...
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A Study on the Evaluation of Green Production in Manufacturing Enterprises

Tsai Sang-Bing
Green production not only represents the spirit of pollution prevention in the production process.but also aims at pursuing ecological benefits and sustainable development. If high-tech manufacturing enterprises want to break through the dilemma of low-profit competition, they should strengthen their...
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An Empirical Study on Consumer Experience and Quality of Green Tourism

Lee Chien-Hung
Green tourism refers to a form of tourism in which those involved in the tourist experience(e.g.,travelers, travel agencies, hotels, and destination managers) must respect nature and protect the environment in every aspect of the journey. Such tourism not only provides travelers with an enjoyable experience...
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Research on the Reform of the Teaching System of Automation under the Background of Educational Informatization 2.0

LI Jiayi, Liu Dongxu, Xin Ruihao, Liu Tao, Lai Wei
The new field of education in the intelligent period was opened by the Educational Informatization 2.0 Action Plan. Education in the future will be a new education based on information technology. The reform of curriculum organization and teaching mode must keep step with the development of science and...
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The utilization of traditional music culture in contemporary local opera of China—a case study of Sizhou Opera

Xu Haiyan
Local opera is an important part of China's traditional cultural. As one of the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage projects in China, Sizhou Opera has strong regional cultural features. Thetraditional Sizhou Opera was constantly affected by all sorts of "new culture"with the development...
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The Reform Countermeasures of the Cultivation mode of Professional Degree Graduates in China

Li Bi, Bi ShanShan
With the continuous expansion of professional degree graduate education, the problems in training and management have gradually emerged. The concentrated expression including the vocational orientation of the cultivation model is not enough, the pertinence is not strong, and the training program is still...
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On the Transformation of the Management of Normal University Students on the Basis of Big Data Theory

Guo Zhao
The merits of this transformed management of normal university students on the basis of the big data theory lie in 1) the promotion of data awareness of the managerial personnel,2) the reform of research paradigm, and 3) the improvement of service modes of management work.This can be realized via advancing...
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Reform of Internet-Based Teaching

Wang Liuqun
Internet has been revolutionizing every section of teaching. With the positive impacts on the means, content of courses and methods of teaching, the internethas also produced some deficiencies in teaching practice. This essay suggests that teachers should enhance their structural adjustment of their...
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On the Fusion of Big Data in Higher Education

Ye Mengjiao
The fusion of big data with higher education has promoted the educational reforms and the advances of educational digitalization by providing technological, environmental and notional supports. Due to a variety of factors at the same time, the application of big data theory has been caught in some problems:...
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A Study on the Effectiveness of Blended Learning Mode in College English

Xie Linlin
A Study on the Effectiveness of Blended Learning Mode in College English Xie Linlin With the arrival of the era of big data, information technology has greatly promoted the development of education, accelerated the transformation and innovation of educational mode. blended learning, which combines traditional...
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Exploration and Analbysis on Creative Teaching of Decorative Picture based on Personal Training Mode of Application-oriented Universities

Fan Juzn
In the field of atistic realization, decorative picture is an artistic form of painting integpated with beauty-appreciation and decoration. With the people's constant pursuit on form and beauty and under the background with rapid development of modem design industry, decorative pictures are broadly applied...
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A Cross-Linguistic Study on SFPs-From the viewpoint of Cognitive Pragmatics

Bai Arong
The utterance interpretation process is divided mainly into the restorative processes of explicatures and implicatures. The restorative process of explicatures consists of restoration of the proposition expressed and higher-level explicatures that reflect the speech act and the speaker's mental attitude...
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Research on the teaching mode and method of "engineering dielectric and electrical insulation"

Tian Fuqiang, Li Wanru
In this paper, aiming at the intersections of "engineering dielectric and electrical insulation" for graduate students majoring in electrical engineering, based on practical teaching experience and making full use of existing teaching resources, this paper explores and practices new teaching methods,...
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Interpretation of 8 Tenses Song/Planting Trees(Song)

Zhuang Yanling, Wang Huajie
Grammar teaching is a hot topic in the study of foreign language teaching and it is also one of the most difficult aspects in middle school English teaching. Throughout the history of modern foreign language teaching, it is not difficult to find that there always exist two dominate points of view towards...
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Drawing on the World-Class Bay Area Endogenous Logic to Fully Integrate the Existing Resources Stand on the Track of the World-Class Bay Area

Yu Yang
Throughout the world's three well-known Bay Areas(New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo), the Bay Area has long been a leading growth pole for the global economy and a leader in technological change.This article first elaborates on the concept of the Bay Area, in-depth discussion and analysis of the existing...
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A Review of Research on Tourism Integration in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Gao Tian
The development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area plays an important role in promoting the improve of tourism economy in the Bay Area. Nationally speaking, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has always been a mature and active area for urban tourism development.Whether it is for outsea...
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Transitional Zone between Historic Space and Modern Space -Talking the west side of Avenida da Praia Grande,Macau

Ran Liang
With the improvement of people's living standards in recent years and the increasing emphasis on the cultural value of historical and cultural blocks, the renovation and renewal projects of historical and cultural blocks are frequently seen in major cities throughout China. However, previous studies...
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Getting rid of the influence of history: A Study of Macau’s Development Orientation and Innovation in Guangdong, HK and Macau

Liu Cheng-chen
With the national positioning of the economic development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, those have begun to re-orientate themselves. As a member of the Greater bay Area, Macau's economic development has historical factors and needs to be modermized and restructured into a global economy. After sorting...
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Thinking on the development of college students' union--based on the comparison of student organizations in Hong Kong, Macao and mainland China

Liu Jiachen
There is a fact that students union represent the students' self-management ability, each college or university in China has set up this kind of organization, and the organization of students in Hong Kong and Macao regions because of its different cultural background, present a different forms and functions...
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The Guarantee of the Rule of Law in the Development of Scientificland Technological Innovation:American Esperience and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Road

Xu Zhengmin, Zhan Pengwei
Scientific and technological innovation is an important pillar force for the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area(GBA). emphasizes that the development of science and technology should be raised to the guiding principle position of the development of GBA. However, GBA's scientific...
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Household Support: An Ignorantly Key Factor for Tour Guide’s Profession Loyalty. A Case Study in China

Nan Rui-jiang, Guo Lei, Zheng Na
Tour guides play an essential role in tourism industry. However, in practice,a large majority of experienced tour guides commonly make attempts to switch to other sectors instead of other enterprises of tourism industry after they have three to five year of work experience. In order to disclose the reasons...
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The Effects of cluster and service quality on trade fair's Revisit intention:Evidence from non-central city of the Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Zheng Biaowen, Li Yanchen, Wang Shizhe
For evaluating the correlation of industrial cluster, service quality and revisit intention in the trade fairs, we chose Zhongshan, the non-central city of Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area as a case to use scales such as cluster effect, destination accessibility and quality of service to test...
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The Construction of Universal Anti-terrorism Model Based on the Perspective of People's War

Ma Jiaming, Li Qian, Xu Liu
This paper uses the inductive deduction method to sort out the characteristics ofviolent terrorist incidents occuring in China in recent years and analyzes the development situation of terrorist attacks in China. In this paper, we compile a "questionnaire on public awareness of anti-terrorism"in China...
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A Study on Multi-modal Classroom Teaching of Business English from the Perspective of Output-Driven Hypothesis

Li Rong
Under the guidance of The National Criteria of Teaching Quality for Undergraduate Business English Majors, this paper focuses on the deficiencies of traditional classroom teaching in training applied business English talents and explores building of a multi-modal classroom teaching system of business...
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Gender perspective on education process quality: meaning and construction

Wang Yang
Theories related to the education process quality have shifted from focusing on"abstract people"to"concrete individuals", and "gender"as the ontological and social characteristics of "concrete individuals"have begun to attract attention. There are genderdifferences in the process of students' learning...
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On Strategies Based on MOOC to Promote Teaching Capabilities

Xu Zhang
The popular application of Mooc has provided a timely opportunity for te achers to achieve a great-leap-forward development with new changes taking place in mo dern teaching by posing great challenges in terms of teacher roles, the concept of teachin g. information literacy and teaching capabilities....
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Intercultural Communication and National Image Construction of the Documentary "The Belt and Road"

Hu Jiachong, Yue Xiao-Guang
The documentary "The Belt and Road"takes the "The Belt and Road"strategic strategy as its core, and comprehensively interprets the "the Silk Road Economic Belt"and"the 21-Century Maritime Silk Road"as the main line. It is a concrete manifestation of China's building a new national image in the intermational...
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Study on the industrial structure optimization of high quality cocoon silk in China

Chen Xuejie, Fang Gang
China is the world's largest producer of sericulture, silk products renowned at home and abroad, but in recent years, with the westward migration of cocoon silk in China, the scale of production of high-quality cocoon silk in the east and other reasons, the market quality cocoon silk in short supply...
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Path Analysis of High-Quality Development in Art Financial Market

Huang Hui
Art financialization is the inevitable result of the change of people's needs at a certain stage of economic development and the trend requirement of cultural industry development. The development of art market promotes the birth of art finance. Art finance has a remodeling function for both financial...
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Relationship between Excessive Stock Price Fluctuations and Investors’ Attention—Based on Over-attention Underperformance

Meng Yu-fan
China A-share market is a stock market without shorting mechanism where the individual investors play an important role. The study attempts to find out the relationship between the attention of individual investors and the excessive fluctuation of the share price in Chinese stock market. Also, the research...
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Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Network Movie Hotness Based on Factor Analysis

Zhao Xin-Xing, Song Pei-Yi, Sun Jiang-Hua
First of all, it constructs an index system for the comprehensive evaluation of network movie hotness from two dimensions. They are characteristics of commercial success and characteristics of the popularity. Then it uses factor analysis to establish the weight of two common factors and obtain the evaluation...
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Who Are Good Entrepreneurs? Evidence from Financial Capability, Entrepreneurial Cognition and Entrepreneurial Emotion

Zhang Zhenduo, Li Zhigang, Xiu Jing
This paper intends to divide entrepreneurs into different profiles based on financial capability, entrepreneurial cognition and emotions. Further, this paper examines whether the entrepreneurs’ profiles are associated with entrepreneurial performance. Data on financial capability, entrepreneurial cognition,...
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The Relations Study on Green Finance and Upgrading of Industrial Structure in China - Based on Grey Correlation Analysis Model

Ding Jiantao
In economic development, green finance and industrial structure are interrelated closely. Based on up-to-the-date China’s supply-side industrial structure reform and upgrading, it is of pragmatic significance to put green finance study into economic development mechanism and optimize the industrial structure...
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Research on the Influence of Family Supporting Supervisor Behavior on Employees' Job Performance

Zhang Qi, Yue Hou
Family-supported supervisior behavior is the behavior that the supervisor demonstrates in support of the employee's role in performing family roles, and is designed to help employees better balance work and family responsibilities. Most of the existing researches are carried out in the Western context,...
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Chinese Higher Education Reformation with the Sino-United States Trade War

Lu Wu
Accompany with the industrial upgrading of China, the Chinese economy is changing from emphasizing products amount to the superior quality and the higher added value. This procedure definitely influences the benefit of the United States, which results in the China-United States trade war. It is well...
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Research on Consumer's Purchase Decision

Hong Huan, Zhou Lijun
China's economy is in a stage of steady development, and the country has also formulated a transition policy from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. This policy has reflected the quality requirements put forward on the one hand with social phenomena and the increasingly affluent conditions...
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Organizational culture and innovation: A literature review

Shayah M.Hazem, Sun Zehou
In the rapidly changing business environment of the 21st Century where change is fuelled by digital technology and increased competition, innovation has become the key to success and survival of any organization. However, organizational culture is the element that drives organizations and therefore developing...
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The systematic approach to optimization of activity of the tax authorities

Lyudmila Shaybakova, Andrey Anisimov, Yury Melnikov
One of the basic provisions of the system approach is that, on the one hand, the object in question is represented by a system of models, on the other hand, it is considered as an element or component of another, more common system. The economic interpretations of optimizing the activities of the tax...
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Three-stage Decomposition of the Developument Goal of Integrated Scientific and Technological Innovation System Based on Innoration Value Chain

Zhao Yun
In the context of building an integrated national strategic system and capabilities, it is of great theoretical and practical significance to study the development goal of scientific and technological innovation system. By combing the differences of different theories in the innovation system theory...
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How globalization has impacted on the global trend of obesity epidemic from the perspective of macro factors

Lin Chunzhi
Obesity has become a global problem that is common in both developed and developing countries. Excessive obesity can cause many diseases and pose a greater threat to human health. There are many reasons for the obesity epidemic. This article will look at the impact of globalization on global obesity...