Proceedings of the 2018 7th International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection (ICEEP 2018)

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Implicit Finite Difference Method for Fractional Wave Equation with Dirichlet and Fractional Boundary Conditions

Shaomei Fang, Wenjie Huang, Changping Xie, Yingshu Zhanga, Jinyan Li, Zhenfu Cai
In this paper, the implicit finite difference method is developed for the fractional wave equation with Dirichlet and fractional boundary conditions. The consistency and stability of the method are strictly provedbytheGerschgorintheoremandmathematicalinduction. Numericalexamplesshowtheaccuracy and efficiency...
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The Design of Intelligent Fungi TrainingSystem Basedon ZigBee Technology

Ping-ping Xiao, Chao Wang
Considering the conditions of the environment for the growth of fungi, we designed the intelligent fungi training monitoring system based on ZigBee wireless communication, put forward the design idea and principle circuit for the control factors, and gave the general design plan. With ARM micro controller...
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Application of Plastic wood material in the Artistic Modeling Design of Conservation Landscape

Xing Sun
In this paper, the new use of new materials for conservation landscape, especially wood plastic composites, is used as a starting point. The principles and strategies for the application of new materials in contemporary urban landscape are analyzed, and the artistic modeling design and example of plastic...
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An Intelligent Control Fire Dam System for Mine Roadway

Xuezhao Zheng, Hu Wang, Hu Wen, Jun Guo, Kang Qin, Wenqing Wu
The fast sealing technology of mine roadway is an effective method to isolate spontaneous combustion zone, poisonous and noxious gas source or gas accumulation area by establishing effective sealed wall quickly. Aiming at the problems of poor sealing effect, cumbersome operation, difficult construction...
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Control Mode of Mine Ventilation System and Its Implementation Based on Monitoring Data and Safety Information

Yin-shang Wei, Yu-quan Jia, Yi-bo Wang
Based on the full monitoring of mine ventilation system by a safety surveillance control system, the feedback control is applied to design a hierarchical control model. It mean that the total mine air volume is controlled by a main fan power supply module converter, the roadway area is controlled by...
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Skeletal Muscles Modeling for Isogeometric Analysis

Linlin Li, John Boss
This research uses only surface control points to parameterize the 3D geometry of a muscle body. Extension from surface to interior is achieved using a harmonic interpolation in cross section and in the lateral direction using NURBS. This representation preserves geometric smoothness, and allow muscle...
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Phase field simulation of dendrite growth in Al-Cu alloy during solidification process

Li Feng, Junhe Zhong, Nini Lu, Yalong Gao, Guosheng An
Based on the three-dimensional phase field model, the competitive growth of columnar crystals under the conditions of different anisotropies and different subcooling degrees in the directional solidification process was simulated with the Al-2%mole-Cu two element alloy as an example. The influence of...
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Effect of powder on properties of low pressure cold spray copper matrix composite coatings

Li Feng, Dongting Li, Goransky Georg, Elena Alfredovna Yatsenko, Cheng Hua
Different volume ratios of Al2O3 powder and copper powder are mixed, and a copper-based composite coating is prepared on a pure copper matrix by low-pressure cold spraying technology.The hardness and bond strength of the coating were tested, and the cross-section of the coating was observed and analyzed...
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Mathematical model of potato slices under process-based temperature and humidity integration control of tilted tray air impingement drying

Jian Wu Dai, Jie Wang, Ling Ren, Yao Wen Liu, Li Hua Zhang
Mathematical model of potato slices under process-based temperature and humidity integration control of tilted tray air impingement drying were investigated under different parameters. Results indicated that the Weibull distribution function simulated the drying curves of potato slices under PDTHIC drying...
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Microwave intermittent drying enhances drying kinetics of banana slices

Jian Wu Dai, Ling Ren, Jie Wang, Yao Wen Liu, Li Hua Zhang
Microwave intermittent drying kinetics of banana slices were investigated under different power levels (250, 400, 550 and 700W), sample thickness (3, 6, 9 and 12mm), heating time (11, 14, 17 and 20s) and intermittent time (50, 60, 70 and 80s) during each cycle. Results indicated that all the four factors...
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Empirical Study on the Interaction between the Industry-University-Research Collaboration and the Innovative City Construction

Huining Jin, Jie Duan, Hailin Bai
The industry-university-research collaboration is the driving force for the innovative city construction. The innovative city construction can promote the development of the industry-university-research collaboration. This article empirically studies the interaction between industry-university-research...
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Research on Neural Network Intimal Control of Wind-PV Hybrid Power System

Guangjun Ma, Bingbing Wu
This paper models and analyzes the photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation in the wind-solar hybrid generation system. A neural network inner membrane controller based on wind-solar hybrid power generation system is designed. The closed-loop control system is used to make the output power...
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Discussion of Load Combination Parameters for Heavy-cargo Transportation in Passing Highway Bridge

Ping Lu, Yulin Zhou, Haiyang Yu, Haijun Wu
To discuss about choosing the parameters of bearing capacity with over-size transport passing the bridge, this study analyzes the characteristics of designing load of heavy transportation which are different from the general cars; according to the characteristics of accidental load of heavy-cargo transportation,...
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Time-Dependent Reliability of Concrete Structure in Chloride Environment

Qiong Ming JIANG, Kai SHI, Sheng Ning LAN
In this paper, the age factor of chloride diffusion coefficient of concrete is considered, as well as the randomness of the chloride diffusion coefficient, concrete cover depth, surface concentration, threshold concentration and age factor. Based on the First Order Reliability Method, a time-dependent...
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Effects of Compounded soil with Feldspathic sandstone and Sand On Physical and Chemical Characters and Yield

Ya Hu
In order to study the optimal ratio of compound suitable for crop growth ,analyzed physical and chemical Characters and crop yield of compounded soil with feldspathic sandstone and Sand (proportion: 1:1, 1:2, 1:5) by plot test. The results showed that as the content of feldspathic sandstone decrease,...
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Research on the ground bearing capacity of sulfate saline soil

Yu-xin Zheng, Chun-yan Li
According to salt expansion and strength parameter index c and φ of sulphate salty soil, we assume that three-layer soil body of salty soil is destroyed. Assuming the network slippage diagram and using rigid-plasticity balance theorem, the calculation method of bearing capacity in salty soil area is...
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An Effective Method In Safety Performance Evaluation For Construction Companies

Liulin Kong, Hanbin Luo
Safety standards of construction companies could be improved by continuous monitoring and assessing their safety performance. Despite various methods of Safety Performance Evaluation (SPE) have been proposed, bias or errors can be made by neglecting the inter-relationships among internal variables in...
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A Dynamic Model of Risk Propagation Mechanism Analysis in Metro Construction

Chao Dong
Safety risks are complicated in the metro construction, so the identification and control of the risk factors as well as the mitigation of coupling effect of risk events are the important ways to improve the safety performance of the deep foundation pit construction project. The purpose of this paper...
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Application of BIM Technology in Construction of Visual Simulation

Binjie Qian, Liyuan Wang, Xiaotong Cui, Liu Chao
With the building size, shape, function more and more complex, building systems have become more complex, often to a variety of complex piping systems are arranged in a limited space, and also to meet the appropriate space requirements. In order to achieve an intuitive understanding of the key parts...
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Application of BIM Technology in Interference Check in Construction Work

Liyuan Wang, Binjie Qian, Xiaotong Cui, Liu Chao
As the size, shape and function of construction projects are becoming complex, building system designs are more challenging. The traditional building system design pattern has been unable to meet the current requirement of the overall design of the building. For designers by conventional two-dimensional...
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Application of Numerical Simulation in Optimized Lighting Design of Industrial Buildings

Yannan Huo, Wei Li, Yan Wang
A workshop located in Tianjin suburb is selected using computer numerical simulation technique to study the indoor daylighting. The original daylighting design and optimized design are simulated and the leading indicators of natural light are compared and analyzed. Research results show that compared...
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Research on Energy Saving of Platform Lighting in An Underground Transport Hub in Tianjin

Yangyang Wu, Wei Li
In this paper, the numerical simulation method is used to optimize the lighting simulation and energy-saving evaluation of a subway station in Tianjin. The simulation results show that after the optimization of the lighting design, the mean value of Illumination on the spring and autumn equinoxes of...
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Study of Numerical Simulation and Optimization on Daylight of an Underground Transportation Hub in Tianjin

Yangyang Wu, Wei Li, Yan Wang
In this paper, the daylight of an underground transportation hub in Tianjin is studied by using the method of numerical simulation. It can be seen from the numerical simulation results that the average illumination in the waiting halls is 3 620.64, 4 497.60 and 2 178.97 lx in the vernal equinox and autumn...
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A Variant Hybrid Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for Large-Scale Unconstrained Optimization

Zhijun Luo, Lirong Wang, Guohua Chen
In this paper, we have presented a new hybrid conjugate gradient algorithm for solving unconstrained optimization problems. The parameter is a convex combination of the PRP and FR conjugate gradient methods. Under general wolfe line search conditions, we proved the global convergence of the algorithm....
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Review on the research progress of modified recycled concrete

Yihong Wang, Tao Zhang, Jiawei Chen
Nowadays, more and more waste construction waste is abandoned in China, which makes the problem of environmental protection especially prominent. The reuse of waste concrete not only helps to solve the problem of landfill, but also contributes to sustainable development of resources. However, due to...
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Preparation and test of sprayable gypsum-based mortar

XiaoLiang Luo, KaiSheng Wu
Sprayable gypsum-based mortar was prepared by using desulphurized gypsum as cementitious material. Through the test, this study analyzed the influences of lightweight aggregate, water retention agent and thixotropic agent on compression strength, tensile bond strength, water retention rate and constructability...
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Analysis of Typical Ozone Pollution Process in Jinan, Shandong province, China

Guiqin Zhang, Chun Ding, Huaizhong Yan, Li Zhu, Siyuan Li
Based on the monitoring data in the automatic ambient air monitoring station of Quancheng Square in Jinan from 0 o’clock of 11/06/2016 to 0 o’clock of 15/06/2016 as the typical pollution process, spatial distribution, related weather condition, ozone precursors, and regional transportation of ozone were...
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The Application Comparison of bottom anchored cable-stayed cantilever scaffold in building assembly

LanYun Chen, QuanWei Zhao
Scaffolding erection is an indispensable process in high-rise building construction, which directly affects the safety of building construction.The traditional cable-stayed cantilevered scaffold erected with cantilevered beam faces the problem that the prefabricated part of the building can not be anchored.It...
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The status and characteristics of organochlorine pesticide residues in surface water body from the drinking water sources Jinxiuchuan reservoir of China D

Youmin Sun, Haibo Lv, Na Yu, Xianjie Lin, Guiqin Zhang
The distribution and composition of the 17 organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in selected samples were investigated with the gas chromatography coupled with Agilent triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (GC–MS). Only DDT has the highest detection rate of 100% within one year period. The total residual concentrations...
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Research of a Precise Road Load Test Method

Jun Hui Xu, Peng Zhang, Dandan Xu
At present, the measurement of vehicle road load, in other word running resistance, are mostly coast down methods. Due to the influence of wind, the method has the problems of poor repeatability and accuracy. This paper, according the current domestic and foreign automobile road load measurement regulations...
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Preparation and Adsorption Performance of Toluene on Montmorillonite Mesoporous Materials

Dingsheng Chen, Huanmu Zeng, Chaoping Cen, Zhihang Chen, Ping Fang, Yukui Zhang, Xiongbo Chen, Zijun Tang
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) is one of the important atmospheric pollutants. It is important to develop materials and technologies for VOCs treatment. Adsorption is recognized as a relatively excellent VOCs control technology. Montmorillonite is selected as a base material for the preparation of...
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Research on design parameters of double hole corrugated pipe culvert

Chengying Hao, Liquan Liu, Zhihong Wang, Shui Wan
The bellows is a flexible force structure. When a parameter of corrugated pipe is changed, the force and deformation of the pipe are changed. With double hole Steel corrugated pipes as the background, this paper adopted finite element analysis software ANSYS to make numerical simulation of the study....
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Numerical analysis of deformation and mechanical properties of double corrugated pipe

Peng Zhou, Wei Fan, Zhihong Wang, Shui Wan
With double hole Steel corrugated pipe as the background, this paper adopted finite element analysis software ANSYS to make numerical simulation of the interaction between the pipe and the soil. At the same time, the field experiment was carried out. Comparing the results of numerical simulation with...
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Performance of fiber reinforced open graded asphalt treated base

Xiaoge Tian, Yantian Chu, Ren Zhang, Zhen Yang, Yicao Xv, Shaohua Zheng
To enhance the durability of semi-rigid base asphalt pavement, it is suggested that the asphalt treated base (ATB) layer should have certain drainage capacity to eliminate the water inside the pavement, and the crack resistance of ATB mixture should be improved to prevent and/or delay the generation...
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The axial compression test and research on concrete prism specimens confined by corroded stirrups

Qiang Li, Xiao Guan, Qianhui Xiao, Shaojie Chen
Stirrups corrosion lead to degradation of ductility of concrete columns, the damage would transform from ductility to fragility, even to sudden destruction. In order to avoid concrete structure clasping because of the impact of earthquake and shocking, the mechanical property research of concrete columns...
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Research on chloride transport of prestressed box girders under coupling action of salt fog and fatigue loading

Guofang Chen, Yingzi Zhang, Chengxin Wang, Lizhe Jia, Yiming Duan
In order to research on the transport of chloride ions in prestressed box girders under coupling action of salt fog and fatigue loading, the volumetric strain and porosity as the intermediate variables, coupled processes was established based on the fatigue damage criterion. And compared with the related...
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Study on BIM Modeling Method of Bridge Railway Integration Based on Revit and Civil3D

Siqing Lv
To use BIM technology in the whole life cycle of railway structures, this paper builds all parts family models of frame bridge by Autodesk Revit including body and foundation of frame bridge, wing wall and its foundation, leak bed and appurtenant works on the top of bridge. Building track model by using...
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Construction Monitoring and Control of PC Composite Box-girder with Corrugated Steel Webs

Xiaoyong Chen, Yingbo Zhu, Yunfei Xia, Shui Wan
The purpose of bridge construction monitoring and control is to ensure control indicators within allowable range by measuring and correcting, and to ensure the safety and quality of the bridge during the construction stage. Based on a prestressed concrete composite box-girder with corrugated steel webs,...
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Drivers’ emotional evaluation in the noisy environment of the control cabin of a shield tunneling machine

Liangbin Zhang, Hanbin Luo
Being a driver in the control cabin of a shield tunneling machine is a high-pressure career. The mood swings of a driver are vital to his occupational health and construction safety; however, a driver’s emotional intensity in a noisy environment have not been considered. This study aims to investigate...
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Theoretical research and experimental verification on vibration and acoustic similarity of stiffened cylindrical shells

Bin Fang, Zhemin Jin, Hanqin Li
The employment of similitude theory to establish similarity among structural-acoustic systems can save considerable expense and time, if the proper scaling laws are found and validated. In this study necessary similarity conditions or scaling laws for dynamic analysis of stiffened cylindrical shell are...
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Nonlinear System Identification Method based on Multi-dimensional Taylor Network and its Applications in Construction Safety Monitoring

Yi Lin, Yifei Chen, Liling Zhao, Yufang Wang
A novel nonlinear system identification method based on the Multi-dimensional Taylor Network is proposed in this paper. It provides a new method to identify the nonlinear system, which can describe the dynamic characteristics without prior knowledge and can realize the prediction of the nonlinear time...
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Research on Building Extraction Based on High-Resolution DSM Images from Oblique Photography

Xianghua Shuai, Weiwei Li, Wei Feng, Haifang Yang, Meng Zhen
Digital Surface Model (DSM) can fully exhibit the undulate features of terrain and landmark, which has obvious advantages in buildings extraction rapidly. The experiments about oblique photography measurements during the M6.5 Ludian Earthquake occurred in Longquan village Longtoushan town on August 3,...
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Composite Foundation Bearing Characteristics of PHC Pile

Cai-hui Zhou, An Chen, Bao Zhang
To study the bearing characteristics of PHC pile composite foundation, base on the analysis of soft soil characteristics, according to the design parameter, the static loading test are used to test and an-alyze the bearing capacity of the composite foundation. The results show that it is feasible that...
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Green Construction Technology of Algeria North-South Expressway

Daiguang Chen, Likui Huang, Enkuan Tang, Wenbin Wu, Qing Shen
The Algeria North-South Expressway from Chiffa to Berrouaghia is located in Blida province and Medea province in northern Algeria, with the route along the Chiffa river valley, through the national park in Algeria, large tracts of vineyards and other agricultural land in Medea privince, and bypassing...
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Steep Embankment Treatment Technology of Algeria North-South Expressway

Daiguang Chen, Likui Huang, Enkuan Tang, Qing Shen, Zhihao Liu
The Algeria North-South Expressway from Chiffa to Berrouaghia is located in Blida province and Médéa province in northern Algeria. It is the starting section of Algeria North-South Expressway in the Algeria national arterial highway networks composed of two latitudinal and one longitudinal highway. As...
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The spatial spillover effect of High speed railway on the Beijing-Shanghai HSR economic zone

Gongding Wei, Xuemei Li
Based on the 57 prefecture-level cities and three municipality (Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai) in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail economic zone over 2006–2016. We establish traditional the ordinary panel model and the spatial lag fixed model, in order to investigate the spatial spillover effect...
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Study on Adaptability of the Freight Supply and Demand Structure in Urban Agglomeration Based on the Entropy Theory

Zhu Liu
According to adaptability of the freight supply and demand structure in urban agglomeration, this paper studies the mechanism of freight transportation’s supply and demand in urban agglomeration, putting forward and demonstrating the adaptability theory of freight structure in urban agglomeration. Firstly,...
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The observation of the phenophase in six blueberry varieties

Tingyu Gou, Can Luo, Jiaqi Le, Jun Wang, Xun Wang
Blueberry was one of the five healthiest fruits in the world. We observed the phenophase in six blueberry varieties from the leaf buds germination period to the fruit maturity period. The six blueberry varieties included ‘EM’, ‘Biloxi’, ‘Pink Lemonide’, ‘O’Neal’, ‘Sweetheart’ and ‘Brigitta’, in Nanbao...
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The influence of different storage temperature on changes of Delphinidin-3-O-glucoside and Malvidin-3-O-glucoside

Yuan Li, Yuxin Wang, Maolan Yue, Ya Luo, Xun Wang
Blueberry is known as the highest anthocyanin fruit in the world. Blueberry matures between June and August, which is the hottest and wettest time, fruit quality tends to drop. In this experiment, the changes of Delphinidin-3-O-glucoside (Del-glc) and Malvidin-3-O-glucoside (Mal-glc) in different maturity...
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Effects of hormone seed soaking and substrate cultivation on the growth of blueberry

Yanping Fan, Xiancong Zhang, Siyu Zhang, Guochao Sun, Xun Wang
Blueberry seeds have low germination rates, which is difficult to germinate under natural conditions. In this experiment, the optimum treatment of blueberry seed germination was explored using different hormones, different concentrations of the same hormone and different treatment durations. The results...