Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Intelligent Computing (ICIC-6 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Ambeth Kumar Visvam Devadoss, Malathi Subramanian, Valentina Emilia Balas, Fadi AL-Turjman, Ramakrishnan Malaichamy
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the International Conference on Intelligent Computing (IConIC 2K23) during April 28th to 29th, 2023 in Chennai, These articles have been peer reviewed by External Reviewers and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this...
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An Automated Platform for evaluating the factors related to Music Recommendation System

A. Sheik Abdullah, M. K. Thamaraimanian, R. Priyadarshini, D. Altrin Lloyd Hudson, V. Naga Pranava Shashank
Listening to music has become one of the most frequently resorted to pastimes of people ranging from the youth to the elder. While there are umpteen songs of different genres and artists from yesteryears in the podcast, it becomes essential that there is a recommendation System that analyzes the liking...
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A Study on Lung Cancer Detection in CT Images Using Medical Image processing with Deep Learning Techniques

D. E. Mariana Jaincy, Prasanthi
Several medical imaging applications have shown success with deep learning, ushering us further into AI technology. For a single activity, the availability of massive amounts of data with annotations, as well as developments in high-performance computing, are widely credited with AI's success. Medical...
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Emotion detection using FCM for controlling devices

G. Dhanalakshmi, S. Pratheebha, R. L. Thanappriya, N. S. Monika
The human face is the most important and significant bodily part that contributes greatly to both human to human and human to machine communication. We always recognize a person by their face, from which we can infer their gender, extrapolate their age, and also deduce certain cultural traits. The technology...
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Alzheimer’s disease detection using deep neural network in densenet 169

K. Ashwini, K. Valarmathi, B. Vanipriya, M. Devi
Globally, Dementia is most frequently caused by Alzheimer’s disease (AD). From range in severity, it steadily gets worse, making it challenging for the individual to complete any work without assistance. Due to populations growth and the frequency of diagnoses, it starts to surpass. Existing methods...
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Real-Time Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Content for Brand Improvement and Topic Tracking

Atimabh Barunaha, Motati Ram Prakash, R. Naresh
This research paper focuses on real-time sentiment analysis of social media content for brand improvement and topic tracking. With the advent of social media, customers can easily express their opinions and emotions about a brand or product. As a result, businesses need to monitor social media channels...
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IoT Device Malware Detection Using Soft Computing Learning and Wide Madaline (WML-IOT)

A. Punidha, E. Arul, E. Yuvarani
IoT device manufacturers use backdoors, which are covert control techniques, to make their products supportable. But the front window is really for the hackers. Nevertheless, a firmware is installed to lock the back door once the back door has been located. For hackers, these backdoors serve as either...
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Firmware Attack Detection Using Logistic Regression (FAD-LR)

A. Punidha, E. Arul, E. Yuvarani
The smart devices, commonly referred to as IoT devices, are experiencing a significant surge in demand and are becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives. Cyber felons perceive monetary potential, thereby intensifying and setting apart their assaults. One of the risks faced by IoT device enthusiasts...
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A Machine Learning Analysis of Groundwater Heavy Metals Contamination

K. Sankari, R. Subhashini, P. Mohana
This project’s objective is to classify as safe and unsafe levels of heavy metals using machine learning. In the southern state of Tamil Nadu, samples of groundwater collected from the Arani Taluk were used to generate these levels. An integrated machine-learning framework was developed during this study...
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Super Store Sales Management System

L. Valliappan, J. Tamil Selvan, M. Selvi, G. Kalaiarasi, R. Yogitha
A system called the Super Store Sales Management System is primarily made for online shopping stores. This platform is helpful for managing all types of store information and offers a collaborative tool for retailers to use to meet consumer demand. The use of the shared platform allows for easier communication...
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A travel guide using dynamic web based frame works

A. Rakesh sarma, A. V. N. Bharath, N. Umasankari, D. Geethanjali
This research compares and contrasts the two most popular travel websites: Goibibo, which started off as a travel booking website but subsequently added a modern approach, and MakeMyTrip, which is wholly focused on the Travel and web application. In order to compare the information on lodging in India,...
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A Flask-Based Web Application To Predict Co2 Emission In Vehicles Using Ml Techniques

K. Mohana Prasad, K. Aravind, Arjun Singh Maru
Carbon Dioxide and other gases absorb sunlight and solar rays that have previously been mirroring off the earth’s surface as they accumulate in the atmosphere, causing global temperatures to rise. As a result, air pollution has advanced in several inhaling disorders and cardiac diseases among humans....
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Voice assistant integrated with augmented reality

G. Varun Das, S. Srivarsh, E. Murali
Augmented Reality is a new-age technology that offers a wide range of advantages that can enhance an individual’s experience, improve productivity, reduce costs, and has the capability to disrupt various industries quickly. The growth of AR has been especially significant over the past few years and...
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GIZMO COP- An Intelligent Security Device for Women Safety with Machine Learning

Ameelia Roseline Arulandhusamy, Afreen Sadiq, Arsha Varshinee Venugopal, Hema Priya Hari Murugan, Keerthana Ramasamy
Despite the technological advancements and civilization, issues regarding personal safety especially for women and children never go out of trend. Statistics state that in India, an average of 86 rape happen daily and nearly 49 offences against women are reported for every hour. In such an unsafe society...
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Design and Performance Analysis of a Tri-Band Coupler for RF Applications

Srividhya Ganesan, Tamilselvi Durairajan, Janani Krishnan Srinivasan, Kavipriya Ravikumar, Kiruthika Venkataramani
The Branch Line Coupler is a four-port network which can divide an input signal into two equal-power with 90° phase difference. This paper presents the design and analysis of a tri-band Coupler. The proposed coupler is operating at frequency ranges of 1.9 / 3.6 / 5 GHz with output ports at 3 dB. The...
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Automatic Timetable Generator Using Genetic Algorithm

Bhavadharani Swaminadhan Prabhakaran, Maheswari Shanmugam, Chaaru Bhala Karunakaran, Bhumika Murugesan, Deepalakshmi Manimaran
Timetable creation could be a very difficult and time-engrossing function. Forming a timetable takes parts of tolerance and hours. Time table is created for different purposes like organizing schools and colleges, making time charts for preparation and transport plans, and numerous more. Creating a timetable...
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Compact Reduced Mutual Coupling Of Meander Antenna Array For MIMO Application

Preetha Kumaresan, Venkatesh Gajendran, Kathirvel Arumugasamy, Bhuvaneswari Balasubramanian, Prrasanna Kumar Rajasekaran
The meandered antenna operates at 2.4GHz, and in order to avoid mutual coupling, we must isolate the antennas by increasing their distance from one another. By comparing its operating frequency, the meander line antenna’s length can be calculated to be λ/2. Because of its compactness, it was chosen....
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Prediction and Feature Extraction Techniques used for Classification of Alzheimer’s Disease in its Early Stage using MRI: A Review

G. Merlin, V. Pattabiraman
Most people worldwide are affected by an acute neurological disorder called Alzheimer’s disease. Despite the reality that there is no treatment, it can be tapered off if it is detected early enough. 6 million individuals in the United States have Alzheimer's disease, and more than 120,000 people...
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Texture Segmentation Using Gabor Filter And hadamard Transform With Small Space Analysis, Texture Frequency, Non-Linear Filtering, And Postprocessing

Kaaviya, Ponharieesh Krishnakumar, Rajakumaran Jayaraman, Sakthi Dinesh Pounraj
-An innovative texture segmentation method based on Gabor filters and Hadamard transforms is proposed in this paper together with small space analysis, texture frequency, non-linear filtering, and post-processing. Using Gabor filters, texture features are extracted and the dimensionality of feature vectors...
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Multi-Filtered Image Approach For Detection Of Lung Cancer

Sajini Sathiaraj, Prakash Raju, Murugesan Avudaiappan, Moorthy Shanmugam, Prem Narayanan Srinivasan
This study proposes a cancer detection method using MATLAB. Image pre-processing, feature extraction, and classification are the three steps of the suggested method. On a CT scan of a patient with lung cancer, the suggested approach was evaluated. The proposed method can be further extended to detect...
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Survey On Smart Siren to Alert Animals About Train Tracks in Image Processing

Alfored George Charles Prem, Rajakumar Singarayan, Subraja Rajarethnam, Nalini Mohan
Animals frequently come into contact with the trains that utilize railway lines, which puts them in grave risk. Many fatalities are caused each year by the inability of animals to escape accidents at the high speeds of trains. A smart siren system that employs image processing technology to find animals...
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Decentralized Hotel Rooms Booking System Using Pragama Solidity and Blockchain Technology

Ayush Bhagat, Ayush Anand, Ayush Kumar Verma, Saurya Kaushal, S. Prince Mary
To facilitate the growth of the home- sharing economy, we have developed a decentralized platform that is compatible with both cryptocurrency and more traditional forms of payment. We are constructing a distributed variant of Airbnb. Blockchain is tremendously helpful for websites like Airbnb. This is...
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Performance Analysis of Intrusion Detection System using CNN, ANN and DNN

R. C. Jeyavim Sherin, K. Parkavi
The Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) is a crucial aspect of safeguarding against cyber threats in the domain of cybersecurity. The major drawback of conservative approaches like Machine Learning (ML) that involve manual feature selection is their dependency on human involvement, which can hinder...
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Retinal scan authentication methodology for card payment in retail outlets

R. R. Varshni, T. Archanna, K. Thrisha, P. Kavitha, S. Malathi
Counterfeit cards and the theft of credit and debit card information pose the greatest danger to today’s modern society. This leads to numerous security concerns. Biometric retina scan authentication mechanism can solve the above mentioned problem considering that a person’s retina scan cannot be readily...
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Robotics in Dentistry: A Review

D. Nila, R. Neeja, K. Nithya Shree, R. Arthi, S. Vimala, C. Vivek
The purpose of this paper is to give overview of existing application and concept of robotic system in dentistry. By applying the robotics to the medical field of surgery has increased accuracy and made surgical procedure more successful. Being the digitalized world today, technology plays a crucial...
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Inventory Management System at Home Using Yolo Algorithm

Kavitha Kannan, Sanjay Sekar, Rajnish Jaisankar, Nandhakumar Saravanan, Sabari Ramesh
In this project, we demonstrate an effective method for controlling the inventory for numerous applications involving tangible or movable assets. Inventory management is made more effective by automating tasks that would otherwise require extra labour and utilising IOT-based inventory management. The...
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The Night Vision Spy Bot

D. Selvaraj, M. Abithaa, A. Evangeline, M. Arthi, K. Hashini
The Night Vision Spy bot is mainly built for the purpose of Military and Mines surveillance. Using the idea of the Internet of Things, this project discusses the updated way of the current robot technologies for military surveillance. This robot, which will eventually replace humans in areas of conflict,...
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Modeling Traffic Congestion using Graph Convolutional Networks

Madhwaraj Kango Gopal, A. Asha, Arpana Prasad, Akahaury Nimitt Verma, P. Aditya Venkat Ganesh
Congestion in a network can cause data packet losses, delays, and reduced network performance. To prevent congestion, network engineers must be able to accurately predict and manage network traffic. In this research paper, we explore the use of Graph Convolutional Networks (GCN) for predicting congestion...
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Tool to Detect Fake Accounts in Twitter

A Case Study Using Machine Learning Algorthims

Madhwaraj Kango Gopal, V. Asha, Binju Saju, R. Anju Shree, R. Aishwarya
On the internet social media platforms are growing in popularity, and that popularity has raised increasing questions about security and privacy. Users of social networks face serious security risks due to fake and copied profiles. One major issue is the cloning of user profiles, when duplicate profiles...
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Predictive Modeling of Public Opinion for Karnataka Elections using Twitter Data Analysis

Annie Syrien, M. Hanumanthappa
The Karnataka state assembly elections have brought a new perspective to the political landscape, with diverse candidates representing various parties vying for the people's choice. This research work provides new insights into the predictive aspects of the Karnataka elections. Through the use of...
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Improvisation of Breast Cancer Detection using LSTM Algorithm

S. Ruban, Mohamed Moosa Jabeer, Ram Shenoy Basti
The impact of AI on healthcare is growing every day. A great deal of work is being done to improve the effectiveness of cancer diagnosis in its early stages, where medical imaging is essential. Breast cancer is alarmingly on the rise among women, with an Indian woman receiving a breast cancer diagnosis...