Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Inter-professional Health Collaboration (ICIHC 2018)

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Qualitative study of asphyxia baby management in the perinatology room of Dr. M. Yunus Hospital Bengkulu year 2017

Ismiati, Rini Patroni
In the WHO’s Reports (2010) explained that in Southeast Asia the causes of infant mortality are 28% caused by neonatal infection, 26% caused by LBW, 20% caused by asphyxia, 4% caused by congenital anomaly, 3% caused by diarrhea, 1% caused by tetanus and the rest by other causes. That numbers was giving...
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Efforts awareness and interest farmers palm sugar through health promotion media

Dino Sumaryono, Linda Sitompul
His study is aimed determine the effect of health promotion media regarding food production a good way to increase awareness, inteterst and evalution palm sugar farmers in air meles atas village Rejang Rejang. Quantitative research methods to the design of the Pre posttest control group interventions...
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Animated Video Displaying Frequency To Changing Of Behavior In Consuming Fruit And Vegetable On The Students Of Baitul Izzah Islamic Elementary School Bengkulu

Wisuda Andeka Marleni, Reka Lagora Marsofely, Eliana
Consumption of enough vegetables and fruits is a simple indicator of balanced nutrition. Efforts to increase public awareness to consume vegetables and fruits, which ideally should begin to be familiarized from an early age (school age) through the family approach and the Healthy Living Community Movement...
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Age Is A High Risk Of Low Birth Weight In The Working Area Of Seluma District

Linda, Lela Hartini, Meylani Novita Salam
High mortality rate one of the babies is caused by LBW. Based on data in the Seluma District Health Office in 2016 there was an increase in LBW rate of 94.2%, in 2015 1.5% to 3.2% in 2016. So the nutritional status, maternal age, pregnancy distance, parity, and normal Hb levels became very important...
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The effect of sex education on youth knowledge about sexual behavior in storage in sma negeri 2 kaur

Rini Patroni, Ismiati
Adolescent reproductive health is part of overall adolescent health. The existence of deviant sexual behavior in adolescents can cause health problems and can reduce health status in Indonesia. Many things can cause sexual behavior irregularities, one of which is the lack of knowledge about sex. This...
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Development of learning media for cadres for health promotion of maternal mothers in health centers ratu agung bengkulu city in 2017

Sri Sumiati, Diah Eka Nugraheni
The implementation of health promotion programs in Indonesia is one of the six basic health programs in the Puskesmas. These compulsory health efforts are one of the efforts to promote MCH in the class of pregnant women. Based on some research results indicate that the activities have not been effective...
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Card scoring as prognosis tool elderly quality of life in the city of Bengkulu

Agung Riyadi, Hermansyah
Improvementquantity elderly(elderly) should be balanced with an increase in the quality of life. In addition to long life, the elderly are expected to have a good quality of life, stay healthy, productive, and independent. The quality of life of the elderly should be an important concern for health professionals...
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The effect of hold-relax therapy in inflammation phase of patient with extremities fracture and length of stay in RSUD Dr.M.Yunus Bengkulu 2018

Annisyah, Pauzan Efendi, Husni
The rate of incidence in a well restorate fracture is only 10% from all incidence In 2013th Indonesia. The healing process of fracture takes a longer time and more special attention especially on mobilization actions which will lead to an increase in the lenght of stay patien in hospital. Hold relax...
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Effectiveness of I-PED (ibu percaya diri) education on maternal confidence and maternal competence to care newborn at bengkulu city

Asmawati, Husni
The inability of postpartum women in caring for babies can cause emotional distress which occurs in 30% of women. This condition can make maternal confidence to be low. The aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of antenatal education on confidence and competence in caring for a baby. Research...
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Culture traditional of betatap for antenatal care in community regency of lembak in rejang lebong district in 2017

Chandra Buana, Rustam Adjie, Hendri Heriyanto
The Lembak tribe in Rejang Lebong district in conducting the examination of their pregnancy still checks by traditional medicine (dukun). The way of traditional medicine is called by betatap. Research Objectives : To know the perception of culture perception of mourning in pregnancy and nursing care...
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Effective gastritis healthy card games in increasing adolescent understanding about gastritis

Tri Bintang, Hermansyah, Dahrizal
Gastritis is inflammation (swelling) of the gastric mucosa. Gastritis is often triggered by inappropriate eating patterns and psychological factors. Wrong knowledge about foods that increase stomach acid can lead to complications. Prevention efforts that can be done are providing health education about...
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Psychoeducation On Quality of Life And Ureum Levels Of Hemodialysis Creatinine Patients At Curup General Hospital Rejang Lebong Regency

Derison Marsinova Bakara, Mardiani, Kurniyati
Chronic kidney failure is a world health problem because it is difficult to cure, the cost of treatment and treatment is expensive. Patients with chronic renal failure undergoing hemodialysis are unable to maintain the balance of metabolism and electrolyte fluid, causing an increase in uremia in creatinine...
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The influence of counseling guidance on mother coping with low birth weight infant in the incubator perinatology room of rsud dr. M yunus bengkulu 2018

Puzan Efendi, Elza Ariska, Husni
Low birth weight infant (LBW) are very vulnerable infant to the emergence of a disease. Handling of LBW infant cases should be done in special and intensive care rooms. Individual counseling guidance on mother's coping is very important to be given to mothers with LBW infant. To know the influence of...
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Treatment compliance TB patients with the event of MDR TB in MDR TB polyclinic RSUD Dr. M. Yunus Bengkulu

Erni Buston, Pauzan Efendi, Heru Laksono
The decline in the number of cases of disease incidence and prevalence of pulmonary TB become one of the MDGs must be jointly fought until 2025. A positive TB patients can be cured if patients take medication as recommended or routinely follow the advice of treatment for 2 months regularly to actively...
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The effect of hypertension education on self management in elderly in the working area of puskesmas lingkar barat kota bengkulu 2018

Sariman Pardosi, Sahran, Friska Permata Sari
Hypertension is one type of chronic disease and tends to occur when a person's age is increasing. Hypertension can cause various complications. Prevention of hypertension complications in the elderly one of them by implementing self management hypertension. This study to know the effect of hypertension...
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Effect Of Education On Life Quality Of Hemodialysis Chronic Kidney Failure Patient In Dr. M.Yunus Hospital Bengkulu City

Haifa Wahyu, Fitri Lina Vioneery, Liza
The life quality being a noteworthy measurement after the patient undergoes renal replacement therapy such as hemodyalisis or renal transplantation. The life quality of associated with chronic kidney disease, but also associated with lifelong therapy. As a result, the life quality of the hemodialysis...
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The Maternal Mobile Message Program Can Increase Knowledge And Attitude To Antenatal Care In Pregnant Women In Seluma District

Epti Yorita, Demsa Simbolon, PS Kurniawati, Yuniarti, Reka Lagora Marsofely
The 2012 Indonesian Demographic Survey shows that the Maternal Mortality Rate is still high, this is also the case in Seluma District in 2015. Education disparities and regions are obstacles to access and quality of services received, so information technology is needed to facilitate the delivery of...
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The Effect Of Pregnant Mother Assistance On The Complication Of Pregnancy And Childbirth In Bengkulu City, 2018

Elly Wahyuni
The results of the 2012 Indonesian Demographic Health Survey (IDHS) stated that the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) reached 359 / 100,000 live births. The most significant causes of maternal death in Indonesia (95%) are complications of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Complications are the highest...
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Comparison Of IMD Method, Plastic Wrap, And Conventional Care On Prevention Of Reduction Of Body Temperature Of New Baby

Diah Eka Nugraheni, Kosma Heryati
Newborns lose heat four times larger than adults, resulting in a decrease temperature. In the first 30 minutes the baby can experience a temperature decrease of 3-4 ⁰C. In a room with a temperature of 20-25 ⁰C the baby's skin temperature drops around 0.3 ⁰C per minute. The temperature reduction is caused...
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Effects of Finger Handheld Therapy on Dysmenorrhea In SMKN 07 Kota Bengkulu

Elvi Destariyani, Sri Sumiati, Lusi Andriani, Desi Widiyanti
Women of reproductive age in Indonesia are estimated to be 55% experienced pain during menstruation. The impact of dysmenorrhea is very disturbing to women's comfort. Even about 10% of women who experience menstrual pain can not follow daily activities. The results of the initial survey found that students...
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The Influence of Pregnancy Class In Improving Knowledge And Skills Of Pregnant Mother About Maternal And Child Health

Afrina Mizawati, Rini Patroni
Maternal and child health education is mostly done through individual consultation when the mother comes for pregnancy, baby or check-up. This study aims to determine the influence of pregnancy class in improving knowledge and skills of a pregnant mother about maternal and child health. This research...
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The Influence Of Sari Green Nuts In Breastfeeding Products In Postpartum Mother In Bengkulu City In 2018

Mariati, Afrina Mizawati, Regita Aprilian Arvianti
Mung beans essence is a kind of drinks containing Laktagogum which is a nutrient to increase and expedite milk production for mother. The purpose of this study was to determine the difference of breastfeeding production in postpartum mothers given mung beans essence with not given mung beans essence...
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The Effect Of Oxytocin Massage Method Using Lavender Essential Oils On The Smooth Production Of Breast Milk At Mother Postpartum In Rejang Lebong Regency

Kurniyati, Derison Marsinova Bakara, Eva Susanti
Breast milk is the most important food for babies, especially in the first month of a baby life. The lack of production of breast milk after childbirth can be caused by a lack of stimulation of the hormone prolactin and oxytocin. Oxytocin massage is one solution to overcome the non-smooth production...
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Relationship Between The Number Of Sperm Quality And Testosterone Hormone Levels In Tiara Sella Hospital Bengkulu

Sahidan, Mu’alim
Indonesia has 12% or about 3 million infertile couples. Only half of that amount can be helped according to desire. 30% of these infertile partners are male as a cause in infertile couples. And there is a tendency for a meaningful increase. Almost every couple in the world wants a child, but unfortunately...
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Test Effectiveness Antimicrobial Extract Etanol Leaves Melinjo (Gnetum gnemon L.) On Growth Of Bacteria Propionibacterium Acnes

Resva Meinisasti, Wenti Puspita, Raden Sunita
Background : Propionibacterium acnes includes gram-positive bacteria in the form of stems and normal skin flora that play a role in the occurrence of inflammation in acne. The prevalence of acne ranges from 47-90% during adolescence. African, American and Hispanic women have a prevalence of 37% and 32%...
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Lower Uric Acid Levels in Subjects Consuming Coffee compared to Not Consuming Coffee

Raden Sunita, Yose Anggraini, Krisyanella
Background: Uric acid as the nitrogen compounds produced from catabolism purine from both diet and from endogenous nucleic acids (DNA deoxyribonucleic acid). One of the factors that can increase uric acid levels is the factor of excessive purine intake. The habit of consuming coffee can reduce levels...
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The Effectiveness Of Liquid Waste Treatment With Tofu Industry Aeration Method

Agus Widada
The tofu industry is processed from soy extract which mostly is a household industry producing waste with high protein and carbohydrate content. Waste produced by washing process, boiling, pressing give burden of high enough contamination because without going through the processing process before disposed...
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Influence of Diabetes Self Management Training Independence of Patients Diabetes Mellitus Type II

Susiwati, Ida Samidah, Jon Farizal
Diabetes Mellitus if not managed properly, can cause complications in all organs of the body, from head to foot, in all places where the high glucose levels are flowing. The aim of the research to determine the effect of diabetes self-management training (DSMT) The ability of the patient to perform self-examinations...
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Urine Protein Level In Pregnant Women Trimester Second And Third In Singaran Pati District Of Bengkulu City

Zamharira Muslim, Sahidan, Syifa Alfa Rahma
Proteinuria in pregnancy screening focused on the detection of plasma and renal glomerular filtration rate, and changes in pre-eclampsia as the most common cause of proteinuria in pregnancy. Protein urine exceeds the normal values
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The Determination Of Coliform Bacteria Numbers In Beverages Iced Cappucino Sold At Roadside Stall On Pantai Panjang Of Bengkulu City

Krisyanella, Sahidan, Resva Meinisasti, Heti Rais Khasanah
Consuming ready-to-drink beverages is now a lifestyle. However, consuming bacteria contaminated drinks can cause a number of diseases. There are still many traders who do not understand the importance of using good ingredients and maintain the hygiene of the manufacturing process in making this beverages,...
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Description Of Triglyceride Levels In The Elderly Who Have Hypertension

Dira Irnameria, Vhira Nurjumareta, Leni Marlina
Triglyceride is one of the types of fat that can be found in the blood and various organ in the body that can cause problems for human health when the level is above the normal range or it can be called as hypertriglyceridemia. A highly level of triglycerides is one of the cause from the increasing of...
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The Analysis Of Rbmy1 STS RBMI Microdeletion Gene On Azoospermic Factor (Azf) Region Of The Y Chromosome In Infertile Men In Palembang

Tedy Febriyanto
Approximately 50-80 million couples have infertility problems, and every year appeared about 2 million new infertile couples. As many as 40% of them are caused by male factors. Male infertility generally occursdue to abnormal spermatozoa. One of the causes is related to the deletion of gene onAzoospermic...
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Tomato Sauce Coliform Bacteria In The Hawker At Long Beach City Bengkulu

Putri Widelia Welkriana, Heti Rais Khasanah
Background: Coliform is a type of bacteria that is used as an indicator of contamination of food tomato sauce is a thick liquid made from a mixture of pureed tomatoes and spices. The tomato sauce contains acid, sugar, salt. In an open sauce, packaging can increase the risk of contamination by microbes...
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Effectiveness Test Antimicrobial Infusion Gotu Kola Leaf Extract (Centella asiatical) On The Growth Staphylococcus Aureus

Heti Rais Khasanah, Putri Widelia Welkriana, Krisyanella
Infection is a disease that causes tissue damage. One cause of skin infections is bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. Utilization of natural materials as traditional medicine in Indonesia is now increasing. Centella Asiatica is one of the nutritious plants for medicine, contains antibacterial active components...
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Analysis And Wide Spread Of Dengue History Dengue With Spatial Approach Of Geographic Information System (Sig)

Deri Kermelita, Mualim
Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a disease caused by dengue virus transmitted through the bite of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. Health profile of Bengkulu Province, recording cases of dengue fever in 2013-2015; in 2013: 443 cases, 4 people died. In 2014: 467 cases, with 2.8% Case Fatality...
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Effectiveness Of Water Filter With Circulation Method As A Control Of Larva Aedes Aegypti And Clean Water On Household Enterprises

Jubaidi, Yusmidiarti
Cartridge filter is a tool that can filter solid substances dissolved in water both organic and inorganic substances. Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) is an important indicator in water sanitation, the greater the TDS the greater the level of pollution. Aedes aegypti mosquito is a vector of dengue disease...
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Psychosocial Relationship With Working Stress In Workers Of Sinar Harapan Trading Company In Padang Serai Bengkulu City

Mely Gustina, Mualim, Ullya Rahmawati, Ranti Ashabul Jannah
Safety and Health at Work (K3) is a condition of factors that influence the safety and health of workers (including workers from contractors) and also guests or other people at work. This study aims to determine the psychosocial relationship with work stress on workers of Sinar Harapan Teknik Trading...
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Fast Food Contribution Toward Obesity In The Students Of Junior High School

Jumiyati, Lisma Ningsih, Miratul Haya
An imbalance between nutrient intake and the recommended nutritional adequacy causes the emergence of nutritional problems in adolescents. One of the causes of obesity in adolescents is an increased frequency of consumption of fast food that contains high calories, fat, sodium, and low fiber. The effect...
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Physical Examinations, Chemicals and Microbiology on Drinking Water Refill

Mualim, Deri Kermelita
While the variables that are not related to the incidence of obesity are age, gender, knowledge, pocket money, parent’s motivation, friend’s motivation, and parent’s job. The most variable contribution to obesity is fast food consumption (p = 0, 006). Conclusion is the fast food can increase body weight...
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Combination Of Coal Waste And Pecans Shell Waste In Reducing Iron (Fe) In Dig Wells

Riang Adeko, Defi Ermayendri
Air source chosen because it is relatively better than the air of the river which is viewed from its quality aspect for its turbidity factor. Ground water as a source of clean water in general can be directly used for everyday life. But without realizing that ground air contains a lot of metal dissolved...
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The Relationship Between Work Posture And Musculoskeletal Disorders (Msds) In Laundry Workers In The Area Of Puskesmas Sukamerindu Bengkulu

Sri Mulyati
Central health of Sukamerindu Bengkulu city is a working area of Sukamerindu Public Health Center which has informal business spread in 7 regions. one of the informal businesses in Sukamerindu Village is laundry. Laundry which is spread in Sukamerindu area has 18 laundry with 49 workers. Based on observations...
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Assistance for Pregnant Women Final Trimester and the Success of Early breastfeeding initiation in the City of Bengkulu

Demsa Simbolon, Hartina Susanti P.U, Widia Lestari
The behavior of giving Early breastfeeding initiation by mothers to infants is still very low, one of which is due to the lack of knowledge of mothers about breastfeeding. Mothers who do not do Early breastfeeding initiation are at risk of failing in giving exclusive breastfeeding. The study aimed to...
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The Effect Of Counseling On Knowledge, Attitudes, And Practices Of Mothers breastfeeding In The Work Area Of Sawah Lebar Community Health Center, Bengkulu 2017

Desri Suryani, Kusdalinah, Jumiyati, Yandrizal, Wulan Anggraini, Bintang Agustina P
A lack of knowledge and an attitude can cause the failure in exclusive breastfeeding (ASI). Counseling has a significant role in enhancing abilities and encouraging someone to behave. The study aimed to determine the effect of counseling on knowledge, attitudes, and practices of mothers in relation to...
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The relationship of Energy and Fat intakes, Physical Activity to Body Mass Index Among Poltekkes Kemenkes Bengkulu Employees

Afriyana Siregar, Tetes Wahyu W, Arie Krisnasary
Poltekkes Kemenkes Bengkulu employee is one of the jobs at risk for obesity. In addition, the support of economic capacity is also one of the supporters of greater intake of food than the calories removed from physical activity. The study aim was to investigate the relationship between intake of energy...
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School Lunch: Menu Variation, Suitability of Portion Standards and Nutrient Analysis and RDA Percents in Integrated Islamic Elementary School (SDIT)

Arie Krisnasary, Afriyana Siregar
Organizing lunch at school must be able to contribute one third of the total energy needs of children. Food service systems are determined by interrelated components, that is in the form of menu planning which underlies all of the activities in the food service system. The purpose of this research was...
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The Formulation Of Analog Sausage With High Protein And Cork Sea Fiber (Channa Striata), And Oyster Mushroom As The Healthy Snacks For The School Children

Emy Yuliantini, Kamsiah
The nutritional problems experienced by Indonesia today are multiple nutritional problems. The problem of malnutrition has begun to be overcome, but on the other hand, the prevalence of over nutrition or obesity has reached 9.2% in school children. Children who are obese are at high risk when they are...
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Selection of Food Materials and Diet Intervention of Casein Free Gluten Free (CFGF) on Children Nutritional’s Status of Autism in Bengkulu City

Kamsiah, Emy Yuliantini
Background: The prevalence of autistic children has a significant increase. Autism can happen to all children from various social and cultural levels. Autistic behavior can be handled with several steps including through medical treatment, psychological therapy, behavior management, and diet regulation....
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Haidina Ali
Medical and non-medical solid waste Puskesmas can be one of the causes of the spread of diseases and can disrupt the environment if not managed properly. The research objective was to find out the description of medical and non medical waste management in the Bengkulu City Health Center. This study uses...
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Intake of Protein and Calcium and Serum Albumin of Stunted Elementary School Children in Bengkulu

Mutia Yuristi, Kusdalinah, Emy Yuliantini
The level of adequacy of protein nutrients, calcium is an important nutrient in the growth of children. Low protein and calcium intake is a risk factor for stunting. Albumin has a function to help the formation of new cellular tissues in the body at the time of growth and speed up the healing process...
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Identification Of Vitamin A Content Of Moringa Wet Noodles With Various Boiling Times

Darwis, Okti Agu Liu, Yenni Okfrianti
Wet Noodle Moringa oleifera leaves are food products made from the main raw material of flour with the addition ofleaf extract Moringa oleifera after the noodles are printed in the form of noodles, then the boiling process with a variety of time against the wet noodles is the most preferred by panelists....