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Design of a flow integrating information system based on cloud computing

Ren-jie Li, Jian Jiang, Wei Chen
Vast amounts of data is collected into flow measurement system for the primary purpose of trade settlement, the fairness and justice of entire trade settlement system depends entirely on the integrity of the flow integrating system. Therefore, the role of flow integrating system is very important. Measurement...
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Improvement of Machinery Contact-type Sensor

Wenming Zhang, Jian Xu
This paper introduces an improving method to machinery contact-type sensor with pin-type probe and capacitive sensor. The concrete improving process includes the content as follows: First, the V-type regulating wheel replaces the pin-type probe; second, the capacitive sensor replaces the displacement...
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An Electric Hydraulic Driving System of Lifting Platform for Composite Roller Casting

Yongling Fu, Pengfei Zhang
To solve the engineering problem that the present driving system of lifting platform for composite roller casting works with high failure rate, this paper has analyzed the cause of the failure, summarized all kinds of popular driving system of lifting platform, designed a set of proportional valve controlled...
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Stability design of maglev actuator in active vibration control

Yuan Ni, He Lin, Yan Li
Maglev actuator is widely used in active vibration control. This type of actuator often works in parallel with passive vibration isolator, and they compose a passive-active vibration isolation system. Any vibration isolation system must be stable, so it is necessary to conduct stability design before...
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Simulation Analysis of Microchannel Deformation during LTCC Warm Water Isostatic Pressing Process

Lang Ping, Zhaohua Wu
During the process of warm water isostatic pressing process, the internal micro-channels fabricated in Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) substrate are prone to collapse. In this paper, a three-dimensional model of LTCC microwave component is established by the finite element software ABAQUS, and...
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Simulation Research on Solder Joint Residual Strain Energy of Au80/Sn20 Eutectic Soldering GaAs Chip

Yajun Liu, Zhaohua Wu
After Au80/Sn20 eutectic soldering GaAs chips process, Au80/Sn20 solder joints will have large residual stress and strain because of materials’ coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatch. Large strain deformation will lead to the chip position migration. On the other hand too much stress can make...
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Water-cooled radiator design and optimization research for high power 3D-Sip system encapsulate

Jijun Zhang, Dejian Zhou, Tianshou Liang
For high power package water-cooled radiator of 3D-Sip system and by using the finite element software ANSYS numerical simulation analysis of the geometrical parameters and fluid velocity affecting the performance of radiator cooling, the condition of air cooling water-cooled radiator fin thickness,...
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Structure Topology Optimization Design of Brake Pad in Large Megawatt Wind Turbine Disc Brake

Zhihua Sha, Jian Yin, Shengfang Zhang, Yu Liu, Fujian Ma
The brake pad of disc brake, as an actuator while wind turbine braking, plays an important role in braking system. For seeking an optimum structure of brake pad, its mechanical model during braking process of large megawatt wind turbine in actual working circumstance is established in this paper. Accordingly,...
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Modification Technology Research of Involute Helical Gear

Hongbin Yang, Xun Fu, Houyun Dong
Gear modification is a key technology of reducing vibration and noise, improving the stability of gear transmission system. In this paper the theory of modification and processing technology is discussed, and the evaluation methods of modification effect have been summarized based on the existing researches....
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The Optimization Design of Two Stages Helical Gear Reducer Based on GA and Nastran

Xiaomei Song, Xintian Cao
Paper taking the volume of gear transmission system of two stages helical gear reducer as mathematical model and write a GA program based on MATLAB soft to get the relevant result. Next, paper draw gear model based on UG soft and analysis the gear’s bending stress in Nastran solver which contained in...
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Design Analysis of External Automatic Leveling Mechanism in Radars

Shi-lei Zhi, Run-ze Yang
Most of radar apparatus equipped from the 1980s to the early part of this century were mainly manual and hydraulic leveling which were time-consuming and of low leveling precision. Thus, to avoid these problems, this paper attempts to design a leveling mechanism, which is driven by AC servo motor and...
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Research and Design of the Simulation System of ATP System of Quantum satellite

Xin Ye, Qing Pan, Zhenghong Dong
Aim to the requirement of the mission of the Tracking and targeting to ground of the quantum communication satellite, this paper investigates an idea of designing a distributed simulation system based on the TCP/IP technology improved by IOCP(I/O Completion Ports). This simulation system is made up of...
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Vision Sensor Calibration Method based on Flexible 3d Target and Invariance of Cross Ratio

Jingli Wei, Zhiwei Liu, Fangling Cheng
A vision sensor calibration method based on flexible three-dimensional (3d) target and invariance of cross ratio is proposed. Flexible 3d target is obtained by moving planar target to different positions. According to the relative position relationship of planar targets in the different positions, unify...
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Analysis of Multi-flexible-body Modelling of Remote Weapon Station

Baoquan Mao, Bowei Liang, Peng Song
Based on the analysis of the tube and the frame seat structure on the Remote weapon station virtual prototype, this paper use the Modal Integration method to model tube and frame seat ,then analysis their free mode, we get the characteristic of the tube and the frame seat structure, and demonstrate the...
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Analysis of light intensity effect on Photovoltaic cells

Zhen-yong Liu, Jian-qi Sun, Zhi-chun Ma
Effects of solar panels must be taken into account by the light intensity of its output characteristics in practical application, especially solar panels placed outdoor. So the light intensity coefficient is an important parameter to be considered. In this paper we took the light intensity characteristics...
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Modal Analysis of Vehicle-borne Sights Based on ANSYS

Shou-jun Wu, Guo-quan Ren, Dong-wei Li
According to static load standards and requirements of the vehicle sights mechanical structure, the paper makes the analysis of the structure characteristics of vehicle-borne sights, builds three-dimensional model of vehicle sights in UG and finite element model of the primary reflector in ANSYS. The...
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MR170 type IR Radiometer Calibration Technology

Xiaomei Song, Chenghong Xue, Kangkang Zhou
Infrared radiometer measuring experiment, infrared radiometer calibration is extremely important part, which determines the correctness and accuracy of infrared radiation characteristics of the background and objectives of the radiometer measurements. Article first introduces the necessity of an infrared...
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The Effect of Interposable Configurations on Electrical Engineering

Bing Li, Li Chen
The understanding of multi-processors has harnessed the transistor, and current trends suggest that the simulation of gigabit switches will soon emerge. In fact, few hackers worldwide would disagree with the deployment of forward-error correction, which embodies the key principles of theory. In order...
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Welding Robot Control Based on Network

Wen-ming Zhang, Zheng-kai Xiong, Yan-fang Wang
This paper introduces principle of wielding robots trajectory controlling and network control system based on PLC and field bus. The key technology including: motor control based on servo-control system technology and parameters real-time control technology. The introduction of principle of PLC and field-bus...
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Experimental Study of the Fracture of the Bonding Interface between the EPDM Films

Deng Jia, Jian Zheng, Xiong Chen, Jiaquan Yu
In this paper, the double cantilever sandwich beam (DCSB) specimens were used to study the mode-I fracture behaviour of adhesive interfacial of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer film. Simple beam theory, corrected beam theory and experimental compliance method were formulated to calculate the fracture...
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Research on penetration level of distributed generation in distribution network

Jian Su, Haitao Liu, Hao Bai, Shihong Miao, Pipei Zhang
To ensure safety and stability of distribution network, the maximum allowable capacity of DG has a certain limit. The maximum allowable capacity can be defined penetration level. The paper first analyses the influence caused by DG on power flow, network loss, node voltage, power quality, current protection...
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Study on the transmission properties in the rain of 532nm laser

ZhiJing Wang, Ning Shan, Hao Wang
The laser beam will be severely attenuated in the rain to transmit unable to complete the scheduled tasks arriving at the role of target. On the attenuation characteristics of laser in the rain in the infrared wave band has conducted in depth study, but in the visible range it is lack of study. In this...
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The System of Outdoor Visible Light Communication with Fast Blind Algorithm

Zheng-Guo Sun, Yi-Jun Zhu, Yan-Yu Zhang
In this paper, we study a new fast blind algorithm based on the generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT) principle. It is used in an outdoor visible light communication (OVLC) system that uses OOK modulation with intensity modulation and direct detection (IM/DD) over atmospheric turbulence-induced slow...
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Reflective Phase Properties of two-dimensional Photonic Crystal within The Bandgaps Based on Surface Structures Regulation

Zhonghua Luo, Zhixiang Tang
Using the plane wave expansion method to determine the band gap of two dimensional photonic crystal, and then through the finite difference time domain method with relevant software and numerical calculation we study the influence of two-dimensional photonic crystal structure of photonic band gap on...
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Numerical modelling the ultra-broadband mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in the As2Se3 photonic crystal fiber

Zheng Yan, Jianguo Wen, Chujun Zhao, Wenlong Wang, Yunlin Wang
In this paper, ultra-broadband mid-infrared (MIR) supercontinuum (SC) generation ranging from 2 to 15 m in As2Se3 photonic crystal fiber (PCF) was investigated numerically by multipole method and the adaptive split-step Fourier method. By choosing different hole sizes and the pitch parameters of the...
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Research on the visual detection device of partial discharge visual imaging precision positioning

Tian-zheng Wang, Yu-tong Chen, Hua Yu, Dong-dong Yang
Electrical equipment is composed of the basic components of the power system, and its performance has a direct impact on the safety and reliable operation of the system, whether it is large equipment such as generators, transformers, or small equipment such as power capacitors, insulators, etc, if equipment...
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Quiet Area Tests of a Ka-band Compact Range

Yuxin Kou, Xuetian Wang, Chi Liu
Because of the limited size of a common microwave anechoic chamber, compact range testing methods have been developed to be a hot spot in recent years. But an ordinary compact range can not meet the need of millimeter wave (with high frequency, 200MHz~20GHz) test. So this article uses a millimeter compact...
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Multifunctional readout circuit design of infrared detector

Xiao tao Wang, Xu an Wang, Ning Kang, Nian Xie
The new dual-band infrared detector can be read out to design a weak signal readout circuit, the readout circuit integration time is adjustable, and has characteristics of low power consumption, low noise and high sensitivity.Using feedback enhanced direct injection readout circuit (FEDI) and high performance...
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Design of Signs Information Monitoring System for Man Overboard Based On BeiDou Satellite Navigation System

Shi-ai Ren, Hong-wu Chen, Hai-peng Zhang, Zhu Liu, Shan-shan Wu
In order to meet the needs of the maritime rescue nowadays, a kind of real-time signs information monitoring system for man overboard based on BeiDou Satellite Navigation System is developed. A system has been proposed that it can monitor the location of the workers by adopting BeiDou Satellite Navigation...
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A Study on Prediction of Equipment Asset Life Cycle Cost Based on BP Neural Network

Huansong Liu, Liang Xiong, Hanhua Yue, Weiwei Wang
Equipment asset has a great value and use value, the management for it should be focused on the important consideration of the life cycle cost, making the disturbance of equipment asset value always permeates the overall process of equipment asset management, so as to provide scientific and reasonable...
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The Time Theory Analysis and MATLAB Simulation of Control System

Han-hong Tan, Xiang Zhao
The time-domain analysis in typical second order control system is given. The performance indicators of the unit step response system are calculated. Based on the MATLAB simulation, the unit step response performance indicators through the M function and Simulink dynamic structure diagram are obtained....
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Fault Tolerant Global Scheduling for Multiprocessor Hard Real Time Systems

Hao Peng, Fan Yang
In hard real-time systems, faults happen every now and then. With respect to the criticality of this kind of system, the capability of fault tolerance is necessary. A fault tolerant scheduling algorithm is capable of guaranteeing timing requirements of tasks even when faults occur. A primary-backup based...
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The Intelligent Supervision of The Agriculture Production Based on Internet of Things and Cloud Service Platform

Chaodong Miao
Aiming to the precision, information and intelligence development requirements of modern agriculture, the scheme of environmental parameters monitoring and automatic control for agriculture production based on cloud computation and internet of things is put up. Through sensors, zigbee wireless network,...
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Positioning Accuracy Analysis of Mapping and Surveying Satellite Using Laser Altimeter

Qiang Dou, Yingbo Li, Yu Zhou, Qipeng Cao, Jun Zhu
The different mapping systems is analyzed in this paper, and as a way of acquiring elevation with high accuracy and effectiveness, laser altimeter can improve the capability of 3- dimensional earth observation of satellite optical remote sensing imagery. And using high accuracy elevation observation...
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Application of Similarity Measure between Vague Sets in Network Information Filtering

Xiaofang Fu, Ming Liu, Jing Chen
In this paper, the static and dynamic performance of balance model foam concentrate mix equipment and establish mathematic model of this machine, and analyze by using AMESIM simulation software. According to the national standard foam extinguishing system and parts general technical conditions to relevant...
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Brief Analysis on Typical Image Saliency Detection Methods

Wenwen Pan, Xiaofei Sun, Xia Wang, Wei Zhang
Image saliency detection is becoming more and more important in the field of computer vision. The purpose is to detect salient objects in complex background, at the same time, reduce time complexity to get salient objects with high-resolution and clear edge. In this paper some brief analysis on the state-of-the-art...
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The Influence of the Focus on the Counter-Propagating Optical Trapping

Liang Zhu, FuLi Zhao
In our research, compared to conventional counter-propagating optical trapping setup, another CCD is used to help detect the focus in the XZ plane and thereby improving accuracy of the setup. Then we use this setup to accurately regulate three types of focus in counter-propagating dual beam optical trapping....
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Identification of Non-convex Blocks on the Edges of a Tunnel

Jianyong Lia, Guangxiang Yuan, Yang Zhao, Jinhu Hu, Zhiquan Huang
In the tunnel engineering, concave edges can be formed by the intersections of roof and wall, floor and wall, wall and wall. If joints or fractures inside the rock mass cross the roof and wall at the same time, instable non-convex blocks can be formed possibly. However, the theorem of finiteness on the...
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Computation of Pressure on the Protective Structure to the Instable Slope of Pipeline Trench

Jianyong Li, Guangxiang Yuan, Siwei Wang, Zhiquan Huang
The stability of trench slope of pipeline engineering, such as water conservancy, municipal, energy and other areas, has an important influence to the safe construction. According to the design requirements of temporary and mobile protective structure in the pipeline project, which guarantee the safety...
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Analysis and Study on the Interrupting Characteristic of XRNT High-Voltage Current-Limiting Fuse

Qiong Wu, Shaohua Ma, Zhiyuan Cai
The idea of our project is derived from Hangzhou Boda Electrical Corporation Limited. The research is based on the pre-arcing time and Current Characteristic of High-voltage fuse, whose short circuit fault current can reach 9-35 times of current rating. The method adopts finite element numerical calculations...
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Performance Analysis of detecting Distributed Target Under Correlated K-Distributed Clutter Background

Yan Zhu, Songhua He, Jianping Ou
Sliding window accumulation detector and order statistics-sliding window accumulation detector for missile-borne high-resolution radar target detection are presented in this paper. Their performance under space-time correlated K-distributed clutter background has been investigated. Under null hypothesis,...
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Temperature and Humidity Data Acquisition System

Jun Shao, Ting Qian
Recently, as the increasing requirement on the stability, reliability and accuracy of environmental temperature and humidity data in the Tobacco Industry, a set of correcting ways of temperature humidity sensors has been fulfilled and a Data Acquisition System based on the MODBUS protocol has been designed...
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An Effective and Efficient FCM for Segmenting Color Image with High Intensity Noise

Weiling Cai, Wang Li
In this paper, an effective and efficient fuzzy c-means algorithm is proposed for color image segmentation. To make the segmentation robust, the pixel similarity, the sliding window and alpha-trimmed mean are combined together to suppress the influence of heavy noise during the segmentation process....
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AVS 3D Real-time Decoder Design and Implementation Based on FPGA/SoC Platform

Peng-fei Ren, Hong-yang Yu
AVS(audio video coding standard)Group formulates stereo-packing scheme aimed at 3D video. In this paper, based on stereo-packing algorithm, using FPGA hardware accelerate module to parse the stereo-packing ES stream syntax element and cooperating with the Xilinx ZYNQ 7020 SoC development board ,we complete...
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Detection Level of Apple Based on BP Neural Network

Xiaoling Li, Jimin Yuan
In view of the draw backs of apple grade identification in China, which still relies on photoelectric sorting and manual separation, this paper presents a processing method on the basis of the technology of computer vision and digital image.Utilizing image processing technology, the researcher calculated...
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The research of the generalized tonic-clonic seizure epilepsy by resting state Fmri

Ming Ke, Xiaoxin Duan, Fan Zhang, Xiaoping Yang
In this study, we investigated the human brain functional network of patients with generalized tonic and clonic seizure (GTCS) epilepsy by using the resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and complex network theory. Adjacency matrices of the networks of GTCS group and normal control...
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Measurement system performance analysis using MINITAB

Jun Shao, Ting Qian
This article introduces the principle of mathematical statistics such as R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility), variation ratio (%P/TV), tolerance ratio (% P/T) and number of distinct category in the measurement system. The article takes infrared moisture analyser the InfraLab 710 e-Series as a measurement...
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A computer virus spreading model with nonlinear infectivity on scale-free network

Changsong Deng, Qiming Liu
In this paper, a novel epidemic model of computer virus on scale-free network with nonlinear infectivity is proposed. The spreading dynamics of the virus was analyzed. The spreading critical threshold for the model was presented. Theoretical analyses indicate that the outbreak of the virus is entirely...
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The influence of spacing between two submerged bodies on wave loads of SWATH

Guoqing Feng, Xueyun Jiang, Huilong Ren, Qingyue Zhang
The determination of the spacing between two submerged bodies is of great significance in preliminary design stage of SWATH. And this paper focus on researching the influence of spacing between two submerged bodies on SWATH wave loads. Wave loads forecast are made for three different loading conditions,...
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Image retrieval based on saliency detection in the application of the guide system

Xiaofei Sun, Wenwen Pan, Xia Wang, Wei Yuan
A new saliency detection algorithm based on image segmentation and color histogram is proposed. The saliency values of partitions are decided by the spatial location and color difference which is measured by the difference of same color pixel number between the regions. In order to enhance salient areas...
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Effect of Marangoni convection by using computation simulation during the Kyropoulos sapphire crystal growth

M.W Sun, Y.C. Gao, X. Gao, L. Zhang, H.X. Chen
In the study, the effect of Marangoni convection is investigated on heat transport and melt-crystal interface during the Kyropoulos sapphire crystal growth by using the numerical simulation method. The presence of Marangoni convection increases the convexity of melt-crystal interface and causes the temporal...
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Effective Speech Endpoint Detection Algorithm For Voiceprint Recognition

Yan Wang, Longfei Zhang
Speech voiceprint recognition with noise in complex real phone channel environment is still a critical challenge even the recognition method works well enough in non-noise situation. Background noise, especially dial tone of voice, which is the voice from surrounding disturbs the accuracy of recognition....
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Research on Information Design and Communication of Digital Media

Ting Sun
Since new digital media era is coming, it puts forward new requirements for the design and communication of information. In this paper, with the help of the overview of information design and information communication, it explores the ways to realize the information design and information communication...
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A blind EM-based carrier frequency offset estimation algorithm for OFDM signals

Yanyan Huang, Hua Peng, Members Non
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) system is very sensitive to the synchronization errors in digital communications, which should be compensated at the receiver. In this paper, we proposed an expectation maximum (EM) based blind carrier frequency offset (CFO) estimation algorithm for OFDM...
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The cloud logistics modeling and validation based on Pi calculus

XueFeng He, JiuLei Jiang, GuangHui Wei
Following many bottlenecks of the development of the logistics industry at present,a interactive model of cloud logistics is proposed in this paper.Describing the interactive model of cloud logistics by BPMN2.0 choreography,then the Pi calculus is adopted to make rigorous formal definition for the basic...
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Linear Modeling of Metrical Poetry Respiratory Signal

Yonghong Li
Through analysis of breathing physiological characteristics of Chinese metrical poetry, we studied human speech breathing patterns. We selected four kinds of representative poem: five-character octave , five-character quatrain, seven-character octave, and seven-character quatrain , each types of five,...
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Research of an improved routing protocol in wireless network

Shunye Wang
The field of MANET has gained an important part of the interest of researchers and become very popular in last few years. MANET can operate without fixed infrastructure and can survive rapid changes in the network topology. The main method for evaluating the performance of MANET is simulation. This paper...
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Research on the Cooperative Dispatch of Electric Vehicle and Distributed Power Sources

Shijie Wang
The rapid application of electric vehicle (EV) is a trend in recent years. Meanwhile, it will have a significant impact on power system. In order to reducing the disadvantages of EV accessing to the grid and maximizing the benefits of such controllable load, the scheduling control strategy of EV is becoming...
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Design of an multiband resonance antenna with a complementary split-ring based on EMSIW

Huaiqiang Wang, Ping Li, Xiangjin Quan
This paper designs an antenna with resonance frequency in 17.1 GHz , 27.6 GHz and 30 GHz. The antenna loads on one eighth-mode substrate integrated waveguide (EMSIW), metallic silver vias have been punched via the EMSIW ,and etched on the surface of metal sheet a complementary split-ring. The size of...
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Simulation of Command and Control Network Services Base on M2E2M

Pu An, Ying Chen
With network simulation tools to simulate C2 (Command and control) network services, the simulated network will reflect the relationship between the internal units and dynamic behaviors of the real C2 network. However, the service operating mode exactly matches the organization structure of the C2 network,...
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The view of classroom light design optimization simulation

Shijie Wang
In view of the issue that present illumination facilities in classrooms can cause the waste of electric energy, this project group tried to solve the problem by designing the automatic light control system. The group started with the study of the electricity consumption of those lamps in the classroom...
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Research and Review on Modified Novel SC-FDE Systems through Analyzing Synchronization and Parameter Estimation

Wenzhun Huang, Yuting Zhang, Xinxin Xie, Shanwen Zhang
With the bursting development of electricity communication and information technology, SC-FDE related techniques have been popularly applied to many modern wireless communication systems. This article is in view of the SC-FDE technique in the application of multipath time-varying airmail channel, an...
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Optimization Design for Sulfur Dioxide Flow Monitoring Apparatus in Thermal Power Plants

Hao-wei Hu, Xue Yang, Xiao-wei Song
The flue gas flow from thermal power plant is an important standard in the environmental monitoring process to judge whether the procedure need improving. Because of the low flow of SO3 and its profound impact on the environment, it is hard but necessary to monitor the precise content at present overall....
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Numerical investigations of cavitation in a nozzle on the LNG fuel internal flow characteristics

Min Xiao, Wei Zhang, Jiajun Shi
The internal flow characteristics of an LNG (liquefied natural gas) nozzle strongly influence spray formation and atomization. A numerical simulation model of an LNG nozzle was created to investigate the location of cavitation in the nozzle and analyse the causes after the feasibility of the numerical...
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Algorithm design and Simulation of optimal maritime search scheme

Peng Qi
Aiming to reduce the losses of shipwreck, this paper employs methods in mathematics and simulation fields to build a progressive search model and give out targeted solutions for each stage. After simplifying the actual process of search and rescue, based on Air France Flight 447 (2009) case data, we...
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A Research on NC Machining Cutting Parameters Optimization

Wei Tang, Guangrong Yan, Xiangyu Xu, Dan Yu, Zaijun Wang, Hongzhen Chu
This paper presents an effective method of NC machining cutting parameters optimization. For a given machine NC code, we use the secondary development tools provided by VERICUT software, the time series segmentation algorithm of sliding window technique, back stepping method for getting the feed rate...
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Review of Laminar Convection Heat-Transfer with Microencapsulated Phase Change Material Slurry

Shiwei Chen, Zhongzhu Qiu, Fengjiao Liu, Jin Xing
This paper mainly makes introduction about microencapsulated phase change material slurry (MPCMS).Microencapsulated phase change material slurry (MPCS ) can serve as both the heat transfer fluids and energy storage media, consequently, they are potentially applicable to the thermal systems. The preparations,...
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Summary of transformer partial discharge detection methods

Yanda Li
In this article, I summarized three main methods about measuring space charge discharging through the physical and chemical effects. It introduced the transformer oil discharging space charge measurement method and its distribution characteristics, and mainly presented gas chromatography detection method,...
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Estimation of PM2.5 Spatial Distribution Based on Kriging Interpolation

Lirong Deng
The air quality in Beijing City is getting more and more attention. Aimed at analyzing distribution of PM2.5 concentration, this study adopts thirty-two observation sites PM2.5 concentration data in six days from Beijing City Environmental Protection Bureau. By kriging interpolation method, unknown points’...
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A Computer Simulation Algorithm About Traffic Flow

Zeyu Cui
We bring in the simple model-NaSch Model to simulate the traffic conditions where people drive their car and obey the basic traffic rules using the Cellular automation and Monte Carlo algorithm. We establish five basic laws of the traffic flow and give an example of a simple road condition.
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A concise operation safety protection device in arm of tower crane and its parameter design

Xiao Lv, Lei Zhang, Ligui Kang, Zhuo Chen, Tonghai Xie
In view of the operation safety problem in arm of tower crane, a novel safe belts hanging protection device which has the characteristics of easily removed and high safety is proposed. Based on mechanical theory, constrains of rope diameter, fixed plate thickness, orifice cross section, the bolt size...
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Research on Frequency Response in Digital Signal Processing

Yixuan Han
Though the design of FIR digital filter, let people master the basic method of digital signal processing and the rationality of C language or MATLAB language for computer aided design and simulation verify the design content.
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Input Constraints Sliding Mode Control Based on RBF Network Compensation

Mengya Hou, Huanqiang Chen
RBF network is an efficient feed-forward neural network with the best performance and the global optimal approximation properties. Synovial variable structure control has many advantages, such as corresponding fast algorithm, the system parameters and external disturbance invariant, and its algorithm...
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Preliminary Study of Network System Reliability Based on Big Data

Chao Shen, Hongzhong Deng
Complex network system has characteristics of numerous units, complex structure, and dynamic changes, which brings many problems for the study of network reliability. However, the big data of network system reliability and big data analysis technology provide more data and thought for supporting traditional...
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The analysis of big Data application mode and security risk

Tai-sheng Zeng
In the current social background, Existing facilities and tools already can not meet the needs of big data in expanding and analysis techniques. Today's data storage and analysis work is achieved under cloud conditions and Hadoop were set up. Under the conditions for cloud computing, cloud computing...
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Establishment of the Elastic Property Database of Fe-base Alloys

Di Su, Yan-Lin He, Ji-Qiong Liu, Xiao-Gang Lu
The elastic properties, including bulk modulus and Young’s modulus, for the bcc and fcc phases of Fe-base alloys have been studied at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. The temperature dependence of the elastic properties of the elemental metals, i.e. Fe, Al… and .., has been modeled by using...
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Ultra-high frequency sonochemistry and its dosimetry

Xiangjun Wang, Jun Gao, Ping Zhang, Ronghui Lin, Yixin Yang, Hui You, Xiaofei Wang
2MHz and 2.4MHz focused ultrasonic transducer were chosen in this article as ultrasonic source. Three methods were used to characterize the ultrasonic cavitation effect. They are iodine dosimetry, conductivity dosimetry, fluorescence dosimetry. The acoustic energy radiation in the liquid was evaluated...
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Assessment of gaseous phase PAHs emitted from marine diesel engine using vortex-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction followed by GC/MS

M.Y. Wang, S.J. Zhang, C.J. Wang
A novel sample treatment, namely vortex-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (VDLLME), followed by GC/MS has been developed for the determination of gaseous phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) emitted from a marine diesel engine. The method integrates extraction, enrichment, and...
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Modification of jute by use of triethylenetetramine and its ad-sorption behavior for copper (II)

Y.M. Feng, Z.L. Du, T. Zheng, P. Wang
An efficient adsorbent for Cu (II) removal from aqueous solution was synthesized by grafting amino group onto jute fiber. The fiber was chemically modified by two steps, loading of epoxy chloropropane and triethylenetetramine. Properties of the modified jute such as surface chemical structure, tensile...
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Design and Uncertainty Evaluation of the Tiny Gas Flow Calibrator

Pan-pan Chen, Jia Cheng, Wen-lin Wang, Wen-xin Shen, Dai-liang Xie
In recent years, the measurement and controlment of the tiny gas flow have been gained widely attention in some emerging areas, such as biological, medical, aerospace and so on. In order to study the characteristics of the tiny gas flow meter, the tiny gas flow calibrator based on the principle of the...
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Tribological properties of hot pressing alumina matrix ceramic materials improved by Zr-O-B compounds

Bin Li, Yonggang Wang, Hong Li, Huiyuan You
Al2O3/ZrB2/ZrO2 composites were fabricated by hot pressing technology. The friction and wear behavior of this new material, coupled with cemented carbide ball in unlubricated conditions, were investigated. Experimental results showed that the friction coefficient values and wear rate of alumina matrix...
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Implementation of portable common building ground resistance measuring instrument

Chao Lu, Zhiqiang Chen, XiuShan Wu, Zhikai Zhao, Hui Peng
According to the defect of the building ground resistance measuring device presently. A new system of building ground resistance detection which based on STM32 was proposed. This scheme was based on the principle of three-pole compensation method. Hardware and software of the master-slave machine which...
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The Research on the Enhanced Effect of Dual-frequency

Ping Zhang, Ronghui Lin, Zhe Huang, Xiangjun Wang, Hui You, Jun Gao, Xiaofei Wang
An ultrasonic reactor has been built to understand the augment of ultrasonic cavitation effect under dual frequency. Therephthalate dosimetry has been performed to determine the sonolytic yields of the OH free radicals which are produced in aqueous solution after ultrasonic irradiation. In this paper,...
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Design of LED Lighting System Based on AC Bus Power Supply Mode with Low and Variable Frequency

H. Su, Y.G. Jin, P. M. Zheng
In this paper design of LED lighting system based on AC (alternating current) bus power supply mode with low and variable frequency is proposed. Mainframe output alternating current with 250V effective value and 200Hz low frequency by conversion after APFC rectification. Extension set adopting capacitor...
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Combining Penalty Function with Modified Chicken Swarm Optimization for Constrained Optimization

Y.L. Chen, P.L. He, Y.H. Zhang
In many mechanical designs, such as airborne electro-optical platform, optical lenses, mechanical containers, speed reducer, and so on, lightweight design has always been our goal. Under various constraints, obtaining the minimum of some parameter is the optimization problem we often encounter in the...
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The Auto Annotation Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Yingzhuo Xiang, Dongmei Yang, Jikun Yan
In this paper, we introduce the Auto-Annotation LDA models (aaLDA), a statistical model of non-labeled documents. This model generates the annotation of LDA automatically. We derive the annotation of LDA using a k-means methods combined with a pre-processing of the corpus. In this paper, we use aaLDA...
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Evaluation of low temperature performances of SBS+PPA compound modifying asphalt by force ductility test

Yanbin Wei, Rongxin Guo, Feng Yan, Lijia Zhang, Yong Yan
In this paper, the force ductility curve of asphalt which is different contents of SBS and SBS+PPA composite modified asphalt is measured by the force ductility test, and then evaluated the low temperature performance of asphalt before and after aging. Then, Evaluation on low temperature performances...
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A New Method for Prediction of Water Flooding Development Index

Jinshan Liu
This paper which combined exponential decline model with Type C water flooding feature curve, presented a simultaneous solution for index prediction of water flooding development, and the method overcame their shortcomings which curves cannot predict the relationship of development index and times in...
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A Speech Enhancement Approach Based on Improved HHT

Xueqing Xu
Researching on the basic theory of HHT and its application in terms of speech enhancement, with the problem of poor adaptability and flexibility of the hard threshold de-noising algorithm, we present an improved soft threshold HHT speech enhancement algorithm. Through MATLB software simulation to explore...
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Real-Time Interactive Performance QoS Research of the Online Web-game Control System

Qiang Zhang, Yiquan Kong
The provision of end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) for real-time interactive online web-game control system over IP-based networks is already an open issue. To achieve this goal, the paper used one method which contained optimization algorithm of real-time interactive online web-game in the model network....
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Research on the Motion Control for the Under-actuated Mechanical Systems

Zhigang Sun
This control of nonholonomic under actuated systems is an important field in nonlinear control. This thesis uses the example of an acrobat to illustrate the intelligent control of such systems. The acrobat is a two-link manipulator operating in a vertical plane. It consists of one joint each at the shoulder...
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On the resulting concrete structure corrosion mechanism and protective measures

Weilin Huang, Jinru Yu, Yibing Xie, Yujie Ge
As people more and more high to the requirement of construction quality, problems of construction engineering quality get more and more attention. Influencing factors on the quality of the construction project is varied, and omnipresent. Corrosion is the most important influencing factors of concrete...
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Research on the Application of Building Information Model Based on BIM Technology

Aimin Wei
BIM is a new term in the construction industry in recent years and it is also the inevitable outcome of the development of information technology in the construction industry. The full application of BIM technology will generate immeasurable impact of scientific and technological progress of construction,...
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Analysis on Fragmentation Injury of Glare Stun Grenade

Hongxiang Luo, Yongzhong Ma, Xiang Hu
The safety and reliability design of glare stun grenade is an important research direction of new riot bombs. This paper, with the purpose of studying the injury effect of a certain type of glare stun grenade, starting from the fragmentation injuries, analyzes the radius of injury of this glare stun...
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Application Study on New-Type Bamboo Materials in Space Design

Hongkun Peng, Songliu Cao
For lack of wood material resources, with the application of bamboo’s substitution for wood has great development potential. China is the first to use bamboo, and vigorously grow bamboo in the world. Bamboo culture has a long history in China and bamboo is one of the natural materials with the characteristic...
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Research on Influence of Different Damping Models on Anti-seismic Structures

ChangXian Zhou, ShaoPeng Zheng, CongRong Ren
The analysis and design methods based on energy not only is clear in concept and simple in form, but also better reflects the intensity of ground motion, spectral characteristics, in particular structural cumulative damage failure caused by the duration of strong earthquake. Therefore, seismic response...
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Research on the development and application of physical materials

Sujun Cheng
Material physics is a cross subject of physics and materials science and which is through a variety of physical techniques and physical effects, achieving the synthesis of materials, preparation, processing, modification and application. Material physics and chemistry play a leading role in high technical...
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Research on the Applications of Molecular Biotechnology in Medicine

Lan Wang, Fang Wang
In recent decades, molecular biological technology has gradually applied in western medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine. This paper firstly introduces the concept of molecular biological technology, and expounds the applications in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in western medicine and...
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Study on desalination of brackish water and causes of arid area

Ning Cao
References to relevant literature it summarizes the definition of standards, distribution and harm of brackish water, analysis of the causes of brackish water, and reviews the current use of more distillation, electro dialysis, using the reverse osmosis brackish water desalination method.
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Key Technologies Research of Distributed Storage Based on Cloud Computing

Shaolong Shan, Dongling Wu
Considered as the next generation computing model, cloud computing plays an important role in scientific and commercial computing area and draws great attention from both academia and industry fields. In the paper, cloud computing has been described in detail, while the key technologies of distributed...