Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Information Science and Technology Applications (ICISTA-2013)

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Application of Java Content Repository in Electronic Official Document Flow

Changgen Jiang
Electronic official document flow system mainly involves official document, attachment and other binary objects, database is not suitable to handle these unstructured data, file system does not support transaction, versioning and query language. This paper adopted java content repository to handle these...
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A Service-oriented Resource Monitoring Architecture in a Distributed Environment

Ping Zhang, Hui Xu
This paper analyzes two common resource monitoring architectures, GMA and MDS, in distributed environment. Based on the strengths and weaknesses of both two architectures, a service-oriented resource monitoring architecture (RMA) was proposed, which can be seen as a GMA mode monitoring system constructed...
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Computer Wargame System Based on HLA

Yunlong Li, Wenming Chen, Fen Yao
This paper proposes a set of design of computer wargame system based on HLA. This system can process the time sequence and logic sequence of command better than existing wargame system. The system simplifies the calculation of the logical process which is used to calculate war results.
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Explorations on Construction of Cognition-Aware Emergency Communication System

Haitao Wang, Lihua Song, Hui Chen, Li Yan, Shicai Zhu
Cognitive Radio (CR) and Cognitive Network (CN) can optimize system objects by dynamically assigning network resource and adjusting network operations in terms of network environments and conditions. So these two cognitive technologies are very suitable for building emergency communication system to...
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The design of touch screen driver based on Linux input subsystem and S3C6410 platform

Liangfeng Fu, Linbo Xie, Zhigang Zhou
A kind of resistive touch screen driver was developed based on S3C6410 platform and input subsystem in kernel of Linux 2.6 and higher. And to verify the driver’s function, this paper also did a test for it in detail. The test results show that the touch screen driver can properly capture the information...
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Energy-efficient MAC in Wireless Body Area Networks

Jingjing Yuan, Changle Li, Wu Zhu
Recently wireless body area network (WBAN) draws more and more attentions because of its benefits especially in health monitoring. As the sensor nodes in WBAN are battery-powered, energy efficiency is the top concern in the medium access control (MAC) protocol design. Therefore, in this paper, we propose...
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Several Considerations on Statistical Test Rule Induction Method

Yuichi Kato, Tetsuro Saeki, Shoutarou Mizuno
STRIM (Statistical Test Rule Induction Method) has been proposed as a method to effectively induct if-then rules from the decision table. The method was studied independently of the conventional rough sets methods. This paper summarizes the basic concept of STRIM, considers the relationship between STRIM...
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Real-Time BIST for Fault Detection in FPGA

Xiaoming Ju, Jiehao Zhang, Yizhong Zhang
Real-time fault detections are needed in systems which require high reliability. Some methods like online BIST can detect fault on runtime, but it cannot real-time detect the fault. In this article, three online self-checking methods for built-in fault detection will be presented. These detection methods...
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Retrospective analysis of Pulmonary Surfactant on Respiratory Distress Syndrome of Late Premature or Full-term Infants Paper Title

Hui Wu, Jing Cui, Dan Dang, Dongxuan Wang
This retrospective analysis evaluates the effcacy of pulmonary surfactant in respiratory distress syndrome treatment of late premature or trem infants. We compared infants receiving Curosurf pig pulmonary surfactant (PS group n=89) with those infants who didn’t (control group n=77). Both were treated...
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Epidemiological Analysis on 183 Cases of Congenital Syphilis

Hui Wu, Jing Cui, Dan Dang, Dongxuan Wang
To discuss the epidemiological characteristics of congenital syphilis. Methods: Retrospective analysed the 183 cases of congenital syphilis from Jan. 2002 to Jan. 2012 in our department, and the gestational age, sex, birth weight, delivery mode, age on admission, onset time, parents’ occupations, medical...
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A Retrospective Analysis of the Six-year Data of Respiratory Distress Syndrome of Premature Infants

Xin Mu, Dongxuan Wang, Cong Li, Hui Wu
To retrospectively analysis the clinical data of preterm infants diagnosed neonatal respiratory distress syndrome(NRDS) of our hospital in 2004-2009,and observe the efficacy of pulmonary surfactant(PS). Meth-ods Systematically review the medical records. Result: 257 cases preterm infants diagnosed NRDS...
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Absorption of Boundary Reflection on Simulation of Elastic Waves in Heterogeneous Medium

Baotong Liu
Suppression of boundary reflections is a critical issue in numerical simulation of elastic waves. For this purpose, many processing approaches of boundary are worked out. One of ideal methods is PML, which has been used widely. This paper uses PML absorbing boundary condition in the simulation of full...
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Non-explosion of solutions to fuzzy stochastic differential equations with non-Lipschitz coefficients

Weiyin Fei, Dandan He, Hongjian Liu
A class of fuzzy stochastic differential equations (FSDEs) with non-Lipschitzian coefficients is discussed. We first give the preliminaries on the fuzzy stochastic differential equations. Then the non-explosion of solutions to the FSDEs is studied. Finally, the conclusion is given.
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Integrating Technology in Teacher Education Curriculum and Pedagogical Practices: the Effects of Web-based Technology Resources on Pre-service Teachers’ Achievement in Teacher Education Training

Sani Alhaji Garba, Termit Kaur Ranjit Singh, Najeemah Mohammed Yusuf
Teachers’ ICT literacy skills and competence is a crucial factor that determines the success and sustainability of integrating the use of web-based technology resources in educational practices. Thus, ensuring effective technology integration in teacher education is accorded a deserving attention in...
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Developing An Integrated Model of Failure Model and Three Stages Model in ERP Implementation

Michiko Miyamoto, Shuhei Kudo, Kayo Iizuka
After analyzing the literature on IT failures, we have developed a failure model of ERP implementation with the system failure notions that defined by Saucer (1996) along with the Davis’s three stages model (1974). A structural equation modeling (SEM) was used to test the framework with data from 266...
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A Web Service Organization Method based on Cloud Cluster and Cloud Service Community

Pengfei Zhao, Ruzhi Xu, Zhikun Zhao, Peiyao Nie, Bo Fan
against the lower searching efficiency and lower precision existing in the web service discovery system, this paper puts forward a web service organization framework based on cloud service community. The community exists as a form of net built by the web services (nodes) and the cooperative relationships...
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Ecological zone Evaluated in Natural Reserve by GIS

Zhaoyang Li, Huifang Bai, Hong Guo, Jinlian Shi
As a special area of nature ecosystem, Nature Reserve is the core area to protect biodiversity, and an important part of government environment policy. Taking Beijing Labagoumen Nature Reserve as studying area, supported by multi-data resource as Digital Elevation Model and geo-spatial data, also spatial...
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The Discrete Space Vector Modulation Strategy for the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine with Large Inertia

Wei Chen, Xin Zhou
In order to reduce the torque ripple and improve the dynamic performance, a direct torque control strategy with special discrete space vector modulation (DSVM) for the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) control system with large inertia is proposed in this paper. With this discrete space vector...
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Writer Identification for Offline Handwritten Kanji without using Character Recognition Features

Ayumu Soma, Masayuki Arai
Most research on writer identification in the case of offline handwritten Kanji characters uses character recognition features. In this paper, we assume the following is representative of the writers' style: the start point, the end point, the angle of each stroke composing a Kanji character, and the...
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Stealth Performance Measurement for Radar Targets Based on Railborne Pseudo-Turntable Imaging

Weijie Yang, Xiongjun Fu, Lin Wang, Ting Li, Meiguo Gao
Stealth performance is an important factor to concern in modern aircrafts design. How to measure the targets’ radar stealth performance so as to guide the implementation of RCS reduction measures effectively, has always been a hot issue in the field of electromag-netism. This paper proposes a method...
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Rainfall Frequency Analysis of Sudan by Using Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods

Badreldin G. H. Hassan, Isameldin A. Atiem, Ping Feng
This paper deals with at-site rainfall frequency estimation in the case when also information on hydrological events from the past with extraordinary magnitude is available. For the joint frequency analysis of systematic observations and historical data, respectively, the Bayesian framework is chosen,...
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Academic Social Network Information Dissemination Model

Huaqiang Jiang, Yuncui Pan, Xiang Jie, Jianmei Miao
This paper constructs an academic social network information dissemination model. A social network dataset was established through acquiring the user relation in the website which named ResearchGate. The diagram of information dissemination trend were drew according to a dissemination statistical of...
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Compatibility Relation and its Application to Network Segmentation and Decentralization

D. Singh, T.O William-west
In this paper, some new properties of compatibility classes of a finite set endowed with a suitable compatibility relation are described. An algorithm to compute maximal compatibility classes is constructed and an application of maximal compatibles to network segmentation and decentralization is demonstrated.
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Extending and Improvising Service Discovery in MANET-relevant work and future proposal

Sumana Sinha, Snehanshu Saha
Web services are the key technologies for the web applications developed using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Many outsourced web services can be combined to provide value added services to the users. There are many challenges involved in its implementations. One of the essential challenges is...
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Expert system for web quality measurement

Bogdan Walek
Currently, there are a lot of web pages and web applications which are used for information administration, exchange and publication. However, the quality of the websites is very different. Nowadays there is the user testing approach for web quality measurement which increasing the level of the web quality....
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Modifying a game interface to take advantage of advanced I/O devices

Rubén J. Garcia, Milán Magdics, Antonio Rodríguez, Mateu Sbert
This paper describes the modifications required to use advanced, immersive I/O devices such as domes and Kinects in videogames (the case study includes four games). A standalone library of components has been created to allow easy adaptation of other games, with few modifications required in the game...
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An Evolutionary Algorithm using GP surrogate model for expensive constrained optimization problems

Meiyi Li, Hai Zhang, Rong Lv
In expensive constrained optimization problems, the evaluation of candidate solutions could be extremely computationally and/or financially expensive. This paper proposes a method, called DyHF-GP, for reducing computation costs and raising optimization efficiency, by combining Gaussian stochastic process...
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Encoding-Assisted Temporal Direct Mode Decision for B Pictures in H.264/AVC

Yanneng Fang, Yinyi Lin, Hui-Jane Hsieh
This paper proposes an encoding-assisted temporal DIRECT mode decision algorithm for H.264/AVC inter bi-predictive (B) frame video sequences to improve the coding efficiency. In the proposed algorithm, we employ motion vectors (MVs) of co-located block and its eight neighboring blocks for DIRECT mode...
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Research and Implementation of BHO-Based Content Filtering System

Ruibo Li, Xingwei Hao
Content filtering technology is a hot research topic in the field of Internet application. The traditional filtering algorithms, such as Error Back Propagation algorithm and KMP algorithm, in which sensitive words will be matched with the content to be retrieved one by one, and this reduces the efficiency...
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Design and Application of Photovoltaic Battery Digital Simulator

Wenhao Cai, Yun Li, Du Li
This paper uses a simplified mathematical model of engineering panels to accurately simulate the output characteristic of the solar cells only to know individual panels’ parameters. On photovoltaic characteristic curve fitting timeliness, the four broken-line method combined with linear interpolation...
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Performance of OFDM Systems Using Least Square Channel Estimation in High-Speed Railway Environment

Zhichao Sheng, Yong Fang
With the large-scale construction of high-speed railway, the impact of its high speed on Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) channel estimation has caused a wide range of concern. This paper studies the OFDM systems in high-speed railway environment and its channel estimation using least...
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Homogeneity Analysis of Rainfall event by Using ROI Approach

Badreldin G. H. Hassan, Isameldin A. Atiem, Ping Feng
The main purpose of this paper is to present and apply one of the statistical methodologies - the region of influence (ROI) approach - and form homogenous region/regions for rainfall frequency analysis in order to extract rainfall information guidelines for the Sudan basin. 15 gauging stations are selected,...
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The Impact of Personality Type on Techno stress: A Study among the Library Professionals of Engineering Colleges of Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore

Dr.K. Mahalakshmi, Dr.S. AllySornam
The technological revolution of this decade ha-s certainly brought about many changes in the functioning of libraries nowadays. Although it has allowed work to be carried out faster and more efficiently, many library professionals are not comfortable with the implementation of technology as it involves...
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A New Adaptive Algorithm for Digital Predistortion Using LS with Singular Value Decomposition

Qin Zhang, Zhibin Zeng
Adaptive algorithm plays an important role in digital predistortion for the linearization of power amplifiers. In this paper, a new approach which uses least square (LS) adaptive algorithm with singular value decomposition (SVD) is presented. When calculating inversion matrix of power amplifier model,...
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An Improved Particle Filter Approach for Real-time Pedestrian Tracking in Surveillance Video

Yaowen Guan, Xiaoou Chen, Yuqian Wu, Deshun Yang
This paper presents a method for pedestrian tracking in surveillance video, and the method is based on an improved particle filter. In our algorithm, the dynamics is modeled as a second-order autoregressive process. And for the observation model, color histogram features are used for likelihood measure....