Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Literature, Art and Human Development (ICLAHD 2020)

216 authors
Zhao, Lanwendi
Internet Public Opinion on Controversial Policy: A Case Study on Weibo Comments on An E-commerce Live-streaming Policy
Zhao, Run
Postmodern Artistic Expression: An Analysis of Popularity of Wild Wolf Disco
Zhao, Yiting
The Research Process of Chopin Etudes in China in Recent Twenty Years
Zheng, zhenfen
What Does Rationality Mean for Marxism
Zhong, Xueyi
Compositional Stochastic Model Checking Probabilistic Automata via Assume-Guarantee Reasoning
Research on the Inheritance and Development of “Dragon Dance Culture” from the Perspective of Lingnan Culture
Changes and Reflections on the “Teaching and Learning Methods” of Dance Subjects Under the Epidemic
Zhou, Li
Narrative Strategy and Communication Value of Medical Documentary Program in TV
Zhou, Peng
The Benevolent Loves Others--The inheritance and Development of Xi Jinping’s View of Benevolence to the World Under the Background of a Community With a Shared Future for Mankind
Zhou, Yetongle
Application Analysis of Holographic Projection Technology in Intelligent Exhibition
Zhou, Yu
On the Early Marxists’ Cognition and Application of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture
Zhou Yi, Wei
Comparative Analysis of School Training and Industry Demand Differences in Game Music and Sound Industry
Zhu, Tongfei
A Comparative Study of Cultural Differences Between English and Chinese—A Case Study of Chinese and English Greetings
Zhu, Xun
The Transformation of Imagination into Common Memories in Literary Works
Zong, Xueliang
A Comparative Analysis of Daozhen Nuo Dance and Yongjing Nuo Dance From the Perspective of Intangible Heritage
Imagination, Metaphor and Adpe: The Historical Reconstruction of Domestic Plague-Themed Films