Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Literature, Art and Human Development (ICLAHD 2020)

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Research on Blended Learning Based on Internet Plus Education Model

ZiYan Zhang, Zhe Yang
This article analyzes the influence of “Internet +” on traditional classroom teaching elements, based on the construction of a talent training program design framework, the hybrid teaching concept, and the design of hybrid teaching courses, it aims to provide reference for higher education teaching,...
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Influence of Michael Corleone’s Personalities on His Relationship With Other Characters in Trilogy of The Godfather

Longhe Cao
Analyzing the personalities and relationship of the characters is an effective method for both the professionals and the ordinary audience to comprehend movies. By discovering and explaining how Michael Corleone in The Godfather influences his relationship with other characters, this dissertation is...
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Prediction of China’s Future Democratic Development From the Perspective of Rousseau

RunYang Yao
Rousseau’s general will theory has an important significance on today’s political society. However, the establishment of the sovereign guided by the general will has formed the opposition between the general will and the will of all. Whether the general will can “rise” as the will of all and how to get...
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Explore the Basic Development Trend of Contemporary Art — Cure of art

Boyu You
With the acceleration of life rhythm, people’s work and study pressure is increasing. Young people have just entered society. They face important life choices such as fast-paced, stressful work, trivial daily life, emotions and marriage. In the face of all kinds of problems, people naturally want to...
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Let Painting Become Painting--An Analysis of the Characteristics of 70 to 90 Specialty Creation in Art Academy Education

Hongli Liang
I have been engaged in professional teaching of the Academy of Fine Arts for twenty years, during which I have witnessed the graduation creation of previous graduates, and in the work also gradually found some interesting phenomenon and these phenomena reflected by the social factors and the corresponding...
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Understanding Deep Learning by Methodology in the Dialectics of Nature

Zirui Cao, Yanghao Li
In this paper, deep learning is discussed which is considered a branch in the modern AI subject with fastest development. First of all, the history of the deep learning is reviewed and then the nature of the black-box in the deep learning is pointed out. With the nature of the black-box (a device, system...
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Death, What Gives Life Life in Ascent to Omai

Siyu He
Wilson Harris’s exposure to both indigenous and Western culture provided him with a well-rounded understanding of the importance of death. In Ascent to Omai, the contrasting concepts in the book are so fluid and ambiguous that the author manages to cross the line into a gray area. The paper also examines...
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Analysis on the Role of Convergent Journalism in Media Community and Press Circles

Jiaying Liu
This paper is based on the freshly-minted Html-5 format of Internet, gradually replacing the Html-4.01 technology, which is catching on quickly among media users globally, and surely its interactive form and more advanced elements have appealed numerous users. To find out the impact of this burgeoning...
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Influence of Benevolent Sexism on the Stereotype of Women

Take Laundry and Automotive Advertisement as Examples

Ruowei Yu
Gender inequality has become a severe problem with the development of digital media, including advertising. Although women appearing in advertisements now have multi-dimensional characteristics than before, gender sexism still exists in today’s advertisements seriously. This research attempts to discuss...
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Analysis on Lu Xun’s Attitudes Towards the Imperial Examination System—Take Kong Yiji as an Example

Ziyu Yang
Lu Xun was one of the leaders of the May 4th Movement, which was an anti-imperialist, cultural, and political movement. He was mostly regarded as a representative writer, whose main proposition was against Confucianism and Chinese traditions. However, the author reckons that what Lu Xun tried to criticize...
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Analysis on the Noise of People’s Daily Information Expression During Covid-19 Epidemic

Shangqing Zhang
In today’s developed “information explosion” era, the network of new media has become an indispensable source of information in modern society. Nowadays, almost everyone in China relies on emerging information exchange platforms such as Weibo, Tik-Tok and WeChat official accounts to get news, information...
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Analysis on the Impact of New Media During COVID-19 Epidemic

Xiangyi Li
During the COVID-19, the new media played an important role in conveying information, guiding public opinion and reassuring people. New medias have rallied people’s minds and encouraged the public not to give up in the face of the epidemic. In addition, the new media was being developed rapidly and used...
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Training Mechanism and Guarantee of “Dual-Qualified” Teachers in Medical Vocational Colleges

Qianqian He
The development and implementation of education and teaching in medical vocational colleges need to be carried out and implemented according to their own characteristics and teaching goals. This not only requires teachers to innovate and optimize teaching models, concepts, methods and content, schools...
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From Plato to Locke: The Development of Western Political Philosophy

Zirui Ying
Plato and Locke are two famous philosophers in the history. They both have their own political philosophy theory. Studying the different their theory is also studying the development of western political philosophy. This paper is to show the development of western political philosophy by finding out...
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The Influence of Animation on Japanese Course Selection for Teenagers

With the increasing popularity of Japanese animation, the number of Chinese teenagers in foreign language high schools who choose Japanese electives has increased proportionally. In order to study how animation promotes Japanese learning tendency, this article elaborates specific development processes...
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Compositional Stochastic Model Checking Probabilistic Automata via Assume-Guarantee Reasoning

Xueyi Zhong
With analysis on two highly discussed Chinese style culture and creative products (Nike Air Foamposite One Tianjing and Jade Hare & Laurel washi tapes from the Palace Museum), this paper attempts to explore whether they indicate different Chinese and western philosophy and aesthetics, discussing...
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An Analysis of the Integration of Anti-Cult Education into Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities Under the Perspective of New Media

Xueying Dai
With the rapid development of Internet technology, various ideas of good and bad are widely spread among college students through the use of new media, which has a huge impact on college students’ world outlook, outlook on life and values. In the era of new media, the Integration of Anti-cult Education...
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Analysis on the Online Propaganda Business Transformation of Chinese Traditional Media During the COVID-19 Epidemic

Fangzheng Shi
Though some traditional media firms and organizations have an awareness of the necessity of transformation to new media or turn to convergence media, more accurately, few have done it thoroughly. The barriers can be various. COVID-19 virus, as a precipitately global disaster on finance and safety, has...
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Analysis of Social Class Inequality Based on the Movie Parasite

Chang Liu
This paper aims to study the gap between the rich and poor reflected in movie Parasite. Through the analysis of the audio-visual language of the movie, this article starts with the storytelling of Parasite, enumerates and analyses the elements that appear in the movie to reflect the gap between the rich...
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Decreasing Chinese Cultural Competence Level During COVID-19 and Ways to Better the Situation

Danyi Yu, Lujing Rui, Yihan Jia, Yuxin Feng
In the following study analyzing the change in Chinese Weibo users’ cultural competence before and after exposure to Western responses Chinese media transcribes as Weibo posts, six events were selected with their top 30 most-liked comments categorized according to the code of cultural competence created...
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A Comparison of the Representation of Women in Contemporary Chinese Cinema: The Fifth Generation and the Sixth Generation

Sidi Wu
Under the context of globalization, Chinese culture increasingly absorbs Western theories of humanism and feminism, while the representation of women in Chinese cinema develops throughout times. Comparing the Fifth Generation’s filmmakers and the Sixth’s Generation’s filmmakers in China, the latter are...
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On the Embodiment of Urban Culture in Film Creation—A Comparative Analysis of Infernal Affairs and the Departed

Lihang Tang
With the rapid development of the world economy, culture is increasingly globalized. Movies attract more and more attentions as an important cultural communication and output device.This brings opportunities for film and television practitioners, but also brings more challenges. The audiences in the...
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Essential Elements for a Successful Family Film-Take 102 NOT OUT as an Example

Yunyi Wang
In recent years, more and more family films started to enter the film market with a relatively high reputation and box office. Shoplifters from Japan and Coco from Mexico can both be typical examples of them. This research mainly focus on making a family film by seeking the essential elements in the...
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Postmodern Artistic Expression: An Analysis of Popularity of Wild Wolf Disco

Run Zhao
Wild Wolf Disco became one of the most popular songs on the Internet in 2019, attracting most concerns. Meanwhile, its original song and diverse adaptations have gained widespread popularity from the audience. The paper mainly analyzes the style, features, elements, and lyrics of Wild Wolf Disco, as...
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A Corpus-Based Study on Character Image Shaping in English Translated Version of Kuang Ren Ri Ji

Deng Lin
This article takes a corpus-based approach and conducts a research that investigates the different protagonist images shaped in three different translations of Kuang Ren Ri Ji. It is argued that Lovell’s translation shapes a protagonist with diluted features of the original one, Lyell’s translation shapes...
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The Use of Color and Music in Audio Visual Language of Animated Film—Take Coco as An Example

Zheyi Qiu
As one of the most important artistic features of animated film, audio-visual language is developing constantly, which creates a lot of excellent animated film works. Coco is an outstanding example in this respect, which mainly talks about the wonderful adventure of a little boy who likes music in the...
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Analysis of Chinese Elements in Zhang Yimou’s Films—Take Hero as an Example

Yixiang Fang
Chinese elements are favored by many Chinese directors to use in films. Such film elements can make literary films or commercial films full of more cultural deposits and values. The Chinese elements in the film will also support more interlocking plots in the film, and they are used in many ways in films,...
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The Negative Effects of TV on Left-Behind Children and the Counter Measures – Survey on Children in Dabie Mountain

Junjiao Sun
With the rapid development of urbanization, there are more and more left behind children. They are teenagers in rural areas, mountain villages, and other remote areas, and they have to be left at their hometowns and live with their grandparents or others because one or both of their parents have been...
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Analysis on the Effect of Meta-cinema Factors on Audience—Taking ONE CUT OF THE DEAD as an Example

Ziyang Chen
Metacinema is a kind of film tells story about film and things correlated to films, which can include pre-planning, shooting process, and editing process. This article will take One Cut of the Dead as an example and analyses its structure and how it controls the audience’s emotions. Then the author will...
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Analysis of The Life You Save May Be Your Own From Deconstructive Perspective

Hao Sun
This article takes a short story The life You Save May Be Your Own as an experimental case to analyze deconstructive ideology of excavating the paradoxes and conflicts. Selecting this story is because of its canny design of the fusion of succinct plot and whimsical characters, elevating the possibility...
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Analysis of the Human Nature in Modern China Based on Lu Xun’s Works

Zilu Deng
Modern China is a critical period of China because during this period, plentiful literature and artistic works were produced by various writers and artists. Along with the political movements, people’s minds and thoughts had changed dramatically with the influence of these works. The purpose of this...
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Differences Between Rawls and Locke: From the Perspectives of Rationality and Equality

Wenzhang Pan
This essay intends to criticize the theory of John Rawls on justice as fairness. In order to do so, this essay chooses the strong and well-argued theory of John Locke on human rights and the civil government as a contrast. This essay holds the opinion that the choice of Rawls to base his theory entirely...
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The Struggles and Gains of the Soviet Union: The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Hanxiao Li
The Non-Aggression Pact between Nazis Germany and Soviet Russia, also noted as the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, was signed in August, 1939 — right before the invasion of Poland. It is commonly interpreted that the Non-Aggression pact was one of the essential triggers of WWII, and the center of the thesis...
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Dramatic Tension in Hitchcock’s Films—Taking North by Northwest as an Example

Junming Jiang
North by Northwest was directed by Hitchcock in 1959, which represented Hitchcock’s filming style. This paper attempts to analyze how Hitchcock constructed dramatic tension and the uniqueness of dramatic tension in his films. In addition, this paper aims to discover ways that film workers today can learn...
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Exploration on the Path of Intangible Cultural Heritage Endowed Beautiful Rural Construction From the Perspective of Art Education —The case of Yunfu Stone Art

Yiqing Yang
The development of socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. In the pursuit of rapid economic development today, although the construction of “beautiful countryside” has made certain achievements, it still faces some problems, among which, the more prominent one is the loss of traditional...
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Analysis of Traumatic Narrative Style in Movies—Take Manchester By the Sea as an Example

Siyu Zhang
Manchester by the sea was directed by Kenneth Lonergan. The film tells a sad and dramatic story through a tragic but calm narrative. The film was released in 2016 and was nominated for the 89th Academy Awards. This is not only the success of small-cost movies, but also the success of the director’s narrative...
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Analysis on the Characteristics and Formation of Network’ Public Opinion Reversal

Weiyi Yang
As a new a form of communication, new media has greatly optimized the current news acquisition channels, news timeliness, and information interaction, and has become the main choice for the public to obtain information. However, in recent years, public opinion reversal incidents have occurred frequently....
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Research on Chinese Middle Classes’Marriage View From Perspective of Marxism

Meiqian Xin
This paper analyzes the views on marriage based on the middle social classes’ culture formed in China. It suggests that China has social class, and the culture creates different cognition and views on marriage. The paper is less concerned about the economic mode of production but more toward class interaction...
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An Analysis of the Marriage Crisis of Modern Chinese Intellectuals in Regret for the Past

Longrun Wang
This paper attempted a close study of the marriage tragedy in Lu Xun’s famous short story Regret for the Past with a focus on the contradictory relationship between traditional “family culture” and individualism of Chinese society in the 1920s. According to Lu Xun’s intention, the fictional tragedy can...
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Comparison Between Rural Works of Shen Congwen and Lu Xun

Wanjun Yang
Lu Xun and Shen Congwen are both masters of rural literature in the history of modern Chinese literature. They perceived rural China and interpreted rural culture from their own unique perspective. Although they took different paths, their patriotism about the country are in common. Lu Xun pioneered...
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Brief Analysis on Monumentality in Architectures Based on the Itamaraty Palace of Oscar Niemeyer

Shiyang Xu
Many architectural works convey a kind of eternal monumentality to the audiences through the architects’ ingenious use of space and physical elements. The author explains the definition of architectural monumentality, deeply explore the artistic characteristics of monumental design and its commonly used...
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On Mencius’ Thoughts of Friendship

Yaxin Cui, Na Yu
As one of the most important representatives of Chinese Confucian Thoughts, Mencius’s thoughts of friendship not only enriched its connotation, but also gave deep social meanings to the activity of making friends. Faced with increasingly frequent social mobility since the end of the Spring and Autumn...
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Disordered Ego and Deficient Self-Awareness—A Freudian Interpretation on Tung Zhen-Bao in Eileen Chang’s Red Rose White Rose

Cheng-Ping Ku
This paper aims to reveal a disordered selfness represented and reflected in the main character Tung Zhen-Bao in Eileen Chang’s Red Rose White Rose. Through a series of examinations and interpretations with Freudian human psyche theory—Id, ego and super-ego as well as the Freudian pleasure principle...
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Chinese Art Appreciation and Collection Under Aesthetical Perspective

Zhiqian Chen
At current information era, people has already been not satisfied with the material life. Thus, the pursuit of spiritual life and a better taste has been brought into modern people’s lives and art collections then exists as a symbol of their owner’s tastes. The long time span of artworks and their massive...
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Study on Adaptations in Bestseller Translation From the Perspective of Ethics

Xiuying Lu, Yuanyuan Feng, Xin Xie
With the booming copyright trade in the world, bestsellers are increasingly exported to different destinations. As market-oriented and readers-targeted cultural products, bestseller translation lays emphasis on profitability, readability and popularity. Firstly, this paper defines and classifies adaptations...
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On the Negative Effects of Aurangzeb’s Extreme Policies

Junjie Ma
The regime of the Mughal Empire was composed of Islamized Turks. It would be a hard hit to the country if the ruling class who is an exotic religion could not deal with the majority of non-Muslims well. Based on some extreme policies of Aurangzeb period, this paper analyzes the negative effects of his...
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Generational Politics in Toer’s Work

Fungleong Chan
Throughout Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s work, the reader can discover the younger generations that were leading the movements for progressive change within Indonesia. One motive to demand change was the desire to escape from the constant warfare the young generation had experienced under the rule of the Dutch...
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Society, Desire, Cognition, Character--The Multiple Divisions in The Great Gatsby

Jiana Liu
In F.S. Fitzgerald’s acknowledged masterpiece The Great Gatsby, he shows the problems hidden behind the rapid economic development in the United States in the 1920s, such as the widening gap between the rich and the poor, the pursuit of material, the loss of faith and so on. These questions create divisions...
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Analysis on the Low Hit of the Film Mulan in Chinese Market From Cutural Differences Between China and Western Countries

Yutong Yang
As we know, Culture is the spiritual aspect that can reflects the economy, politics and social development level of a nation, which can be inherited by people and can spread way of thinking, value concept, lifestyles, code of behavior, arts and specific science and technology of a certain country and...
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Is There a Place Without Darkness Under Surveillance? A comparative Study of George Orwell’s 1984 and Liu Cixin’s the Mirror

Rao Cheng
George Orwell’s 1984 is one of the most influential English novels of the 20th century. It is not only a political fable but also a science fiction novel with prophetic nature. Liu Cixin’s The Mirror is included in the collection of short stories Time Immigration, which successfully links reality and...
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Power, Democracy and City-State Interests Is Pericles a Supporter of Democracy?

Junyi Xiang
The importance of democracy itself in classical times is remarkable. Pericles was the most important statesman of Athens in the fifth century BC. His reign is regarded as the golden age of Athenian democracy. During this time, he was a model democratic politician. His power derives entirely from the...
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Research on Campus Promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage Project

Shuxun Qu, Hongmin Yang
China’s traditional culture is rich and colorful, among which the intangible cultural heritages in China is the most selected in UNESCO list. Although China is rich in non-legacy resources, such as traditional skills, arts and traditional medicine, however, the living environment is not optimistic for...
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Innovative Strategies of College English Education in the Era of Big Data

Fa-de Wang, Minglan Zhang
The era of big data provides opportunities and challenges for college English education. There are some deficiencies in current college English teaching which restrict the development of teaching activities. By analysing the problems in college English teaching, this paper points out teachers should...
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Water and Woman: Ophelia’s Femininity in the Elizabethan Age

Xinyi Chen
To further the studies about Shakespeare’s Ophelia in the play Hamlet, this paper will discuss Ophelia and her femininity by looking at the association between water and woman. By exploring the attributes of the dew and Ophelia’s womanhood, as well as the connection between the two, we can find the implied...
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The Innovation of Shoushan Stone Carving Under the Background of Contemporary Diversified Art Market

shijin Lei
As a national intangible cultural heritage, Shoushan stone carving is the crystallization of Chinese national cultural spirit and people’s wisdom. With the process of economic development and globalization, to strengthen and expand Shoushan stone carving industry and make Shoushan stone carving get effective...
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China and Israel and the ‘Period of Silence,’ 1955-1978

Tianqi Feng
In the history of Sino-Israeli relations, this period (from 1955 to 1978) is often treated by scholars as a kind of “period of silence,” when China and Israel had no contact with one another. The lack of contact between the two countries during this period has translated into a lack of research about...
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The Nature of Chinese Characters

Jie Sheng
How to determine Chinese characters’ nature scientifically involves the construction and understanding of the system of Chinese characters, which has been academic circles’ focal point ever since the 20th century with great differences. The nature of Chinese characters is the core of the research on...
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Female Identity and Construction in Fashion—Based on Simmel’s fashion philosophy

Huijie Xu
Simmel stated in The Philosophy of Fashion that fashion exists in the tension of difference and integration. As a product of class differentiation, fashion not only separates different groups, but also recognizes the same groups. Women are imprisoned by fixed symbolic boundaries and cultural dilemmas....
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Analysis of the Current Situation and Trend of Chinese Music Education Under the Framework of Supply and Demand Theory

Hanlu Zhang
Through reading a large number of literature, this paper first explains the definition of music education, and then studies the current situation of Chinese music education from the perspective of supply and demand analysis framework. On the demand side, the author uses PEST model to analyze the value...
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On the Differences Between Chinese and Western Cultures From the Perspective of the Movie GuaSha Treatment

Can Wang, Yongyi Wen
Culture is the accumulation of various nationalities through a long history, each national culture has its own characteristics due to regional differences. Due to the great differences between different cultures, misunderstandings often occur in the process of cultural communication, which may cause...
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The Contemporary Development of Creative Industry of Domestic Ceramics of Jingdezhen

Mingyu Liu
Cultural creative industry refers to the industry with culture as the soul, creativity as the core, science and technology as the support, and the development and application of intellectual property rights as the main body. It is considered as one of the most promising industries in the world in the...
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Application Analysis of Holographic Projection Technology in Intelligent Exhibition

Yetongle Zhou, Jiankang Zhang
Holographic projection technology,as a new technology,can completely record the light information such as amplitude and phase contained in the reflected or projected light waves of the target object.It has the characteristics of interactivity,plot,transitivity and so on.It can be divided into air projection...
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The New Path of Innovation in the Ideological Guidance of Graduate Students in Colleges and Universities—Practice and Exploration of the Brand Activity of “ Professor Tea Time”

Yan Li
“Leading Life, Professor Tea Time” activities have been established in our school for six years, which has a remarkable effect on students’ ideological guidance and novel forms of activities. Give full play to the educational function of grass-roots organization construction, so that the ideological...
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Analysis on Some Like It Hot From Ideological Approach

Qinghua Li
In all the film works of 2016, the small-cost comedy Some Like It Hot became the black horse of the year with a total box office of 1.441 billion. This paper is guided by the 20th century Western literary theory and analyzes it from the ideology dimension.
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Chinese Finiteness Marking by Directionals

Xinhan Jiang
Finiteness is generally marked by tense and agreement in languages like English, but can also be marked by directionals in Chinese. Spatial PPs can be categorized into locative PPs and directional PPs, and directional PPs can be further categorized according to their different syntactic roles. Some directional...
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The Division of Stages in the Development of Narratology Based on the Three Dimentions

Shuyi Fang
The development of narratology is accompanied by a continuous deepening or supplementation of the level of research, presenting distinct phases. Through comparative argumentation, the possibility and significance of introducing narrative text analysis into the theory of “three dimentions” of Chinese...
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On the Early Marxists’ Cognition and Application of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture

Yu Zhou
Chinese excellent traditional cultural genes carry profound traditional cultural heritage and ideological nutrition. They are treasures in the thinking system of Chinese thought history and a solid foundation for the cultural self-confidence of the Chinese nation. They finally chose Marx’s scientific...
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Analysis of Dialogue Translation in Jane Eyre from the Perspective of Cooperative Principle

Qinghua Li
Jane Eyre, one of Charlotte Brontë’s masterpieces, has won great popularity in the circle of English literature. There are many classic dialogues in it. The dialogues are full of wits and are of multifunction, and have been regarded as the most impressive and memorable part in this novel.This thesis...
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Research on SLA and English Teaching in the Past Ten Years: Current Status and Prospects

Nan Jiang
On the basis of combing the literature related to second language acquisition and English teaching in the past ten years, this paper analyzes the literature from the perspectives of research quantity, content and methods, summarizes the development status of related research, gives examples of some research...
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The Technical Framework and Application of Cloud Exhibition

Li Xu, Zhang Jiankang
Cloud exhibition is a typical presentation of intelligent exhibitions. Its technical framework includes live marketing, 3D display, instant messaging, intelligent translation, video conference, cloud signing, etc. Cloud exhibition is based on webcast and combined with various exhibition application scenarios...
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Promoting Students’ Learning Quality by Competition: A Comparative Study Between the Listening Part of TEM-4 and NECCS(Level-B)

Liqiao Liang
Promoting Students’ Learning Quality by Competition aims at improving students’ academic capabilities by encouraging them to attend competitions relevant to their majors, this teaching method is popular nowadays. The author intends to make a comparative study from the aspects of knowledge, question-types...
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Research on Motivation of Higher Vocational Students in English Learning

Yutong Yang
The Higher Vocational Education is not only an important component of national educational system, but also a pivotal means to solve the shortage of skilled workforce in enterprises. Early back to 2016, China has already formulated specialized regulations about the higher vocational education. “The Craftsmen...
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The Application and Practical Exploration of Flipped Classroom Thinking in Vocal Music Course of Musicology Major

Fengxian He
The flipped classroom teaching model is characterized by students’ active learning and is widely concerned. Vocal music courses of music education majors in Chinese colleges and universities have been drawing lessons from the teaching model of vocal music performance majors, which cannot meet the requirements...
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Research on the Inheritance and Development of “Dragon Dance Culture” from the Perspective of Lingnan Culture

With the introduction of the responsibility consciousness of intangible cultural heritage protection, China’s “intangible cultural heritage” protection atmosphere appears a new look. In the propagation of China’s intangible cultural heritage, organizers consciously expand intangible cultural heritage...
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The Interaction Between Liu Bang and the Group of Generals

Yangfan Zhang
According to the research of Li Kaiyuan, the foundation of the regime in the early Western Han Dynasty was the class named Military Meritocracy, but there were various groups and clans existing in this huge class, and the most influential group was the group of generals. The members of this group were...
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Macbeth’s and ZHUGE Liang’s Fate Explained Through I Ching

Liguo LOU
I Ching, also translated as Yijing or The Changes, is a work on the “law of change” that is universally applicable to the natural world and human society. It originated from China but belongs to all the human kind. It is a treasure to the world civilization and is still valuable to all walks of life....
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Analysis of Female Consciousness in Jane Austen’s Works

Xiaoxi Cui
Jane Austen is the most important and most famous female writer during the 18th and 19th centuries in British history. She has written 6 novels during her whole life based on her own life experiences and her own understanding of women’s love and marriage. Most of the novels she has written are world-famous...
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A Comparative Study of Chinese and English Taboos

Xiaowei Ma, Zhengbing Liu
Taboo language is an important part of national culture and customs. It is of great significance to understand the taboo differences between the two sides in cross-cultural communication. The author finds that there are different taboo expressions in death, disease, number, personal privacy, name and...
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The Benevolent Loves Others--The inheritance and Development of Xi Jinping’s View of Benevolence to the World Under the Background of a Community With a Shared Future for Mankind

Hua Zhang, Xiaorui Li, Peng Zhou
The View of World is one of the vital concepts in the Confucianism. Initially completed by Duke of Zhou and then further developed by Confucius and Mencius, it has been known by people since the ancient time. Confucius put forward Benevolence. Benevolence is the central theory of Confucius’ ideological...
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Design and Analysis of Township Public Health Service APP

bei Zhang, Jiaxin Fang
Objective Based on the background of the new coronavirus pneumonia, this paper studied the problems existing in the APP of the existing township public health service, and explored the APP design strategies that can solve the problems in the existing township public health service. Methods Based on the...
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What Does Rationality Mean for Marxism

zhenfen Zheng
From Marxism’s “philosophy of annihilation” to Vladimir Lenin’s division of the three main parts of Marxist theory, later scholars have cast some doubt on Marxist philosophy thought, questions have been raised as to whether those who study Marxism’s ideas are imposing the name of philosophy on their...
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The Research Process of Chopin Etudes in China in Recent Twenty Years

Visual Analysis Based on Citespace

Yiting Zhao, Qing Yang
Based on Citespace bibliometrics software and CNKI database, this paper explores the research status of Chopin Etudes in recent twenty years by using visual analysis technology. Using Citespace bibliometrics software, the time interval is set from January 1, 2000 to August 1, 2020, and the related literatures...
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Research on Promoting Marine Education From the Perspective of Marxist Ocean View

Sitong Liu, Xin Tian
Since the strategy of maritime power was put forward, the report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC further put forward that “Chinese should adhere to the overall planning of land and sea and accelerate the building of a maritime power”. Therefore, it is an important task for schools to cultivate...
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Research on the Development of Chinese “Network Generated Documentaries”

DeMin He, WenHui Li
Study Report of the Development of Chinese Documentary in 2018 demonstrates that Internet, currently the largest carrier that broadcasts documentaries, has commenced to substitute for television screen, while the audience tend to be younger and inclusive, which presents a new communication pattern and...
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On Becker’s Art Distribution System

Sociologist Howard S. Becker creatively introduced the theory of symbolic interaction into the field of art. The art participants under the perspective of semiotic interactionism are closely connected, and eventually a large, complex and interwoven social organization -- the art world is derived. The...
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The Triumph of the Strategies of Submission: Constance in Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Hongyan Du
Lady Chatterley’s Lover has long been condemned as an indecent and obscene book to read. Its author D. H. Lawrence also has been taken as a male chauvinist who has degraded women in his novels. This paper appeals that we need to start from the idea that Lawrence is firstly an insightful writer, rather...
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On the Religious Emotion Revealed in the Poetry of Puritanical Christina Georgina Rossetti

Li-hong LI
Christina Georgina Rossetti is one of the most talented poetesses in English literary history. The devout religious beliefs made her poems overflow with very biblical colors. Rossetti enjoyed revealing her strong religious emotions in almost all her single poems. Her puritanical religious emotion was...
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Study on Back Translation of Tao Te Ching: The Taoism of Lao Tzu Explained by Stefan Stenudd

Jing Chen
The traditional classic Tao Te Ching has aroused widespread attention from overseas sinologists, who have contributed to numerous English translations of Tao Te Ching. This paper studied back translation based on Tao Te Ching: The Taoism of Lao Tzu Explained by Stefan Stenudd, integrating multiple approaches...
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Biographical Studies of Ernest Hemingway in the 21st Century: New Trends and New Features

Siyu Chen
The biographical criticism of Ernest Hemingway, as an indispensable part of Hemingway studies, has been playing a crucial role in injecting vigor and vitality with its vast number of biographical works, rich content and various forms. This paper focuses on the new Hemingway biographies published since...
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A Critique of the Empirical Interpretation of Language

Shuyin Jin
In this paper, I argue that the empirical interpretation of language (EIL hereafter) in 17th century is inadequate. According to empiricists, ex., Hobbes and Locke, all languages are records of thoughts or ideas, which thus correspond to our experience of external objects. However, I argue that this...
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COVID-19: Naming Process and the Mechanism Behind Stigmatisation

Wange Li
This paper considers the development of naming process of COVID-19 pandemic and its interaction with the mechanism of stigmatisation formed toward certain groups. The majority of data collected were from online newspapers, mass social medias and Chinese we-medias. I have applied discourse analysis throughout...
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On the Narration of Space in the Novel Rope

Xiaoxiao Liu, Xinjun Fu
Catherine Anne Porter is one of the most important writers in the south of the United States in the twentieth Century. Most of her novels are based on life, with profound meaning in the rich atmosphere of life. The novel Rope, with a common Rope as a clue, shows a common quarrel between ordinary couples....
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On the Correction of the Pernicious Europeanized Chinese in E-C Translation: —A Contrastive Study of 2 Versions of The History of the Second World War

Liqiao Liang, Xiaobo Zhang
The “Europeanization of Chinese” is a linguistic phenomenon, which is reflected in the composition of words, sentences, etc.; it can enrich Chinese expressions, but can also bring negative consequences known as the “pernicious Europeanized Chinese”. This paper will discuss the phenomenon of “Europeanization”...
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Analysis of the New Meaning of “Cloud”

Hui Shi, Yingbo Li
The appearance of a new word and new meaning is often closely related to social life, based on the popularization of intelligent informatization and the acceleration of Internet upgrading, the development of the “cloud age” is slightly mature, learning and working are processed in the cloud with one...
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On the Subjectivity of Chinese in Li Rui’s Novels

Jian Wang
Li Rui comes up with an idea that a writer should express his idea through Chinese characters. He tries to recover confidence on Chinese with a unique way of himself. Li Rui describes a national memory and the real situation of Chinese people. Only through the real situation can we realize where we are...
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Study on the Spread of Animation in the Prevention and Control of New Crown Epidemic

xinyu Zhang, lin Wang
At the beginning of 2020, a sudden outbreak of new crown epidemic spread across the world. In this fight against the new crown epidemic epidemic, there is a special force. Although it does not provide tools or medicines for disease prevention and treatment, it has provided information and knowledge about...
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A Comparative Study of Chinese and English Expressions of Thanks and Their Responses

Siyu Xie, Zhengbing Liu
Thanks and their responses play an important role in intercultural communication. Based on the similarities and differences between Chinese and English, this paper makes a comparative study of the similarities and differences between Chinese and English thanks and their responses. The authors have found...
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Changes and Reflections on the “Teaching and Learning Methods” of Dance Subjects Under the Epidemic

Affected by the spread of the epidemic caused by the COVID-19, the Ministry of Education requires students to “non-stop learning” and teachers “non-stop teaching” during the postponement of school new term start. Therefore, all primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities follow the intention...
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Research on the Psychological Trend of Love and Marriage among Post-90s Female Graduate Students

Yan Li
Post-90s female graduate students in art colleges and universities are open-minded, confident, and pay attention to emotional experience and inner needs. They pursue an ideal marriage mode and yearn for a high-quality spiritual life. Their acceptance and tolerance of premarital sex are very high, and...
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Taking the Political Construction of the Party as the Leader and the Construction of the “Three-Type” Party Branch as the Grasping Hand, We Will Continue to Strengthen the Party Building Work of the Organs of Private Colleges and Universities

Siding Kong, Yiheng Wang
The Party building work of private colleges and universities is an important part of the school work, which has a very important influence on the teaching, scientific research, management and service work of the school. By strengthening the construction of the “three-type” Party branch of the private...