Proceedings of the International Conference on Business and Engineering Management (ICONBEM 2021)

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An Experimental Study of Retailer-Brand Collaboration: Duration and Perceived Fit Towards Consumer Behavior

Anindhitya Andriani, Tengku Ezni Balqiah
Indonesian retailers such as department stores tend to use sales promotions by discounting items, which has caused the consumer to be less likely to pay at fu ll price and learn to postpone their purchase. Therefore, this study investigates the effects of limited-edition strategy in a retailer-brand...
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An FMEA-Based Approach to Waste Reduction A Case on a Make-to-Order Company

Didik Wahjudi, Yosua Dhiemas Picky Projesa
Firms conduct activities to satisfy the need of their customers. However, some activities do not add value to customers. Authors propose some approaches to identify and reduce these wastes. By reducing waste, it is expected that the firm competitiveness will increase. One method to tackle waste is to...
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Analysis of Labor Requirement Provision of Medical Record File Based on WISN to Effectivity of Medical Record Distribution Service to Polyclinic

M Dana Prihadi, Teguh Redy Senjaya, Laras Ayu Santika
Based on the preliminary study there are several problems related to the provision of medical record files (1) Polyclinics with different deviation chambers of the floor. (2) Tracer that sometimes errors. (3) The distribution officer concurrently serves as the officer providing medical record documents....
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Factors Affecting Online Grocery Shopping Experience

Dhinda Siti Mustikasari, Rifelly Dewi Astuti
The role on Online Grocery Shopping (OGS) is increasing each day, and this happens due to the increasing use of the Internet and the changing lifestyle of consumer. Therefore, retailers are constantly trying to make improvement of their services in order to get the best benefit that retailers and consumer...
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Interface Aesthetic, Perceived Value, Perceived Ease of Use, and Perceived Usefulness on Purchase Intention of Smartwatch Consumers

Ika Diyah Candra Arifah, Rosa Prafitri Juniarti
Many testimonies stated smartwatches ability to increase people’s well-being and save people’s lives in emergencies. Smartwatches encourage a healthy lifestyle and strengthening the way of life of users through intelligent coaching. By exceeding the technology and fashion barriers, smartwatches gain...
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Investigation on the Drivers of Women Millennials Entrepreneurs Participation: Evidence from Indonesia

Agustina Fitrianingrum, Roro Mega Cahyaning ‘Azmi Riyandani
Indonesia is a patriarchal culture as a social system that placed men in a dominant position compared to women is crystal clear from the private life to business matters, especially in the business area that is closely related to technology acquisition or ICT. On the other hand, ICT serves as a support...
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Multi-Objectives Optimization on Cutting Layers and Cutting Tools Selection for Sculptured-Dies Cavity Rough Machining: A State-of-the-Art Review

Ineu Widaningsih, Anas Ma’ruf, Suprayogi, Dradjad Irianto
Sculptured-dies roughing (SDR) has some different objectives that maybe contradicting and therefore needs trade-off among them. Compared to prismatic and rotational shape machining, SDR is more complex considering the sculptured characteristics of machining surface. Layer-by layer approach applied in...
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Program Development for Fashion E-Commerce Accelerator Using Co-Creation Double Diamond

Muhammad Hadi Pradana, Wawan Dhewanto
Clothing or fashion is one of the basic needs of humans. The market size is very large, with diverse segmentations and very tight competition between companies and their producers. Nowadays, with the development of information technology, access to the internet that is increasingly evenly distributed,...
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Sustainable Livelihood Approach Addressing Community’s Economic Distress Facing the Covid 19 Outbreak: A Methodological Concept

Achmad Room Fitrianto
Man-made or natural disaster, both create community economic distress; it makes the degree of accessing regular source of community income more difficult to be reached. Within a certain time when there are no improvements in mitigation and anticipation, it will bring poverty in the community. In December...
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The Effect of Endorser Credibility to Customer Relationship Commitment and Brand Equity on E-commerce in Indonesia

Dyah Ayu Nabilla Ariswanto, Yeshika Alversia
One of the recent way in marketing promotion that is popular and frequently used by many companies is the use of celebrity endorsements. Celebrity endorsements is one of the strategy where a company’s product is endorsed by a celebrity to support their marketing campaigns. With the increase in investment...
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The Effect of Service Quality and Brand Image in the Air Cargo Industry on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk

Terang Maharani, Sari Wahyuni
Air cargo is the only business that survived during the pandemic of Covid-19 for airline company especially Garuda Indonesia. Most of the airline companies made a new strategy related to their cargo business by forming preighters or converting their planes completely into cargo planes which further increased...
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The Impact of the Announcement of First Covid-19 Case in Indonesia on Property and Real Estate Companies’ Stock Returns and Trading Volume

Syane Rachma Dian, Astrie Krisnawati
COVID-19 pandemic is a great disaster that affects all aspects of human life. Inevitably, COVID-19 also has impacts on economic activities throughout the world, including investment activities. It also affects the investors’ behavior in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The changes in investors’ behavior...
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The Influence of Antecedents Online Relationship Quality and Its Impact on Customer Loyalty in E-commerce

Nabila Rachmadhania, Tengku Ezni Balqiah
Despite the abundance of e-commerce marketplace in Indonesia, their interplay with online relationship quality is scarce. The purpose of this study is to investigate the antecedents of online relationship quality and their consequences on attitudinal and behavioral loyalty as the outcomes in the e-commerce...
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The Role of Customer Brand Engagement on Brand Loyalty in the Usage of Virtual Hotel Operator

Susanto Berlin Manarua Situmorang, Daniel Tumpal Hamonangan Aruan
Virtual hotel operators have a growing trend in Indonesia during recent years. Two of its main causes is the rise of “budget travelling” and the incentive by the central government to promote tourism industry. Unfortunately, the study of virtual hotel operator itself is still uncommon. The purpose of...
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The Role of Electronic Word of Mouth, Health Protocol, Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Enjoyment to Intention to Book of Boutique Hotel During Covid-19 Pandemic

Precellina, Aswin Dewanto Hadisumarto
eWOM has become an important source of additional information for customers in determining the purchase of a product or service such as a hotel. Unfortunately, Covid-19 pandemic occurred in 2020 and changed consumer behavior regarding information needs to fulfill their sense of secure to stay at hotel....
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The Role of Perceived Risks on Millennials on Online Purchase Intention at Travel Agencies During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Carissa Lorens Marchia Raharja, Aswin Dewanto Hadisumarto
The increasing use of the internet has influenced the development of travel agents with the existence of online travel agents. The growth of the internet is also one of the triggers for millennials to travel. However, the Covid-19 pandemic makes millennials have to consider the risks in their purchase...
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Analysis of Urban Male Consumers Attitude and Behavioral Intention Towards Skincare Product in Indonesia

Rhey Tyas Ferry, Rifelly Dewi Astuti
This study aims to examine the phenomenon of male consumers buying skincare as a product category which traditionally evolve in women market segmentation. The main purpose was to find the most influential variables from three dimensions, namely personal (i.e., self-image congruity, ageing effect, physical...
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Business Coaching: Implementation of the Financial Performance Analysis and Social Media Improvement in Indonesian MSMEs’ Restaurant

Ivanto Petrus Simamora, Lily Sudhartio
The MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) is a sector that has a significant contribution to GDP in Indonesia. However, there are many MSMEs that do not have sufficient knowledge regarding how to analyze the financial performance of their business. The next problem is that many MSMEs still not...
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Design of Integrated Agro-Tourism Business Ecosystem (Case Study in Batu)

Arman Hakim Nasution, Dewie Saktia Ardiantono, Ninditya Nareswari, Ribka Anintha Miyagi, Aang Kunaifi
The tourism industry and the agricultural industry are the main economic pillars of Batu City. The concept of Agro-tourism was promoted to collaborate these two potential industries. Thus, this study proposes a business ecosystem design for integrated agro-tourism. However, agro-tourism will also contribute...
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What Does Variable Matter for Employee Brand Consistent Behavior as Imply of Employee Branding Outcomes: A Literatur Review

Ananda Fortunisa, Ernie Tisnawati Sule, Mery Citra Sondari, Imas Soemaryani
Employee brand consistent behavior (EBCB) as the outcome of employee branding (EB) is a determining factor in the projection of employee attitudes towards consumers in the service industry. This study aims to map all previous research results related to employee brand consistent behavior. The method...
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A Comparison Study of Bank Efficiency in Indonesia Before and After Crisis in 2008 Based on Data Envelopment Analysis

Cut Nabila Saraziva, Dony Abdul Chalid
During financial crisis, the profitability of businesses tend to decline. Therefore, managements aim to minimize inefficiencies in running their businesses. Using 35 banks in Indonesia, we analyze the crisis effect on bank’s efficiency before and after crisis in 2008. Methods used in this study are data...
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A Conceptual Framework of Strategy Formulation for Aircraft MRO

Maulana Fajariansyah, Erwin Widodo, Buana Ma’ruf
MRO industry has entered a new era marked by increasingly competitive competition and COVID-19 impact. MRO has several lines of business which needs a strategy that can restore the company’s performance to survive, recover, and grow. This study was conducted with the objective of selecting potential...
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Customer Experience on Islamic Banking Digital Branch in Indonesia

Dwi Januar Luqmansyah, Sri Rahayu Hijrah Hati
As a country with the largest Muslim population in the world, Islamic banking in Indonesia also contributes to the national banking industry, although its market share is still limited. This requires Islamic banking to better understand the needs of its customers. One of the business process transformations...
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Effect of Financial Ratio on LQ45 2019 Stock Return

Peter Pratama, Junino Jahja
Efficient Market Hypothesis states that stock price immediately reflects all available information, but evidence on delay in information absorption gave rise to the idea that current financial ratios may affect future stock price and return. This study aimed to determine whether financial ratios affect...
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Healthcare Ecosystem Mapping in Primary Care: A Case Study in West Java, Indonesia

Mursyid Hasan Basri, Desy Anisya Farmaciawaty, Ilma Nurul Rachmania, Fransisca B. Widjaja, Aldo Fantinus Wiyana
Primary care is supposed to be the foundation to achieve universal health coverage. However, there is still a big gap in primary care service delivery in practice, especially in developing countries. The Healthcare system is portrayed as a complex setting consisting of multi-activities and multi-stakeholders....
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Integrating Diffusion of Innovation to Technology Acceptance Model: A Survey of Millennials’ Intention to Use E-Money Card

Suresh Kumar, Merlinda Dami
This study aims to investigate millennials’ intentions to use the E-Money card. The variables examined in this study include perceived compatibility, trialability, complexity, perceived enjoyment, observability, perceived usefulness, innovativeness, perceived ease of use, relative advantage and usage...
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Mapping & Modelling of Supply Chain System in a Private Indonesian Hospital Using Supply Chain Operating Reference (SCOR) & Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) Method

Aditya Herdiyan Pratama, Nurmala
Hospital is one of the most unique business as it needs to balance profit making as well as ‘life-saving’ in terms of customer satisfaction. Therefore, efficient & effective operational cost management is paramount in a Hospital’s sustainability. One of the most influential cost-driver in a Hospital...
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Millennials Behavioral Intention in Using Mobile Banking: Integrating Perceived Risk and Trust into TAM (A Survey in Jawa Barat)

Suresh Kumar, Angela Leonie Keyko Yukita
To analyze the major factors influencing user acceptance in using mobile banking, this current study integrates the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) model with risk (privacy, financial, security, and time risk), trust, and attitude constructs. This research employed a quantitative approach through an...
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Analysis of the Supporting Factors of Customer Engagement as a Marketing Strategy for Islamic Banking Services in Indonesia

Yasir Yulias Apriansyah, Nurdin Sobari
Competition in the banking market in Indonesia is currently very competitive, this has also resulted in the slow development of Islamic banking. To support the development of Islamic banking in Indonesia, various strategies are needed, one of which is to directly involve customers in marketing Islamic...
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Retained Earnings Factor Analysis on Return and Excess Return: A Comparison Study of Retained Earnings-to-Market Equity and Book-to-Market Equity from 2008 - 2018

Muhammad Fahreza, Eko Rizkianto
The most recent study regarding book-to-market was by Ball (Ball et al., 2020) which based on stocks in the United States. They found that retained earnings gives book-to-market predictive power in explaining and predicting expected return. Then, can the book-to-market phenomenon in Indonesia be explained...
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The Impact of Firm Leverage on Shareholders’ Wealth in Southeast Asia

Deavina Retkaputri, Zaäfri A. Husodo
The issue of the firm capital structure continues to be an exciting phenomenon to research. Begins with the development of theories regarding optimal leverage, to the proliferation of research on firms with zero leverage, which are apparently more profitable. This study attempts to identify the impact...
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The Influence of Customer Engagement in Customers’ Behavioral Intention on Staycation: The Experiential Marketing Perspectives Moderated by Health Risk and Financial Risk

Resky Oktavia, Nurdin Sobari
During the covid-19 pandemic, staycation is likely to play a key role in tourism industry as an alternative solution. Nevertheless, among the abundance study in tourism industry, research on staycation depicted in experiential marketing remains nebulous. Drawn from the experiential marketing perspectives,...