Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Islam, Science and Technology (ICONIST 2019)

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Universe Created by Allah Equation of Hahslm 472319 as Big Bang Concept and Eid Pray Symbols

Roikhan Mochamad Aziz
This reflexivity research aims to find the consistency of the Theory of Hahslm derived from Quran 15.87 to other empirical studies about the creation of the universe such as the Big Bang concept and the Golden Ratio. In addition, fasting and the concept of creation in Islamic life are analogous to the...
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Reactualization of Al-Farabi’s Philosophy

Nunu Burhanuddin, Ghilmanul Wasath
The intellectual heritage of Abu Nasr Al-Fârabî’ (870-950 AD) just received public recognition in Muslim world in the last fifty years and has not sufficiently been exploited within scientific studies and inquiries. For more than one millennium, Al-Fârabî was forgotten since some of his works were not...
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Form of Teacher Communication in Handling Students with Special Needs in Madrasah

Pia Khoirotun Nisa, Yopi Kusmiati
Communication is a basic human activity. By communicating, human can interact to each other. No one has never involved in communication. The importance of communication for as human being cannot be denied, In the world of education, the on going communication will, of course, be related to values and...
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The Influence of Self-Regulated Learning, Goal Orientation, and Demographic Variables on Jakarta 41 States Vocational High School Students’ Cheating Behavior

Indri Lestari, Diana Mutiah
Education is an empowerment process for building the life of the nation. The learning process becomes less healthy when the level of cheating behavior is high. In Indonesia, the behavior is displayed by people in all level of educations, from elementary to the highest educational institutions. Many people...
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The Role of Religious Institutions in Preventing Radical Leftism

Mohammad Syairozi Dimyathi Ilyas, Fatihunnada
This article examines the role of Ali Mustafa Yaqub as a moderate Indonesian hadith expert in several national issues related to the issue of the emergence and development of radical movements through the educational institution he founded, DarusSunnah. This article draws primary data from DarusSunnah...
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University Students’ Perception in Using English Swear Words

Nida Husna
The present study was focused to find out the students’ perspective in using the words that were included as socially impolite. The subject was the students of the fifth semester at the English Education Department, State Islamic University, Jakarta. The data were collected using a questionnaire that...
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Understanding Islamic Radicalism in Indonesia from Social Psychological Perspective

Gazi Saloom
This study focuses in scrutinizing Islamic Radicalism in Indonesia in particular from social psychological perspective. This study was significant to be conducted in Indonesia. It is because this study used theory of N3 that has been deemed as new theory in understanding Islamic radicalism. This study...
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Implementation of Boyer Moore Algorithm to Search Criminal Law Based on Criminal Code

A. Hanifa Setianingrum, Tabah Rosydi, Reza Hermawan
Balai Pemasyarakatan (BAPAS) or Penitentiary is one of the institutions to implement guidances. The Penitentiary (“Badan Pemasyarakatan in Indonesia. BAPAS”) has a role to make ex Prisoner are not committing a crime or a similar offence. KUHP is to provide knowledge of the articles of the Criminal Code....
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Investigating Undegraduate Students About Their Competencies: Pedagogical, Professional, and Personal

Gelar Dwirahayu, Gusni Satriawati, Afidah Mas’ud
The aim of this research is analyze of pre-service mathematics teachers in UIN Jakarta become a professional teachers which are measure from three kinds of competencies. They are pedagogical, professional, and personal competencies. The research was conducted in 2017 using a qualitative analytic method,...
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A Framework Strategy to Overcome Barriers in Writing for Publication

Maya Defianty, Didin Nuruddin Hidayat
As in many countries, Islamic higher education in Indonesia encounters a new challenge: increasing publications rates to be recognized as research-based university. As a result, academics are strongly encouraged to write for refereed journal publication. Nevertheless, writing for publication remains...
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Islamic Representation in the Literature of Betawi Local Colors

Ahmad Bahtiar, Rosida Erowati, Novi Diah Haryanti
Many values of Islamic teachings influence the traditions and culture of the people in Indonesia, one of which is the Betawi community. This study intends to reveal the representation of Islam in the local color literature of Betawi depicted in a short stories collection of Terang Bulan Terang Terang...
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Foreign Language Instruction in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah in the Technological Age: The Teachers’ Voices

Azkia Muharom Albantani, Ahmad Madkur, Abd. Rozak
This study aimed at identifying teachers’ perceptions of ideal foreign language, in this case, Arabic language, teaching at the elementary education level in the technological age. This study used interview instruments to collect data relating to the research. The object of the study involved 24 Arabic...
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Hydrotalcite Mg/Al-NO3 from Sea Water as Adsorbent of CU2+ and Cr6+ Metals

Nurmaya Arofah, Hendrawati, Yusi Agustina
Seawater is a renewable natural resource that is easy to get for use in various purposes. Seawater has many mineral deposits, one of which is MgCl2. This research aims to synthesize Mg/Al-NO3 hydrotalcite-like with Mg raw material from seawater, characterization and test the adsorption capacity to Cu2+...
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Supporting Preservice Chemistry Teachers to Learn Islam and Science Using Moodle

Buchori Muslim, Reni Nofianti, Siti Suryaningsih
Information and communication technology or ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is growing very rapidly. This has a tremendous impact on various sectors of life, one of which is education, then the application of ICT becomes a mandatory choice that must be applied. But the problem of technology...
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Moral and Intellectual Responsibilities of a Criminal Law Expert in Giving Information in the Court

Alfitra, Fitriyani Zein
The information given by an expert at a court hearing is needed by the judge to convince him. Therefore, at the inspection in the court session for the judge, the role of the expert statement is very important and must be carried out for the sake of justice. However, the judge is thus not obliged to...
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An Exploration Into Leadership Practice in Madrasah Aliyahs (Islamic-Based Senior High Schools) in Indonesia

Didin Nuruddin Hidayat, Ummi Kultsum, Ting Wang
This study investigates how principals exercise leadership to tackle the difficulties faced by Islamic Senior high schools or Madrasah Aliyahs of three areas in Indonesia: Western, Central and Eastern Indonesia. Employing qualitative methods, the researchers applied multiple case studies technique. The...
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Muslim Prejudice: Study of the Effects of Religiosity, Fundamentalism, Religious Quest, and Social Domination Orientation

Mohammad Fadhel Yafie, Solicha, Achmad Syahid
This article means to comprehend the impact of religiosity, fundamentalism, religious Quest and social Domination orientation towards prejudice muslim students with quantitative technique. Total samples are 253 understudies from three universities in Jakarta, those are Paramadina University, UIN Syarif...
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Islamic Legal Education in the 4.0 Era: Does It Need to Consider Technology?

Windy Triana, Khamami Zada
This paper discusses the encountering of Islamic legal education with the advancement of technology. Islamic legal education that is identical with a more traditional type of legal education, in fact, cannot avoid considering the need for technology in this 4.0 era. This study is built upon the reflection...
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Measurement of Public Service Applications Quality Using the Electronic Government Quality (E-GovQual) Framework

Nur Aeni Hidayah, Meinarini Catur Utami, Nurul Fajrisani
The public service application serves to facilitate the public in getting public services quickly, precisely and accurately. In its implementation, the application is still experiencing some obstacles and the manager’s response is still slow. The purpose of this study is to get user ratings on the quality...
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Evaluation of the Use of Cloud Storage on Academic Website Using SWOT Analysis and Balanced Score Card

Eri Rustamaji, Viranda Adhiazni, Firna Helfira, Aprilia Dian, Tesa Jamilatul Qomariah, Fandi Setiadi, Sutian Zaenal, Nurbojatmiko
Data security and data leakage is an important issue in a dangerous technology in Cloud Storage systems on Cloud Computing. Academic website also faced problems like data leakage and system hacked for certain purposes. To achieve an appropriate level of data security standard on the Cloud Storage for...
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The Traditions and Rituals of the Muslim People in Sam Poo Kong Temple (Kelenteng) in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

M. Ikhsan Tanggok
Sam Poo Kong Temple is a place where Tridharma adherents (Taoists, Confucians and Buddhists) are believed to have met with Cheng Ho (a Chinese Muslim from China) who arrived on the Indonesian archipelago, especially Semarang, in the fifteenth century. The temple is not only a place of worship for Tridharma...
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The Role of Islamic Education on Increasing Democratic Attitude and Religious Tolerance in High School Students in Indonesia

Sita Ratnaningsih, Desi Nahartini, Yusuf Willyan Permana, Didin Syafruddin
In the 21st century, democratic attitudes and religious tolerance among students everywhere are increasingly declining due to technology and digital developments that cause students have the tendency to be apathetic and less care about their environment. It is expected that Islamic education can prevent...
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Encouragement of Jihad Arguments for Radicalization and Extremism in Indonesia

Saifudin Asrori, Jauharotul Jamilah, Muhammad Ismail, Ahmad Ja’far Rozi, Dani Ramdani, Yazid Hady, Mumin Roup
Considerable efforts have been devoted countering violent-extremism in Indonesia. Various empowerment programs and training carried out by the government and the community aims to prevent the spread of radical ideologies. However, extremist groups continue to develop, while traditional extremist groups...
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Characteristic of QCM Coated Polystyrene and ZnPc Morphology Studied by AFM and SEM

Lalu A. Didik
In this work, Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) has been coating by Polystyrene (PS) and Zinc Phthalocyanine (ZnPc). This study aimed to examine the effect of coating using PS and ZnPc on the immobilization ability of QCM towards Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) biomolecule. Polystyrene was used to coat the...
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Preparation and Application Porous TiO2 for SO2 Gas Sensor

Nurnadiyah Syuhada, Brian Yulianto, Nugraha
Air Pollution become one of serious issue that must be deal with. One of them is SO2 Pollution. This gas is hazardous even in small concentration and can cause inflammation and irritation on respiratory system. Therefore, it is urgent to made an early detection device that can detect the existence and...
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Bacterial Pollution of a Traditional Terasi, Shrimp Paste Rebon (Mysis relicta)

Affan Gaffar, Sri Sofiati Umami, Dadan Supardan
Terasi is a fermented shrimp or fish or a mixture of both with salt. It is commonly used as cooking ingredient to make food more delicious. However, people are less informed on bacterial contamination on processed of Terasi that made by traditional household. This study was conducted to examine physical,...
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The Phenomenon of Hoax Narrative Among Religious Campuses: Anthropolinguistic Study

This study aims to explain the anthropolinguistic perspective of hoax narratives in campus religious institutions, classify community responses in religious campus environments to hoax narratives, and explain the potential threats of narrative hoaxes to patterns of religious and diversity. The method...
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Language Problem and Language Idealism on Social Media

Akmaluddin, Fathul Maujud
This article discusses the problem of language on social media as a development of communication media. The problem of language on social media is massive with various forms, for example, it raises a phenomenon that we are familiar with hate speech and hoax. The use of language in social media experiences...
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Sensorimotor-Based Digital Media: An Alternative Design of Digital Tools in Mathematics Education

Susilahudin Putrawangsa, Uswatun Hasanah
Regarding the controversy on the benefit of digital technology in mathematics education, the way (what and how) a digital tool presented to students is the primary matter determining the effectiveness of such a tool. This paper suggests that sensorimotor based digital tools supporting comprehensive experiences...
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Integrated Islamic Schools: Emergent Property, Branding, and Expectations of Urban Communities in Lombok

Advances in information and technology increasingly require parents, especially urban Muslim communities, to seek an appropriate educational institution for their children. The needs for religious education and the knowledge and skills in information and technology are contemporary children’s needs....
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The Impact of Inquiry-Based Learning on Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

Ramdhani Sucilestari, Kurniawan Arizona
Critical thinking skills are fundamental skills possessed by students to adapt to the external challenges of 21st-century. Then research on the effect of the implementation of inquiry learning models on students’ critical thinking skills. This study was categorized as a quasi-experimental study with...
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E-Modules Development with Al-Qur’an Integration Scientific Approach Based on 3D Pageflip Professional in Biochemistry Course

Louisiana Muliawati, Haerul Pathoni
Biochemistry was the study of the structure and function of cellular components, such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, and other biomolecules. Today, biochemistry courses focus more specifically on the chemistry of enzyme-mediated reactions and protein properties. Therefore it was very...
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Developing Islamic Integrated Materials for Teaching ESP at Higher Education

Afif Ikhwanul Muslimin
English for non-English Department students (ESNED) belongs to English for Specific Purposes (ESP). In general, teaching ESNED in ESP program at PGMI Department UIN Mataram focused on grammar with unattractive method. This was caused by the unavailability of teaching material, students’ workbook, which...
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The Interplay Between Meta-Cognitive Strategy and Self-Regulation in English Reading Comprehension

Nurul Lailatul Khusniyah
The purpose of this study was to find out the influence cognitive and metacognitive strategies and self-regulation on English reading comprehension learning. This study used a quantitative approach with experimental methods. It used a treatment pattern by level 2 × 2 design. The process of collecting...
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Distribution of Aedes albopictus Mosquitoes in Indonesia

Desi Heriawati, Sri Sofiati Umami, Dadan Supardan, Suhirman
Among the primary vectors of infections agent involved in the case of dengue epidemic, are the Culicidae-insect, Aedes albopictus, capable of introducing themselves in urban core. This study performed a survey mosquitos species by catching their egg using ovitrap installed within seven regions in residential...
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Support Group Therapy as an Alternative to Reduce Stress in Caregiver ODGJ Lombok Earthquake Victims

Syamsul Hadi, Dwi Widarna, Lita Putri, Dyah Luthfia Kirana
Psychological problems due to the earthquake in Lombok still leave various problems. One of them is increasing number of sufferers of mental disorders or is called people with mental disorders (Orang Dengan Gangguan Jiwa/ODGJ). Psychological problems experienced by ODGJ are quite severe, so that it causes...
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Do Universal Human Rights Equate to Varied Socio-Religious Backgrounds? Some Indigenous Perspectives

Research on how universal human rights fit different socio-cultural settings still remains largely lacking. This paper sheds light under what understandings and circumstances universal human rights fit many socio-religious settings. It argues that human rights have been traditionally practices of many...
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The Efforts for Balancing Justice in the Distribution of Inheritance in Patrilineal Muslim Communities

M. Roem Syibly, Ahmad Nurozi, Sidik Tono, Amir Muallim
Many Indonesian regions have strong patrilineal kinship systems; one of them is Batak Society. Batak Toba reflects it in all aspects of its social life, including in the case of inheritance. According to Batak customary law, male descendant (son) is entitled to receive family’s inheritance, in contrary...
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Production of Pinostrobin in University of Mataram

Aliefman Hakim, Baiq Rosyida Dwi Astuti, A Wahab Jufri, Abdul Azis Bagis
The problem of scarcity of secondary metabolites is an obstacle experienced by researchers from various scientific disciplines such as chemistry, pharmacy, and medicine both from universities (lecturers and students) or from health research and development institutions in Indonesia. The need for secondary...
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UKOPAI, Android-Based Development of Competence Test for Arabic–Indonesian Translators

Moch. Syarif Hidayatullah, Rifqi Fahrizal
This study aims to develop an Android-based competency test for Arabic- English translators UjiKompetensiPenerjemah Arab-Indonesia (UKOPAI). This development research will use quiz model. From the five kinds of quizzes (multiple-choice, true/false, matching list, completion test, and fill in the blank),this...
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Interpersonal Meaning Analysis of Indonesian Politicians’ Instagram Captions

Dwi Ratnasari, Maya Defianty, Didin Nuruddin Hidayat, Alek
This study aims to investigate interpersonal meaning of Instagram caption produced by Indonesian politicians. Instagram is a social networking site media which enables the users to upload photos and videos where they could write a caption under their post. Instagram caption becomes language that express...
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Enhance the Institution Reputation with Open Learning System-Based Distance Learning Development Prototype in Globalization Era

Adrian, Aminuddin, Muharom Fauzi, Setawarti Iga, Soleha
Tardiness data input, an inability of the MIS to accommodate several curriculum changes fast are the basic problems the leadership has to notice. The approach applied in this research was research and development. Research and development were initially done by doing surveys and mapping on various supporting...