Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Consumer Technology and Engineering Innovation (ICONTENTION 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Utamy Sukmayu Saputri, Muchtar Ali Setyo Yudono
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2nd International Conference on Consumer Technology and Engineering Innovations (ICONTENTION 2023) during November, 07, 2023 in IIUM, Malaysia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and...
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Analysis of brain wave signals using electroencephalography in people with depression

Muhammad Rizki Fadillah, M. Ramdhani Firmansyah, Rojudin, Ilman Hilmawan K
Electroencephalography is a brain signal processing technique used to detect abnormal brain waves. Electroencephalography signal recording using electrodes attached to the scalp. Electroencephalography signals are amplified by transmitting signals into notch filters, high pass filters, and low pass filters...
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Biomass Generator Analysis for Renewable Energy Transition with the Co-Firing Program at PLTU Pelabuhan Ratu

Alfaozan Imani Muslim, Andika Kurniawan, Wahyu Dwi Nurhidayat, Aryo Wibowo Muhammad Sidik
In PT PLN (Persero)’s Electricity Supply Business Plan (RUPTL) for the period 2021 - 2030, there is a biomass co- firing program with coal at Steam Power Plants (PLTU). This program reflects PLN’s innovative efforts to increase the use of renewable energy sources without requiring large investment expenditures....
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Modification of the control electrical circuit in the Hydrogen system at the Pelabuhan Ratu Power Plant to Maintain Generator Reliability

Agus Tomi, Denny Maijer, Yongki stevi Mentu, Anang Suryana
The hydrogen plant control system experienced six trips within a two-month period. This resulted in the cessation of hydrogen gas (H2) production and posed several potential risks to the generator, including: first, the potential overheating of the generator rotor, which could reduce the isolator’s lifetime....
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Technical Challenges of the Energy Transition PLTU Palabuhan Ratu Pgu to a Clean Energy Source

Muhammad Syahrul Fauzie, Akhmad Afifudin, Fandi Sugih Sugriwa, Marina Artiyasa
The energy transition from the Palabuhan Ratu Steam Power Plant (PLTU) which uses coal as fuel to clean energy sources is an important step in facing the challenges of climate change and energy sustainability. This research aims to analyze the technical and economic challenges that arise in this transition...
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Analysis of Solar Power Prediction Employs Linear Regression, Random Forest Regression, Decision Tree And Neural Network

Danial Zulfiqar, Marina Artiyasa, Irvan Syah Riadi, Robby Ardiansah
Solar energy is increasingly being used and developed because it is easy to build and maintain. In addition, solar energy is also used because fossil energy is increasingly depleted, carbon dioxide emissions are increasing and the greenhouse effect is becoming more and more worrying. Solar energy is...
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Comparison of Techniques for Long-Term Transformer Load Forecasting: A Systematic Literature Review

Dwigian Netha Putra, Mochammad Firdian Ramadhani P, Muchtar Ali Setyo Yudono
Forecasting transformer loads in the electricity sector can help plan the development of power plants, transmission networks, and consumer distribution by predicting future actions that will be taken by energy providers. There are several ways to anticipate the proper and accurate use of artificial intelligence...
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Control System for Plastic Molding Machine Using PLC at CV. Guna Teknik

Ujang Ruhiat, Robi Kholiloh, Fauzan Adhima, Anang Suryana
An injection molding machine is a machine that uses an injection process into a mold to make a product according to the shape of the mold. In this study the aim was to apply the injection molding machine control system method which is still conventional at CV. Guna Teknik, where the previous method was...
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Enhancing CSTR System Performance: A Novel Approach with Flower Pollination-Based Integral Derivative Control

Aryo Wibowo Muhammad Sidik, Alfaozan Imani Muslim, Wahyu Dwi Nurhidayat, Harurikson Lumbantobing, Andika Kurniawan, Odi Akhyarsi
In a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR), Fractional Order PID controllers, in conjunction with nominal PID controllers, have been employed for Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) and Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization (EMO). The control parameters have been fine-tuned using Hybrid methods...
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Enhancing Wind Power Generation: A Novel Equilibrium Optimizer Algorithm for Maximum Power Point Tracking in Synchronous Generators under Variable Wind Speed Conditions

Efendi Muchtar, Aldi Rustandi, Aryo Wibowo Muhammad Sidik, Riyo Saputra, Badrudin Badrudin, Bayu Indrawan
This paper introduces a novel equilibrium optimizer algorithm designed for maximum power point tracking in permanent magnet synchronous generators operating under randomly varying wind speed conditions. The algorithm draws inspiration from controlled volume mass balance modes, enabling dynamic and equilibrium...
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Evaluation of Impurities in Hydrogen Cooling System and Their Influence on Power Generation Efficiency at Pelabuhan Ratu Power Plant

Anggi Dwiyanto, Muflihun Muflihun, Muhammad Alif Alfaturisya, Anang Suryana
Pelabuhan Ratu Steam Power Plant is located at Jalan Raya Cipatuguran Desa Jayanti, Citarik, Kecamatan Pelabuhanratu, Kabupaten Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia, with a total capacity of approximately 3 X 350 megawatts (MW). Generators, especially those used in large power plants, require cooling as they...
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The Management of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management In Order To Achieve The Blue Proper (Peformance Rating Program) Target At The Nusa Penida Power Plant In Bali

Aldika Priyaga Perwira, Dodi Sopandita
Industry is one of the pillars driving strategic economic growth, but on the other hand it can also have a negative impact on environmental quality. The company’s concern for the environment is also called environmental performance. The measure of a company’s environmental performance can be seen from...
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Design of Fume Extrator for SMAW Welding in Nusa Putra University Mechanical Engineering Workshop

Erik Suwandana, Dida Kadarisman, dan Qodratullah, Fabrobi Ridha
Nusa Putra University has a mechanical engineering workshop with various tools including the SMAW welding machine. Students use this machine to do practicum and learn how to increase the welding skills. However, the air circulation does not support welding fume release. A Fume Extractor is a system that...
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Effect of Adding Natural Rubber to Inner Tires Using the Pressure Method

Akhmad Herdianto, Zaid Sulaiman, Dodi Iwan Sumarno
The inner tire significantly determines the effectiveness and efficiency of a commercial transportation vehicle. The inner tire is expected to have high durability against friction with the outer tire and a high tensile strength to prevent it from bursting under heavy loads. To address this issue, the...
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Enhancing Material Selection Efficiency: A Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Approach

Aryo De Wibowo Muhammad Sidik, Ilyas Aminuddin, Cahya Laxa Eka Putra, Edwinanto Edwinanto, Apriditia Karisma, Yufriana Imamulhak
The selection of materials plays a pivotal role in product design and development. With a plethora of materials available, making the right choice is crucial for a company’s reputation and profitability. This research aims to establish an efficient and systematic platform for optimal material selection...
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Analysis of Operational Anormality in 3 Phase Induction Motors Using the Fuzzy Method of PLTU Pelabuhan Ratu

Aryo De Wibowo Muhammad Sidik, Cahya Laxa Eka Putra, Apriditia Karisma, Ilyas Aminuddin
In the steam power generation industry, three- phase induction motors have an important role. Therefore, the reliability of this motorbike needs to be maintained and monitored properly. In determining abnormal operations in three-phase induction motors, fuzzy logic can be an accurate method. With the...
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Design and Strength Analysis of Bean Washing Machine Frames Using the Fea Method

Dede Kurtubi, Dani Mardiyana
Washing nuts is a crucial aspect in processing nuts to achieve the desired quality and cleanliness standards. Focusing on the nut washing machine as a key element is essential to achieve optimal production results. In developing this machine, the frame design is a key element, which must be able to withstand...
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Analysis of Delays in Housing Construction PT. Tata Building Facilities Using the Faul Tree Analysis Method

Vicky Maulana, Dini Apriliani, Darwan Susila, Rizky Ardiansyah
AnalysisDelay in Housing Development is an activity that aims to build a facility and infrastructure within the planned time provisions but in the implementation stage it cannot be completed within the agreed time, therefore the author conducts research using the Faul (Tree Analysis) FTA method which...
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Analysis study of the bearing capacity of pile foundations in the construction of Bogor SMA-SMAK educational buildings

Siti Fatimah Rahmawati, Aditya Faryansyah, Fikri Febriansyah, Danang Purwanto, Dio Damas Permadi
Foundation is the structure of the lower part of a building that is directly connected to the ground and functions to carry the load of other parts of the building above it. In planning pile foundations, several approaches are used to predict the bearing capacity of the foundation [1]. The approach can...
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Cost Comparison Analysis of Fence Work Between Conventional Walls and Pracest Concrete (Case Study of West Java Petrochemical Complex Project) at PT Pertamina International

Dede Ahmad Yusuf, Andra Gerinta Prahasta, Tesan Peranata Pauzan, Dio Damas Permadi, Utamy Sukmayu Saputri
The fence is one of the important components in a building which functions as an area barrier, protects privatization, protects security (safety), art and beauty of the building being fenced, generally fences are made of concrete, brick, steel, stainless steel, live plants, wood / planks and river stones....
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Identification of Pedestrian Comfort Level on Pedestrian Paths Sukabumi City - West Java

(Case Study Jl. Jend. Sudirman Sukabumi City)

Herawati Nursamsi Firdaus, Lupi Apriansyah, Muhammad Hidayat, Adjeng Siti Nurfadillah, Syaekhudin Rizal, Utamy Sukmayu Saputri
Pedestrian path on Jl. Jendral Sudirman Sukabumi City is very alarming both in terms of function that is less effective function. Because the comfort factor is one of the main causes of pedestrians seen from weather factors, for example pedestrians who cross this path feel less protected because of the...
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Implementation of Occupational Safety and Health Management System in Cibeber Irrigation Project with Hirarc Method

Canda Halim Azhari, Maharani Tira Yusina, M. N. Revi Yusup Tri
The rapid development of infrastructure in Indonesia raises the risk of hazards in construction projects. Occupational safety planning using the HIRARC (Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control) method is important in identifying and evaluating hazard risks. This research aims to apply...
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Intersection Performance Analysis at Unsignalized Triple Intersection at Karang Tengah Lodaya Road - Nagrak, Cibadak- Sukabumi

Didih Lesmana, Dini Andriani, Wisnu Mubarok
Efficient and safe intersections are an important aspect of traffic management in urban areas. An unsignalized intersection is one of the most common types of intersections. This study aims to analyze the performance of road junctions at unsignalized intersections on Jalan Karang Tengah Lodaya-Simpang...
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The Percentage of Structural Costs in Houses Structured Type 30, 36, 45 and 70 with Houses with Simple Structures

Cece Suhendi, M. Fadjri Kusumah, Ferdi Priatman, Febi Ferdiansyah
Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that often occurs in Indonesia, including in the Cianjur area. The earthquake with a magnitude (M) of 5.6 that occurred in Cianjur Regency on November 21, 2022 still leaves pain for some people, hundreds of people died, thousands of houses were damaged, and many residents...
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Performance Analysis of Three-Armed Intersection Capacity on Jalan Raya Sukabumi-Cisaat and Jalan Cibaraja

Lulu Ayu Indriani, Silvia Rahayu Gunawan, Rendi, Dio Damas Permadi, Utamy Sukmayu Saputri
Intersections are very important road infrastructure because traffic problems such as delays, traffic accidents and congestion usually occur at segments and intersections. This is because the intersection is a node point where several road sections meet and a conflict point for different road users....
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Tackling Organic Waste with a Circular Economy: Case Study in Sukabumi City

Eneng Rahmi
The waste management situation in Sukabumi city is still not well-controlled. The management pattern still follows the linear model, which involves collection, transportation, and disposal. However, for certain types of waste that are considered to have economic value, circular economy principles are...
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Gradation Analysis of Fine Aggregate with Comparison of Cimangkok Sand, Jebrok Sand, Cipelang Sand, Pelabuhan Ratu Sand in Sukabumi

Abdul Malik Algoni, Nurarti Awalia, Yusi Nurusyifa, Dio Damas Permadi, Nadhya Susilo Nugroho, Triono Triono
This research report presents a gradation analysis of fine aggregates, a comparison of Cimangkok Sand, Jebrog Sand, River Sand, and Sea Sand in Sukabumi. Fine aggregate gradation analysis is essential in concrete mix design and other construction applications. The purpose of this study was to understand...