Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Psychology and Health Issues (ICOPHI 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Izzanil Hidayati, Rizal Kurniawan, Rahmadianti Aulia
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The Effect of Spousal Support on Work-Family Conflict of Women with Dual-Career Family in Padang City

Gumi Langerya Rizal, Zulian Fikry, Maya Yasmin
Along with times, changes in values and environment, as well as economic demands led to an increased number of working women. On daily basis, married women work to meet the financial needs of the family. This phenomenon creates a potential conflict between roles at work and in the family, also known...
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Healthy Behavior and Psychological Well-Being in Migrant High School Students

Carly Nathania Lenge, Arthur Huwae
Migrating is a form of educational exploration for adolescents, particularly those in high school. Various issues are confronting migrants in their adolescence impact individuals’ psychological well-being, which is inextricably linked to the practice of healthy behavior. Therefore, this study aimed to...
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Developing Student’s Wellbeing Scale in Udayana University

Ni Made Swasti Wulanyani
A healthy campus can create feelings of pleasure and formed a positive attitude, that indirectly affecting student performance. Therefore, it is important to conduct an assessment of conditions related to the psychological well-being of students. The results of the assessment will give information for...
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A Case Study of the Meaning of Forgiveness in Academic Achieving Adolescents Who Have Broken Home

Wuri Handayani Suwandi, Dhia Ghina Yuni Putri, Amanda Martina Fauziah, Darmi Febri Erika Putri, Tarisa Putri Kania, Anindra Guspa
This study aims to see a description of the meaning of forgiveness in adolescents from broken home families who can achieve academic achievement and what forgiveness efforts are made by these teenagers. This qualitative research with a case study approach involves two participants. Data were collected...
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Paulo Freire’s Ideas and Community Psychology Leadership

Kurniawan Dwi Madyo Utomo
Comunities must explore alternative leadership ideologies to make meaningful academic and social improvements in the society. This research aims to explore Paulo Freire’s critical ideology that can be used to expand the conceptualizations of educational leadership and facilitate practical responses to...
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Emotional Regulation on Members of the Polri Dalmas Range Polda East Java When Handling the Demonstration

Ika Mufid Dati
Emotion regulation is a person’s ability to manage emotions appropriately to achieve emotional balance. The purpose of this study was to identify and describe the emotional regulation of members of the Dalmas Police of the East Java Regional Police when handling demonstrations. This research uses a qualitative...
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Youth Imagination About Being an Indonesian

Sartana, Edilburga Wulan Saptandari, Avin Fadilla Helmi
The way young people perceive their country is crucial in explaining their national behavior. However, there has been little systematic research on this topic. The purpose of this study was to investigate the national identity of late adolescent Indonesians. Because this study sought to understand the...
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Self-regulated Learning and Academic Procrastination in College Students During Online Learning

Nabila Aulia Rasanty, Hazhira Qudsyi
Academic procrastination is a common behaviour among college students. This study aims to determine empirically the relationship between self-regulated learning and academic procrastination in college students during online learning. The hypothesis predicts a negative relationship between self-regulated...
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Hardiness and Psychological Well-Being in Caregiver Cancer

Atanatiya Paramita, Arthur Huwae
A cancer caregiver’s responsibility is not easy because it has a heavy burden and is full of complex dynamics. On the other hand, even though the burdens and responsibilities are not easy to bear, cancer caregiver’s are also expected to have good psychological well-being as possible. Unfortunately, psychological...
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School Well-Being from Primary School Principal Perspectives

Farah Aulia, Diana Setiyawati
The school principal, as a leader in the organizational structure of the school, has an essential role in the creation of a supportive school climate well-being of students. This research explores the principal’s perspectives about the concept and determinants of school well-being. Participants in this...
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Mother’s Panic Buying Against Cooking Oil Scarcity in Palangka Raya

R. D. A. Gusti Astrid, Suryanto, Dyan Evita Santi
The purpose of this study is to describe the phenomenon of panic buying about the scarcity of cooking oil in Indonesia, especially in the Palangka Raya city. Cooking oil for the Indonesian people is one of the basic needs or is one of the basic necessities (nine basic ingredients) according to the decree...

Correction to: Youth Imagination About Being an Indonesian

Sartana, Edilburga Wulan Saptandari, Avin Fadilla Helmi