Proceedings of the International Conference on Public Policy, Social Computing and Development 2017 (ICOPOSDev 2017)

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Bonded Logistic Center: Policy Analysis on Perspective Supply Side Tax Policy on ShipyardIndustry

Haula Rosdiana, Ms Inayati, Maria R.U.D. Tambunan, Murwendah Ms
The aim of this article is to examine government fiscal policy which establish Bonded Logistic Center (BLC) as an alternative of offering conventional fiscal incentives by using Supply-side Tax Policy perspective. This study also compares the implementation, advantages and disadvantages of conventional...
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Evaluation of Education Policy at Baduy Society, Lebak District - Banten Province

Harits Hijrah Wicaksana, Asep Sumaryana
The main issue in this research is evaluation of education policyin Baduy Society, Lebak District - Banten Province. The research aimed at explaining empirical facts, understanding the process, and describing the problems and causal factors of unimplemented education policy in Lebak District.Qualitative...
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Kartasasmita Pius Suratman, Janelle Falconer
Empirical evidence signifies that poverty is one of the critical public issues within Citarum River Basin Communities (CRBC). Rates exceeding national averages demonstrate poverty levels greater than 25% in 8 of its 11 districts. This paper aims to explore the extent to which Sustainable Tourism Models...
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Model Policy Implementation Of Peace In Aceh Province, Indonesia

Nellis Mardhiah
The purpose of this study is to find out the implementation model of the policy implemented by the Aceh government in maintaining the consistency of peace as it has been entrusted in Law Number 11 Year 2006 regarding the governance of Aceh. Implementation of this action based on the decisions that have...
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Analysis Performance Of Joint Venture-Owned Enterprises (Badan Usaha Milik Desa/Bumdes) Leles Sub District, Garut

Nina Karlina, Imanudin Kudus
BUMDes in Leles Sub-district Garut District aims to help the economy of its people by focusing on trade services, trade in goods, savings and loans, and management of village markets. The advantages of Joint venture-Owned Enterprises(BUMDes) Leles has been established cooperation with PT. Changsin Reksa...
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Ms Mainita, Ningrum Natasya Sirait
WHO agreed with Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as a health system for every citizen in a state to have access for preventive, curative and qualified rehabilitative services based on the low cost. Currently, Indonesia is in the transition period to universal health service coverage. Law Number 40 of...
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Mitigation of Mount Sinabung Eruption Disaster: The Socio-Political Impact of Refugee Relocation Policy in Siosar

Tonny P Situmorang
Disaster is a serious problem faced by various countries in the world. Volcanic eruptions are among the disasters that have to be tackled routinely. Mount Sinabung, located in Karo Regency in the North Sumatera Province, is one of the recent active volcanoes which last erupted in 1600. However, it erupted...
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Juridical Analysis on Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (PERPPU) Number 1 of 2017 on Access to Financial Information for Tax Purposes, Bank and Costumer Confidentiality

Satria Braja Hariandja, Ningrum Sirait
World public awareness and compliance on tax payment obligations remain very low. Nowadays, there is a new agreement concerning Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information. As the participant in the agreement, Indonesia is obliged to ratify the implementation of the agreement through Government...
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Policy of Inclusive Education for Education for All in Indonesia

Asal Wahyuni Erlin Mulyadi, Bevaola Kusumasari, Yeremias T Keban
The purpose of this article is to discuss the basic and essential contents of the policy of inclusive education in Indonesia. Education is a fundamental right for all citizen protected under the national laws as well as international conventions. Regardless of any condition and circumstances, it is guaranteed...
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Profile and Problem of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Bandung

Mr Suryanto, Herwan Abdul Muhyi
This research aims to explain the profile and problems of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Bandung. The research method used is qualitative with explorative research type. Primary data sources were obtained through in-depth interviews and direct field observation. The secondary data sources...
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Standard Regulation of Occupational Health Requirements of Heat Environments at SMEs

Listiani Nurul Huda
Health work environment is one of the determining factors in the improvement of the quality and productivity of work in an enterprise. Health observation work on most small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are often overlooked. But on the other hand is around 80% of Indonesia's economy is sustained by SMES....
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Implementation of Corporate Absolute Responsibility for Land Fires Causing Air Pollution

Rony Andre Christian Naldo, Ningrum Natasya Sirait
Corporate activities in forest and plantation exploration are related to the environment issue. Indonesian Law Number 32 the year of 2009 concerning Environmental Protection and Management, article 68 point B stated that in conducting its business activities, it has an obligation to maintain the sustainability...
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Minangkabau Proverbs: Values and Functions

Roswita Silalahi, Ely Hayati Nasution
'Pepatah Pepitih' or Minang Kabau (MK) proverb is one of the representations of local wisdoms in supporting nation identity as it contains important values to create better society. This paper aims to analyze character education values proposed by Ministry of Education and Culture of RI (2011) and the...
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Government Policy in the Management of Border Conflict Between Indonesia and Oecusse District, Timor Leste

Petrus Kase, Lenny Magdalena Tamunu
This research describes the types, causes and consequences of border conflict, and government policy in the management of border conflict between Indonesia and Oecusse District, Timor Leste. Research data were obtained through in-depth interview, focus groups (FGs) and document review, while data analysis...
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Implementation of Tourism Destination Development Policy in Samosir Regency

Kariaman Sinaga, Suwardi Lubis, Marlon Sihombing, Mr Ritha
The development of tourist destinations in Samosir district is an urgent demand for immediate implementation through policies that can build synergy between government, private and community. National regulations should be able to collaborate with tourism destination development policies in the regions...
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Modern Store Regulation To Protect Traditional Market In Semarang

Paramita Prananingtyas, Fifiana Wisnaeni, Rahandy Rizki Prananda
Modern market or modern store had a very important role in the economic growth in Semarang. The development of modern market that is uncontrolled and not pay much attention for the existence of traditional market is not good for the sake of fair trade practices towards domestic transaction in Semarang....
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Policy Implementation Of Green Space In Bandung City Seen From Power, Interest, And Strategies Of Actor Involved Factor (Study About Park and City Forest)

Tatik Fidowaty, Nasrullah Nazsir, Utang Suwaryo, Nandang Alamsah Deliarnoor
The existence of green space is very important in a city. Green space is a place of rain water absorption, air fresheners, flood control, recreation facilities and so fogreen space. Referring to Law No. 26 of 2007 on Spatial Planning, requires that urban managers have a minimum of 30% green space of...
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Februati Trimurni
Deconcentration is simply defined as the delegation of administrative authorities of the central government to the lower level of governments along with the transfer of funds to finance the implementation of the authorities. Deconcentration, in the perspective of public administration, is the transfer...
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The Gober Team as A New Waste Management Systems (WMS) in Bandung City

Lia Muliawaty
Waste management system (WMS) is complex problem in most of big cities in Indonesia, including Bandung City. Even the problem of WMS in Bandung City has become a classic problem. Therefore, various WMS have been done by new Mayor Bandung since he was elected since 2013. In fact, most of Bandung City's...
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Coordination on Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program (ICRWMIP) in Bandung Regency

Dina Husein, Heru Nurasa, Jossy Adiwisastra, Rita Myrna
The interorganization coordination not yet effective implemented on Integrated Citarum Resources Management, especially in Bandung Regency. It can be seen that Citarum water basin in Bandung Regency have many problems such as: degradation of water resources, conservation function due to massive critical...
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How Will Indonesia Pay For Early Childhood Education Services?

Nur Ambia Arma
Early childhood education fosters skills and expand knowledge of a citizen so that later become productive citizens. It is thus important for the Indonesian government to provide services for early childhood education not only to the primary and secondary education. This research using descriptive statistical...
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Implementation of Tax Policy on Acquisition of Land And Building Rights in Bandung City

Poni Sukaesih Kurniati
Tax on Acquisition License The right to land and buildings (BPHTB) is one of the central government taxes that transferred its authority to the region after the birth of the Regional Tax and Retribution Law. In its implementation, the tax sourced from the duty of acquisition of land and building rights...
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Erika Revida, Alwi Hashim Batu Bara, Sukarman Purba
The objectives of the research was to analyze the influence of New Public Management Towards The Quality of Bureaucratic Tourism Services In Lake Toba Parapat North Sumatra. The method used of this research were combination between quantitative and qualitative research. Samples were taken from all the...
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Urgency of Local-Owned Enterprises (BUMD) Law as Good Corporate Governance Basis in Indonesia

Darwin Nasution, Ningrum Natasya Sirait
Indonesian Law Number 23 on Local Government provides an authority to the local goverment to establish a Local-Owned Enterprise which is well known as BUMD (Badan Usaha Milik Daerah). BUMD has strategic roles in the autonomy era for providing benefitfor the economic growth, conducting general benefit...
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Analysis of Distributive Public Policy-Making Model

Marlan Hutahaean
This article talks about the model of distributive public policy-making like local regulation of poverty alleviation in Medan. The research question is how the policy actors such as the official of Medan and Local Parliament (DPRD) make of local regulation of poverty alleviation? Using qualitative methods...
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Earmarking Tax Policy on Local Tax in Indonesia: Toward Pro Fiscal Legitimacy Policy (Study at Batu City, East Java and Special Province of Yogyakarta)

Ms Inayati, Mr Gunadi, Haula Rosdiana
Earmarking tax is the concept of the allocation of expenditure from tax revenue that brings a number of pros and cons. In contrast to the concept of taxes that generally do not directly relate between taxes levied and government spending, earmarking taxes affirm the relationship between taxes and specific...
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The Policy Implementation of Land and Building Tax after Fiscal Decentralization in Cimahi City

Ms Candradewini
The changing management of Urban Land and Building Tax is a follow up of fiscal decentralization policy. By this change, the process of collecting data until services the tax will be hosted by the City Government of Cimahi. The purpose of this study was to obtain a description of policy implementation...
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Beneficial Economics of Youth and Their Role Towards Regional Development in the Palm Planters Area at Bandar Pasir Mandoge, Asahan Regency, Indonesia

Sabam S. Manurung
Youth are part of a community that has always participated in the process of development. The aim of this research to examines the factors that affect welfare of youth in the Palm planters area and their role towards regional development through economic activities in the sector of management of palm...
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Asna Aneta, Maha Atm Kadji, Hais Dama
The research aims at reconstructing the model of civil servant performance assessment in a conditional, rational, and practical way to support the governance within the Province of Gorontalo. The research used qualitative design to do in-depth analysis on the model of civil servant performance assessment...
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William Djani, Pariangu Therikh
The Information Communication Technology Revolution is a potential to modernize government organizations, strengthen operations and make more responsive services to the needs of its citizens. This study aims to provide an overview of the public and the apparatus in the application of ICT in the field...
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The Coordination in the Implementation of the Uninhabitable Home Improvement Program in West Bandung Regency

Ms Candradewini, Budiman Rusli, Nina Karlina, Mr Suryanto
The background of this research is the acquisition of housing which is one of the basic human needs. Land availability for housing is increasingly limited as population growth is high. This condition has implications for the demand of better services from the government in order to provide housing for...
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Is An Un-registered Married Woman Protected in Indonesia?

Ms Rosmalinda, Ningrum Natasya Sirait
Nowadays, there are some un-registered marriage cases which involved women in the world. One popular case in Indonesia is an Actress who married with a former ministary in New Order. In 2010, she claimed her marriage and child rights to the Constitutional Court. The Court decided that her child has his...
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Bureaucratic Knowledge of The Quality of Tourism Service In Lake Toba Parapat North Sumatera

Erika Revida, Sukarman Purba
The purpose of this research was to determine and analyze Bureaucratic Knowledge of The Quality of Tourism Service In Lake Toba Parapat North Sumatera. Method of this research used by descriptive qualitative research method. Respondents were 30 bureaucratics in Girsang Sipangan Bolon District Lake Toba...
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Right To The Difference Of Space As The City Magnet (The Study of Teory Henri Lefebvre)

Morida Siagian
The phenomenon occured in urban area is the phenomenon of space. This phenomenon can not be separated from the contradictive interests. The contradiction is caused due to conflicts in the life of society and capitalism. The clash occurred between the two sides lies in the use of space between use-value...
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Implementation of Diversion of Authority from District Forestry Office to Provincial Forestry Office under Act Number 23 of 2014 in Forestry Office of North Sumatra Province

Tunggul Sihombing, Ridwan Rangkuti, Christopher Ondian Hutabarat, Asima Yanti Siahaan
This research is based on the inability of local government in managing the governance in the forestry sector which resulted in the issuance of regulations to attract the implementation of forestry affairs by the district government to the province. Research conducted in North Sumatra Provincial Forestry...
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The Implementation of E-Procurement Related to Government's Goods / Services in Department of Public Works Medan

Asima Yanty Siahaan, Malikatul Khamdiyah
In accordance with the changing times, public service reform as refflected in the procurement of goods/services of the government. The shift procurement manuall to electronic influence the implemented of e-procurement of goods/services to create good and clean governance. This change begins with the...
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Implementation of Law Number 14 Year of 2008 on Public Disclosure (Study Case on Information Management Officer and Documentation in Medan Municipality)

Asima Yanty Siahaan, Piki Darma Kristian Pardede
Public Disclosure is a condition of the formation of the government is open (open governance). Disclosure of information respecting democratic values in good governance. Where is the guarantee legal certainty which will be accepted by the public in obtaining access to information openly channeling aspirations...
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Implementing E-Public Service in North Sumatera: Prospects and Challenges

Asima Yanty Siahaan, Tunggul Sihombing
This article explores the implementation of e-public service in Binjai city in North Sumatra by focusing on both the contributions of integrating ICT in public service delivery and institutional challenges facing the government of Binjai city in improving the quality of public service delivery in Binjei...
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Implementation Program Child Friendly City at Langkat Regency

Asima Yanty Siahaan, Rizki Fadly
Development in a country is not only the responsibility of the government alone but every component of human resources that live and thrive in the region. The development concept is a visionary who will give birth to some of the policies that will address and resolve any issues that exist among the people...
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Rd. Ahmad Buchari, Arip Rahman Sudrajat
Various changes that take place as an impact of tourism development may turn out to be a source of conflicts among those who feel that they have some economic interests in the tourism development. Tourism is one of the economic sectors that are potential to be made as a source of revenues for individuals,...
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Evaluation of Implementation of Disaster Management Policy of Local Disaster Management Board (BPBD) Karo

Tunggul Sihombing, Asima Yanty Sylvania Siahaan
This research is based on factors that obstructed the effectiveness of the implementation of Sinabung disaster management policy in Karo regency. This research is based on Eugene Bardach theory based on criteria of legality evaluation, political acceptability and robustness under conditions of administrative...
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Implementation of Sinabung Eruption Disaster Management Policy at Post Disaster Stage

Tunggul Sihombing, Rudi Kristian P. Manurung
Disaster and its impact is a form of reality to test the foundation of disaster management policy in Indonesia. As a collision to see how far the government and society can deal with and resist the impact / cost incurred. The presence of disasters should not be something to be grateful for, but if you...
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Recruitment System for Women's Legislative Candidates in PKS&PKB in Indonesia

Luky Sandra Amalia
Democracy and Islamic interpretation toward representation of women in politics is still a debate. Indonesia is one example of democratic countries with Muslim majority population. Although the Indonesian constitution guarantees the equal rights between women and men, the proportion of women's representation...
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Resilience Pathways Against Poverty and Extremism: Framing Public Issues Within State Policy and Community Action

Narelle Wilson, Pius Suratman Kartasasmita
The aim of this paper is to highlight that the consequences of poverty and inequality, which are not only represented in terms of wealth, but relates to equal opportunity and access to primary public services such as education, health, and employment. These are crucial public issues and sustainable development...
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Women's Participation In Advancing Tourism In Samosir regency

Tjut Syahriani
Study entitled " Women's Participation In Advancing Tourism In Samosir regency " is the result of research conducted in Samosir district. This study aims to determine the participation of women in tourism activities in order to promote tourism in Samosir regency.Especifically this study aims to determine...
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Forecasting Of Optimal Raw Material Supplies For Paving Block Making In UD. Karya Jaya

Diana Khairani Sofyan, Mr Chalirafi, M Sayuti
UD. Karya Jaya is one of the manufacturing companies engaged in the production of paving blocks, located in Keude Bungkah Village, Muara Batu, North Aceh. In the implementation of the production system, the company has been using machines and equipment that has been adapted to technological developments....
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The Influence of Social Demographic Factor on Individual Decision to Cross-border Migration between Timor Leste and Indonesia

Petrus Kase
Recently cross-border migration of people from Timor Leste to Indonesia cannot be dammed, but data regarding the influence of social demographic factor on this phenomenon have not been adequately described yet. This research examines the influence of social demographic factors on individual decision...
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Mediation as one of the Models in Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Nagori Village in Tanah Java District of Simalungun

Rosnidar Sembiring
Since the enactment of Law No. 32 / 2004 regarding Regional Government jo. Government Regulation No. 76 / 2001 on General Guidelines for Arrangement on Villages, then reinforced by the issuance of Law No. 6 / 2014 regarding Village has become the legal basis which empowers the Village Head to reconcile...
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The Development of the Leather Industry Center of Sukaregang District Garut Regency West Java

Herwan Abdul Muhyi, Mr Suryanto
The leather industry center of Sukaregang is located in Sukaregang, Garut Regency. It is the center of small and medium industries that become the mainstay of Sukaregang District residents. It is important to develop this industrial center to increase local economy. This research was conducted to analyze...
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Gender and Pakpak Dairi Language Changes

Ida Basaria
The shift or defense of a language is influenced by many factors. Industrialization and urbanization are seen as the main cause of the shifting of a language; in addition to the other factors such as small number of speakers, settlement concentration, and other factors that are often regarded as the...
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Yulianus Harefa
This paper discusses the richness and uniqueness of Nias local wisdoms as well as their challenges, prospects, and their contributions in promoting and developing Nias tourism leading to local people's prosperity. Of course, the roles of Nias local wisdoms as an integral part of Nias culture as a whole...
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Community Awareness of Surrounding Historical Buildings Looking for Regional Tourism Development Opportunities InTanjung Beringin Sub-district, Serdang Bedagai Regencies

Mr Agustrisno
The study examined the depiction of public concern for historic buildings. As it is known that historic buildings,not only store the life values of events that once existed and occured, but also can be developed into a historical and cultural tourism potential. Caring is a supportive endeavour that can...
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Mukarto Siswoyo
Cirebon city as a city of culture and city of guardian has local wisdom values such as pepatah petitih (testament) of Sunan Gunung Jati. One of the most popular testaments is "ingsun titip tajug lan fakir miskin" (I entrust with the mosques and the poor) that mandates to the government of Cirebon city...
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Kolahman Saragih, Ningrum Natasya Sirait
Outsourcing workers in Indonesia face some problems although there is law Number 40 year 2007 concerning Corporation and Law Number 13 year 2003 concerning Labor. The problem regarding the condition of Outsourcing workers especially relate with Protection and Social Insurance from the State. This study...
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Zainal Abidin Pakpahan, Ningrum Natasya Sirait
Eliminating discrimination against Human Rights has been universally regulated as stated in Declaration of Human Right in 1948, including the elimination of discrimination against persons with disabilities (PwDs). Furthermore, in Indonesia, there are some laws on human rights such as Law Number 39 of...
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The integrated approach to improve sustainable livelihood in Tello Island

Tunggul Sihombing, Suparlan Lingga
Almost half of the population of Indonesia live in rural areas and about 14.1% are living in below rural poverty line. Improving sustainable livelihood is an essential strategy to reduce the poverty in rural areas. Some Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) work with rural communities to improve sustainable...
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Encryption and Decryption using Password Based Encryption, MD5, and DES

Hanna Willa Dhany, Fahmi Izhari, Hasanul Fahmi, Mr Tulus, Mr Sutarman
Password-Based Encryption gets the encryption key from the password. To make the task from keyword to key is very time-consuming for an attacker, most implementations of Password-based Encryption will be combined with a randomization system, known as salt. It should be that we want to effectively select...
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Prof Badaruddin, Mr Ermansyah
Law No. 6 Year 2014 on the Village defines a rural community empowerment as an effort to develop independence and public welfare by improving the knowledge, attitudes, skills, behavior, ability, awareness and use of resources through the establishment of policies, programs, activities, and assistance...
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Impact of Participation in the Family Income Generating Program (UPPKS) on Women"s Sustainable Livelihoods in Serdang Bedagai District of North Sumatra

Muba Simanihuruk, Henri Sitorus
BKKBN implements a family welfare income generating program (UPPKS) associated with the implementation of Family Planning (KB).This article aims to analyze the impact of the UPPKS program on the welfare and livelihoods of women beneficiaries of the UPPKS program in Serdang Bedagai District, North Sumatra....
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Infrastructure Budget and Poverty Reduction in Indonesia 2016

Nur Ambia Arma, Irwan Noor, Mr Sujarwoto
By providing adequate infrastructure facilities throughout Indonesia is expected to reduce poverty. Therefore, a substantial budget for infrastructure development is required. through data on infrastructure budgets in each district and city in Indonesia by 2015, this paper intends to see its relationship...
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Siti Hajar, Irwan Syari Tanjung, Elvita Yenni
Empowerment of coastal villagers as one of the government programs to support the distribution of development through the development of village potential both human and natural resources. Development of village potency especially in coastal village aim to improve village progress so that able to compete...
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Communication Model of P2TP2A Officer in The Assisting Families Process of Sexual Violence Victims

Ms Nurbani, Sabariah Bangun, Abdi Sitepu
This study is titled "Communication model of P2TP2A officers in the assisting families process of sexual violence victims." P2TP2A is an integrated center of activities that provides services to women and children victims of violence, including services of Information, Psychological and Legal Consultations,...
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Poverty of Traditional Fisherman Percut Village Percut Sei Tuan District Deli Serdang District

Bengkel Ginting
As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has the marine economy resources especially the abundant fishery resources. The potential has not been well managed, still small contribution of marine and fishery sector to national income, only 14.7% of total product broto domistik (PDB) Indonesia, compare with...
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A Practical Education Training Model as A Memorizing Effort to the Rating of Diversity

Roswita Sitompul, Mrs Alesyanti, Ahmad Fauzi
At the time human age has begun to mature, one starts to consolidate the steps that must be taken in the work affairs, fostering the family, and as members of the community. The action will become a lifestyle that will be his trademark in doing things. An early adult usually has a desire to marry and...
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Mr Iswanto, Dadang Darmawan
The potential of community fundraising in the villages through microfinance is actually very large, the through of institution of informal and semi-formal microfinance that is managed by the community itself, such as: credit unions, womens microfinance groups, grameen banks and “arisan” or “jula-jula”...
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Strategy of Increasing of Local Tax Revenues in Bandung City

Mr Suryanto, Bambang Hermanto, Poni Sukaesih Kurniati, Mas Rasmini
The purpose of this research is to analyze the strategy of increasing local tax revenues in the city of Bandung. This research uses a qualitative approach to descriptive analysis approach. Primary data sources were obtained through in-depth interviews, field-direct observation and focus group discussions....
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Suwaib Amiruddin
Indonesia women's multiple roles as servants on Family Affairs, also participate in development activities. In the political activity, women have equal rights in participation in election voice conveys. The study focused on how the right women's participation on the Binuangen, in the election of the...