Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Smart and Innovative Agriculture (ICoSIA 2021)

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Recent Progress of the Poultry Genome Research Based on the Experience in CNU, Korea

Prabuddha Manjula, Thisarani Ediriweera, Jun Heon Lee
With the implementation of the restoration program for Korean Native Chicken (KNC), by the Korean government in the 1990s, the research interests on KNC were greatly increased. Accordingly, the Chungnam National University also conducted and continues many researches for the molecular genetics studies...
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Location Quotient Analysis of the Agricultural Sector in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

A M Sausan, A Cahyani, F N Ashidieq, M A Risqa, M S A Bahri, R Wahyudi, V R Gitanto, R F Putri
Agricultural sector economic resources analysis is conducted to take into account the influence of the agricultural sector on the life of residents in D.I Yogyakarta Province. This analysis is conducted based on the data of calculation results using location quotient (LQ), a method to calculate the relative...
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Assessing Geographical Characteristic of Agricultural Land Conversion: A Spatial Analytical Approach

Bowo Susilo
Agricultural land conversion is a global and inevitable phenomenon. On the other hand, agricultural land is a fundamental asset and resource for those who depend on the agricultural sector for their livelihood. Preservation of agricultural land or controlling agricultural land conversion is a must. Therefore,...
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The Study of Heavy Metal Accumulation in Shallots and its Relation to Farmers’ Behavior

(Srigading Village, Kapanewon Sanden, Bantul Regency)

Cicik Oktasari Handayani, Edhi Martono, Rika Harini
Shallot farmers in their farming often use agrochemicals intensively which can pollute their land and agricultural products with an increase in the heavy metal content in them. Based on this, this research was conducted with three objectoves. The first one is to determine the status of heavy metal contamination...
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Sensitivity to Erosion Based on Morphometry and the Erosion Rate in Blongkeng Watershed

Faizal Nur Fahmi, Ambar Kusumandari
The Blongkeng sub-watershed is one of the sub-watersheds in the Progo watershed and is located on the north-west slope of Mount Merapi. This sub-watershed is considered a priority because it plays an important role in the entire Progo watershed system. The existence of vegetation damage and land degradation...
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Sustainable Food and Agriculture Strategy in Kulon Progo Regency based on SWOT and Spatial Analysis

Irwansyah Sukri, Rika Harini, Sudrajat
Changes in the use of agricultural land to non-agriculture are threats to food security. For this reason, a strategy is needed so that food agriculture in a region can be sustainable. This research aims to make recommendations for sustainable food and agriculture (SFA) policy strategies in Kulon Progo...
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Analysis of Population Pressure and Environmental Carrying Capacity on Agricultural Land in Lampung Province

Nabilah Luthfatur Rohmah, Rifky Faisal Achmad, Utia Kafafa, Helmi Putri Ramdhani, Ratih Fitria Putri, Heein Yang
Population growth is a problem that can lead to the conservation of agricultural land. This can result in increasing population pressure on agricultural land. The purpose of this study was to determine the condition of population pressure and environmental carrying capacity (ECC) on agricultural land...
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Dynamics of Agricultural Land and Sustainability of the Agricultural Sector in the Province of Bali 2015-2020

Ragil Setiawan, Anugrah Aditya Insani, Atikah Nian Indrastuti, Dwiyanti Purwanto, Hidayati Nur Rohmah, Rahma Permata Suci, Marinda Mustika Ayu, Rohayu Che Omar, Ratih Fitria Putri
The agricultural sector in Bali Province is increasingly being displaced by other sectors to support tourism. This is indicated by the reduction of agricultural land to non-agricultural land, even though agriculture is a sector that is very much needed by Balinese people to support life both in the present...
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Agricultural Resources Analysis: Urban Area’s Food Sufficiency in South Sulawesi Province

Raka Adi Bagaskara, Alfanni Nurul Kumalasari, Arsita Rahma Devaisnaini, Azhar Firman Ghani, Erlangga Jati Dewantara, Nisa Karimah, Tri Utami Setyawati, Ratih Fitria Putri
This study aims to analyze the problem of food sufficiency in urban areas of South Sulawesi Province using secondary data from the Central Statistics Agency of South Sulawesi Province in 2015-2019. The method used is quantitative descriptive analysis to determine the food adequacy of cities in South...
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The Effect of Robusta Coffee Brewing and Type of Backsound Music on Consumer Sensory Profiles in Suroloyo Coffee

Dinar Rafika Puspitasari, Bamban Widan Purwoko, Hanny Marlinda, Irmaziza Citraningrum, Muhammad Kusnan Abadi, Annie Mufyda Rahmatika, Iman Sabarisman, Satria Bhirawa Anoraga
Suroloyo coffee is a type of coffee originating from the top of Suroloyo, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. One of the coffee products that has a distinctive taste in Suroloyo is Robusta. Processing coffee as a beverage depends on the brewing technique used. Coffee brewing is usually done using manual techniques,...
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Land Suitability Modelling of Agricultural Geographical Indication Products under Climate Change Scenarios

Rizky Brisha Nuary, Rahmat Setiyono, Anggoro Cahyo Sukartiko
As a response to the geographical environment, agricultural land suitability is one of the determining factors for the distinctive quality of agricultural geographical indication products, including coffee sector. The sustainability toward its land suitability is required, considering that the status...
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Variation of Surface Soil Characteristics in Landslide Deposition Areas Based on Landslide Activities and Slope Position in Bompon Sub-Watershed, Magelang

Heni Ratna Sari, Nur Ainun H. J. Pulungan, Junun Sartohadi
The physical characteristics of the surface soil are the crucial soil characteristics related to landslides. They can cause landslides and change due to landslides. The physical characteristics of the surface soil in agricultural land play an important role in providing nutrients and as a medium for...
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Study of Palm Oil Mill Effluent for Land Application Suitability in Lamandau Regency, Kalimantan Tengah Province

Hilary Reinhart, Suaduan Syahri, Dalili Ghaisani Hashifah, Linggar Esty Hardini
This research puts the POME Land Application upfront and aims to evaluate the land suitability for POME land application and determine the suitable area for the land application in Lamandau Regency. This research uses Geographic Information System (GIS) to determine the land suitability for land application....
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Correlation Between Ratio of Purine Derivative: Creatinine Concentrations in Spot Urine Sampling with Total Urinary Excretion of Purine Derivative in Garut Rams and Ewes

Titi Widya Ningrum, Chusnul Hanim, Lies Mira Yusiati
This study aimed to determine the correlation between ratio of purine derivative:creatinine concentrations by spot sampling method with total urinary excretion of purine derivative (PD) in Garut rams and ewes, as well as knowing the right sampling time to predict microbial protein synthesis in Garut...
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Classification of Cocoa Beans Based on Fermentation Level Using PLS-DA Combined with Visible Near-Infrared (VIS-NIR) Spectroscopy

Deny Saputro, Dede Priambodo, Muhammad Pahlawan, Rudiati Masithoh
Fermentation is an important process in determining the quality of cocoa beans. Therefore, studies to determine the rate of fermentation of cocoa beans non-destructively and rapidly are needed. This study aimed to develop a robust model using Vis-NIR and PLS-DA to differentiate cocoa bean samples with...
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Ohmic Heating: A Review and Application in Food Industry

Kurnia Aurina, Anjar Sari
Heat is used in many ways including in food processing. Heating methods are first used after the invention of electricity, include ohmic heating. This paper is written to review ohmic heating thoroughly in food industry, including the brief history, principle and its application. Ohmic heating is a development...
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Economic Analysis Based on Software Cost Estimation Model on the Development of Telemetry Equipment to Support the Irrigation Modernization

Andri Prima Nugroho, Siwi Yuwanita Muliana, Murtiningrum, Sigit Supadmo Arif
Irrigation is one of the main supporters in the application of modern agriculture to ensure the availability of water as an input to agricultural production. Nowadays, irrigation modernization in Indonesia is intended to realize a participatory irrigation management system that is oriented towards fulfilling...
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Classification of Climate and Land Suitability of Rice in East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara

Kirana Sila Trisna Mukti, Bayu Dwi Apri Nugroho, Rizki Maftukhah
East Sumba Regency is an dry climate area, which has an impact on water availability, especially for agricultural production. Additionally, this area has a large area of land that can be optimize for productive agricultural areas. Several factors that affect productive land are climate, land management,...
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Destructive and Non-destructive Quality Measurements of Strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa cv. Tristar) Cultivated using Soilless Culture in Tropical Greenhouse

Mohammad Affan Fajar Falah, Nadia Ulfiyati, Bagas Waras, Vivi Afrianti, Mirwan Ushada
The quality parameters were investigated in strawberry fruit using soilless cultivation under the tropical greenhouse production. The soilless strawberry production using substrate and NFT system was compared with soil cultivation and they were cultivated using standard nutrient solution with an electrical...
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Autonomous Cyber Physical Systems for Monitoring of Methane Gas in Rice Field

Muhamad Komarudin, Hery Dian Septama, Titin Yulianti
The agricultural sector is accused of increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases (GHG) that triggered climate change. Rice fields or wetlands are one of the largest sources of methane (CH4) emissions to agriculture. Rice fields play an active role in the release of methane emissions into the atmosphere....
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Early Warning System Using Change Point Analysis to Detect Microclimate Anomalies

Muhammad Salman Ibnu Chaer, Andri Prima Nugroho, Guyup Mahardhian Dwi Putra, Ngadisih Ngadisih, Lilik Sutiarso, Takashi Okayasu
The agricultural sector is required to provide food products for human needs. To increase agricultural yields, precision agriculture approaches are required by the utilization of information and technology to maximize agricultural productivity. Precision agriculture systems cannot be separated from monitoring...
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Development of Irrigation Monitoring and Control Systems to Support the Implementation of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI)

Rido Saputra, Andri Prima Nugroho, Murtiningrum, Sigit Supadmo Arif
Indonesia is a tropical country with high average annual rainfall. The occurrence of unpredictable world climate changes makes it difficult to determine the planting schedule. Farmers often experience crop failure due to a lack of water during the dry season. To overcome these problems, it is necessary...
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Hemoglobin Comparison in Sapera, Saanen and Ettawa crossbred goats in Different Physiological Status

Sarmin, Irkham Widiyono, Devita Anggraeni
Research aimed to investigate the effect of breed and physiological status on hemoglobin. This research uses a total of 279 apparent healthy Sapera, Saanen, and Ettawa crossbred goats with different physiological status (adult buck, pregnant does, dry does, post-weaning, female kids, male kids, lactating...
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The Effect of Media on Nutritional Content of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Larva in SITTI Technology System (Integration System – Plant – Livestock – Fish)

Annisa Widyaswara, Lilik Soetiarso, Yudha Dwi Prasetyatama, Umi Hapsari
Maggot is known to be able to become a bioconversion agent with three by-products, including the main product is Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae which can be used as animal feed because it contains protein. The second product is liquid from larval activity which can be used as liquid fertilizer. The last...
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Kinetics of the Coconut Sap Physical Properties During Palm Sugar Processing Using Pan Evaporator and Vertical Type Double Jacket Stirred Crystallizer

A N Hanifah, S Rahayoe, A D Saputro, R A Kusuma
Palm sugar is made from the evaporation and crystallization of palm sap turned into granules/powder. This research aims to analyze the physical kinetics of the coconut sap throughout the cooking process of palm sugar using pan evaporator and vertical type double jacket stirred crystallizer. Fresh coconut...
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Increasing the Melting Temperature of Chocolate by Adding Xanthan Gum-Based Hydrogel: A Preliminary Study

Mira Aprilia Nur Fadilah, Arifin Dwi Saputro, Samuel Keegen Bangun, Arima Diah Setiowati, Sri Rahayoe, Joko Nugroho Wahyu Karyadi
Melting temperature of chocolate needs to be increased since it easily melts at temperatures below 34oC. An elevated melting temperature gives benefits for chocolate producers in tropical countries. In this study, heat-resistant chocolate was developed using indirect incorporation of water. Xanthan Gum-based...
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Screening Resistance of Several Accessions Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) Against Root-Knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita)

Arsinta Dewi, Siwi Indarti
One of the causes of the decrease in eggplant production is the attacked of root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita). The one of steps to developing eggplant plants resistant to nematode attack is by screening various eggplant accessions which aims to assess the level of resistance between eggplant...
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The Effect of Feed Variations on the Mutiara Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) Growth Performance in the Integration Farming Technology System

Ignatius Jovantheo, Umi Hapsari, Yudha Dwi Prasetyatama, Lilik Sutiarso
The main factor influencing catfish farming activities is the use of feed. Catfish feed in the form of fish pellets has a relatively expensive price, thereby reducing profits in catfish farming, so alternative feeds are needed. An alternative feed that has the potential to be used in catfish farming...
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The Effect of Fertilizer Variations from Organic Waste on the Growth of Mustard Plants (Brassica juncea L.) in Integration Farming System

Ilham Bintang Pratama, Umi Hapsari, Yudha Dwi Prasetyatama, Lilik Soetiarso
People in Indonesia are now starting to care about maintaining health and avoiding the use of chemical compounds in food ingredients. Mustard (Brassica juncea L.) is a type of vegetable that is well known in Indonesian society. The use of organic-based fertilizers is one of the way to produce mustard...
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The Effect of Feed Variation on Jowo Super Chicken (Gallus domesticus) Growth in the Integrated System of Crops – Livestock – Fish

Leonardus Dwi K.B.P, Lilik Soetiarso, Yudha Dwi Prasetyatama, Umi Hapsari
The need of people’s animal protein increases every year. One of the alternative sources of animal protein that can be easily obtained is Jowo Super chicken (Gallus domesticus), a hybrid resulting from Kampong chicken and laying hens. However, the high cost of the chicken food causes hardships for breeders...
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Application of Logistic Model to Root Growth of Vegetables under Drip and Mist Irrigation

Murtiningrum Murtiningrum, Ilham Nawan Rasyid, Lia Christyaningrum, Erlina Fahrunisa, Ngadisih Ngadisih
Mathematical model uses a set of mathematical equation to represent of a system. In agriculture, one of the functions of mathematical models is to predict crop growth. The objective of this paper was to apply the logistic model to root growth of three types of vegetables, namely water spinach, mustard,...
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Technical Performance Evaluation of Rice Transplanter Prototype for “Tapak Macan” on Planting Arm and Seedling Tray Mechanism

Gigieh Henggar Jaya, Radi, Alfitra Widya Yubastama, Amiq Nurul Azmi, Bambang Purwantana
Rice cultivation is an effort made by humans to meet basic food needs. However, the world’s population growth continues to increase, so it is necessary to improve the cultivation quality to meet these needs. Researchers have developed many cultivation methods to meet these needs, one method discovered...
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Sustainable Agricultural Development Based on Leading Commodities

(Case Study in Blora Sub-District, Blora District, Central Java, Indonesia)

Rena Satya Tungga Dewi, Rika Harini, Rina Dwi Ariani, Luthfi Muta’ali
Sustainable agricultural development emphasises the utilisation of natural resources, especially leading commodities, according to the ability of a region to improve the welfare of its farmers and stimulate economic growth. Agriculture is a sector supporting the economy of the Blora Sub-district. This...
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Economic Valuation of Agricultural Land Resources

The Multifunctional Benefit Value Approach of Agricultural Land in the Karangsambung-Karangbolong Geopark Area

Rika Harini, Bowo Susilo, Evita Hanie Pangaribowo, Rina Dwi Ariani
The strategic role of agricultural land faces serious challenges, including the conversion of agricultural land. Agricultural land conversion is related to people’s understanding of multifunctional value concept of agricultural land including economic and environmental value. Agricultural land is considered...
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Kinetics of Changes in the Quality Parameters of Fresh Snake Fruit (Salacca edulis Rainw) During Storage

Satria Bhirawa Anoraga, Nursigit Bintoro
The effects of storage at different room RH-themperature treatment and packaging method conditions on Snake Fruit (Salacca Edulis cv. ‘Pondoh’) quality parameters, such as moisture content, brix (%), and fruits stress, were investigated. Packaging and storage method had impact significantly on the quality...
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Kinetics Physical Properties of Coconut Sugar Solution, During Processing Palm Sugar Using Pan Evaporator and Rotating Crystallizer

Destia Catur Rini, Sri Rahayoe, Arifin Dwi Saputro, Joko Nugroho Wahyu K
Palm sugar is sugar from coconut sap in the form of crystals. The producers of palm sugar are mostly home industries that process sugar in a conventional way, using wood-fired stoves for thickening sap and the crystallization process is done manually. Improvements to the conventional method carried out...
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The Role of Remote Sensing Technology (Latest Geospatial) for Agriculture in Indonesia

Rizatus Shofiyati
Remote sensing has several capabilities to be used in agriculture, which plays a significant role in crop classification, crop monitoring and yield assessment. In Indonesia, use of remote sensing divided into 3 eras: non-satellite (1970s - 1981), transition (1982 - 2004), digital satellite (2005 - now)....
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Accumulation of Experimental Data for the Introduction of Smart Plant Protection Systems

Cases of Transboundary and High-risk Diseases

Takashi Fujikawa
Smart agriculture will be essential for sustainable food production. Above all, the implementation of smart plant protection is highly expected as a way to protect crops from pests. However, for this purpose, it is necessary to collect a lot of experimental data, link it with various information, and...
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Agricultural Land Carrying Capacity in West Sleman Regency 2014-2020

Hayyun Nadia, Rika Harini
The reduced area of agricultural land in West Sleman will affect the availability of food in the region. The decreasing availability of food will have an impact on the condition of the carrying capacity of the land, whether it will get better or worse. Based on these problems, a study was conducted to...
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Economic Efficiency and Scale of Rice Production in Bogor District

Yunus Arifien, Sari Anggaawati, Iis Anisa Yulia
Setting cropping patterns in the use of paddy fields is one of the important steps that determine the income, use and distribution of farmer’s labor. This research is a descriptive research which is carried out by utilizing secondary production data, cost analysis in Bogor Regency. Analysis using regression...
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Data Analytics on the Effect of Climate Change to the Production of Fruit Plants during 2014-2020 in Malang District

Adhi Dharma Wibawa, Yuri Pamungkas
Horticultural products are agricultural commodities that have strategic value not only for farmers, but also for market players and consumers in Indonesia. In 2019, the GRDP of horticultural products in East Java reached IDR31.13 trillion. Compared to other districts in East Java, Malang District is...
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Detection of the Existence Rhodamine B in Chili Paste with Digital Image Processing

Ihsan Ali Suwarno, Nafis Khuriyati, Makhmudun Ainuri
The need for chili paste is increasing in line with the increasing variety of types and menus of dishes that use chili paste. To improve the colour of chili paste some traders use the textile dye Rhodamine B which causes significant health risks. The purpose of this study is to develop an image processing...
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Determinant Factors of the Agricultural Land Sustainability in Indonesia

Imade Y. Prasada, Agus D. Nugroho
Land used for agriculture activities is recognized to have a low rental value compared to land used for industrial and trade sectors. As a result, agricultural land is increasingly under pressure to be converted to non-agricultural land, posing a danger to Indonesia’s agricultural land sustainability....
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The Comparison of Activator from Indigenous Decomposer for NH3 Mitigation during the Rabbit Dung Composting

Nanung Agus Fitriyanto, Khairunnisa Y. Humaam, Ragil Adi Prasetyo, Yuny Erwanto, Panjono, Nono Ngadiono
This study aimed to compare the indigenous strain as a decomposer in the rabbit dung composting. This study was conducted by using a commercial decomposer as a control, Pseudomonas sp. LS3K and Candida sp. LS3T. Before being applied as a decomposer, the growth of Pseudomonas sp. LS3K and Candida sp....
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Characteristics of Several Foodstuff Drying by Microwave: A Review

Nihayatuzain Amanda, Nadilla Shintya Kusuma Wardhani, Anjar Ruspita Sari
One of technology that used for food drying is microwave. The use of microwave drying has resulted in sensory and physical characteristics changes of food. The objective of this article is to review the use of microwave drying on several foodstuff. Microwave drying has a significant difference as compared...
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Effects of High-Pressure Processing on Milk, Meat, Fruit, and Vegetable: A Review

I Putu Karang Adisurya, Anjar Ruspita Sari
Preservation of agricultural products is needed to extend shelf life and maintain quality. One of the preservation methods that can be used is High-Pressure Processing (HPP). This article aims to review the effect of implementing HPP on milk, meat, fruit, and vegetable. The results of the review showed...
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Microwave Vacuum Drying on Fruit: A Review

Nadilla Shintya Kusuma Wardhani, Nihayatuzain Amanda, Anjar Ruspita Sari
Fruit is very perishable in the storage process and has short of shelf-life. To extend the shelf life, fruits need preservation process. Drying is generally acknowledged as a cost-effective and commonly used technique for preserving food by reducing post-harvest losses. The major challenge of drying...
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Nutrition and Its Impact to Oral Health in Dogs and Cats (Study in Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital)

Dyah Kunthi Wirapratiwi, Yuli Santoro, Agung Budi Pramono, Kurnia Kurnia, Anggarda Prasetyo, Guntari Titik Mulyani, Setyo Budhi, Slamet Raharjo, Aryan Morita
Dental plaque has been considered as one of etiology in dental problem. It consists of collection of microorganisms that are formed and firmly attached to the tooth surface and also food deposit. With the mineralization process, dental plaque will transform into dental calculus and lead to periodontal...
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Animal and Plant-Based Milk Identification System Using Hyperspectral Imaging and Convolutional Neural Network

Nugi Asmara, Adhi Harmoko Saputro
Milk is a beverage that completes human nutrition. It is produced by cows and goats and can be obtained by plants such as soy and coconut. The nutrition composition contained in kinds of milk is different from one another. The differences in nutrition composition have their identification potential,...
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Climate Variability Detection at Kuningan Experimental Garden

Muchamad Wahyu Trinugroho, Hanggar Ganara Mawandha, Bayu Dwi Apri Nugroho
Climate variability is global phenomenon that may affect water availability in water user. Long-term climate variability detection is then crucial to water resources planning and management. This study was conducted to analyze climate variability and trend evaluation over Kuningan Experimental Garden,...
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Internet of Things Based Intelligent Water Management System for Plants

Isbat Uzzin Nadhori, M. Udin Harun Al Rasyid, Ahmad Syauqi Ahsan, Bintang Refani Mauludi
Water has an important role for crops. Every crop needs water to survive. The amount of water that crops need, in different regions and seasons, is different. To calculate the amount of water needed by the crop precisely require careful analysis of the available supporting data. In practice, the fulfilment...
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Soil Moisture Monitoring to Determine Irrigation Water Supply

Yulian Kusuma Ari Setiadi, Bayu Dwi Apri Nugroho, Rizki Maftukhah
Irrigation is important in the agricultural production system to support the growth of plants, hence it can improve the crop. Rice as a staple food in Indonesia commonly requires more water than other plants. It is not only to support the plant growth but also to support soil cultivation and to reduce...
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The Interactions of Daily Microclimate and Rice Plant Growth by System of Rice Intensification (SRI) Method in Dry-climate Land

Tobyas S Santosa, Bayu Dwi Apri Nugroho, Rose Tirtalistyani
Indonesia is quite blessed to have a proper climate condition to cultivate rice plants as the demand for rice is becoming one of the highest among the other foodstuffs. Even so, the climate condition in Indonesia quite varies, where some regions are classified as dry climate area and one of them is East...
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Genetic Diversity of the Prolactin Gene in Three Indonesian Ducks

Aprilianna Putri Zahara Nafsina Luvita Sari, Akhmad Fathoni, Heru Sasongko, Dwi Nur Happy Hariyono, Dewi Sari Kumalawati, Dyah Maharani
The Prolactin gene is a candidate gene associated with egg production due to its crucial role in the production and reproduction of poultry. This study aimed to identify the polymorphisms of the prolactin gene in Indonesian local duck breeds. For that purpose, three duck breeds, namely Bayang (n= 25),...
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Microsatellite Marker LEI0258 Variability in Six Indonesian Local Chicken Populations

Fatmawati Mustofa, Aprilianna Putri Zahara N L Sari, Akhmad Fathoni, Heru Sasongko, Dwi Nur Happy Hariyono, Prabuddha Manjula, Jun Heon Lee, Dyah Maharani
The microsatellite LEI0258 is a genetic marker for chicken MHC haplotypes and can be used to study the influence of population genetics on immune responses. In this study, we investigated the variability of the LEI0258 locus in 173 chickens from six Indonesian local chicken populations (Black Kedu Pelung,...
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Response of Indonesian Eggplants due to Nematode Attack and Genetic Diversity Revealed by SSR Marker

Aida Ainurrachmah, Taryono, Siwi Indarti
Eggplant (Solanum sp.) is one of the most important solanaceous vegetable crop plants. Root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita-RN) is one of the biotic factors and becoming a serious problem, affecting the root system and physiological activities, resulting in reduced plant growth and yield of eggplant....
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The Effect of Sanrego Wood (Lunasia amara Blanco) Extract Addition to the Andromed® Diluent on Sperm Quality of Belgian Blue Crossbreeds Bull

Sigit Bintara, Panjono, Riyan Nugroho Aji
Sperm quality is vital for livestock reproduction. Without good sperm quality, reproduction will not occur properly, which will cause a hamper in the increase of livestock population. Sanrego (Lunasia amara Blanco) is a plant that has an aphrodisiac effect that can increase libido, so this plant is very...
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The Estimation of NI, NRR, and Output of Garut sheep at Breeding Center in Garut-West Java

Putri Kusuma Astuti, Hamdani Maulana, Aprilianna Zahara Nafsina Luvita Sari, Panjono, Yudi Guntara Noor, Nuryanto, Rahmat Hidayat, Dyah Maharani
Sheep is one of Indonesia’s most important germplasms, whose prolific capability enables it to meet the meat consumption needs of small ruminants. PT Agro Investama is a private company that operates as the largest Sheep breeding center located in Malangbong District, Garut Regency, West Java. This research...
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Multiobjective Optimization of Vibro-Pneumatic Separator Using Full Factorial Design

Muhammad Dzulkifli, Rozzaq Habib Amrullah, Makbul Hajad
Vibro-pneumatic separator has been applied widely in grain cleaning industries for separating light impurity, gravel and various types of contaminant from grain products. Pneumatic section is utilized as the suction part to separate the light impurity contaminant from the basic product based on the distinction...
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Process Optimization of Pneumatic Separator Machine Using Response Surface Methodology

Rozzaq Habib Amrullah, Muhammad Dzulkifli, Makbul Hajad
Pneumatic separator machine is one of the alternative methods used for the grain cleaning process. To obtain the efficient grain cleaning process, the design of a pneumatic separator should consider aerodynamic properties of the material such as terminal velocity value. Form of material, material density,...
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Sensory Evaluation of Robusta Coffee under Various Postharvest and Processing

S. Wulandari, M. Ainuri, A. C. Sukartiko
The sensory quality of food products including coffee determines the level of consumer acceptance. This study ancover the differences in consumer acceptance and determines the best postharvest and processing treatments of ground and brewed Robusta coffee. The Taguchi orthogonal array L9 (34) with four...
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The Effect of Housewives’ Food Safety Awareness on Processed Frozen Food Buying Interest during Covid19 Pandemic in D.I. Yogyakarta Region

Anjar Ruspita Sari, Ika R. Revulaningtyas, Satria Bhirawa Anoraga, Sri Wijanarti
The stipulation of the corona virus as a national pandemic has an effect on changes in food consumption patterns, which were originally from fresh food ingredients that are easily obtained directly in both traditional and modern markets to consumption of ready-to-eat frozen food that can be used as stock...