Proceedings of the International Conference on Social, Politics, Administration, and Communication Sciences (ICoSPACS 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Yohanes Sulaiman, Elly Malihah, Mariane Olivia Delanova
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Public Acceptance of Electronic Land Certificate

Yudha Purbawa, Septina Marryanti Prihatin, Arditya Wicaksono, Romi Nugroho, Halimah Ratna Sari
In the frame of e-government, the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency recently issued an electronic land certificate policy through ministerial regulation number 1 of 2021 concerning electronic certificates. Since this is a relatively new policy and its acceptance level...
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The Construction of Natuna Military Base in Response to China’s Claim

Syahrul Akmal Latif, Muhammd Arsy Ash Shiddiqy
The Indonesia-China dispute arose after the People’s Republic of China incorporated the Natuna area into its territory and doing reclamation and then expanded small islands such as Mischief Reef and Subi Island as part of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea Jakarta and Beijing have long been at...
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E-Government Implementation: The Use of e-kelurahan Improving Public Service

Siti Osa Kossasy, Sinta Westika Putri, F. Yasmeardi, Yenni Jufri, Eva Suryany
Kelurahan as an institution that is very close to the community, it implements e-government in the form of services to the community through the e-kelurahan application. The problem that arises from this is for people who are still technologically savvy, it can be analyzed the use of e-kelurahan in process...
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Regional Leadership Role in Building Good Governance in the City of Semarang

Irwan Syuryawan, Danny Permana, Dadang Sufianto
This research was prepared against the background of the Good Governance Condition in Semarang City, although Semarang City is one of the outstanding Cities in the Central Java region, based on the IGI (Indonesian Governance Index) Semarang City is indeed still far from being ranked as a City with ideal...
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The Character of Social Media of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to Help Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Recovery in Indonesia

Dhani Salman, Saktisyahputra, Rd. Dancu Lokita Pramesti Dewi, Nur Ambulani
The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a sense of concern and emergency due to its unpredictable nature. This situation extends to Indonesia as well. Consequently, in order to maintain societal stability, various community activities have undergone digital transformation in areas such as administration,...
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Motor Vehicle Tax Bleaching Program and Motor Vehicle Return Fees in Increasing Community Awareness of Taxpayer at the Regional Revenues Agency

Asmaria, Erwin Putubasai, Zesty Miranda, M. Fikri Akbar, Mat Sholeh, Sulis Aprilia
Factors causing taxpayers’ indifference in paying motor vehicle taxes include the abolition of motorized vehicle taxes and fees for transferring the name of motorized vehicles which do not educate the public, the existence of tax bleaching and motor vehicle bleaching charges can be misinterpreted by...
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Social Capital and Blue Economy Policy: Answering the Paradox of Weakness and Opportunity of Fisherman

Alexsander, Harmiati
The decreasing number of fisherman shows the serious threats in implementing blue economy policy. This research aims to find the strategic value of local Capital that strengthens the independence of the community. It will support the blue economy policy. The research framework adopts the concept of a...
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Disruption of Digitalization in MSMEs from the Three Bottom Line Perspective in the Endemic Era

Ayun Maduwinarti, I. G. N. Anom Maruta, Ananda Rahmatullah
Massive technology disruption has occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Various sectors are affected by digitalization including business sectors. Many MSMEs must adapt immediately, proved by the amount of MSMEs which manage their marketing strategies using online media. With three bottom line principle,...
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Paradiplomacy of Semarang City (Indonesia) and Jung Gu City (South Korea) in 2016–2021: Evaluation Study of Sister City Cooperation

Anna Yulia Hartati, Agus Riyanto, Andi Purwono, Suharto
Foreign relations carried out by local governments or ‘sub-states’ in the science of international relations are referred to as paradiplomacy. Law Number 32 of 2004 concerning Regional Government opens up opportunities as actors in foreign relations. This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of sister...
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Development of Promotional Communication Strategies in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Towards a Sustainable Business Process

Astri Dwi Andriani, Irfan Sophan Hilmawan, Denny Aditya Dwiwarman
This study aims to describe what and how promotional development activities are in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. The research model in this discussion uses quantitative research which includes: data identification, analyzing research problem information data. This technique uses analysis...
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Collective Violence and Solidarity in External Student Organizations

Rahmah Fitriana, Sanggar Kanto, Anif Fatma Chawa, Siti Kholifah
Students are often caught in situations, so they are violent. Personal conflicts turn into group problems. Collective violence occurs in the name of group solidarity. This study investigates if there is a relationship between student unity and organizational principles supporting mass violence. Students...
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Policy Analysis and Organizational Establishment of Village Owned Business Entities in Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi Province

Ichwan Muis, Kisman Karinda, Tatang Sudrajat
The government has done many things in providing services and welfare to the people, most of whom live in rural areas and are still in a cycle of poverty. Therefore, the government’s focus is to increase the degree of socio-economic welfare by presenting Village-Owned Enterprises (BUM Desa). This is...
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Policy Collaboration in the Development of Lake Mas Harun Bastari Torurism in Bengkulu

Sri Indarti, Juim, Fitria Yuliani
The tourism development policy is the prima donna in Rejang Lebong Regency, which is one of the buffers for the tourism industry in Bengkulu Province. The implementation of the Lake Mas Harun Bastari tourism object in Rejang Lebong Regency has been developed in collaboration between the local government,...
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Political Segmentation in Local Political Dynamics

Sadar, Irwani, Sholahuddin Shoum Abdurrohman
Since the reform in 1998 with the existence of Law no. 23/2014 concerning regional government, reopens opportunities for regions to determine leaders independently as a form of people's aspirations which are carried out through political contestation at the local level. Local political phenomena...
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Constitutive Communication: Mapping of Communication and Changes in Indonesian Legislative Institutions

Elly Yuliawati, Kurniawan Prasetyo, Juwono Tri Atmojo
Communication is the concern of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) in carrying out its functions and authorities. This study examines the flow of information, coordination and change management designed by the DPR RI to reach out to its stakeholders. Using the case study...
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Localization of Gender Equality as a Goal of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Philippines

Arief Wicaksono, Andi Burchanuddin
This study intends to localize international norms that are then accepted into local norms in order to assess the Philippines’ progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on gender equality. The research approach is qualitative, and the data gathering strategy makes use of literature review,...
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Increasing the Capture of Plastic Waste in the Mangrove Area of the East Coast of Surabaya

Rachmawati Novaria, Suko Istijanto, I Putu Rippa Sogawa, Sefty Maharani Devi
From day to day the existence of plastic waste in the Mangrove Area of the East Coast of Surabaya is currently increasing and has become one of the problems faced by the people and the city government of Surabaya to be able to handle it. The city of Surabaya is an urban area where most of the land is...
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Coffee Seduh Innovation Strategy Relationship with Quality of Population Administration Services

Ginung Pratidina, R. Akhmad Munjin, Syifaa Auliyaa, Cecep Wahyudin
Public services are important in the community considering the community’s need for services continues to increase, one of which is population administration services. Moreover, in the Covid-19 era which resulted in various restrictions, population administration services needed innovation as was done...
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Collaboration of the City Government of Bandung and District Military Command 0618/Bs in Regional Empowerment to Establish Regional Stability

Arkom Fajri Romadon, Agustina Setiawan, Danny Permana
The research is entitled Collaboration of the City Government of Bandung and District Military Command 0618/BS in Regional Empowerment to Establish Regional Stability. The problem of this research is how the collaboration between the City Government of Bandung City and District Military Command (Kodim)...
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The Profile of Enhancing Student Science Literation Ability Through Scientific Learning

Agustinus Pat Madyana, Slamet
This research is an insufficient experiment that seeks to characterize the profile of the improvement in students’ literacy ability as a result of their involvement in scientific study. The research methodology that was employed was a one group pretest-posttest design, and the sample size for the study...
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E-Government Based as Good Governance Implementation Model and Public Service Motivation in Cimahi City Government Civil Apparatus

Mochamad Vrans Romi, Agus Subagyo, Rira Nuradhawati
This research is aimed to create a model to determine the effect of e-government and public service motivation on good governance in the state civil apparatus of the Cimahi City government, either partially or simultaneously. The methodology in this study uses descriptive analysis with quantitative methods,...
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The Role of Local Government in Environmental Management in Bandung Regency

Anwar, Agus Subagyo, Rira Nuradhawati
The goal of sustainable environmental development is to inspire people to meet their needs. It is hoped that the community would remain conscious of the environment throughout the process. The goal of this research is to ascertain the local government’s function in environmental management. This research...
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Collaboration of the Regional Government and Kodim (District Military Command) 0911/Nunukan in Nationalism-Building in Border Communities

Baso Tabbusassa, Agustina Setiawan, Suwarti Sari
The identification of the problems in this research is: How is the cooperation between the local government and the 0911/Nunukan Kodim in Nationalism-Building in Border Communities? The research method is descriptive analysis research with a qualitative approach. The results of the study are as follows:...
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Implementation of Women Empowerment in Establishing Justice and Gender Equality in the Economic Sector in the Regency of Cianjur

(A Study in the Service of Population Control, Family Planning, Women Empowerment, Child Protection in the Regency of Cianjur)

Salam Purnama, Danny Permana, Dahly Sukmana
This research is entitled the implementation of women’s empowerment in realizing justice and gender equality in the economy in Cianjur Regency (Study on the Role of the Department of Population Control, Family Planning, Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection in Cianjur Regency). The main problem is...