Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Social, Business, and Academic Leadership (ICSBAL 2019)

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Social, business, and academic leadership: a short introduction

Wadim Strielkowski
Leadership, either social, business, or academic leadership, has a lot in common. It is all about looking for the new and innovative ideas, unconventional approaches, novel solutions, as well as showing one’s initiative and commitment. Moreover, it is about leading approaches, leading ideas, and leading...
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Leading approaches to project management in steering creative projects

Elena Vishnevskaya, Veronika Petrova, Tatiana Varentsova
This paper focuses on the principles of successful interaction of project management in steering and leading creative projects and endeavours. Creative economy and all its prerequisites opened the world of immense opportunities for many businesses and enabled open-minded entrepreneurs to implement their...
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Key aspects of technological leadership within the context of fourth industrial revolution

Victoria Akberdina, Luidmila Pushkareva
This paper focuses on the key aspects of the technological leadership within the context of the fourth industrial revolution (also known as technology 4.0). Technology (or also “Industry”) 4.0 is viewed as having a significant impact on today’s world economic and social progress. The fourth industrial...
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Critical leadership and set-up-to-fail syndrome

Zhanna Gardanova, Natalya Nikitina, Wadim Strielkowski
This paper focuses on the issue of the so-called “set-up-to-fail syndrome” which is a situation when employees perceived to be ineffective and weak performers by their managers start living down to their low expectations. We argue that set-up-to-fail syndrome can be caused both by the lack of motivation...
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Female leadership in rural areas: a social innovation review

Angela Niño-Torres
This paper aims to study the active role of women in initiatives that favour the socioeconomic development in rural area. It identifies ventures and different economic dynamics led by women that have prospered worldwide, beyond the support to the family and the reproductive sphere. It focuses on the...
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Managing leading social processes in turbulent conditions

Valeriy Zarubin, Natalia Nemirova, Vladimir Semenov
This paper focuses on the main trends and leading approaches in the modern development of society in a situation of dynamic changes and turbulent conditions. Particular attention is paid to identifying the differences between management and manageability. Management is a formalized side of collective...
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Leveraging universally desirable and undesirable leadership styles

Zeynegul Samaibekova, Ainura Kocherbaeva
This paper focuses on cross-cultural management and leadership. In particular, it aims at universal leadership studies and attributes. By using a comprehensive literature review and some relevant examples from various sources it shows that the amount of leadership as well as leadership styles might significantly...
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Leading approaches to managing innovations in the 21st century

Anna Sherstobitova, Anna Shmatko, Raisa Krayneva
This paper focuses on the leading approaches to managing innovations using the methods of modern management that became widespread and popular in the 21st century. The paper focuses on the new challenges business endeavours are facing in the new era as well as on the novel leading approaches to innovation...
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Leadership in tourism: assessment of cultural tourist attractions

Jing Wang
This paper focuses on the leadership in cultural tourism. The aim of the paper is to complete the picture of cultural tourism and its cultural, social, as well as economic impacts on cultural destinations (e.g. cities, local attractions, museums, and other types of tangible and intangible heritage in...
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Smart reality of a contemporary leader

Anatoliy Alekseev-Apraksin, Ekaterina Surova, Boris Sokolov
The article is dedicated to the philosophical and cultural experience of reflexive observation and interpretation of current trends in global development defining strategies of leaders who carry out their life projects in new organizational and communicative modes. As the theoretical premise of the study...
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Personnel safety as a tool for leadership in public administration

Dina Chuprova, Svetlana Gudkova, Irina Marinets
This paper focuses on the personnel risks and personnel safety as key element for achieving leadership in state security and competitiveness among countries and nations. In particular, we focus on the theory of public administration and the effectiveness of public sector. The paper describes the assessment...
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Yakut leader Tygyn as a phenomenon of ethnic culture

Olga Parfenova, Saassylana Sivtseva, Matrena Okorokova
In the culture of the Yakut people, the image of the legendary leader Tygyn, who lived at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, is of great importance for the world’ ethnography, folklore, and ethnic studies. Moreover, it is an interesting example of a study of leadership. Tygyn attempted to unite...
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Leadership and poetry: common tendencies in works of Georgian and European leader poets

Eka Vardoshvili
Leadership can be viewed as one of the aspects of poetry. Many poets inspire wide masses with their works and become the source of inspiration of institutional changes and national reawakening. This paper analysis leadership through poetry using an example of Georgian and European poets. First attempts...
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The leader of a modern society: the digital world of the team and order

Irina Khmyrova-Pruel, Boris Sokolov, Larisa Morina
Leadership is one of the most ancient phenomena which essence people would like to learn. Also, to operate system many have a desire to be leaders, becoming the leader, opens much more opportunities and prospects, access to bigger number of resources and bonuses is possible. Becoming the leader, we create...
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Promoting leadership and creativity among elderly people

Veronika Grebennikova, Natalya Nikitina, Zhanna Gardanova
Human leadership and creativity constitute one of the most important factors of progress and economic development. However, it is known that creativity is undergoing a decline with the cognitive abilities and vital powers of people decreasing with age. This paper aims at describing the main benefits...
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Leading approaches for monitoring financial security and maturity of business companies

Marina Charaeva, Elena Karpova, Elena Chumachenko
This paper concentrates on the leading approaches for monitoring the financial soundness of organizations represented by business companies in the context of their financial security. Financial security and maturity of business companies largely rely upon the financial control systems that are envisaged...
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Leadership and leaders in successful small and medium enterprises

Ainura Kocherbaeva, Zeynegul Samaibekova, Kerezkan Isabaeva
This paper discusses the issue of leadership in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We contemplate about the notion that successful companies and often leaders in their respective fields of business when it comes to innovations, novelty, business courage, openness to the new ideas, or intentions to...
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Leaders and financial risks in small and medium enterprises

Mihaela Simionescu, Aleksander Kozharinov
This paper focuses on the issue of leaders and financial risks in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Business leaders who are often the managers or owners of small enterprises are the first to face the risk and to suffer most severely from their outcomes. Thence, they need to be aware of all possible...
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Gross domestic product as the leading indicator of the level of economic security: a case of Ukraine

Nataliia Kovshun, Nataliia Savina, Nina Kushnir
In order to estimate the level of economic security, it appears worthwhile to analyse the dynamics of gross domestic product which represents a leading tool and a reliable indicator for this purpose. This paper examines the GDP of Ukraine in 1990-2017 as a whole and per capita in particular in comparison...
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Improving the system of consumer protection in the Russian market in the context of achieving leadership in digitalization

Elena Bagreeva, Elena Barakina
The relevance of the need to create a new regulatory environment that provides a favorable legal regime in the financial sector for the transition to the leading position in the digital economy is obvious today. In order to understand the current legal field in this area, our paper generalized and analyzed...
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Evolution of technologies in marketing: leading trends

Olga Ustinova, Svetlana Karpova, Kirill Turbanov
In modern conditions of digitalization of the economy in marketing research appears a sustainable interest in learning technology to promote brand, products and services using company-producers and advertisers. Given the rapid pace of changes that have affected almost all spheres of life of consumers,...
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Financial forms in integrated reporting as a means of achieving leadership in accounting

Tatyana Veinbender, Valentina Kashintseva
Our paper focuses on the problem of achieving leadership in financial services via ensuring the efficiency of using existing types of reporting. We consider the chronological stages of the appearance and implementation of integrated reporting on the territory of the Russian Federation. Moreover, a paper...
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Fostering leadership competences through project management course

Anna Tarasova, Yana Mitrofanova, Aleksander Kozharinov
Our paper focuses on the issue of fostering leadership competences through enhancing and maintaining the effective project management course. Leadership creation within an organisation, business entities or public institutions alike, represents a complex and cumbersome task. It takes lots of effort and...
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Financial literacy as a leading regulator of consumption expenditure

Jenny Linares
The concept of leadership has transformed over time, from a dictatorial management style to a leadership that is oriented towards serving and inspiring others to live a life with complete development of your skills no matter the field of choice, along with genre and economic status. Based on this perspective,...
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Formation of the competitiveness of a manufacturing company based on technological leadership

Svetlana Karpova, Tatiana Pogodina
This paper studies the factors of competitiveness of national economies on the basis of the system implementation of Industry 4.0. It is noted that the majority of economically developed countries in their competitiveness are more oriented not on natural, but on acquired factors, which include technological...
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Advanced accounting perspectives in the light of leading economic digitalisation processes

Elena Evstafyeva, Irina Kislaya, Iulia Kruchanova
This paper focuses on the advanced perspectives for modern top-notch accounting that employs some leading processes that have their roots in the recent trends of digitalization. With the current boom of information and communication technologies (ICT), accounting embraced many novel tools and instruments...
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Purchasing digitalisation as a leading means for achieving effectiveness

Anna Bakulina, Svetlana Karpova, Andrey Gusev
Being a prerequisite for the further development of the procurement system, digitalization completely changes the purchasing function and affects its effectiveness through various factors, the main of which are quality and savings, risk minimization, and speed increase. In short, all of the above allows...
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Management and economic security of blockchain technology for achieving leadership in the conditions of improved information

Ekaterina Butenko, Ivan Chernikov, Anna Sherstobitova
Most experts predict that more than 10 % of global GDP will be stored in blockchains. This technology is usually associated only with the world of cryptocurrency, but it has deeper roots and appears in the areas of health care, the production of goods and services, and also stores various secret data...
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Leading trends in the services sector: peculiarities, trends, and global perspectives

Natalia Skornichenko, Anna Sherstobitova, Yulia Shnyakina
Our paper tackles the issues of the leading trends and perspectives in the world’s sector of services. Our globalised and interconnected economy is slowly but gradually turning away from the industrial production and agriculture towards the sector of services. The rise of Internet, information technologies,...
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Leading problems and prospects in the regulation of the digital economy

Elena Korneeva, Marina Voloshinova, Anna Albaeva
This paper tackles the issue of problems, experience and the pathways for development for the man and society in the digital economy. In particular, it focuses on the digital technologies and the information society. Moreover, the paper contemplates on the regulatory environment in the digital economy...
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Centres of advanced professional training of personnel as the leaders of technologization: a case study of Russian regions

Igor Bogdanov, Sofiya Ishkildina, Elena Korneeva
This paper examines the essence and structure of the introduction of modern educational technologies and world standards in the process of training highly qualified workers. Our globalised economy is calling for highly professional staff that knows where to search for information and how to process it....
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Emotional intelligence and its influence on organizational leadership in the VUCA world

Héctor Orejarena, Oscar Zambrano, Mauricio Carvajal
The objective of this paper is to address the importance of emotional intelligence in the organizational leadership of the 21st century. Recently, many academics agree that the world experiences four key aspects: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). In this challenging context,...
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Leading role of Higher Education Institutions on the development of peripheral regions

Gulzhamal Choyubekova, Aigerim Zholdubaeva, Sami Zaid
This paper focuses on the leading role of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) on the development and growth of lagging-behind and peripheral regions. We demonstrate that higher education has the ability to lead, foster and promote the industries, enterprises, and economic agents under the condition...
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Leading methods of teaching at universities and higher educational institutions

Tatyana Prokhorova, Ocsana Rogal-Levitskaya, Julia Kuznetsova
This paper is centred around the determination of leading methods used for advanced teaching and lecturing at the universities and higher educational institutions (HEIs). We analyse the worldwide experience and scrutinise the best practices. Moreover, we assess the existing techniques and approaches...
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Linking university culture and entrepreneurship for leadership

Vyacheslav Ilgov, Oleg Grebennikov, Marina Kurochkina
This paper focuses in the leading pathways for linking university culture and entrepreneurship for achieving a leading position in education and business. Many universities become leading hubs for start-ups and small companies that would later prosper and become the leaders of economy. Moreover, universities...
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World university rankings and leadership: global analysis and methods for improvement

Elena Romanova, Olga Kireeva, Marina Podzorova
This paper focuses on the analysis of world university rankings and suggests methods for improvement of standing in those rankings for universities and higher education institutions. There is a multitude of university rankings worldwide, yet some of them are considered to be more prestigious than others....
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Formation of leadership qualities of future teachers of primary school in professional preparation

Svitlana Palamar, Nataliya Golota, Maryna Mashovets
An important task in preparing a highly skilled professional in a high school is to educate a school leader. Leadership in education determines the social and educational dimension of management of the educational system, its links, and components, first of all - the social and educational activities...
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Leadership as a curriculum component: a case study of Uniminuto University

Jorge Cifuentes, Juan Prada
This article reports the outcomes of the research project about leadership in students and graduates, conducted by the Business Administration Programme at Minuto de Dios University Corporation, Uniminuto main campus. The research is generated from a study prepared by a consulting company, in which only...
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Leadership aspects of regional development, energy security, and energy consumption

Evgeny Lisin, Evgeniya Sukhareva, Elizaveta Krylenko
This paper tackles the issue of regional development, as well as energy security and efficiency within the idea surrounding the concept of leadership. It can be seen that while some regions are lagging behind and falling into stagnation, other are prospering, even though the starting conditions seem...
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Leadership and air quality index at Latin American metropolises

Darwin Rodríguez
Around the world, quality of life has been important thing for governments, there are several quality indices they are add to the main quality index, someone countries measure the air quality and they are observing them relation with the environmental health indicators (EHIs), there are several articles...
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Smart grids as the leading concept in the Internet of Energy (IoE)

Aleksandra Tusova, Elena Romanova, Wadim Strielkowski
This paper focuses on the implications of the smart grids that are based on the bidirectional exchange of information and energy flow in the electricity networks. By optimising, saving energy, and delivering power precisely where it is needed, smart grids represent the leading concept constituting the...
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Leading approaches to planning and construction of modern business parks and office centres

Turar Uzakbayev, Lyazzat Nurkusheva, Vladimir Sidorov
Our paper focuses on the leading approaches to planning and construction of business parks that represent the novel type of office buildings. Business parks gained wide popularity in the past several decades and now represent the fastest-growing segment of the office building stock. Nowadays, planning...
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Leading trends in regulation of digital economy: best world’s practices

Alexander Neshcheret, Anna Sherstobitova, Tatyana Zhuravleva
This paper focuses on the leading modern approaches to the governmental regulation of the digital economy. In particular, it assesses the best world’s practices in such digitally advanced countries as EU Member States, Israel, Mexico, India, or P.R. China. Digital economy is becoming increasingly popular...
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Do we need empathy or compassion in our political leaders? A case of Colombian political leaders

Laura Segovia-Nieto, Andrés Ramírez-Velandia
Nowadays, societies demand political leaders with the capacity to identify, recognize, and address other's suffering who can govern satisfactorily their nations. In that sense, empathy became not just a preferable quality, but also a prerequisite. However, academic discussions showed that empathy is...
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Assessment of leadership and integration effects of the economy of the Eurasian Economic Union

Nazar Grechkin, Valery Abramov, Victoria Perskaya
This paper analyses the formation of a new integration association in the post-Soviet space - the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU or EEU). The authors assessed the leadership on the basis of integration effects of national economies of the EAEU using indicators of volume and share of mutual trade in the...
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Political leadership, moral hazards, and public expectations

Irina Popova
Our paper is devoted to the concept of political leadership. Leaders in politics are ubiquitous and their role is essential, since they often represent individuals capable of drawing the masses or inducing massive changes in the society. In the same time, political leaders have to obey the laws and norms,...
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Evaluation of the EAEU countries leadership in their multi-vector foreign policy context

Valery Abramov, Leonid Zhigun, Nazar Grechkin
The article analyses the leadership of the countries that are part of the new integration Association in the post-Soviet space - the Eurasian economic Union (hereinafter - the Union). When constructing it, the initial theoretical and practical approaches that were used in the development of integration...
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Leading role of civil society in the community life and cross-border space

Nadiya Mikula, Iryna Tymechko, Sergey Korneev
The increasing participation of civil society institutes in the development of communities is the leading direction of the European Union (EU) regional policy. This paper argues that the interests of a member of community in the state are grounded on “the triad of interests”: interest of a territorial...