Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Special Education (ICSE 2019)

Welcome to the 3rd International Conference on Special Education (ICSE 2019), held in Surabaya, Indonesia on 13-15 July 2019.

Innovation is very important in Education. It presents new ways of teaching and learning and presents challenges and opportunities or those who are involved in Special Education. This conference will be a unique experience that includes evidence-based research of pedagogical innovations in education. In many societies, person with disabilities face a lot of challenges to function ‘normally’ especially to gain access and the rights to receive appropriate education that cater to their needs. Therefore with innovation new methods in teaching and learning, development of assistive devices, ICT applied teaching gadget and use of cyber learning, students with disabilities are given the opportunities to get better access to education. The latest research on these strategies and approaches will be presented by researchers and practitioners. This conference will offer lectures, presentations, and exhibition on a variety of models of innovative and best practices. The theme for this conference is “Elevating Innovation for Sustainable Development of Special Needs Education”.

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