Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Special Education (ICSE 2019)

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What Teachers Understand and Their Perception Towards Implementing an Effective Career Transition Program

Mohd Zulkarnain Abdul Wahab
This paper discusses the Special Education Teachers’ understanding on the implementation of the Career Transition Program. Sixty-four Special Education Teachers of six Special Education Integrated Programme (SEIP) in Johor, Malaysia were selected using the cluster sampling method. This study used a quantitative...
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Transitions of Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Malaysian Parents’ Perspectives

Nik Nadia Nik Nazri, Leela Koran
Problem Statement: Research has shown limited opportunities for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) once childcare services end. With a number of studies previously highlighting the prevalence of autism in children among the Asian population and the interventions undertaken that follow these...
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Employability Skills: Perspectives Between Pre-Vocational Programme Teachers and Employers in Brunei Darussalam

Andree Asmara, Rohani, Jainatul Halida
Globally, the main goals of education and training of students with disabilities are to prepare them for independence and employment. Hence, it is important for students with disabilities to be equipped with employability skills in order to adapt to changing environmental demands. Hence, a study with...
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Post-School Transition: Vocational Enhancement for Students with Mild Disabilities (A Survey in Central Java)

Mohd Hanafi Bin Mohd Yasin, Mohd Mokthar Bin Tahar
Empowering post-school transition is becoming an increasingly important program in strengthening the equality and quality of education for students with disabilities. It is generally acknowledged that adults with disabilities are those with the most limitations not only to education access but also job...
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Manual Techniques for Coffee Brewing as an Alternative Learning for Students with Hearing Impairment

Rila Muspita, Elsa Efrina, Arisul Mahdi, Reno Fernandes
Childre with hearing impairment are still marginalized in the business world and cannot even establish their own businesses. These challenges are closely related with the lack of assistance and training from the universities and/or academia. Regarding this situation, the authors as academia will contribute...
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Services Learning Students Disabilities In TVET Education: Implementation In Community Colleges In Malaysia

Sharifah Masitah Binti Syed Salim, Fadzillah binti Mohd Yusof, Suhaina binti Mohamed Zaki
TVET for Students with Learning Disabilities in Malaysia Community College faces several challenges since majority of the content of the courses is practical-based. This paper reviews best practices in the implementation of Special Skills Certificate in teaching and learning as well as research on its...
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Teacher’s Ability in Identifying Pupils With Disability in Classroom, Kapit, Sarawak

Nur Kamariah Ensimau
Early intervention will help special education need student to get early enforcement in learning. Therefore, this study aims is to identify teacher strategies and ability in identifying students with special needs. This mix method study involve 16 respondent in qualitative study while 219 respondent...
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The Findings of Symptomatic Behaviour Screening Tool (Symbest) For Children of Age 3-4 years old

Shyielathy Arumugam, Kway Eng Hock, Zaniah Binti Mohamed Isa
The study focused on developing a behaviour difficulties screening tool for early childhood education(ECE)educators to screen and identify symptomatic behaviours among children aged 3 to 4 years old in the ECE centres. This research is a design and development study based on the model of Richey& Klien...
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A Review on the Efficacy of Physical Therapy Intervention on Motor Skills of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Cindy Lee Chia Yin, Teng Kie Yin
Studies involving Physical Therapy (PT) intervention towards children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were reviewed. Systematic search procedures identified 3 studies meeting predetermined inclusion criteria. These studies were evaluated in terms of: (a) participant characteristics, (b) types of...
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Differentiated Instruction: Definition and Challenging Factors Perceived by Teachers

Mariyam Shareefa, Rohani Hj Awg Mat Zin, Nor Zaiham Midawati Abdullah, Rosmawijah Jawawi
Differentiated Instruction (DI) is a teaching strategy teachers adopt to attend to student diversity in inclusive classrooms. The aim of this paper is to explore teachers’ definition of DI while identifying the challenges experienced in implementing DI strategies. Data for the study were collected from...
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A Proposed Conceptual Framework of Word Problem Comprehension using Virtual Reality for Children with Autism

Zareena Rosli, Faaizah Shahbodin, Che Ku Nuraini Che Ku Mohd
The goal of word problem comprehension is to develop the meaning described in the mathematical word problem. Envisioning the events occurred in the text is essential for generating an accurate situation model of the narrative text. As children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) relate to various aspects...
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Knowledge in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) among Pre-School Teachers in Yemen

Sahar Mohammed Taresh, Nor Aniza Ahmad, Samsilah Roslan, Aini Marina Ma’rof
Preschool teachers are one of the key players in early childhood, and they have an essential role in the early detection and care of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This role is implicated by their identification of children’s early signs of ASD and the provision of professional resources...
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The Evaluation of Field Experience Program in Special Education Department: Pedagogy Competence of Master Students

Asri Wijiastuti, Budiyanto, Siti Masitoh
Field Experience Program (FEP) in the special education department is important for prospective teachers to gain a foundation of knowledge about pedagogy and subject matter, as well as early exposure to the practical classroom experience. The purpose of this study was to evaluating the effectiveness...
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Student’s Perception Against Special Education Programme

Mohd Jasmy Abd Rahman, Mohd Hanafi Mohd Yassin, Mohd Isa Hamzah, Mohd Mokhtar Tahar, Zolkepeli Haron, Nur Kamariah Ensimau
The purpose of this study is to examine the perspective and the level of theirs knowledge towards the Special Education Program among students of the Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The environmental phenomenon that lacked the emphasis on Special Education issues was a driving...
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Perceptions towards disabilities among primary-school teachers in the Lao’s People Democratic Republic: Insights into a cultural view of ASD

Hui Min Low, Lay Wah Lee, Aznan Che Ahmad, Ann Sien Sut Lee, Wong Tze Peng, Somchay Makesavanh, Bountheing Vongsouangtham, Vikate Phannalath, Somphet San
According to the social model of disability, perceptions towards disabilities are socially and culturally constructed. In a preliminary study, we explored the perceptions towards disabilities among 92 primary-school teachers in Lao People Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) in order to gain insights into the...
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Center of Disability Services: Lesson Learned from INDOEDUC4ALL Consortiums Universities in Indonesia

Silfia Asningtias
This research aims to elaborate on the best practices of universities in establishing the center of disabilities services in Indonesia, reflecting from the counterpart universities from European countries. How this lesson learned then translated and reflected on the journey to establish the center or...
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Innovation in Life Skills Development of MDVI Children Using Task Analysis and Audible Liquid Level Indicator

Araya Chanaponchai
Life skills are necessary for MDVI children to access independence and integrate in the society. Ban Dek Ramintra School for the Blind with Multiple Disabilities specializes in the education and development of students with visual impairment and additional disabilities. It is dedicated in developing...
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A Study on the Multisensory Interior for the Environmental Experience of Students with Down Syndrome

Nur Syazadiyanah Suraini, Aisyah Insyirah Mohd Shahir, Azman Rahmat
This paper seeks to study on the multisensory interior for the environmental experience of students with Down syndrome. A multisensory interior that enables students to sensorially engage on multiple levels is envisioned to facilitate them indirectly as to supplement the scheduled multisensory therapies...
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Developing Braille Literacy Engagement Through Hand-Movement Training and Innovation in Instructional Materials

Jansuda Kongkul
Effective approach in engaging the young learners with visual impairment to early Braille literacy is necessary for their future success in education. This motivated the researcher to employ hand-movement training and innovation in instructional materials to engage students in literacy and enable them...
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Development of a Handbook to Improve Motor Coordination Among Students with Cerebral Palsy Type of Spastic Diplegia

Diah Anggraeny, Ari Wahyudi, Budiyanto
The study aims to develop a handbook to improve the motor coordination of the learners of cerebral palsy type of spastic diplegia at YPAC (a Foundation for Children with Disabilities) in Surakarta, Indonesia. This study implemented 4-D development model from Thiagarajan which is define, design, develop,...
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A Needs Analysis of Instructional Materials on Early Literacy Dyslexia Student in Regular-Inclusive school

Yuliyati, Mudjito, Murtadlo, Ima Kurrotun Ainin
The purpose of this study is to create instructional materials for dyslexic students' early literacy. Four-D Thiagarajan development research methods (Define, Design, Development, Dissemination) were implemented in 3 years. The first stage of Define includes 5 activities for needs analysis, namely: front-end...
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Learning Social Studies with STAD Model to Enhance the Learning Outcomes of Deaf Eight Grade Students in Special Junior High School

Siti Masitoh
The teacher of eight grade students with deaf in SMPLB (Special Junior High School) of Dharma Wanita Sidoarjo found many difficulties in teaching Social Studies lesson. According to prior identification result, there were difficulties, namely: (1) unavailability of Social Studies books which were considered...
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Using Sign Language to Enhance Vocabulary in Early Childhood with Autism

Marlina, Grahita Kusumastuti
This study aims to describe the most used of key-word sign language by children with autism an early age and its implications for key-word sign language development. This research was conducted in three special schools which have early childhood with autism. Subject of this study were ten early childhood...
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Modified Traditional Hide and Seek Game to Improve the Social Skills of Students with Mild Intellectual Disabilty

Endang Pudjiasuti Sartinah, Heny Purnamasari
Mild intellectual disability children have barriers to social skills which include social interaction, cooperation, and obedience to rules so that it need to be improved. In this study the social skills of mild intellectual disability children can be improved through traditional games hide and seek modification....
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Implementation Auditory and Speech Training in Special School and the Implications of Its Development

Elsa Efrina, Grahita Kusumastuti, Zulmiyetri
This study aims to describe the implementation of auditory and speech training for children with hearing impairment in schools and the implications of its development. This research was conducted using qualitative approach and descriptive study of the literature to determine the extent of the special...
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The Influence of VAKT Method Toward Reading Ability to Learning Difficulty Children in Galuh Handayani Elementary School

Riski Prasetya Arbi, Edy Rianto, Murtadlo
Reading was one of the aspects of speech skill which should be mastered by either general students or special need children, included difficulty learning children. Difficulty learning students were those who had disorder in learning process influenced by either internal or external factors. For learning...
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Think Pair Share (TPS) Model to Improve Learning Outcomes Mathematical Concepts of Multiplication for Students with Mentally Retarded

Agnes Fitri Anjarsari, Siti Masitoh, I Ketut Budayasa
One obstacle to deaf students in mathematics is their understanding of the multiplication concept, so that it has an impact on poor mathematics learning outcomes. Based on these problems in this study applying cooperative learning think pair share (TPS) with the aim of analyzing the effect of cooperative...
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Creating Jumputan Batik with Active Learning Methods of Small Group Type for Students With Intellectual Disabilities

Putrie Mei Atika, Siti Masitoh, Ari Wahyudi
This research purpose was to describe the program of making Jumputan batik (traditional Indonesian fabric) using Active Learning of Small Group type for students with intellectual disabilities in Loka Bina Karya (LBK) class. LBK was a level which was specially opened for the students after Senior High...
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Development Of Big Book Media To Visualizing The Concept Of Narrative Text Through Shared Reading with Mentally Retarded

Karunia Yulinda Khairiyah, Sri Joeda Andajani, Yuliyati
This study aims to develop a big book media in visualizing the concept of narrative text through reading together on class V mild mentally retarded students. This research and development uses a 4-D development model consisting of four stages, namely definition, design, development, and dissemination;...
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Improving Fine Motor Skills of Children With Autism through Shibori Training

This paper discusses about the improvement of fine motor skills of autistic children through shibori skills. Shibori is included in the fabric coloring technique that produces attractive motifs using techniques of folding, sewing, pulling, pinning or twisting. Shibori's skills are expected to train the...
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Implementation of A Token Economy Technique to Reduce Off-Task Behaviour among Students with Low Vision

Sunardi, Emmy Ruwayda
The results of the preliminary study showed that students with low vision often shows off-task behaviour. Therefore, a specific strategy needs to be sought to overcome it. This study aims to determine the effect of the use of token economic technique on decreasing off-task behaviour of a student with...
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The Use Of Artivive Application To Improve Children's Communication Skills

Arif Wibawanto, Sistriadini Alamsyah Sidik, Nizar Nata Kusumah
Artivive application is used as an intervention medium because it can stimulate children who have communication barriers to be able to communicate with their surrounding environment. The Artivive application is the latest breakthrough technology from artists, which combines classical art with digital...
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Model Orientation of Social Mobility and Communication Based on Problem-Based Learning Concepts for Environmental Understanding on Visually Impaired Students

Sri Joeda Andajani, Pamuji
This study aims to produce a prototype product of the model orientation of social mobility and communication based on problem-based learning for understanding environmental concepts on visually impaired students. This development research uses the Educational Research Development (R & D) design models...
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Response to Intervention (RtI) Model: An Alternative to Identify Students with Specific Learning Disability (SLD) in Sub-type of Reading Skill on Elementary Level Grade 1- 3

Riana Bagaskorowati, Trisna Mulyena
Many students were classified having with SLD on elementary grade level provide poor learning performance especially in sub-type of reading. At this point, researcher tried to investigate RtI model as an alternatively to identify students with SLD using national curriculum standard. The research was...
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Transition to School Program and School Placement of Children with Autism

Hasnah, Nazmin, Hanani, Nil Farakh
Preparing children with autism to enter inclusive classes is an important goal in early intervention. As the Centre of Excellence in Early Intervention for children with autism, Genius Kurnia has developed a comprehensive school transition program. This program, which aims to ensure a successful transition...
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Revitalization of Vocational Education in Special Education

Herta Triana Panggabean
The purpose of this paper is to review the vocational revitalization program for improving the skills of students in special education schools. The government's enthusiasm in improving the quality of vocational education in special education is based on the low number of special needs students who have...
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The Use of Lotto Baca in Improving Speech for Children with Intellectual Disability

Silvi Sundari, Febriani Agung, Wilda Famy, Dina Maydinatunnajwa, Sistriadini Alam Sidik
This research is motivated by children with intellectual disability who had speech disability. The study was conducted in order to obtain an objective picture of the use of Lotto Baca in improving speech for children with intellectual disability in Pandita kindergarten . This study used a Single Subject...
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The Examination of the Classroom Accommodations to Address Executive Functioning Issues for a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder in an Inclusive Classroom Setting: A Case Study

Nurulhana Zainalabidin
This paper examines classroom accommodations that can be made to address executive functioning issues of a child with ASD. The case study is on a student named Aydil (pseudonym), 8 years old. Aydil has functioning Autism and is studying at an international school in Malaysia. The aim of this study is...
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Parents Satisfaction with Early Intervention Programme in GENIUS Kurnia

Sazlina Kamaralzaman
Parents involvement in autism early intervention program has been proven to improve children's communication as well as reducing the severity of symptoms. Parents involvement in early intervention programme is a common practice at GENIUS Kurnia in Malaysia. The objective of this study is to measure parents’...
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Designing an ASD Teacher Training Module through a Pictorial Narrative Approach

Hui Min Low, Lay Wah Lee, Aznan Che Ahmad, Ann Sien Sut Lee, Tze Peng Wong, Somchay Makesavanh, Bountheing Vongsouangtham, Vikate Phannalath, Somphet San
Global research consistently indicates that many teachers are lacking knowledge and skills to teach students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in inclusive settings, particularly in countries with limited resources. To address the issue, we developed a unique ASD teacher training module which is presented...
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Multigrade Team Teaching: How a Small Progressive Private School in a Non-Rural Philippine Set-Up Deviated from Monograde Teaching to Implement Its Age-Appropriate Inclusive School Program

Nilda B. Delgado, Mary Ann C. Alaban, Diana Grace S. Ariz, Frank S. Emboltura
Multigrade Teaching, which is the method of teaching as one class students belonging to different age groups or grade levels, is not a new educational innovation nor a recent method presented by education specialists and has in fact been historically practiced far longer than Monograde Teaching. However,...
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Parents Satisfaction with Services Provided by Shadow Aides in an Inclusive Classroom

Nil Farakh Sulaiman, Hanani Harun Rasit, Hasnah Toran, Nazmin Abdullah
Parents’ perspectives regarding their child’s education is important to be investigated.  Hence, the main purpose of this study is to examine parents’ satisfaction with the services provided by shadow aides to support their children in inclusive settings and to explore the strategies on how to improve...
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Facilitating Children with Hearing Impairment Towards Inclusive Education in Malaysia: Document Analysis of Pediatric Clinical Audiology Guidelines

Cheu Lih Aw, Lay Wah Lee, Aznan Che Ahmad
Inclusive education (IE) is a worldwide trend. Academic outcomes of students studying in inclusive setting varied. This is closely related to the early intervention the children with hearing impairment (HI) received in their early years. Audiologists are the front liners who deal with young children...
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Dimensionality and Factor Structure for the TRIAD Social Skills Assessment (TSSA) within Malaysian Context

Teng Kie Yin, Yeo Kee Jiar, Cindy Lee Chia Yin
The initial Scale of TRIAD Social Skills Assessment (TSSA) was developed to enable the mainstream or special education teachers in providing information on the descriptions of social skills among students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) under the Inclusive Education Programme (IEP). There were four...
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Restorative Justice as Practiced in School: A Study of an Inclusive School’s Approach in Developing the Socio-Emotional Skills of Children with Special Educational Needs

Nilda B. Delgado, Mary Ann C. Alaban, Jovel Ann R. Beramo, Frank S. Emboltura
Creating a safe, nurturing, relational, and positive school-wide culture has always been challenging even in schools for regular children. With the pervading framework and principles of traditional punitive measures in school policies and culture, practicing a different philosophy is extremely difficult...
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Inclusion Of Children With Disabilities In General ECCE Centres

Mas Ayu Muhamad Salleh
The high demand from working parents has led to the rapid growing number of early childhood care and education centres (ECCE) in Malaysia. Despite of the policies enacted regarding persons with special needs and awareness given about the rights of all children to receive care and support, working parents...
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Total Quality Management: Developing Schools Qualities

Murtadlo, Karwanto Rofiah
Improving the quality of education has been done in various ways, one of the strategies to improve it is by applying Management theory known as Total Quality Management (TQM). Namely the philosophy of improving the quality of education continuously and can be used as a practical tool by educational institutions...
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Descriptive Analysis of Parent Involvement in Learning Students Special Needs in Inclusive Schools

Wagino, Ima Kurrotun Ainin, Bambang Dibyo Wiyono
The research is intended to describe the involvement of parents of special needs students in children's education in inclusive schools. The study was conducted with a quantitative descriptive research approach, data collection was done through quisioner techniques and interviews as supporters. Analysis...
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Increased Understanding of Principals and Deputy Principals Regarding the Implementation of Inclusive Education

Ima Kurrotun Ainin, Wiwik Widajati, Zaini Sudarto
Equality has long been the main goal of education throughout the world. But in fact, the implementation in the field is still not optimal, it has not run smoothly and completely. Thus, mentoring activities are useful to improve the understanding of principals and vice principals in implementing an inclusive...
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Slow-Learners Assessment Training in Inclusive School

Febrita Ardianingsih, Endang Purbaningrum, Sujarwanto
Based on the data obtained in the field through a questionnaire reinforced by interviews, observation and documentation, data showed three aspects of school educators in inclusive education providers by 75% with very good criteria, it demonstrates in accordance with the Guidelines for Inclusive Education...
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The Analysis of Issues and Needs of Special Education Accessibility Services Toward Students with Disabilities at Universitas Sebelas Maret

Aulia Maya Mufidah, Munawir Yusuf, Mohammad Anwar
A quantitative approach is applied to the design of the evaluative research. Methods of data collection are questionnaires, interviews, observation and documentation. This research was supported by quantitative data obtained through the questionnaire, while the qualitative data obtained through interviews...
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Management Transition Program For Students with special needs in SMK Negeri 1 Buduran (SIDOARJO)

Muhammad Saifour Farochi, Mudjito, Budiyanto
The basic concept of the transition program is a program that is designed based on the results of the analysis of needs, obstacles, talents, interests and expectations of learners with special needs to prepare optimally by involving changes in the most comprehensive that may be faced by learners with...
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Evaluation Of Teacher And School Infrastructure Inclusive Education In Bontang

Vivi Kurnia Herviani, Yuliyati, Budiyanto
Implementation of inclusive education provision has been implemented in the majority of districts / municipalities in Indonesia, one in Bontang. Bontang in East Kalimantan concerned with education and development of learners with special needs appeared at the launch of inclusive education program. In...
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Identification and Assessment of Children with Special Needs in Inclusive Elementary School

Brigitta Erlita Tri Anggadewi, Laurensia Aptik Evanjeli
The identification and assessment in inclusive school is one of inclusive school aspects which are important to assist teachers in understanding and recognizing the barriers of special needs students. This study aimed to describe the process of identification and assessment of inclusive elementary school...
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Legal Culture Perspective in Implementation of Inclusive Education in Indonesia

Maya Indrasti Notoprayitno, Faridah Jalil
Children with disabilities have a role in advancing the nation, hence the government pays attention to education for them as a commitment to fulfil the right to education. Inclusive education is one of the government's efforts to improve education for them. This article aims to identify the legal aspects...
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Inclusive Preschool Teachers: Their Attitude and Engagement toward Inclusive Education

Putri Eka Siagian, Farida Kurniawati
It has been established that teachers are the most critical element of successful inclusion practices. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between attitudes and engagement of preschool teachers regarding inclusive practices. Two instruments were used for data collection: Multidimensional...
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Evaluation of The Inclusive Education Program Implementation in Central Java Province

Munawir Yusuf, Erma Kumala Sari, Ravik Karsidi
This study aimed to determine the implementation of inclusive education at the working group level in the regencies/cities in Central Java province. This study used a quantitative descriptive approach with a focus on implementing the inclusion working group in the regency/city. The subject of this study...
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The Influence of Teachers Attitudes towards Inclusive Education on Teaching Strategies in Inclusive Public and Private Junior High School.

Ade Siti Mariyam, Farida Kurinawati
This electronic Abstract- This study discusses the influence of teacher's attitudes towards inclusive education on teaching strategies. Participants of this study are teachers in 7 public and 5 private inclusive junior high schools (n=225). The Research uses Bender Classroom Structure Question Version...
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The Influence of Teacher Self-Efficacy in Teaching towards Teacher Attitude in Inclusive Preschool

Wirza Feny Rahayu, Farida Kurniawati
Education is an essential right for all citizens without any exception, including for children with special needs. This policy is known as ‘inclusive education’. This study aimed to examine the influence of teacher self-efficacy in teaching on their attitudes towards inclusive education. The research...
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Pornography Knowledge and the Risk of Sexual Deviation of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Inclusive Elementary Schools in Yogyakarta

Leni Ambar Cahyani, Siti Aisyah, Dewi Setianingsih, Nur Chamid, Lintang Robbani
This study aimed to find out the knowledge of pornography and the risk of sexual deviation in students with emotional and behavioral disorders in inclusive elementary schools in Yogyakarta. This research used quantitative and qualitative approaches with descriptive design. The subjects in this study...
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The Effects of The Length of Teaching Experience and Previous Training on Teachers’ Attitude Towards Inclusive Education

Pradina Paramitha, Farida Kurniawati
Teachers’ positive attitude towards inclusion can improve the quality of inclusive education for early childhood with special needs. Affecting factors for teachers’ attitude are the length of teaching experience and the experience of training in inclusive education. This study aims to see the effect...
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Bullying at Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Schools: Implication For Role of Special Teachers

Marlina, Diffany Noriko Sakinah
The article examines about students with special needs who are in inclusive schools that experience bullying by peers who without special needs. The purpose of this study was to describe the forms and patterns of bullying in students with special needs. Cognitive and self-perceptions factors associated...
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Public Attitude towards Inclusion of Children with Special Needs in Mainstream Classes in Indonesia

Rini Sipahutar
The inclusion children with special needs (CSN) in mainstream classes is intensively promoted by the Indonesian government, but it seems that the public enthusiasm is low in implementing it. Therefore it is important to know the public attitude towards inclusion of CSN in mainstream class. This study...
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Implementation Inclusive Education Policies in Lumajang Regency

Erika Yunia Wardah, Yuliyati, Siti Masitoh, Eliyan Dwi Talita
Lumajang Regency has declared as one of the districts providing inclusive education. Several schools have been appointed by the Lumajang District Education Office to implement inclusive education and provide education services for special needs students. This research was held to provide an overview...
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E-Counseling for Children with Disabilities

Bambang Dibyo Wiyono, Mohammad Syahidul Haq
E-counseling for children with disabilities aims to provide services or facilitate children with special needs or children with disabilities to be able to communicate the problems faced in their environment. This e-counseling was developed through the establishment of a website that connects disabled...
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Fingerprint-based Presence Application for Children with Disabilities

Mohammad Syahidul Haq, Bambang Dibyo Wiyono
The development of fingerprint-based presence applications for children with disabilities aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of institutions in managing the system of attendance or presence. The development of a fingerprint-based presence application for children with disabilities uses...
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Increase 3-Dimensional Structure Drawing Skills For Special Needs Students With Learning Disabilities Through Minecraft Game

Siti Nabilah binti Kasdi, Mohd Mokhtar bin Tahar, Mohd Hanafi bin Mohd Yasin
Minecraft is a technology tool in exploring the three-dimensional. The purpose of this study is to look at the skill level of the drawing object and structure of three dimensions by using the game Minecraft. The study involves ten special needs pupils to be an experimental sample. All the selected goals...
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The Use of Alternative And Augmentative Communication (AAC) In Classroom Settings: A Case Study

Shafiah binti Rosli
The lack of Malaysian Speech-Language Therapist (SLT) in school settings created higher demand among the students who needs Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) intervention for communication. This paper provides a collaboration of SLT, teacher and parent to utilize the use of student’s AAC...
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The Potential of Augmented Reality to Support the Interest-based Learning of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Suriawati Suparjoh, Faaizah Shahbodin, Che Ku Nuraini Che Ku Mohd Mohd
Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may encounter the challenge to engage in the inclusive learning due to their naturalistic impairments in social, communication and behavior. The learning disabilities in children with ASD are regarding to the issues of selective attention, lack of motivation,...
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Scaffolding Task Analysis and Multimedia in Development Life Skill Intellectual Disability Student

Wiwik Widajati, Endang Purbaningrum, Siti Mahmudah, Ima Kurrotun Ainin, Liya Dewi, Edy Rianto
This study aims to examine the effect of scaffolding and multimedia audio motion visual on improving learning outcomes in vocational life skill intellectual disability student in Indonesian schools. It used a pre-experimental one group pre test-post test design design. Subjects of the study were students...
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E-Biotic Digital Literacy in Science Learning for Students with Hearing Impairment

Iva Evry Robiyansah, Toho Cholik Muthohir, Soedjarwo
Literacy activities for students with hearing impairment can be done by implementing literacy-based learning. Digital literacy learning can be done using E-Biotic which is an android based application on learning science. This study uses a development research design, with data collection techniques...
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Impact of a Parent support group on parents of children with disabilities in Enugu Metropolis Nigeria

Okoroikpa Njideka Ifeoma
This study examined the impact of “a parent support group” in empowering parents in Enugu metropolis Nigeria in improving the management of their children with disabilities. The study adopted a survey research design. Five research questions were asked and two (2) hypotheses were developed. The sample...
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Job Opportunities For Mentally Retarded Children After High School

Khoirun Annisah, Nindya Seva Kusmaningsih, Endang Purbaningrum
Education for mentally retardation children in special high school level was more emphasized to vocational skill which could be used as a provisions entering job fair. With the provisions of vocational skill it was hoped mentally retardation children obtained larger work opportunity after graduating...
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Participation in Paralympic sports: What it means to female student-athletes with disabilities

Nurazzura Mohamad Diah, Baidruel Hairiel Abd Rahim
Women’s involvement in sports continues to evolve over the years. This scenario has affected their socialization process and altered their life expectations. This paper examines the non-sport factors of sports participation among female student-athletes with disabilities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ten...
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The Discourse of Creativity through Autism Art and Its Aesthetic Disability

Tri Cahyo Kusumandyoko, Muchammad Bayu Tejo Sampurno
The paradigm of disability for children with special needs is shifting in a good direction nowadays. It starts from many studies that discuss the positive value of the specificity of children with special needs. Therefore, this paper wants to be a part to improve the quality of life for children with...
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Children’s Theater: An Inclusive School’s Venue for Children With Needs to Publicly Demonstrate Their Talents

Nilda B. Delgado, Genevieve Q. Collantes, Jan Jade N. Tabasa
Meeting the daily physical, mental, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of children with disabilities is already challenging and exploring, discovering, and nurturing their gifts and talents is even more difficult. The practical and limited goal of the parents, school, and community is to just help...
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The Designated Priority Level (DPL) System: Establishing Priority Levels for Students with Special Needs in Brunei Darussalam

Aurelia Escoto- Kemp, Rohani, Rosmawijah, Ratna Suraini
Students with special needs can achieve their potential in schools that foster acceptance and when taught by teachers who are willing to adapt or modify the curriculum to meet their needs. It was this vision which catapulted special education within mainstream schools in Brunei Darussalam in 1994 and...
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Cooperative Inclusive: Descriptive Study of the Application of STAD (Student Team Achievement Division) for Students with Special Needs in Higher Education Settings

Khofidotur Rofiah
Inclusive education in the setting of higher education has a big challenge seen from the perspective of external demands at each university. This study aims to analyze and describe several challenges in the implementation of inclusive education and strategies to overcome these challenges. One of them...
Proceedings Article

Teacher's Attitudes toward Inclusive Education and Their Emotional Support for Students with Special Education Needs: A Study in Inclusive Preschools

Anastasia Arta Uli, Farida Kurniawati
Inclusive Education (IE) provides social and emotional development opportunities for Student with Special Education Needs (SEN). Teachers play a critical role in helping children. To improve social skills, teacher and SEN can build a good interactions. One of the three domains of teacher student interaction...
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Managing Challenging Behaviors of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Inclusive Schools Setting

Muhammad Nurul Ashar, Citra Fitri Kholidya
The purpose of this research is to describe the teacher's effort to manage the challenging behaviors of students with ASD in inclusive school settings. This effort is classified into minor intervention and moderate intervention. This research used descriptive qualitative research design. Data were collected...