Proceedings of the 2018 Second International Conference of Sensor Network and Computer Engineering (ICSNCE 2018)

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Levenberg-Marquardt Method Based Iterative Square Root Cubature Kalman Filter and its Applications to Maneuvering Re-entry Target Tracking

Mu Jing, Wang Changyuan
Levenberg-Marquardt (abbr.L-M) method based iterative square root cubature Kalman filter (abbr. ISRCKFLM) inherits the numerical stability of square root Cubature Kalman filter and effectively suppresses the influence of the larger initial estimation error and the nonlinearity of the measurement equation...
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Improved K-means Algorithm Based on Optimizing Initial Cluster Centers and Its Application

Xue Linyao, Wang Jianguo
Data mining is a process of data grouping or partitioning from the large and complex data, and the clustering analysis is an important research field in data mining. The K-means algorithm is considered to be the most important unsupervised machine learning method in clustering, which can divide all the...
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Analysis and Compensation About Temperature Influence to Optical-Fiber Gyro Zero Bias

Zhou Haiyuan, Yang Heng, Wang Qianxue, Liu Xinming, Pan Liang
Compared to other gyro the dynamic performance of optical-fiber gyro was better and the price was cheap. Optical-fiber gyro was suitable to build SINS. By the way, zero bias of optical-fiber gyro was sensitive to temperature, and the compensation technique was a hot point in INS research. According to...
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Earthquake Damage Predicting System of Songyuan Based on GIS

Su Zhenjiang, Huang Meng, Xie Shaohui, Zhang Dian, Wang Zhe
With the rapid development of cities, the research on urban seismic damage prediction should have a breakthrough based on the modern technology. The paper takes Songyuan of Jilin Province as the research object, and creates a spatial database by field data and Baidu maps. We simulate the earthquake by...
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3D Target Recognition Based on Decision Layer Fusion

Ma Xing, Yu Fan, Yu Haige, Wei Yanxi, Yang Wenhui
Target recognition has always been a hot research topic in computer image and pattern recognition. This paper proposes a target recognition method based on decision layer fusion. ModelNet[1]??"The 3D CAD model library,which is used to be identified. Features are extracted from the model's point cloud...
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Research on Comprehensive Training Platform for Software Engineering Based on Android

Pan Chunhua, Sun Yan, Zan Fengbiao
With respect to the training program of software engineering specialty, this paper puts forward the comprehensive training platform of Chinese character dictation competition based on Android, and clarifies the purpose and main contents of the comprehensive training platform. Based on the hardware and...
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Quadrotor Formation Control Method Based on Graph and Consistency Theory

Yang Sen, Xi Leiping
This paper introduces graph and group system consistency theory and puts forward a quadrotor formation control method. The quadrotor is described as a second-order integrator dynamic system, and the relative position deviation of different quadrotors is used to describe formation. According to the communication...
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An Improved Algorithm of the Collision Detection Based on OBB

Geng Chaoyang, Gao Fenli
Collision detection plays a vital role in improving the sense of immersion and realism in virtual environment. The bounding box is the most basic collision detection algorithm, The OBB intersect test tightness and can able to significantly reduce the number of bounding volume. and try to occupy less...
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Design and Development of the Mass Image Storage Platform Based on Hadoop

Zhou Xiaoqing, Gou Jiangjing, Zhou Zhiyong, Sun Jiaxiu
With fast development and deep appliance of the Internet, the problem of mass image data storage stands out, so the problem of low management efficiency, low storage ability and high cost of traditional storage framework has appeared. The appearance of Hadoop provides a new thought. However, Hadoop itself...
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Design of the Hotel Monitoring System for the Image and Video Collection

Wang Pengfei
With more attention going to security of hotels, an effective hotel monitoring system was required. Based on the Samsung S3C2440, the proposed system uses the Linux system to accomplish the intelligent video surveillance. Using the image acquisition process and the embedded BOA server, designed an intelligent...
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Quadrotor Formation Inversion Control Method Based on Unit Quaternion

Wang Zhongsheng, Yang Sen, Dong Dong Hairui
In this paper, the formation control problem of quadrotor is studied under ideal communication condition. The quadrotor has a complex mathematical model. First, the unit quaternion method is used to describe its dynamic model and kinematic model. It is decomposed into two independent subsystems of position...
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The Monitoring and Wireless Transmission System of PM2.5 in the Scenic

Wang Xiaohui, Lei Kewei
This Scenic area has large traffic volume and complex environment and some scenic areas need to be protected. So developing an air quality monitoring system is very important. In this paper, the temperature sensor, the PM2.5 sensor and the wireless transmission module were combined by the MCU. It monitors...
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Research on the Construction of Sports Resources Information Platform Based on Big Data

Wang Shuangming, Shi Jianwei, Fu Shiqiu, Xu Wanlin
The rapid development of communication technology such as big data makes the integration and application of sports resource information become the key of sports informatization construction. The construction of sports resources information big data platform is of great significance to the integration...
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The Design of QoS Guarantee Strategy Framework for Networked Control System

Yang Weixia, Xu Fei, Wang Shaochang
For networked control systems such as packet loss and delay of the basic problems, this article launches the research from the perspective of network scheduling optimization, build the QoS semantic model and service model for networked control, puts forward the multi-level QoS guarantee strategy deployment...
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Multi-function Monitoring and Alarm System for the Large Stadium

Wang Xiaohui, Dou Xiaoning
In the recent years, the safety problem in the large stadium has concerned the researchers. Especially during during a big sport event, the safety problem of the stadium has become an important public event. This paper designs a multi-function monitoring and alarm system based on the mobile communication...
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Research of Email Classification based on Deep Neural Network

Wang Yawen, Yu Fan, Wei Yanxi
The effective distinction between normal email and spam, so as to maximize the possible of filtering spam has become a research hotspot currently. Naive bayes algorithm is a kind of frequently-used email classification and it is a statistical-based classification algorithm. It assumes that the attributes...
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Application of Greedy Random Adaptive Search Algorithm (GRASP) in Flight Recovery Problem

Wang Shaochang, Xu Fei, Yang Weixia, Ma Zhe
With the rapid growth of air transportation, capital is becoming increasingly scarce, and the abnormal situation of flight is becoming more and more serious. Irregular flights have become popular in society, and it is also a great difficulty for airlines. Flight recovery is a classic NP problem. It is...
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Application of Incremental Updating Association Mining Algorithm in Geological Disasters System

Wang Jianguo, Zhu Ying
Aiming at the problems of low efficiency, low cost of time and space, this paper proposes an algorithm to update the association mining of the inverted index tree. The algorithm combines the inverted index technology with the tree structure. When the data in the database is continuously updated, it can...
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Research on Method of Rapid Software Development Based on Component Design

Hu Jingyi, Lei Juchao, Wang Yaming, Zhao Yalin
This article presents a quick way to develop your system with custom components in Delphi. using the above method can minimize code duplication, improve work efficiency. In this paper, we apply this method to the development of information management system in a university based on the Data Snap three-tier...
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Design of University Resource Website and Security Measures in IPV6

Li Chunmei, Cui Peng, Zhou Xinke, Xiao Ze
In this paper authors introduced the overall design of learning resource sharing platform in the pure IPv6 environment, including the client and the web server and the back-end database, and the user management, the detailed design of the three aspects of resource management platform and administrator...
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The Comparison on the Side Feed Mode of Micro-strip Patch

Dang Wen, Liu Xinliang
The feeding of the micro-strip patch is flexible and complex, especially side feeding. In this paper, a single micro-strip patch antenna with a center frequency of 2.45GHZ is taken as an example to explore the performance of the slotted feed and non-slotted feed and verified in HFSS15.0. Combined with...
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Research on Digital Holographic 3D Reconstruction Software

Ma Jing, Fu Yanfang, Tan Penghui
Digital holography has a wide range of applications in displaying the surface morphology of three-dimensional objects. There have been many studies on the physical methods and implementation methods of digital holography. One of the main problems at present is to design a stable and fast reconfiguration...
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Research of Distributed Control System for Oilfield Oil Pump Based on PLC and LAN

Yang Shengquan, Gong Chen
In order to change the current bad situation such as the high cost of manpower, the failure to deal with the fault in time and the low management efficiency, etc. in oilfield oil pump measure and control, this paper puts forward the research and development of oilfield oil pump distributed control system...
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Research on Bounding Volume Boxes Collision Detection Algorithm in Virtual Reality Technology

Wan Chao, Liu Pingping, Hong Bo
This paper take the development of virtual campus roaming system as an example. Aiming at the defects of the different kinds of bounding boxes collision detection technology, analyzes the advantages of the hybrid hierarchical bounding box collision detection algorithm based on spheres and oriented bounding...
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Advanced Dynamic Autonomous Knowledge Learning Method for Distance Learning

Fu Yanfang, Li Xing, Feng Xueyao, Ma Jing
As the manufacturing of vast amount of information transmits at an unprecedented rate, traditional learning is no way to meet the needs of open learning and lifelong learning ,how can distance learning be used to help us study become a problem to think about .Distance learning requires improvement of...
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A Research of Perforation Plan-decision Based on Grey Cluster Relation

Xue Jijun
Perforation completion in oil and gas wells is the most important way of completion engineering, the optimization of perforation completion’s designing is influenced by a variety of factors. In order to get the ideal effect of perforation operation, in this paper, a perforation plan-decision based on...
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Simulation of Self-similarFlow Based on Fractal Gaussian Noise Method

Li Jie, Lu Ying, Tang Junyong
The conventional network traffic flow models are mostly based on Poisson model . With the continuous development of network services, studies found that the actual network traffic has a long-range dependence (LRD) now and in a very long time , which is a kind of self-similarity. In this paper, RMD and...
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Organic Garbage Disposal Equipment Management System Based on WSN

Liu Bocheng, Cao Ye, Song Jialei
Huge amount of organic garbage be produced with urbanization rapid development. Garbage disposal equipment were put into use in large scale. Traditional measures of equipment management is no more efficient. This paper focuses on realizing informationization and systematization of equipment management...
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Research and Application of SO2 Concentration Monitoring Algorithm in Flue Gas

Wang Qinqin, Su Xiaohui
This paper mainly focuses on the concentration calculation of SO2 in flue gas. There are many methods for smoke detection. First of all, this paper mainly introduces the basic Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy technology. Then, in order to solve the problem of overlapping absorption between...
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The Extraction of Comment Information and Sentiment Analysis in Chinese Reviews

Li Danyang, Fan Huimin, Zhao Yingze
Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, refers to the emotional tendencies expressed by the critics through the analysis of the content of the text. The task of text sentiment analysis mainly includes the classification of sentiment, the extraction of sentiment information and the retrieval...
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Research on AORBCO Model and Its Description Language

Zhi Min, Luo Junmin, Gao Wuqi
This paper improves the AORBCO model based on the four characteristics of intelligence- self conscious, mutual representation, fuzziness and dynamics, and designs a description language of AORBCO model. The language describes the self-consciousness with its five components-belief, desire, ability, planning...
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A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm with Improved Similarity Calculation

Yang Ju, Liu Bailin, Zhao Zhixiang
In order to improve the accuracy of the proposed algorithm in collaborative filtering recommendation system, an Improved Pearson collaborative filtering (IP-CF) algorithm is proposed in this paper. The algorithm uses the user portrait, item characteristics and data of user behavior to compute the baseline...
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Fast Aerial UAV Detection Based on Image Segmentation and HOG-FLD Feature Fusion

Li Xiaoping, Lei Songze, Wang Yanhong, Xiao Feng, Tian Penghui
In order to detect non-cooperative target UAV quickly and accurately, a novel method of UAV detection method based on graph theory and HOG-FLD feature fusion is presented in this paper. In order to avoid the time-consuming full search, the candidate areas of the UAV are obtained through the selective...
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An Ensemble Learning Method for Text Classification Based on Heterogeneous Classifiers

Fan Huimin, Li Pengpeng, Zhao Yingze, Li Danyang
Ensemble learning can improve the accuracy of the classification algorithm and it has been widely used. Traditional ensemble learning methods include bagging, boosting and other methods, both of which are ensemble learning methods based on homogenous base classifiers, and obtain a diversity of base classifiers...
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A Review on Prognostics and Health Management

Hu Nannan, Su Xiaohao, Liu Baolong
The health management of complex equipment is crucial to ensure the reliability, maintainability and safety of complex equipment. This paper introduces the basic concept and research connotation of prognostics and health management (PHM), analyzes the significance of PHM technology in equipment maintenance....
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Design and Implementation of Music Recommendation System Based on Hadoop

Zhao Yufeng, Li Xinwei
In order to solve the problem of information overload of music system under large data background, this paper studies the design scheme of distributed music recommendation system based on Hadoop. The proposed algorithm is based on the MapReduce distributed computing framework, which has high scalability...
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A Searchable Re-encryption Storage Method in Cloud Environment

Wang Hui, Hong Bo, Tang Junyong
Traditional cloud storage systems do not adapt well to different application environment and does not guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of cloud data. In order to solve the problems brought by the hysteretic and density in the cloud storage system,A Searchable Re-encryption Storage Method (SReCSM)...
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The Design and Implementation of Displacement Monitoring System for Tailings Dam

Chen Guoshao, Lian Zhichao
Non-coal mining generally produces a large amount of tailings, and tailings usually accumulate in the canyon between two mountains, and the downstream of the tailings is intercepted by the dam. The dam is called a tailings dam. The development of safety monitoring technology for tailings dam is accompanied...
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The Reform and Innovation of Ideological and Political Teaching Under the Multimedia

Xing Bo
With the continuous development of modern information technology, computer network and multimedia technology have been used more and more widely. Due to the diversity, integration, control, interactivity, and real-time characteristics of multimedia technology, the application of multimedia technology...
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Research on Vehicle Detection Method Based on Background Modeling

Lian Zhichao, Wang Zhongsheng
This paper mainly studies the background difference method in the field of intelligent traffic, proposes a background modeling method base on frame difference, and compares it with the statistical average background model and Gaussian distribution background modeling method. Vehicle contour obtained...
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University Library Internet WeChat Public Account Applicated for Student Values Education

Zhao Yan
With the popularization of intelligent mobile phones, mobile phones instant messaging application has achieved rapid development, at the same time, along with the SNS (Social Network Service) development, combined with mobile phones instant messaging and SNS has become an important means of the current...
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Research on Robust Model for Web Service Selection

Wei Yanxi, Yu Fan, Ma Xing, Yu Haige, Yang Wenhui
Most existing service quality models use defined Quality of Service parameters for service selection. Since a large number of uncertainties exist, the QoS performance indicators in the runtime of the composite services obtained through the model and method based on the determined QoS will be worse even...
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The Establishment and Implementation of Information Network Security Plan

Wang Yuanyuan
This paper explains the idea of information security and discusses the establishment of the security system of information network. By using the information system security engineering method, we will establish and improve the network security plan and disaster recovery plan through strict organization...
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The Research and Implementation of 3D Scene Simulation of Camouflage

Yu Jun, Li Zhonghua, Hu Zhiyi, Dai Jun
Aiming at the problems in the camouflage design of military engineering, such as strong subjectivity and unpredictable camouflage effect, etc. We propose a 3D camouflage scene simulation method based on MFC and Vega Prime technologies. On the basis of real DEM data in an area in American, we use 3D visualization...
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Research and Implementation of the Key Technology of UAV Aerial Image Transmission

Fan Yijun, Lai Yufeng
With the maturity of UAV technology, especially the cost of the four rotor unmanned aerial vehicle is decreasing, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will be a trend in the future. At the same time, because ZigBee has the characteristics of low cost, low speed and short transmission distance, we use ZigBee...
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Research on the Key Technology of Survey Measurement Image Based on UAV

Ding Li, Chong Jiao
With the development of computer technology,especially the emergence of high resolution image sensor, aerial photogrammetry has played an important role in geological survey. Traditional aerial measurements are carried out by manned large aircraft, with a large volume of measured information and a wide...
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Fatigue State Detection From Multi-features

Gao Yuan, Wang Changyuan
With the quickening pace of modern life and the increasing of work pressure, accidents caused by fatigue problems occur more and more frequently. Developing a high-performance fatigue monitoring technology can not only improve the driver's work efficiency, but also solve the security risks caused by...
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Research on Convolution Neural Network in Iris Recognition Technology

Zhang Wenqiang, Wang Changyuan, Jia Hongbo, Xue Pengxiang
The iris recognition is mainly aimed at iris matching, and everyone has a different iris. In this paper, design an efficient Convolutional Neural Network for iris recognition. First need to preprocess the iris image and the iris region of the eye is extracted. And then, divide the iris area into eight...