Proceedings of the 2015 International Industrial Informatics and Computer Engineering Conference

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Design of Security Monitoring System for Geological Data Library of Hainan Province

Min Sun, Binwen Huang
Geological Data Library is an important component of Land and Environmental Resources Department of Hainan Province, which is responsible for the collection and management of Hainan province's regional geological data, such as geological survey data, solid mineral geology data, petroleum geology data,...
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Research on the Application of Enterprise Competition Relationships based on Complex Network Optimization

Zhikun Wang
Formation and evolution of enterprises’ competitive relationship are not independent with each other, so that enterprises have complex relationship such as mutual initiation, interference and transformation. This complex relationship appears as complex network relation. In order to study competitive...
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Research the output characteristic of the 2MV very fast transient overvoltage generator

Rui Li, Xiangyu Tan, Yibo Li, Yi Ma, Ke Wang, Guochao Qian, Peng Xu, Xianfu Chen, Shaoquan Zhang
Very fast transient overvoltage has become an important research topic in international high- voltage field due to its generation, features and the influence of GIS on insulation breakdown characteristics. In this paper, the distributed parameter simulation model is established in view of the VFTO generator,...
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Logic Matrix Design Method for Pan Boolean Algebra PID Control

Jin Chen, Tao Xu
Based on the analyzing for the Pan-logic graph of Pan -Boolean algebra PID control, it is introduced in this paper that a new method of Pan-logic truth table can be used to depict the relations between input and output variables of Pan-Boolean algebra PID controller. By quantizing and grading the controller...
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Application of principal component analysis in journal evaluation

Xuebing Wen
An evaluation method on scientific and technical journals based on principal component analysis is applied to deal with the relevance between various indices of 17 mathematical core journals. In order to choose index of quantitative evaluation of domestic mathematics journals which can provide a quantitative...
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Analysis and Research on the calculation of user data security and privacy services in the cloud

Xianlin Zhou
The problem of data security is one of the main problems plaguing the development of cloud computing, in view of the current cloud computing user data safety storage applications demand increase, need to greatly improve the data read-write efficiency problems, put forward the use of symmetric encryption...
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Review of Small-sized Robot Detecting Air Microorganism

Miaomiao Tan, Xiaodan Yan, Nana Cao, Shuai Cao, Li Han
Facing the increasingly air pollution, the research on robot detecting air microorganism becomes a hot spot. This paper reviews air microorganism robot, air sampling method and small-sized robot and analyzes the characteristics of various robot and sampler, which provides reference for research of new...
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Design of the MFCS in Cutting Systems with Time-Delay

Dazhong Wang, Shujing Wu
From the last ten years, control and analysis of systems with delays is subject to lots of studies and contributions. This paper presents about the design of cutting system for time-delay. The design of the control system is constructed using the easy algebraic algorithm of matrices whose elements are...
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Network Intrusion Detection Based On Cluster Analysis And Multiple Core Set

Ruimei Gao, Shuyu Chen
This thesis takes researches on Network Intrusion Detection Based On Cluster Analysis And Multiple Core Set. The distributed immune intrusion detection system and the packet marking theory are used to find out the network data features of the real-time analyses; and the immune intrusion detection system...
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Design and Implementation of Digital Signal Processing Module Based on PCI Bus and FPGA

Junxia JIA, Jing Peng
Signal acquisition and processing technology based on FPGA is researched. FPGA is the core of the signal acquisition and processing systems, it controlled each module to complete signal acquisition and processing tasks. The article mainly researched and designed of FPGA-based control and processing systems,...
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Research On Image Mining Based On Formal Concept Analysis

ZhiHua Zeng, Bing Zhou, Cong Li
The traditional recommendation algorithms of image tagging ignore the diversity between the visual content information and the tags recommended, which causes the recommended results have the problem of tag ambiguity, tag redundancy and so on. Therefore, this paper proposes the recommendation algorithm...
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The Partition of Semantic Web Data

Yonglin Leng, Fuyu Lu
With the rapid growth of the Semantic Web data, RDF data storage has become a hot research topic in the field of data storage. Distributed storage is an effective way to solve the scalability of RDF data, and data partition is the key to realize the distributed storage. In this paper we use graph clustering...
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The Application of Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm in the Water Supply Network

Fengxia Cong, Ying Zhao
The system of urban water supply network is the important lifeline project of the city. With the continuous development of social economy, people are no longer satisfied withwater supply requirements, but to put forward higher requirements for the safety, reliability and economy of the water supply....
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Design and Implementation of Information Management System for Enterprise

Dong Xin, Hongxia Zhao, Baogang Zhou
With the rapid development of economic construction and the further development of enterprise information, computer and network technology are gradually applied to enterprises to improve efficiency and quality, and information management is an important part of modern enterprise management, so the design...
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Research on Key Technology of Enterprise Information Management System

Dong Xin, Hongxia Zhao, Baogang Zhou
With the rapid development of information technology, information technology has become a reflection on the economic development of country, regions and society, produces significant and profound influence on the way that people live and work, so the key technology of enterprise information management...
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The design of the copper electrolyte temperature and cell voltage monitoring system

Cheng Liu, Lichun Shi, Tianyu Wang
This paper introduces a temperature of copper electrolyzer and voltage acquisition system which is divided into three layers, lower computer collects cell temperature and voltage using MCIMX287CVM4B, then sent to the gateway basing on the MCIMX287CVM4B through wireless network, in the end the gateway...
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Simple and Stable Algorithm for Parameter Identification in Heat Conduction Problems

Junli Zhang, Suhua Wang, Guichun Han
Parameter identification in heat conduction problems is an ill-posed problem in the sense of Hadamard, this means that small errors in the measurement may cause very large errors in the numerical result. In this paper, a regularization method for inverse problem of determination of unknown parameter...
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Optimize BP Neural Network Structure on Car Sales Forecasts Based on Genetic Algorithm

Jun Tang, Qing Wu
In order to improve the ability of BP neural network to fit complex functions, we improve the structure of the BP neural network and optimize the weights and thresholds of structure of the BP neural network based on genetic algorithm, then, training the BP neural network model to improve its capability,...
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Study on Information-led System Operation of Public Order Maintenance

Cai Dong, Wei Wei
In the background of economic globalization and social information, the typical characteristics of information-led social security prevention and control system includes the information dominant, work integrity, scientific decision-making, dynamic service, quick and accurate action etc. The information-led...
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The construction of the coordinated development model of civil aviation industry based on large scale system cybernetics

Xu Zhang, Qing Du, Jing Xiong, Ming Zhao
Aviation is an important strategic industry of economic and social development. The issues of imbalances and inconsistence remain outstanding in the current civil aviation development. Other problems restricting the development of aviation industry include unreasonable airspace distribution, slow infrastructure...
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Research and Implementation of Constant Current Source Charger

Guanglin Han, Xu Zeng, Yanling Zhang
this paper introduces a kind of the rectifier circuit, adjustable constant current charging circuit, detecting voltage circuit, display circuit and power circuit of six parts of constant current source charger design scheme. The charger using op-amp composition adjustable constant current charge, constant...
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Verification of real-time properties based on Event-B models

Jinfu Zhao, Hong Zhang, Xuejing Wang
A large number of dependable embedded systems have stringent real-time requirements, which cause real-time verification in modeling stage is desired. Event-B is a formal method used for system-level modeling and analysis, which is suitable for modeling high dependable software. Modeling real-time system...
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The Design of Real-time Monitoring System for Operation State of High Voltage Circuit Breaker

Zhenhao Wang, Ming Liu, Dan Pang
This paper discusses the principle design of real-time monitoring system for high voltage circuit breaker operation, monitoring and analysis for the monitoring principle and mechanical characteristics of the opening or closing coils.The devices are used in substation, and the actual monitoring data can...
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Design of High Voltage Power Cable Real-time Monitoring System Function

Xilin Zhang, Dachuan Li, Zhenhao Wang
This articlediscusses the high-voltage power cables feature real-time integrated monitoring system designed from the fire, earth currents, surge arresters and partial discharge monitoring and supervision of 3G remote audio and video transmission and other aspects. The Actual operating condition of a...
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Application of Speech Recognition Technology to Virtual Reality System

Zhongxiang Zhu, Shanshan Li, Jiali You, Zhenghe Song
Appling the speech recognition technology into the virtual reality system can not only expand the application of speech recognition in scene roaming, but also make up the shortage of the interaction of virtual reality software, and improve the efficiency of interaction between users and the virtual environment....
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Research on the tasks arrive law of Satellite Information Application chain

Xuexiao Huang, Gan Liu, Peide Xu
This paper for the issue of Satellite Information Application chain input task describing and modeling, analyzes the basic process about tasks arising, And this paper will be divided into four satellite missions arrival process typically. Since the law has for mission to reach the general characteristics....
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The method of Constructing a virtual scene with 3D Models in CarMaker

Jiansuo Yang, Yuansheng Liu, Wenjuan Zhang
What the most important in a virtual test environment is the realism of a scene. This paper focuses on how to use some scene models set up by 3DS MAX in CarMaker which is simulation software for vehicle. Because CarMaker itself only can build some certain road models and some simple scene parameters,...
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Research on the Information Commons in the University Library

Xiao Liu
Information commons is a highly integrated information service mode and a space for people to study and communication which could just meet the needs of modern people. Information commons is very popular abroad, especially in university libraries, but is very rare at home until recently. Information...
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Visual and Infrared Image Fusion Based on Contourlet Transform

Zihong Chen, Dexiang Zhang, Qing Yan, Jingjing Zhang
A new region-based image fusion technique using the contourlet transform (CT) is proposed to produce a fused image better for human and machine interpretation. For good properties of multiscale, localization, directionality and anisotropy, the infrared and visual images are first decomposed using contourlet...
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Dynamic analysis of flexible-macro rigid-micro manipulator

Piaoshi Zhang, Jubao Liu, Guowei Li, Sheng Gao
flexible-macro rigid-micro; manipulator; dynamic modeling; characteristic analysis
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A Blind Equalization Algorithm Based on Global Artificial Fish Swarm and Genetic Optimization DNA Encoding Sequences

Hui Wang, Yecai Guo
A stochastic conjugate gradient multi-modulus algorithm based on global artificial fish swarm and genetic optimization DNA encoding sequences(GAFS-GDNA- SMMA) is proposed to solve the high computational loads, low convergence rate, and large mean square error(MSE) of the multi-modulus blind equalization...
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The Optimization Design of Mounting System Based on GUI

Pingan Cui, Chong Chen, Sijie Chen
Automotive power assembly vibration is one of the major automobile vibration excitation sources, which has a significant impact on automotive NVH characteristics. Reasonable power assembly mounting system can reduce the bidirectional transmission of vibration and improve ride comfort. This thesis is...
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Design on the platform system of well-site information center based on WITSML

Qi Zhong, Hong Du
In the drilling site some petroleum technology service companies need to work together in order to complete the whole drilling task, and sometimes they also need technical support from base technical experts, so it is necessary to realize data exchange and data share between the well site and the base....
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An ant colony algorithm and improvement for the state transition diagram search

Xiao Da, Shengli Liu, Yuefei Zhu, Xiadong Wang, Li Rui
Aiming at the state transition quick extraction problem for sequential logic chip,has desined a state transition graph extraction algorithm based on ant colony algorithm model, besides that, the ant colony algorithm model has been introduced in details, and according to the characteristics of the graph...
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Research on View Incremental Calculation Method in Information Integration Services

Xufang Li, Wei Liang
Using incremental calculation methods on materialized views maintenance can be beneficial for quick access to views, query optimization and so on in the digital library. This paper presents a new method of view incremental calculation named PCA. And this method can efficiently compensate for the error...
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Synchronization of a class of uncertain chaotic systems

Yaopeng Zhou
Synchronization of a class of time-delay chaotic systems with unknown delay time in this paper. The knowledge of the delay time is unknown. Firstly, based on Lyapunov-Krasovskii function, we show that the response chaotic system can synchronize the driven system. The proposed method is tested and verified...
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Design of LED streetlight control system based on the Zigbee wireless network

Xiaguang Dong, Bin Wang
With the development of our economy and the improvement of urbanization level lighting system has increased largely and significantly. So energy saving lamp is significant to some extent. This paper has designed a kind of street light control system based on ZigBee wireless network. Using this control...
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A Scalable Neighbor List Construction Method for Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Multi-core Platforms

Yali Liu, Wenyan Chai, Xiurong Li
We present a scalable method to implement the construction of neighbor list in molecular dynamic simulations on multi-core platforms. Our methodology is based on the OpenMP programming model. Our method doesn’t divide the whole of simulation region into cells. Each thread builds and maintains a few sliding...
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Research on the Classification of Image Semantic Scene

Fan Zhang, Huiling Guo, Lingshan Jia
This paper mainly aims at the algorithm of scene categorization. Firstly, putting forward by using the edge information of training set image to modela probabilistic generative model, and getingt the shape prior distribution of each scene category by learning, and inferencing to get the boundary distribution...
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Enterprise private cloud file encryption system based on tripartite secret key protocol

Xinxian Li, Weiqin Li, Daisong Shi
More and more enterprises have their own private cloud computing center or the data center to optimize operation and save money. In order to protect sensitive company data, a secure and efficient certificate less tripartite key agreement protocols was introduced into the authentication of the enterprise...
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Computational methods for inference and prediction of novel drug-drug interactions

Qian Min, Jun Liao
It is critically important for drug development and clinical safety to identify and assess drug-drug interactions (DDIs) early and accurately. In addition to in vitro laboratory studies, in silico methods exist that may supplement the screening and detection of DDIs in large-scale databases. Here we...
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An Auto Lighting Device for Backlight System Detection

Jiaxing Ye, Shuangxi Wang, Dan Zhang, Ruitao Xie, Xiao Yin
In the manufacturing of electronic product, backlight quality always affects the final rate of good product. To date, the backlight qualityis usually detected by manual eyes.In this article,an auto lighting device used forbacklightsystemdetectionwasfabricatedwith STM32 chip which basedon the ARM core....
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DDoS Attack Detection Algorithm Based on IP Entropy Model

Xintong Wang, Guqing Liu, Jungang Yang, Jinzhi Ran
Put forward a DDoS (Distributed Deny of Service) attack detection algorithm based on IP entropy model. Through the establishment of destination IP Entropy model, setting flow and entropy threshold with membership function, checking conditions of DDoS attacks step by step. The experimental results show...
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Weighted Wavelet Packet Domain Regression for Analysis of Near-infrared Spectroscopy at Different Temperatures

Dan Peng, Jingyun Wang, Huanhuan Hou
To efficiently make use of the temperature information in near-infrared (NIR) spectra, a new hybrid algorithm named as WP-WNPLS is proposed to improve the prediction ability of partial least square (PLS) based regression model. In WP-WNPLS, the discrete wavelet packet transform (DWPT) was firstly applied...
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Suppression Methods for Electromagnetic Interference of the DC Motor

Qun Hou, Yifan Zhou, Xin Peng, Long Zhang
The basic principle of electromagnetic interference, test methods, and suppression measures for DC motor are studied and analyzed. We select 18V/5A DC motor as the research object, and test full-frequency interference characteristics of the conducted and radiated interference. By analyzing the test data,...
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A Location-Based Personalized Focused Search System for Physically Challenged People

Xin Shen, Wei Wang, Junyi Huang, Yue Wu
Physically Challenged people are a special part of society, which need more care. Because of the huge differences in physical conditions, qualities of life, locations and personal backgrounds, there exists a lot of challenges for disabled people searching related information and receive professional...
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Design and development of devices based on digital slurry pipeline management system

Xueyong Wang, Hongwu Xu, Chunlei Pan, Guangyue Pu
In recent years, development of mineral pipeline is rapid, which is one of the best way to solve the question fine iron ore output in the complex terrain of the western china. Application practice shows that the method of mineral pipeline transportation solved a series of defect from other transportation...
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Numerical Simulation Analysis on the Casing Strength under High pressure gas injection and production

Baohui Wang, Xiangzhen Yan, Xiujuan Yang
The statics mechanic model of the casing-cement-formation is established in this paper. Effects of formation and cement characteristics on casing strength are studied under injection-production condition. The examples show that the maximum stress occurs in the internal wall of the casing, along the orientation...
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Generating Null Models for Large-Scale Networks on GPU

Huan Li, Gang Lu, Junxia Guo
A network generated by randomly rewiring the edges of an original network on some constraint conditions is called the null model of the original network. It’s a useful tool for revealing some mechanisms affecting the topology of networks. As the scales of networks become larger and larger, time consumption...
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Energy-Aware Deduplication in Backup Storage Systems

Yizhou Yan, Wenjun Wu
Deduplication technology is widely used to eliminate duplicate data and save resources in storage systems of modern data centers. However, from the energy point of view, deduplication cannot always achieve good energy efficiency for storage systems. In this paper, we propose an energy-aware deduplication...
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Wavelet permutation entropy analysis of Ventricular Fibrillation and Sudden Cardiac Death ECG signals

Lei Yang, Fengzhen Hou, Jun Wang
In this paper, we applied wavelet permutation entropy to analyze the Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) signals and Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) signals for making an effective distinction from normal sinus rhythm (NSR) signals. Firstly, three different ECG signals are decomposed by wavelet and reconstructed...
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The Technology Research on License Plate Location and Character Segmentation

Yu-Chun Zhang
License plate identification technology is an important link of license plate recognition system, the pretreatment result will affect the subsequent effect of license plate recognition. This article research license plate location and character segmentation technology, proposing an improved Otsu algorithm...
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Research on Centralized Monitoring System of LiMnO2 Button Cells Automatic Assembly Line

Lixin Sun, Wei Han, Wenjun Yan, Lingyu Sun, Lin Yan
According to the production site, a three-level network monitoring system ,which is consist a host computer, the master and slave nodes ,is built to transmit the data from 10 automatic assembly ,to achieve field data collection, to control the site and on-site operation simulation. The monitoring software...
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Voltage Stability Analysis of Wind Power Integrated System Based on Flexible HVDC Technology

Tianze Dai
Regarding an isolated system in Huolinhe region as the object of study, in order to reduce the system voltage fluctuation and improve system voltage stability, the paper proposes that the wind farm uses the access way of flexible DC into system. The Flexible transmission mode bases the DC voltage source...
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Design and Simulation for Three-Level Static Synchronous Compensator

Qiuyan Liang, Yongcheng Jiang, Ailing Qu, Guoling Niu
It adopts three-level inverter as the main circuit of Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM), making the output waveform of main circuit more close to sine waveform and the contents of harmonic reduced a lot. Space voltage vector modulate technology (SVPWM) is widely used for control algorithm of three-level...
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Denoising Method Based on the Nonsubsampled Shearlet Transform

Xiaoxia Ren, Zuoyu Wei, Zhifang He, Xiuming Sun, Peng Geng
In this paper, a new bivariate shrinkage denoising method is proposed to model statistics of shearlet coefficients of images. Using Bayesian estimation theory we derive from this model a simple non-linear shrinkage function for shearlet denoising, which generalizes the soft threshold approach. Experimental...
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Research of Oil Well Working Parameters Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things

Wenli Lei, Fubao Wang, Xincheng Ren
In view of the current oil collection points are most remote and scattered, the existing mobile communication network are often not covered, it is difficult to realize automatic monitoring for working condition of oil well, this paper presents a oil well working parameters monitoring system based on...
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Research on pulse laser digital power supply control system

Xu Li
DSP full digital control in pulse laser welding power source is composed of Boost and Buck two topological structure. Through the ADC of DSP can test the laser energy, and charged the current of laser xenon lamp in real-time. Through the software PI algorithm to adjust the duty cycle of the IGBT in real...
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Dynamic of behavior spread driven by information on weighted networks

Wenyu Chen, Zhen Jia
In this paper, a new behavior-spread model is proposed, which incorporate the analysis the degree of closely connects, preference for things, and the reciprocal interaction and collaborative spreading of information and behavior on a weighted networks. Comprehensive consideration for the mutual influences...
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A Novel Multi-focus Image Fusion Method using Pulse Coupled Neural Network in Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform Domain

Chaoben Du, Haifeng Yan, Shesheng Gao, Gaoge Hu
In this paper, a novel image fusion method is proposed which combines nonsubsampled contourlet transform (NSCT) with PCNN. Firstly, it makes use of the NSCT’s shift invariance to suppress the pseudo-Gibbs phenomena around singularities, which appears in the DWT. Secondly, the edge feature is used to...
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Data Association Algorithm Overview and Performance Evaluation

Wanli Xu, Shuo Bao, Zhun Liu
With the continuous development of sensor technology, the sensor has been widely used in modern war. More and more information makes the information fusion has become a research focus in the future battlefield in computer field. In this paper, first of all, we studied the current variety of data association...
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Thruster-AUV’s Motion Adjustment Method Based on Fuzzy Control

Lei Wan, Yinghao Zhang, Yushan Sun, Yueming Li
An autonomous underwater vehicle’s(AUV) working condition is usually complex, which means that it’s hard to build the AUV’s dynamic model and it’s challenging to find a good method to adjust its motion accurately in that environment. In order to solve that problem, one motion control method based on...
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Design and Realization of Fault Restoration System

Zhi-gang Wang, Qiang Li, Chunhui Li, Lei Xue
A regional network fault restoration system that can be applied in on-line mode is researched and realized. According to the power outage, this fault restoration system can recover the electricity rapidly after small scope fault, meanwhile, the system can propose the black-start scheme when blackout...
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Mobile Robot Local Path Planning Based on Improved T-S Fuzzy Neural Network

Suying Zhang, Yankai Shen, Zexu Sun
Aiming at the problems that BP algorithm has slow convergence rate and is likely to fall into local minimum point.This paper presents a modified fuzzyneural network whichtakes the distances between the robot and obstacles as input variables, and the velocity and the steering angle of the robot as output...
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Modelling and experimental verification of diagonal cracks in beam based on the modal strain energy

Yong-Guang Liu
According to the linear elastic fracture mechanics and the virtual work principle, the elemental stiffness matrix of the diagonally cracked RC beam is derived, and the frequencies and modes of the diagonally cracked beam are obtained. The experiment is executed to verify the elemental stiffness matrix....
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Research on Technology of Multi Crosscuts United Coal Uncovering for Highly Outburst Seam of Deep

Jian-jun Cao
Analyzing the main factors effecting prevention of coal and gas outburst of multi crosscuts united coal uncovering for highly outburst seam of deep, the thesis proposes comprehensive outburst prevention measures based on regional governance measures and supplemented by local governance measures to realize...
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Optimization study of diamond-shaped inverted nine spot patterns in low permeability reservoirs of horizontal well

Chunsen Zhao, Bu Fan, Yatao Lu, Zhong Ting, Tao Bo, Didi Wu
In recent years, many people have made some research in horizontal wells of low permeability oil reservoirs. In order to further refinement of the existing research, this paper utilized conformal transformation and Potential superposition principle method to optimize and analyze the productivity of rhombus...
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Effect of impeller blades on water resistance coefficient and efficiency of mixed-flow pump

Yuanying Du, Changchun Shang, Kepeng Zhang, Yuyu Hao, Peng Wang
In order to investigate effects of impeller blades on performance in mixed -flow pump, using unstructured tetrahedral mesh and SIMPLE algorithm, the simulation of three-dimensional flow inside a mixed-flow pump were done in Fluent. Adopting the time-averaged continuity equation, N-S equation and RNG...
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Study of filament power based on TMS320F28035

Sheng Wen Fan, Guan Da Lv, Lei Li
The industrial frequency voltage regulator is used for the traditional filament power of electron beam melting furnace, it cannot realize the filament current closed-loop adjustment. To solve these problems, a 20A/300W filament power of electron beam melting furnace based on TMS320F28035 is designed...
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Research and Application of Ice Model of High Voltage Transmission Lines

Lisa Guo, Wei Guo, Zhiwei Peng, Dejun E, Zhongxiao Cong, Wei Zhou
This article mainly analyzed the existing transmission lines ice mechanics calculation model of the amount of ice, the key to calculate transmission lines ice, the amount of calculation is proposed considering the tower to wire length, horizontal stress and vertical than three critical loads of linear...
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Improved Control Scheme forShunt-typeH-bridge Active Power Filters

Lixin Ma, Lei Zhou, Haibing Zhang, Jun Gao
This paper attempts to improve the dynamic performance of H-bridge APF.The method of adaline harmonic detection is proposed to calculate harmonic current more accurately in less time while the supply voltage is distorted.H-bridge APF based on CPS-SPWMcan reach the more satisfying performance in lower...
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Simulation Implementation and Application Research of High Speed Milling Regeneration Type Chatter Based on MATLAB

Lingling Yuan, Wentao Mei, Yongfeng Zheng
Considering the deficiency in milling process parameters selection in the domestic. Based on the modeling of dynamic milling force and the calculate of chatter stability limits. Realizing high speed milling regeneration type chatter simulation algorithm with Matlab development tools. Through the modal...
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Discussion on the Planning and Designing of Electric Power System

Xize Li, Jiange Li
This paper gives an introduction to the main content of the planning and designing of electric power system in electric power engineering as well as discussion on the principles and methods for the planning and designing of electric power system in electric power engineering. It aims to improve the reasonability...
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Optimal Allocation of the Distributed Generations using AMPSO

Ya-fang Wang, Tao Wang, Xiao Ren
This paper presented an application of Adaptive Mutation Particle Swarm Optimization (AMPSO) in optimal allocation of Distributed Generation (DG) in distribution power networks. The multiple-objective function to be optimized included two objectives: real power loss and total voltage deviation. Through...
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Partial Discharge Ultraviolet Detection TechnologyApplied in Enclosed High-voltage Electrical Appliances

Lixin Ma, Xiaobo Zhou, Yu Shan
Forenclosed high-voltage electrical appliancespartial discharge is not easy to be found in inspection and ultraviolet detection equipmentcost is high, partial discharge ultraviolet detection system is designed. It is able to monitor the high voltage electrical appliancespartial discharge in real time...
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Research on PV and battery control system with energy management technology in stand-alone DC micro grid

Chunxue Wen, Zhenguo Huo, Zhengxi Li
In the DC micro gird control system, it has an important significance for the reliable operation of the system to maintain bus voltage stability and energy distribution. The changing/ discharging control of the battery in different mode is often used to maintain the bus voltage stability. That is, its...
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Flight Delay Cost Optimization based on Ground Power Supply

Weijun Pan, Zhejun Wang, Guangjun Zhou, Zeyu Pan, Huating Zhang
The flight delayinduces extra cost to airlines and passengers.In the process of flight delay, the cost to maintain the engine power supply is the primary part of delay loss. This paper takes different power supply modes in to account to improve the previous flight delay cost model. As well this paper...
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Research on Model and Simulation of Hydraulic Lifting System of the Wave Power Generating Platform based on AMESim

Weinan Cao, Detang Li, Zhengshou Chen, Wentao Tang, Qin Lv, Man Huang
The paper will analyze the necessity of research on Model and Simulation of ocean wave power generation platform of hydraulic lifting system. Aiming to the working condition and mechanism of self-elevating power-generating platform ,the paper will provide overall designing scheme and analyze the working...
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The sound absorption property of microperforated panel with partitioned cavity

Xiao-ling Gai, Xian-hui Li, Bin Zhang, Yan-Qi Liu, Tuo Xing
In order to broaden the sound absorption bandwidth of single-leaf microperforated panel(MPP),The structure of MPP with partitioned cavity is introduced and its sound absorption performance is studied by impedance tube experiment. Results show that the MPP with partitioned cavity has two sound absorption...
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Attribute Reduction Algorithm Based on Discernibility Matrix with Algebraic Method

Jing Gao, Hui Ma, Zhidong Han
There are many algorithms of attribute reduction based on discernibility matrix, where the element of the discernibility matrix is used as heuristic information. But there are few algebra methods about attribute reduction based on discernibility matrix. In this paper, we proposed an algorithm of attribute...
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Dynamic Model of the Axially Moving Viscoelastic Belt System with Tensioner Pulley

Yanqi Liu, Hongyu Wang, Dongxing Cao, Xiaoling Gai
Dynamic model of the moving belt system with tensioner pulley is studied in this paper. Belt is considered elastic continuous element, and pulley and tensioner arm are discrete element. Considering the geometrical nonlinearity and Kelvin viscoelastic constitutive model, the kinetic energy, potential...
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Application of Fault Location Based on Detecting Cycles Covering Technology in Optical Burst Switching Network

Song-jian Bao
The identify and locate of optical network faults are very important, some existing fault location algorithm is lack of applicability and low locating rate in the interference alarm information. According to this, this paper proposed the corresponding fault location mechanism on the basis of the shortest...
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Brushless DC Motor Drive the Automatic Control of Clutch

Tianchun Lin, Liuyi Chang, Wangyong Chao, Kongfan Wu
Automatic clutch is on the basis of original car cancelled the clutch pedal, increased the electronic control unit. Without stepping on the clutch pedal when realize shift, it reduces the difficulty of the operation. Automatic clutch control system (ACS) with brushless DC motor is designed; this system...
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Advances in Ultra-weak Bioluminescence

Zhengyong Cheng, Sheng Zhang, Ying Li, Banggui He, Wenjuan Gu
Ultra-weak Bioluminescence is physiological phenomenon widely presenting in all biological life activities, which reflects the integrated vital signs of organisms. This paper analyses the current application of Ultra-weak Bioluminescence in biomedicine, agriculture, environmental science, food detection...
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Research on adaptive selection and allocation mechanism of cloud manufacturing service based on semantic

Li-jun Tai, Ru-fu Hu, Cao-wei Chen
In this paper domain ontology model of cloud manufacturing service and suitable semantic description scheme of manufacturing service was study, the method of dynamic perception and effectively cognition of the manufacturing resources was study.To solve the integration, sharing, virtual key problems in...
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Milling Chatter Prediction Based on the Information Entropy and Support Vector Machine

Bing Chen, Jie Yang, Ju Zhao, Jingbo Ren
This paper proposes a method based on information entropy and support vector machine to predict chatter in milling, it uses multi-scale permutation entropy and wavelet packet energy entropy as the milling chatter premonition features, we select parameters of these identifying features by experimental...
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Design of Seismic Intensity Rapid Report Platform

Yunkai Guo, Qiao Tan, Zhitao Li, Jihua Fu, Ke Xiao
Seismic intensity rapid report is one of the essential parts of the earthquake disaster relief and plays a baton role. In terms of serving the needs for earthquake early warning, emergency response, and seismic mobile observation, seismic network observation, a new seismic intensity rapid report platform...
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Development on depth of engagement intelligent measurement device for handcart circuit breaker contacts about metal-enclosed armored high voltage switchgear

Zhihui Lu, Fuyun Zhu, Hongjun Ni, Shuaishuai Lv, Xingxing Wang
In order to further improve the measurement accuracy and convenience, a novel depth of engagement intelligent measurement device for handcart circuit breaker contacts about metal-enclosed armored high voltage switchgear was developed. The device includes six sets of precision displacement measurement...
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Research on the mathematical modeling Protodyakonov coefficient of coal and rock hardness based on shearer motors working parameters

Jian-jian Yang, Xu Li, Jianfeng Zhou, Hai Jiang, Miao WU
In view of the current issue that the shearer in coal mine fully mechanized working face can't accurate automatic identification of coal rock interface, the method of using the shearer motor working parameters to reflect the hardness of coal and rock is put forward. The stress of roller cutter pick,...
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Study on a Novel Capacitive Pressure Sensor with Large Dynamic Range

Tongtong Zhang, Zhengyuan Zhang
In this paper, a novel capacitive pressure sensor with large dynamic range is presented. The working principle and the design structure of the sensor are demonstrated in the paper, then the theoretical calculation of mechanical properties, capacitance and the simulate results are performed. The study...
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Research on the Key Technology of Micro EDM Motion Control System

Liaoyuan Zhang, Tingting Lv, Fanjiang Meng, Zhenming Ji, Ruiqi Jiang
The motion control system of micro EDM CNC milling machine tool which base on the motion control card was designed in this paper. In order to guarantee the processing precision, the discharge gap can be adjust by the analysis and processing of the average gap voltage get through the discharge detection...
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Studies on Quality of Holes by using Micro-electro-discharge Machining Process

Liaoyuan Zhang, Zhenming Ji, Tingting Lv, Fanjiang Meng
Based on the extensive application of small hole, how to guarantee the machining efficiency and machining quality of the hole at the same time is the key problem we need to solve. We analyze several factors affecting the machining quality of the hole and find their influence law on the machining accuracy...
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Analysis and Calculation for Conductive wheel precision of Electrochemical Grinding

Liaoyuan Zhang, Fanjiang Meng, Zhenming Ji, Tingting Lv, Ruiqi Jiang
The machining accuracy of conductive is one of the important parameters which can affect the quality in the process of electrochemical ginding. In fact, there are many deviation in the machining process, and used the theory mathematical model, the two parts make a combination, we can take a model of...
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ITCM: Improved Adaptive Transmission Control Mechanism for Underwater Sensor Network

Yiming Yan, Xiaodong Liu
An Improved Adaptive Transmission Control Mechanism (IATC) for underwater acoustic sensor networks is proposed in this paper. This mechanism controls transmission delay and releases collisions adaptively according to different conditions of the wireless links periodically feed back by the receiver. Our...
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Research on Automatic Coal Sorting Technology Based on Machine Vision

Changjie Xu, Yujie Zhang, Haimei Feng, Junhong Wang, Chang Du, Jun Ding
Automatic coal sorting technology based on machine vision has the function of analyzing whether there is material on the conveyor. Contour of image will be found when there is material on conveyor. The average of color will be calculated according to respective proportion of blue component and the red...
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The development of dynamic systems fault diagnosis technology

Sheng Zhang, Zhengyong Cheng, Ying Li, Banggui He, Wenjuan Gu
After the rapid development of fault diagnosis technology for decades, there have been numerous methods based on different principles. For example, based on the analytical method of the model, the method based on signal processing and based on the method of knowledge. On the basis of comprehensive literature,...
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Research of distribution route optimization based on adaptive ant colony algorithm cloud logistics

Chen Zhigao
Cloud Manufacturing is developed in the cloud computing, which is based on the idea of "Made in service" recently. Cloud manufacturing mode connect all sorts of manufacturing resources and capability together and form standard manufacturing services which customers can obtain according to their demand...
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ADAMS_Based Research on Vibration Isolation Performance of Powertrain Mounting System

Xiaozheng Li, Ke Chen
The vibrations of vehicle engine powertrain is one of the main vibrations sources of whole vehicle. Severe vibrations can not only cause the vehicle structure fatigue and damage, but also affect the durability and comfort of the vehicle. What’s more, it can influence interior personnel's physical health....
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Research on High-frequency induction brazing of PCD Cut Tool

Bei Sun, Miao Yang, Zhiyi Zhang
The morphologies of the brazing fill are studied by SEM and EDS. The binding force and use life of PCD cut tool are studied too. The results shows that the quality of weld fill is the best when time is 13 and 15s. Meanwhile, the weld fill shows metallurgical bond. The Interdiffusion of matrix alloy and...
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Life Prediction of Existing Concrete Structures in Acid Rain Environment

Ying Huang
In the paper based on diffusion theory the acid rain erosion-carbonization model was established. The model parameters were analyzed and the model was solved by MATLAB software. At same time the failure criteria of existing concrete structure in acid rain area was developed and the life prediction method...