Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Demographics and Civil-registration (INCODEC 2021)

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Peer-Review Statements

Diana Lukitasari, Agus Hendriyanto, Riyadi Muslim, Sani Sahara
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 1st International Conference on Demographics and Civil-Registration (INCODEC) 2021 during November 11–13, 2021 in Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Reviewer Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief,...
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Digital Promotion of Watu Gambir Tourism Village Towards Smart Village Destination in Karanganyar Regency

Hartatik, Nurul Firdaus, Abdul Aziz, Berliana Kusuma Riasti
Indonesia is one of the countries with incredible tourism potential. Spread from east to west, there are many popular tourist attractions in the country. Regional tourism in Indonesia is also not only known by the locals, but also attracts foreign tourists. However, the tourism promotion strategy in...
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Managing Digital Innovation as Public Sector Transformation Strategy: A Case Study in Office of Population and Civil Registration Klaten Regency

Merlin Swantamalo Magna, M. Irfan Maulana
Public sector organizations in Indonesia especially the Office of Population and Civil Registration (OPCR) are deploying digital innovation as part of their transformation strategy. Prior research has predominantly focused on SME’s digital transformation, implementation of digital application at the...
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Anjungan Dukcapil Mandiri (ADM): The New Innovation of Population Administration Services in Pemalang Regency

Muhammad Bagus Adi Wicaksono, Zainita Nur Ramadhani
Public services are one of the sectors affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Population administration is the fundamental key for the citizen to access the public services. This research aims to analyze the Anjungan Dukcapil Mandiri (ADM) which is the most recent innovation of population administration...
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Implementation Child Identity Cards (KIA) in Order to Fulfill the Rights of Children’s Identity in Sleman Regency

Rizda Ardyati, Titi Cahyanti, Afridah Ikrimah
The future of a nation is determined by proper governance of children as the next generation. Child governance in the field of population administration in order to fulfill the rights of children’s identity. This article is the results of research on the implementation of Child Identity Cards (KIA) in...
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Community Participation Model as an Effort to Accelerate the Implementation of Vaccination Covid-19 in Indonesia

Gian Syahputra, Trisnandaru Densa Putra, Reza Setyo Nugroho, Diana Lukitasari
More than 190 countries in the world have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, including Indonesia. The Indonesian government announced the Covid-19 pandemic through Presidential Decree (Keppres) number 12 of 2020 concerning the Determination of Non-Natural Disasters for the Spread of Corona Virus...
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Estimation of the Number of Foreign Tourist Visitors in Solo Based on Tourism Object Using the Arima Method

Ulfah Sulistyowati, Rizka Utari Karlinda
Solo is one of the areas in Central Java that has a cultural diversity that is thick with Javanese traditions and is a characteristic. This is what attracts foreign tourists to come to visit the city of Solo to enjoy the culture of Solo through the Mangkunegaran Palace tourism object. In 2020, the number...
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The Policy Reform Model for the Registration of Interfaith Marriages at Dukcapil Office Salatiga

Muhammad Bagus Adi Wicaksono, Anjar Sri Ciptorukmi Nugraheni, Tishlahatul Ulya Muflihal Fahmi
The purpose of this study was to review the implementation of marriage law in Indonesia on the practice of registering interfaith marriages at the Population and Civil Registration Office Salatiga and to analyse the policy reform models in resolving the cases of interfaith marriage registration at the...
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Law Enforcement as an Effort to Control Environmental Damage Due to Sand Mining in the Progo River, Yogyakarta

Solichah Novyana Putri, Fajriya Kurniawati
This study aims to determine law enforcement in controlling environmental damage due to sand mining on the Progo River, Yogyakarta. This type of research is doctrinal research. The approach taken uses a statutory and conceptual approach. The technique of collecting legal materials used in this legal...
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Policy for the Provision of Compensation, Restitution, Rehabilitation on the Rights of Trafficking Victims

Sri Wahyuningsih Yulianti
Law enforcement against perpetrators of trafficking in persons mostly still uses the legal basis of Article 296 and Article 506 of the Criminal Code regarding pimping, without considering the laws and regulations of a specific nature as regulated in Law Number 21 of 2007 concerning Eradication of the...
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Internal Security as a Guarantee of Personal Data Protection in E-Commerce Systems for Consumers

Merlin Swantamalo Magna, Alfayza S. P. Pratama
The rapid development of information and communication technology, the rapid growth of the economy, with the current globalization altogether has expanded the transaction space to be diverse. One of the innovations in making transactions today is the existence of electronic commerce or commonly referred...
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Big Data Modern Stack for District Government

Mutiara Auliya, Abdul Aziz, Wahyu Nurharjadmo
Data is the new oil for all circles, including the district government. The more information systems are used, the more data will be collected both in structured and unstructured data, which is often called Big Data. The obstacle faced by the district government in handling Big Data is that the data...
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Implementation of 3 in 1 Innovations for the Issuance Acceleration of Three Population Documents Through Birth and Death Registration at Surakarta Regency

Enis Tristiana, Fedito Anggara Putra
This study examines and analyses the implementation and obstacles of 3 In 1 Innovation in order to accelerate the issuance of three population documents of births and deaths registration at in Surakarta Regency. This study used a descriptive method with a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques...
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The Value of Children in Generation Z

Yuliana Ristantya Ningsih
This study aims to determine the perception of Generation Z about the direct costs and opportunity costs of having children, gender relations in decision-making on the number of children, and the dimensions of the value of children. The research method used is descriptive qualitative with research subjects...