Proceedings of the International Seminar and Conference on Educational Technology (ISCET 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Annis Kandriasari, Otto Fajarianto, Robinson Situmorang, M. Japar, Basuki Wibawa, Rekha Koul, Zoraini Wati Abas, Eliza B. Ayo, R. Benny Agus Pribadi, Rudi Susilana, Cher Ping Lim
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Wireframe of Mobile Web Applications as Digital Literature in Food Services

Annis Kandriasari, Yeni Yulianti, Sachriani
This study aims to assess the feasibility of the initial design of a mobile web application as digital literacy in the arrangement and service of dishes. The research method used is R&D (Research and Development) using a 4-D development model (Define, Design, Develop, Disseminate). Data analysis...
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Applying of Blended Learning in Realizing Independent Learning in the 21st Century

The purpose of writing this article is the application of blended learning methods in realizing independent learning in the 21st-century era by paying attention to the principles, components and settings of blended learning. Blended Learning is learning that combines the application of direct learning...
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The Flexibility of the Blended Learning Model to Improve Students’ Critical Thinking

Mahdiyah, Mutiara Dahlia, Fildzah R. Putri, Yuni Muliyana
This paper examines how learning models affect change in students’ critical thinking skills. Blended learning is a learning method that combines the face-to-face learning process in the classroom with learning using e-learning. Blended Learning Model makes students feel flexibility in their learning...
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Implementation of Media and Educational Technology in Enriching Student Literacy

R. Dicky Agus Purnama, Maesaroh Lubis
The purpose of writing this article is to elaborate on the application of media and tech nology in literacy enrichment for students as learners. Adapted and specially developed media and technology can make a huge contribution to the effective teaching of all students and help them reach their highest...
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Techno-Pedagogy Model Development: Can Techno-Pedagogy Learning Improve Digital Literacy

Ocih Setiasih, Nandi, Rusman, Wawan Setiawardani, Eri Yusron
The purpose of this research is to develop a techno-pedagogy-based educational model to improve digital literacy skills. This research uses mixed methods. The research design is explanatory starting with qualitative development and testing the results of quantitative development. The research sample...
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An Experiential Learning Model to Facilitate the Professional Development of Batik Instructors Through Teaching Videos

Minhatul Ma’arif, Suyitno Muslim, Mochammad Sukardjo
Batik education tourism is one of the educational tours that is starting to be favored by the people of Indonesia, especially people in Pandeglang Regency. Unfortunately, this learning has a number of problems that hinder the achievement of learning objectives. This study uses a mix method consisting...
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Development of Fine Motor Skills for Early Childhood Based on Augmented Reality

Uswatun Khasanah, Nuke L. Chusna, Umi Fatonah
Movement is the most important element in children’s motor development. Fine motor skills are body movements that use small muscles and require concentration between the eyes and hands, such as folding, cutting, and knitting. Positive social skills in children the impact of good motor development. The...
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The Effect of Augmented Reality Module and Student’s Critical Thinking in Ability to Diagnosing Skin

Nurul Hidayah, Dwi Atmanto, Elvyra Yulia
This study aims to determine the effect of Augmented reality applications in learning modules and student’s critical thinking in ability to diagnosing skin. This research includes quantitative using descriptive analytic to students of Cosmetology Study Program, and obtained 60 students. Based on the...
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TPACK Approach in the Context of Special Needs Students: Reflections from the Field

Ika Candra Destiyanti, Firda Halawati
Representation of students with special needs who attend school during the covid period by distance learning is a social phenomenon that is a dilemma. Online learning, which requires independent student learning at home by independently accessing learning resources and completing coursework assignments...
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Multimedia-based Learning for Early Childhood Education

Stephanus Turibius Rahmat, Suyitno Muslim, Moch Sukardjo
This study aims to describe the usefulness of multimedia for early childhood education. Multimedia as a medium that facilitates and motivates learners in learning to be more interactive, effective, efficient, and interesting. With that, learners are encouraged to have a positive motivation in learning...
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Skills and Responses of Student: Improving Learning Through Web-Based Archive Management Learning Media

Triesninda Pahlevi, Durinda Puspasari, Sambas Ali Muhidin, Siti Sri Wulandari, Durinta Puspasari, Lifa Farida Panduwinata
The development of information technology and the emergence of Covid 19 affect changes in the field of education where learning must be done online. Teachers must have online learning innovations that are adapted to the development of information technology so that there is interaction between teachers...
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Research Trend on Educational Technology Issue: Post Pandemic Instructional Preference on Digital Utilization

Rudi Susilana, Budi Setiawan
The goal of this research is to look at the characteristics, and general trends in Educational Technology articles produced by writers/authors and published in journals listed in the Thomson Reuters Web of Science, Elsevier Scopus, and Eric from 2017 to 2022. Using the ‘Educational Technology Papers...
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The Effect of Complete-Learning Model Based on Media Information Communications Technology (ICT) on Students’ Learning Motivation

Enni Juliani, Rusmono, Murni Winarsih
Complete-Learning Model is a learning strategy to achieve overall learning objectives by students to obtain maximum results. Therefore, a review an needed for analyze effect of complete learn ing based on Information Communications Technology (ICT) media on student learning motivation. To determine effects...
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The Development of Microlearning-Based Learning Media in Teaching Planning Subject

Nadya Fadillah Fidhyallah, Susan Febriantina, Christian Wiradendi Wolor, Wisudani Rahmaningtyas
This study aimed to develop microlearning-based learning media in the Teaching Plan ning subject, specifically in the material for learning strategies development. The study used Research and Development (R&D) method which aimed to produce a learning video product using the ADDIE development model....
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Project Based Learning Approach to Science Process Skills Chemistry Learning

R. Dicky Agus Purnama, Robinson Situmorang, Zulfiati Syahrial
Project based learning is a learning approach that is mediated by projects or activities. Students as learners are involved in inquiry, assessment, interpretation, synthesis and information to produce learning outcomes in various forms. As a form of student centered active teaching, project based learning...
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Flipped and Collaborative Learning Models to Improve Entrepreneurial Competence in Training School Principal During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ferdina, Etin Solihatin, Moch. Sukardjo
The pandemic covid-19 period has a huge impact on the entire order of human life, this also has an impact on the process of Education and Training of Principals that are usually carried out offline. The headmaster’s education and training in organized in order to provide competency strengthening for...
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Invasion of Collaborative Learning in Office Practice: Synergy Between University, Students, Industry and World of Work

Marsofiyati, Etin Solihatin, Robinson Situmorang
This study aims to analyze the learning model of Office Practice Course Based Collaborative Learning, the synergy between University, Students, Industry, and the World of Work. This research uses the survey method. The Office Administration Study Program, one of the vocational study programs whose main...
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The Prerequisite of Effective Group Works in Blended Learning Environments: A Literature Review

Yanuard Putro Dwikristanto, Ivan Hanafi, Ni Nyoman Kasihani, Teguh Trianung Djoko Susanto, Avia Destimianti
Blended learning and group learning are learning strategies that are widely applied in the contemporary educational process. However, group learning often becomes ineffective if it is not managed properly. This paper aims to analyze the practices in forming an effective group learning in blended learning,...
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Interactive Multimedia in Buddhist Education Learning

Tejo Ismoyo, Basuki Wibawa, Etin Solihatin
In the era of 4.0, teaching traditionally has been replaced due to some various learning interactive multimedia. Many educators face the problems in creating and developing interactive multimedia in education especially in Buddhist education. Therefore, this article aims to describe the steps for making...