Proceedings of the 2nd International Seminar on Science and Technology (ISSTEC 2019)

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Experiments on the Quality of the Output Tone on the Electric Sasando Produced by Edon and Oebelo With A Variety of Wire Materials

Ali Warsito, Hery L. Sianturi, Juliany N. Mohamad
This study aims to identify and improve the quality of the output tone of the Sasando musical instrument from Rote, East Nusa Tenggara by varying the 32 types of wire used. The type of Sasando used in this study was the electric Sasando made by craftsmen Oebelo and craftsmen from Edon Kolhua. The results...
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Simulation of Crop Insurance Premium With Poisson Process and Exponential Distribution; Case Study on Rice Farming in Village of Sukaratu-East Java

Primadina Hasanah, Muhammad Azka, Novita Lestari Payung
Agricultural sector is important for human life. However, this sector is threatened by various risks that leads to crop failure and harm for food supply of society. Crop insurance will provide protection against economic losses. This research conducted to develop crop insurance design using sample data...
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Solving of Fuzzy Transportation Problem Using Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)

Farikhin, Muhammad Sam’an, Bayu Surarso, Bambang Irwanto
Based on research related to solve fuzzy transportation problems that had been proposed and discussed by researchers, it could be concluded that the ranking function is widely used to order fuzzy numbers or convert fuzzy numbers to crisp numbers. The ordering process can indeed make it easier to run...
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Topic Modeling Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) and Sentiment Analysis for Marketing Planning

Berlin Helmi Puspita, Muhammad Muhajir, Hafizhan Aliady is a company that provides online ticket booking services in Indonesia. Tiketcom wants to improve services by knowing content that is widely discussed by the public and positive and negative comments on Tiketcom. Therefore an analysis will be done using Twitter accounts with the Latent Dirichlet...
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Conceptual Approach of Big Data Architecture Mozita Application in Industry 4.0

Aris Puji Widodo, Djalal ER Riyanto, Mukhammad Fakhir Rizal
In industry 4.0, the growth of data generated from an application will increase in a very large amount of volume and occur massively. The phenomenon of massive data growth with a wide variety of data formats is called the big data. The main problem with big data is that large volumes of data with a variety...
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Analyzing the Factors Which Influence the Development of Mangrove Forest in Kulon Progo Using Binary Logistic Regression and Remote Sensing Method

Muhammad Hasan Sidiq Kurniawan, Akhmad Fauzy, Muhammad Muhajir
The Province of Yogyakarta is one of the tourism destinations in Indonesia. In recent years, there are new many tourism sites in Yogyakarta. One of them is the Mangrove forest in Kulon Progo. The Mangrove forest is a popular tourist site among the locals in there but many outsiders of Yogyakarta that...
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Modelling the Number of Tuberculosis (TB) Cases in Indonesia using Poisson Regression and Negative Binomial Regression

Rahmadi Yotenka, Alfazrin Banapon
Tuberculosis (TB) is still one of the world’s health problems which continues to be overcome today. Indonesia is a country that accounts for 8% of the number of TB cases in the world in the third highest position after India and China. Tuberculosis is one of the lower respiratory and infectious diseases...
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Vector Autoregressive Modelling of Profitability Sharia Rural Bank in Indonesia

Alfazrin Banapon, Rahmadi Yotenka
The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of Non-Performing Financing (NPF), Return on Capital (ROE), Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR), Financing to Deposit Ratio (FDR), Ratio of Operational Costs to Operating Income (BOPO) to Return on Assets (ROA) Sharia rural bank in Indonesia. The data...
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Sentiment Analysis of Visitors in Borobudur Temple With Support Vector Machine Based on TripAdvisor Review

Edy Widodo, Gifa Delyani Nursyafitri, Ocktavia Nurima Putri, Yesih Nurmalasari
The number of online sites in Indonesia has recently experienced significant growth, both in tourism and other sectors. Borobudur Temple is one of the most well-preserved tourist attractions that is frequently visited by domestic as well as foreign tourist. TripAdvisor is a platform of an online forum...
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Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Using Width and Gradient of QRS Complex With Discriminant Analysis

Aida Noor Indrawati, Nuryani, Anto Satriyo Nugroho, Friescha Septiyani
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) or breathing problems during sleep causes sudden death from heart failure during sleep. Because of the serious effects of OSA, early OSA detection is important. OSA detection can be developed using an electrocardiogram. In this article, OSA detection is designed using an...
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Developed Bi-Objective Predictive Control Modeling for Max-Plus Linear System

Lathifatul Aulia, Widowati, R. Heru Tjahjana, Sutrisno
Known to that MPC (Model Predictive Control) for MPL (Max Plus Linear System) is a practical approach to design optimal input sequences for a specific class of discrete event systems. Discrete event systems (DES) are dynamical which evolve in time by the occurrence of events at possibly irregular time...
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Expert System for Selecting Product Packaging Materials as a Means to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Nazula Rukhiana Mukarromah, Andrie Pasca Hendradewa, Dina Tri Utari
One of the aims of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are closely related to the industry is SDGs number 12 which requires responsible consumption and production. Meanwhile, according to data from the Ministry of Environment and Maritime Affairs, the largest contributor to primary plastic...
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Prediction of Inflation in Indonesia Using Nonparametric Regression Approach Based on Local Polynomial Estimator

V Fibriyani, N Chamidah
Inflation is one of macroeconomics indicator can describe the economic development of the country. Inflation is one of the important factors, the high inflation can disturb the economy a country so it has been concerned by the government. Inflation can be caused by various factors, one of them come from...
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Modelling of Poverty Percentage Based on Mean Years of Schooling in Indonesia Using Local Linear Estimator

N Chamidah, M F F Mardianto, E E Limanta, D R Hastuti
The United Nation as an intergovernmental organization confirms a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) otherwise known as the Global Goals. Out of the 17 goals, the Indonesian government is mainly focused on eradicating poverty and improving the quality of education. The opportunities for escaping poverty...
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Prediction of Acidity Level of Avomango (Gadung Klonal 21) Using Local Polynomial Estimator

M Ulya, N Chamidah
The acidity level is one of the parameters that determine fruit maturity. Mature avomango has a low acidity level, indicated by its titratable acidity value. Non-destructive analysis using a near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy tool produces wavelength data that is used as a predictor variable with a titratable...
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Repetitive Pattern of L(2,1)-Labelling on Sierpinski Graphs

Yuri C Sagala, Susilo Hariyanto, SRRM Titi Udjiani, M. Rafid Fadil
An L(2,1)-labelling of a graph G is a function f which assigns labels from {0,1,…,λ} to the vertices of G such that vertices at distance two get different labels and adjacent vertices get labels that are at least two apart. Sierpiński graphs S(n,k) generalized the Tower of Hanoi graphs that constructed...
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On the Application of the Open Jackson Queuing Network in Hospital

Arum Helmi Manggala Putri, Irwan Endrayanto
The open Jackson queuing network is the open queuing network consisting of several service stations. On the open Jackson queueing networks, patients arrive from outside the network to get service and then leave the network. The open Jackson theory is used to determine the queue network model and the...
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Improving the Accuracy of Student Problem Identification Using Rule-Based Machine Learning

Budi Sulistiyo, Bayu Surarso, Wahyul Amien Syafei
Adolescence is a period of development that is prone to problems and often makes adolescents unable to control emotions. No exception to adolescents who are in high school education. Problems that do not need to be resolved immediately and will arise even greater problems later on. Many methods of solving...
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K-Means Clustering Optimization Using the Elbow Method and Early Centroid Determination Based on Mean and Median Formula

Edy Umargono, Jatmiko Endro Suseno, S.K Vincensius Gunawan
The most widely used algorithm in the cluster partitioning method is the K-Means algorithm, K-Means is an iteration algorithm with the user determining the number of clusters that need to be grouped and determining the centroid for each cluster so that the level of similarity between members in one group...
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Simulation of New Predicting Yarn Characteristics on Open-End (OE) Yarn Based on Torus Coordinate

Valentinus Galih Vidia Putra, Irwan, Juliany Ningsih Mohamad, M. Farchani Rosyid, Guntur Maruto
In this paper, we have made a new dimensional Euclidean space on torus coordinate to explain yarn characteristics based on fibre movement in the process of rotor spinning machine. In this study, a simulation model of fibre movement for predicting yarn characteristics on OE spun yarn based on torus coordinate...
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Quadratic Programming for Optimizing the Diversified Shariah Stock Portfolio

Noor Saif Muhammad Mussafi, Zuhaimy Ismail
Risk is a challenging module in evaluating stock investment prospects that are often taken into account by investors. This paper presents the method of Quadratic Programming to optimize the risk of Shariah stock portfolio. The dataset deals with the weekly close price of all active issuers listed in...
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Classifying Student’s Duration of Study in Faculty of Science and Technology UNAIR Using Naïve Bayes and Neural Network Classifiers

Siti Maghfirotul Ulyah, Marisa Rifada, Elly Ana
Timely graduation is one of the essential criteria for a university in the accreditation program. The objective of this study is to predict the duration of study based on several factors related to students. The data in this study were the data of Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) graduates for...
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Factors for Implementing Green Highway Concept in Toll Road Development Investment in Indonesia

Muhammad Yunus Asy’Ary, Christiono Utomo
One of the national strategy project programs in Indonesia is the development of toll roads in several regions with a public private partnership scheme by cooperating with toll road business entities (BUJT) as investors and developer. With the existence of global environmental issues, the concept of...
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Application of Clustering Algorithm and Spatial Analysis for Industrial Optimization

Achmad Fauzan, Ginanjar Wiro Sasmito, Sekti Kartika Dini
Technological advances and increasingly diverse human needs, making one of the challenges for policymakers in planning future design. One of them is the determination of policies in industrial equality. The even distribution of the industry itself is in line with the objectives of the country’s first...
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Analysis of Penalized Semiparametric Regression Model on Bi-Response Longitudinal Data

Kosmaryati, Mujiati Dwi Kartikasari
Semiparametric regression is a combination of parametric regression and nonparametric regression. Parametric regression analysis is used if a regression curve or function is known, whereas nonparametric regression analysis is used if the curve form or the regression function is unknown. One of the short...
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Application of Binary Logistic Regression in Modelling Women’s Participation in Improving the Welfare of Fishermen Families

Kariyam, Fatma Hanani
Indonesia is an archipelagic country with enormous marine potential. Development in the marine sector is expected to encourage recovery and improvement of the people’s economy. This is reasonable because Indonesia has large fisheries resources which include aquaculture, seaweed cultivation, freshwater...
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Implementation of Naive Bayes Classification Method for Sentiment Analysis on Community Opinion to Indonesian Criminal Code Draft

Sheila Farach Diba, Jaka Nugraha
Current developments of technology greatly facilitate the public to access information by both print media and social media. One example of social media that is widely used by the public is Twitter, because users can also comment on issues that are being discussed. One of them is an issue related to...
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Building an Initiation of Financial Reporting System Using Blockchain and Classification Analysis to Financial Distress

Arum Handini Primandari, Masthura
Indonesia’s regional government still uses a conventional financial reporting method by manually submitting some documents. As a consequence, there is no digital database provided. Our proposed technology is blockchain to be implemented for distributed tech financial reports. As popular as a cryptocurrency...
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Classification of Student Grade Based on Academic Records Using Support Vector Machine

Amalia Dwi Nurfadzilah, Ayundyah Kesumawati
Academic records have meaning “used” or “impressions” related to science in the form of notes. In this research, we use academic records of Statistics Students of Islamic University of Indonesia years 2015, which is like the percentage of late attendance, types of courses taken, schedule of days and...
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Rice Production Modelling in Indonesia with the Spatial Autoregressive (SAR) Approach

Tuti Purwaningsih, Nur Hargita Padmarini
Rice production basically depends on the variable harvested area and yields per hectare, rice production can be increased if the harvested area has increased. In this study, a description of rice production and the factors that influence it from a regional perspective with a spatial weighting matrix,...
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A Panel Data Analysis of Rice Production in Ngawi Regency, East Java

Dina Tri Utari, Tyas Yuliana, Andrie Pasca Hendradewa
Agriculture is one of the key sectors of the economy in Indonesia. Among some subsectors of agriculture, food crops is an important sub-sectors in the development of Indonesia. Widely consumed food crops are rice in Indonesian society. Based on data from the Ministry of Agriculture, East Java, Indonesia...
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Fetal Electrocardiogram Extraction From Abdominal Electrocardiogram Using Wavelet

Friescha Septiyani, Nuryani, Anto Satriyo Nugroho, Aida Noor Indrawati, Trio Pambudi Utomo
Fetal electrocardiogram (FECG) is a signal from an abdominal electrocardiogram (AECG), obtained using non-invasively. FECG is very important to find the situation of fetal health. This article presents a method for FECG extraction from the AECG signal employing Wavelet. Wavelet is used to remove the...
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Characteristics of Ozone Generation in Air Fed Cylindrical DBD Using Low Frequency

Eko Yulianto, Andi Wibowo Kinandana, Eva Sasmita, Muhammad Nur
Fetal electrocardiogram (FECG) is a signal from an abdominal electrocardiogram (AECG), obtained using non-invasively. FECG is very important to find the situation of fetal health. This article presents a method for FECG extraction from the AECG signal employing Wavelet. Wavelet is used to remove the...