Proceedings of the Vth International workshop "Critical infrastructures: Contingency management, Intelligent, Agent-based, Cloud computing and Cyber security" (IWCI 2018)

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The Ontology Model for Automating the Solution of Multidisciplinary Research Tasks

Alexandr Berman, Olga Nikolaychuk, Alexandr Pavlov
The proposed ontology model is instrumental in describing multidisciplinary information on the problem under consideration, including methods and means of its solution. This model is based on a hierarchy of parts of the subject and problem areas, ontology of representation and ontology of the upper level....
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Computer-aided Subassembly Generation

Arkady Bozhko, Anatoly Karpenko
The article deals with the task of product decomposition into assembly units in CAAP systems. This is an important design decision that allows to rationally organize the process of assembling complex products and improve economic indexes of production. A hypergraph model of the assembly structure of...
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Neuro Fuzzy Control system for Distributed Generation Plants

Yury Bulatov, Andrey Kryukov
The transition of electric power industry to a new technological platform based on the concept of smart power grids with an active-and-adaptive network will allow to increase the efficiency of control, durability and reliability of power supply systems. The idea of applying the intelligent algorithms...
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Imitative Modelling of Electromagnetic Safety Conditions in Smart Power Supply Systems

Natalia Buyakova, Vasily Zakaryukin, Andrey Kryukov
The implementation of intelligent railway power supply system requires the development of computer technologies for modeling modes and electromagnetic fields determining the conditions for electromagnetic safety. Such technologies are implemented based on the methods developed at the Irkutsk State Transport...
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Automatic 2D Segmentation of an Intracardiac Catheter Based on MSER Blob Detector and Eccentricity

Viacheslav Danilov, Igor Skirnevskiy, Olga Gerget, Roman Manakov
The present study describes an algorithm for automatic catheter detection and segmentation based on echocardiography data. The catheter area was recognized and then delineated by combination of detection and segmentation techniques such as the maximally stable extremal regions (MSER) algorithm, feature...
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Estimating Solar Power Integration into Vietnam's Power Mix with the Combinatorial Modelling Approach

Aleksey Edelev, Hoai Nam Nguyen, Le Luu Quyen
Nowadays long-term energy system optimization models are frequently used in studies analysing the transition towards a sustainable energy system with an increased share of intermittent renewable energy sources. Highly variable and stochastic nature of renewable energy sources poses some challenges to...
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Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Environment for Vulnerability Analysis of Energy Critical Infrastructures

Aleksey Edelev, Ivan Sidorov, Alexander Feoktistov
In the paper, we propose a new approach to developing the subject-oriented heterogeneous distributed computing environment for the vulnerability analysis of the energy critical infrastructures of the national level. We provide a framework for creating such environment and developing applied software...
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Cognitive Categorization in Hierarchical Systems under Situational Control

Alexander Fridman
Methods of cognitive multicriteria classification, generalization of description and coordination of situations in hierarchical subject domains are developed. The methods consider prototypical effects and degrees of typicality of members according to semantic similarity measures of categories modeled...
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Research and Improvement of the Reliability of the Multi-agent System

Vasiliy Galperov
Currently, there are very few platforms, allowing to organize the work of multi-agent systems. It is therefore necessary to develop a methodological approach for the development of multi-agent systems in the field of energy. In previous papers by the authors proposed an approach to the development of...
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Semantic Approach and Agent-based Modeling for Electricity Demand Forecasting in the Regional Market

Elena Galperova, Vasiliy Galperov, Vadim Loktionov
The relevance of the paper is determined by the changes in the conditions of energy and economy development, that impose new requirements on the methodology of energy demand forecasting. The most important changes are happening to energy consumers. The consumers, as equal participants in the electricity...
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Methods to Analyze Critical Facilities in Energy with Regard to Cyber Threats

Daria Gaskova, Aleksei Massel
The article describes the methods proposed by the authors used for the analysis of critical facilities in the energy sector, taking into account cyber-threats. The authors focus on to an approach that enables analyzing and simulating the entire chain of events “Vulnerabilities - Cyber-threats - Energy...
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Computational Technology for Solving Nonconvex Optimal Control Problems for Power Systems

Alexander Gornov, Tatiana Zarodnyuk
The paper proposes a technology for a global extremum search, which makes it possible to estimate the probability of finding a solution in the optimal control problems. The idea of multistart based on proposed technique enables to create the computing technology which is not strongly depend on problem...
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Analysis of Properties Hardware-Software System in Efficiency Index Under Uncertainty Component Structures

Murat Guzairov, Vladimir Gvozdev, Aliya Davlieva, Vyacheslav Teslenko
The approach to the study of the components hardware-software complexes (HSC) survivability on the efficiency index for the interval uncertainty of the state’s structure components is described. The problem of estimating the impact of HSC efficiency indexes variability in different operation modes on...
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Modeling of the Production of Agrarian Products under the Conditions of Influence of Droughts, Rainfall and their Combinations

Yaroslav Ivanyo, Sophia Petrova, Marina Polkovskaya, Nina Fedurina
The article presents the results of assessing the variability of extreme events, which include droughts and rainfall. The statistical properties of long-term series of maximum daily precipitation and yield of grain crops are determined. It is shown that the maximum daily precipitation affecting water...
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Geovisualization Features in Substantiating Solutions in Energy Infrastructures

Alexander Izhbuldin, Roman Ivanov, Rodion Markov
To justify energy solutions, it is necessary to visualize various parameters with a geospatial reference. The authors suggest visualizing the results of research in geoservices through a plug-in. Using the example of several completed projects, it is shown that this approach can be applied In connection...
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Technologies for Enrich Knowledge Warehouse for Solving Problems of Technology Forecasting and Research of Critical Infrastructures

Elena Khayrullina
The article considers scientific and technological forecasting as part of the intelligent energy system, as well as research of critical infrastructures in the field of energy. The task of creating a data warehouse and knowledge for the system described above is discussed in more detail. The advantages...
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State Estimation of Electric Power System under DOS-attacks on SCADA system and WAMS

Irina Kolosok, Liudmila Gurina
The control of EPS includes monitoring, forecasting and planning of the system operation based on its state estimation. Therefore, it is extremely important to obtain accurate estimates of the state variables in both favorable and critical situations that arise due to cyberattacks. The paper gives an...
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Cyber Resilience of SCADA at the Level of Energy Facilities

Irina Kolosok, Elena Korkina
SCADA systems are widespread in the energy industry: the automated dispatch control of electric power systems is supported by SCADA along with the automatic control. Today, the consequences of cyberattacks on the information subsystem of the control system are especially dangerous. SCADA, being an information-technical...
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Technology of Intelligent Service for Energy Technology Forecasting

Alex Kopaygorodsky
This article reports the approach and software tools for decision-making support in forecasting the energy infrastructure development. The author considers the problem of searching for information from various open sources, technology of information searching, knowledge detection and classification....
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Estimation of Mathematical Models Accuracy for Calculation of LDL-Cholesterol Concentration

Vladimir Kuz'menko, Alexander Gornov, Anton Anikin
During investigation the accuracy of the Friedewald’s calculation method in case method of ultracentrifugation was been replaced by the method of photometry. There was investigated the possibility and limitations of using Shepard's method for calculating the concentration of low density lipoprotein (LDL)...
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A Stochastic Model of a Transport Hub and Multi-phase Queueing Systems

Anna Lempert, Alexander Kazakov, Maxim Zharkov
The paper is devoted to designing of a stochastic model of a transport hub. As a mathematical apparatus, we use multiphase queuing systems with an incoming BMAP-flow. The model is identified on the basis of statistical data and field observation and tested on two passenger hubs in Moscow. The results...
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Internet-technology for Remote User Support OPTCON

Liudmila Massel, Alexander Gornov, Tatiana Zarodnyuk
The paper presents a methodical approach to the construction of modern software systems, as well as the creation of computing resources accessible via the Internet. The developed technologies are applied to solve the problem of legacy software using the example of the software OPTCON for solving optimal...
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Tools for Strategic Decision Support in Energy Sector Based on Situation Management and Semantic Modeling

Liudmila Massel, Vladimir Kuzmin
Team, represented by authors, develops a direction, related with support of strategic decision-making in energy sector based on concepts of situation management and semantic modeling. The architecture of instrumental system, called Situational polygon, which is designed for decision-making support is...
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The Research Convergence of Critical Infrastructures, Quality of Life and Safety

Liudmila Massel
The article discusses the possibility and necessity of research convergence of critical infrastructure, quality of life and safety. It is proposed to use the indicator of quality of life as one of the factors that must be considered when determining the critical facilities of critical infrastructure,...
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Environmental Protection Technologies as an Aspect of Research into Critical Infrastructures

Elena Maysyuk, Irina Ivanova
Environmental protection technologies are an important link in the energy sector. They provide environmental safety and are in demand in regions especially with significant volumes of coal combustion. The studying of the interdependence of energy development and the feasibility of the application of...
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Ontology-based Data Access for Energy Technology Forecasting

Alexey Mikheev
Ontology-Based Data Access (OBDA) is considered as a promising semantic approach to query various complex datasets for such weak-formalized activity as energy technology forecasting. OBDA uses an ontology to operate with complex energy technology data abstracting away from the technical schema-level...
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Automation of the Integrated Graphical Environment Construction

Valery Stennikov, Evgeny Barakhtenko, Dmitry Sokolov
The paper presents a methodological approach to automated construction of integrated graphical environment for computer modeling of pipeline systems of various types. Automated construction of the integrated environment is performed using a computer model of the pipeline system and ontologies based on...
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The Use of Ontologies in the Integrated Graphical Environment

Valery Stennikov, Evgeny Barakhtenko, Dmitry Sokolov
The paper presents an methodological approach to the construction of a system of ontologies to store the knowledge about energy pipeline systems, their properties, modeling problems related to these systems and the software employed. This system of ontologies consists of a metaontology and applied ontologies....
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Research of Long-Term Development of Integrated Energy Systems with Combinatorial Modelling Methods

Valery Stennikov, Valeriy Zorkaltsev, Evgeny Barakhtenko, Aleksey Edelev
The paper describes a combinatorial modelling approach to the research of integrated energy systems development. The idea of the approach is to model a system development in the form of a directed graph with its nodes corresponding to the possible states of a system and arcs characterizing the possibility...
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Methodical Approach for Structure Optimization of Energy Sources in the Development of heat Supply Systems

Valery Stennikov, Olga Edeleva
The current problem of searching for the optimal structure of equipment of energy sources with a high level of technical and economic indicators is based on the construction of the redundant scheme. A description of the mathematical formulation of this problem is given, methods are proposed for solving...
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Data Representation from Energy Balances by Using Geo-information System

Ivan Trofimov, Leonid Trofimov, Sergei Podkovalnikov
The article describes the software tool implemented by Melentiev Energy Systems Institute SB RAS and aimed to solving problems related to study prospective electric power systems. In this paper, the Data Processing and Geo-Information System (DPGIS) means a software tool that provides collection, transfer,...
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Application of Thesaurus for the Identification of the Specific Situations

Natalia Tuchkova, Alexander Muromskij
The research is devoted to the use of symbolic expressions for informational queries. The problem of information search, is discussed with use of designations and special symbols in various subject domains. It is proposed to use specialized thesauri, where along with natural language definitions are...
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Modeling Systems with Selectable Structures of Interests and Ideas of the Environment

Gennady Vinogradov
The paper shows that regularities of abandoning an “ideal” rational choice by the subject to transfer to a subjectively rational one are connected with peculiarities of identifying and understanding external conditions and properties of interests. The subject makes choice based on perceptions of a choice...
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Energy Systems Research: Conceptual and Historical Aspects

Nikolai Voropai
General conceptual points and brief historical overview of system ideology are presented. Main objective reasons for generalization and development of the methodology of system studies in energy by L.A. Melentiev are explained. Fundamental principles for an approach to such energy systems research are...
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Ontological Analysis of Vulnerabilities in the Energy Sector

Tatiana Vorozhtsova, Sergey Skripkin
The paper presents an ontological analysis of the terminology associated with the concept of vulnerability in the energy sector. The ontology of vulnerabilities is proposed. This ontology reflects the interrelationships between this concept and other cyber security concepts. Classification of vulnerabilities...
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Secure Communication Technology for Devices with Limited Resources

Nikita Vysotskiy, Amir Makhmutov, Konstantin Mironov, Marcus Meisel, Thilo Sauter
In this article, we present a proposal for a secure data transmission technology. This technology can be used to build various low-power wireless networks, for example, in smart home systems, industrial wireless sensor networks, communication networks of Smart Grids. The peculiarity of such networks...