Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Mechatronics, Computer and Education Informationization (MCEI 2017)

428 authors
Zhao, Xiaoxue
Study on Tourism Recommendation Model Based on Neogeneity and Diversity Identification
Zhao, Yao
Co-simulation Research Based on Electromagnetic Induction of Wireless Power Transfer
Zhao, Zhiqiang
Vibration and Noise Control and Emission of Marine Diesel Engine
Zhao, Zhiqiang
Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance of Marine Hydraulic Equipment
Zhao, Zhiqiang
Sailing Vocational Colleges Reform and Research on Practical Teaching System of Marine Engineering Technology Specialty
Zhao, Zhiqiang
Maritime Colleges; Marine Engineering Technology; Curriculum System; Reform and Optimization
Zhao, Zhiqiang
Analysis and Utilization of Waste Heat from Marine Diesel Engine
Zhao, Zhongwei
Research and Design of Classroom Integrated Management System Based on Internet of Things
Zheng, Jigang
Applied Undergraduate Institutions Based on The Cdio Concept of The "Database Theory and Application" of The Teaching Reform
Zhong, Jiexiong
A Preliminary Study on the Teaching Reform of Practice of Environmental Engineering for the Cultivation of Applied Talents
Zhou, Feng
Research and Implementation of Key Technology of Computer System Structure Experimental Cloud
Zhou, Hongfeng
Research on the Teaching Method System of Applied Undergraduate Colleges
Zhou, Jian
An Overview of Approach of Social Computing and Experimental Simulation
Zhou, Jian
Analysis of Controllability of Complex Networks
Zhou, Jian
Research on China English Teaching Based on Multi-elements Analysis
Zhou, Jian
The Application of the Unascertained Rational Number In Calculating the Gravitational Acceleration
Zhou, Jianxin
Analysis of Economic Measurement Model Based on Approach of Social Computing
Zhou, Mengjiao
Study on the Development Mode of Engineering Project Management in China
Zhou, Wenjuan
Analysis of Human Resource Management in Colleges and Universities
Zhou, Zhangli
Study on Tourism Recommendation Model Based on Neogeneity and Diversity Identification
Zhu, Jia
Design and Research of Part - time Work Platform for Art Students Based on APP Platform
Zhu, Yumeng
Study on the Correlation between the Upgrading of Chinese Residents' Consumption Structure and the Optimization of Industrial Structure
Zou, Cunxian
Research on Application of Internet of Things Technology in Mold Management of Aluminum Profile Manufacturing Enterprises
Zou, Qingyu
Curriculum Evaluation of Internet of Vehicles Converted from Electronic Information Engineering
Zou, Qingyu
Curriculum System Evaluation of Intelligent Data Engineering Based on Electronic Information Engineering
Zou, Wei
Research and Construction of Dynamic Evaluation System for College Japanese Linguistics Course
Zuo, Yuanyuan
The Application of Risk Matrix Method in Quality Evaluation of Wheat Flour
Zuo, Yuanyuan
Analysis of the Status Quo of the Demand of Service for the Aged in Hebei