Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Mechatronics, Computer and Education Informationization (MCEI 2017)

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Exploration and Practice of "Dual Integration" Mode of Collaborative Production and Education in the Context of Applied Transformation---The Case of Automotive Service Engineering

Jian Fang, Fang Shao
The cultivation of applied talents of application under the background of transformation should be based on the requirements of professional talent cultivation orientation transformation, transformation, transformation of teachers, curriculum content, teaching conditions transformation and transformation...
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Curriculum Evaluation of Internet of Vehicles Converted from Electronic Information Engineering

Qingyu Zou, Dejun Liu
Internet of vehicles is a new professional, involving real-time access to vehicle data, car road and shore information exchange, traffic data analysis and processing of key technologies and public transport information services, big data and cloud computing. In this paper, we analyze the curriculum structure...
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EEG Recognition of Motor Imagery Based on EWT in Driving Assistance

Wei Shan, Yuwen Wang, Qun He, Ping Xie
Electroencephalogram (EEG) feature extraction is one of the key techniques for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) in driving assistance. In this paper, empirical wavelet transform (EWT) is introduced for EEG feature extraction, and then a new EEG recognition method based on EWT is proposed. In the proposed...
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Analysis on the Training Content and Method of Special Jump Skill of Volleyball Players in Middle School

Lei Wang, Wenmei Dong
This article mainly uses the literature data method, the logical analysis method, the expert interview method and so on, combined with the author's research result, summarizes and discusses the training content and the method research of the domestic high school students volleyball athletes, Volleyball...
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Dialect Investigation and Postgraduate Dialectology Course Teaching

Shiliang Lyu, Fucheng Wan
This paper takes Northwest Minzu University postgraduate teaching dialect as the research object. According to the actual situation in the teaching process, starting from the actual situation of teaching and puts forward some suggestions on the postgraduate dialectology teaching. It is believed that...
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For the Design and Implementation of Mobile Learning System

Qiang Han
With the continuous development of mobile Internet, mobile learning arises at the historic moment, learners can make use of the hands of the mobile terminal equipment at any time, anywhere. As a new type of mobile terminal equipment - the device, with its good characteristics such as portability, mobility,...
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Data Acquisition System for Highway Engineering Construction Safety Based on Android Platform

Linliang Zhang, Lei Jia, Zhiying Liu
Aiming at the difficulties such as low efficiency of data collection, large amount of data and much hidden danger and risk identification in process of highway engineering construction safety and evaluation, this paper proposes a data acquisition system for highway engineering construction safety based...
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Design of Ring Furnace Temperature Control System Based on PLC

Dandan Ma, Fahai You, Ping Xin, Hongtao Mi
This paper gives a general overview of the ring heating furnace and introduces the process, characteristics and control requirements of the automatic control system of the heating furnace. On the basis of this, the control of furnace temperature is controlled by cascade double cross limit control. Siemens...
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The Influence of College Ranking on the Development Strategy of Colleges and Universities

Lan Wu
As the institutions of higher learning are becoming increasingly international and popular during the development, college ranking has become one of the most popular topics in recent years, which is mainly because that college ranking is social and open, which to a certain extent satisfies the society...
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Study on the Effect of Modern Educational Technology on Quality Education

Yingying Sun
Modern educational technology is the product of the combination of advanced education thought and advanced science and technology. It is the sum of all the technical means adopted by human beings in educational activities, while quality education is the key content of China's education system reform....
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Research and Design of Classroom Integrated Management System Based on Internet of Things

Zhongwei Zhao, He Gong, Yizhe Sun, Bin Liu
Considering the problems of flexible control of classroom bell time,the idle state information of the classroom is not easy to obtain and difficult to detect the classroom environment information, a classroom integrated management system based on internet of things is researched and designed. By using...
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Research of Ball Position Detection Device

Jian Huang
In the cricket control system, the moving position of the ball on the plane should be accurately detected. Not only to identify the ball, but also to get the coordinates of the center point of the ball, and transfer it to the host computer, and then use the PID control algorithm to control the movement...
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Influence of Construction of High-rise Building on Surrounding Environment and Neighboring Buildings

Songan Liu, Yafei Liu
High-rise buildings are currently widely implemented, deep foundation pit engineering as a high-rise building construction process the most dangerous part of a more prominent highlights of its importance. Deep foundation pit engineering has the characteristics of high risk, long construction period and...
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Research on Internal Governance of Accounting Firms in China

Jihui Sun, Jia Gao, Jianxin Sun
This paper is based on the basic concept of internal governance, through summing up the characteristics of domestic construction firm, proposed the existence of internal governance of accounting firms and the problems and propose countermeasures by the theoretical framework, from the decision-making...
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On the Current Situation and Strategies to Train Practical Translation Talents

Wen Qin
In the current situation, the market demand for applied translators is growing. The traditional model to train translation talents has been unable to meet the current social development, so it is necessary to cultivate a new model to train translation talent. We mainly start the analysis and research...
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Bibliometric Study of Specific Human Capital——Based on the CNKI Series Data Analysis from 2000 to 2014

Aiying Huo
By retrieving and statistics from 2000 to 2014 in CNKI published journal articles on the specific human capital of the documents, summarizing and refining the basic characteristics of the current domestic academic research and the dynamic of the frontier. Application of relevant statistical analysis,...
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Applied Undergraduate Institutions Based on The Cdio Concept of The "Database Theory and Application" of The Teaching Reform

Jingmei Zhang, Jigang Zheng
"Database Principles and Applications" is a theoretical,practical,innovative highly integrated curriculum,based on the CDIO philosophy of education,"learning to do,learning by doing,apply their knowledge for the purpose",there is a theory for teaching out of line with the practice of teaching content...
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A Model Study on Classified Compensation for Abnormal Response Following Immunization

Shanshan Mei
China has a classified compensation mechanism for Category 1 and Category 2 vaccines when abnormal response occurs. This mechanism gives rise to fairness problems because there should be no compensational difference between Category 1 and Category 2 vaccines, thus calling for a new compensational standard....
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Study on Supply Chain Management of UNIQLO——Based on Quick Response

Juan Wei
With the improvement of living standards, "fast fashion" has become the consumer demand for new clothing. Clothing varieties and new styles both require apparel enterprises to respond quickly to market demand. However, apparel industry supply chain in China's enterprises are facing a slow response issue....
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Design and Development of College Students' Employment Platform

Yufei Wang, Furong Li, Kun Zhang
In the era of the Internet, demand-oriented Internet business model and value creation is emerging, the current phenomenon of college students work-study is widespread, students often seek part-time channels are scattered, roadside advertising now lacks a focus on students Group of healthy part-time...
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Research on the Translation Strategies of the Names of Traditional Chinese Medicine Classical Works under the Network Background

Yan Lu
Due to the rapid development of modern information technology, the international level of science and technology and cultural exchanges are more and more frequent. The translation of traditional Chinese Medicine classical works has become the key media for Chinese scholars to communicate with scholars...
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The Effect of Knowledge-Based Methodologies on Networking

Zhong Yang
It is agreed by researchers agree that classical information technology is an new topic which interests many people in the field of programming langudages and cyberneticists concur. Taking the current status of psychoacoustic communication into account , systems engineers famously desire the construction...
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Research on the Mode and Method of Fund Management in Colleges and Universities

Yuanyuan Tian
The development of universities in the market economy is severely restricted by capital. In university financial management, how to strengthen capital management, streamline the reimbursement process, optimization of investment gold efficiency, the use of limited funds for sustainable development are...
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Application of PTZ PID Regulating in Robot Precise and Rapid Control

Bozhao Jiang, Chun Wang
This paper introduces the function and classification of PTZ, and takes the MPU-60X0 sensor and PTZ motor encoder as an example to carry out the research on the PID regulation mechanism of PTZ. Using the method of PID to adjust speed loop and position loop control to carry out the experimental parameters...
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A Research on the Performance Evaluation of University Students' Entrepreneurial Mentors

Liping Chen
Entrepreneurial mentors can provide university students entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial guidance and have an important role in improving the success rate of startups. However, because factors including the content, the form and the period of guidance are complex, how to evaluate the effective performance...
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Research on legal nature of Domain Name Infringement in international Internet

Zhenyuan Du
Domain name infringement is a hot issue in the field of Internet e-commerce. The legal status and legal attributes of domain names are not unified, which is the focus of controversy in the academic circle. Analysis of the characteristics of intellectual property rights and legal characteristics of domain...
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Vibration and Noise Control and Emission of Marine Diesel Engine

Zhiqiang Zhao
As an important noise pollution, the main source of ship noise is the marine diesel engine. At present, with the conservation of the global economy, some achievements have been made in the control of exhaust emissions and heat recovery, so the community has begun to pay attention to pollution. Based...
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Industrial Change and Platform Enterprises Innovation Model

Jinjiang He, Qi Zhang, Ning Cai
This research will follow "the typical platform of enterprise innovation model - innovation model and industry and its organizational mechanism - the future innovation model and industry and its organization - the future of small and medium platform enterprise development proposal" logical framework...
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Research on Teaching Reform Mode of "Signal and System" in the "Internet +" Context

Hao Sun
"Signal and system" is an important technical basic course of electronic information specialty. In view of the present situation of the difficult course, combining the current situation of students and their practical teaching experience, we think that the lack of solid foundation of mathematics, lack...
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Analysis on the Mechanism of Information Technology in Promoting the Development of Sports Industry

Yuan Zhang
Purpose: Developing sports spirit and culture is the eternal goal of human development. At present, the domestic sports industry chain has been formed, but there are still many problems in the process of handling and convergence. The level of public service is relatively primary, there are some defects...
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Research on Security Traceability Platform of Agricultural Products Based on Internet of Things

Lihua Jiang, Kaiqiong Sun
In order to meet the needs of modernization, intelligence and informatization of agricultural products, the agricultural product security traceability platform is proposed, and a complete set of agricultural product data sensing network is established. Through the design of a data acquisition gateway...
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Research on Metal-organic Frameworks for CO2 Capture

Chunling Xin, Suqing Wang, Yongmei Yan
Metal-organic frameworks are a new class of hybrid materials emerged in the two decades. Due to its porous structures, it is potential in the CO2 adsorption area. In this paper, we summarize the advance in metal-organic frameworks for CO2 capture in the five years.
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Fine Mining Technology for High Water Cut Reservoir

Lijia Song, Liyang Song, Jiwei Wang
The oil production rate is slow in Oilfield, Low recovery degree, the difficulty of improving oil recovery by chemical flooding. Combined with formation heterogeneity characteristics and production dynamic situation, according to the distribution characteristics of remaining oil, adopting new drilling...
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Seeking the Smartest Growth

Kaiyuan Yu
Taking the cities of Karamay in Xinjiang and Arlington in the United States as examples, based on the complexity theory, we used the improved analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to determine the three indicators of economic development, social equity and environmental sustainability, the three indicators...
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The Research of TF-IDF Recommendation Algorithm of Colleges and Universities' Patent System

He Liu, Ping Li, Chenxi Li
The users in search of patent achievements, its demand is also often vague and broad, in order to meet the user's search request, and at the same time in order to improve the conversion efficiency of patent information in colleges and universities. The research is based on NIPIR which is word segmentation...
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Study on the Effective Connection of Vocational Education in Architectural Interior Design

Qian Weng
Through several decades of development of vocational education in China, it has formed a certain system and mode. Through combining the development of vocational education and the development of design industry, this paper summarized the connection mode of secondary vocational school and higher vocational...
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Research on Application of Internet of Things Technology in Mold Management of Aluminum Profile Manufacturing Enterprises

Mingqiang Luo, Cunxian Zou, Weihao Luo
There are many problems in mold management of aluminum profile manufacturing enterprises, such as huge variety and large space, low management efficiency and so on. In this paper, various marking technologies of aluminum profile mold under high temperature environment are analyzed. The methods of marking...
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Analysis of Human Resource Management in Colleges and Universities

Wenjuan Zhou
Human resource management is a very important link in the management of colleges and universities. The level and innovation ability of human resource management is an important index to measure the overall work level of a school. The quality of human resources management determines the development potential...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Enterprise Environmental Information Disclosure--An Example of Petrochemical Listed Companies

Yinling Liu, Yang Gao
Environmental problem has become the focus of global concern, and protecting the environment has become common aspiration of enterprises and individuals. In recent years, the awareness of environmental protection of various enterprises has been improved, mainly manifested in the disclosure of environmental...
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Fatigue Analysis of Engine Connecting Rod Based on Workbench

Dan Yang, Zhen Yu, Wentao Cheng, Leilei Zhang
The connecting rods are subjected to complex loads during engine operation. The load and boundary conditions of the connecting rod are obtained by kinematics and kinetic analysis, and the finite element model is established. In this paper, the connecting rod is analyzed statistically and the weak position...
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Features and Methods of Translation of Medical English Papers from the Perspective of German Functionalism

Xinxin Chen
With the development of domestic economy, the ability of medical research has been greatly enhanced, and the communication with international medical organizations has become more and more frequent. Academic papers, as a means of daily academic exchange, increasingly show its importance. A qualified...
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Finite Element Analysis of Hook Structure Based on Autodesk Simulation

Chunming Xu
The generalized finite element software Autodesk Simulation is used to simulate and analyze the hooks, and the distribution of stress and displacement changes is obtained. The dangerous cross section of hook is analyzed and studied theoretically, which provides the necessary theoretical basis for structural...
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Research on the Application of Traditional Cultural Elements in Modern Art Design

Yaoyao Zhang
The civilization of China has a long history of more than 5000 years. Through the ages, it has vicissitudes and accumulations of culture much more than any other countries in the world. The 5000 years of history leaves us not only the old days to be remembered, but also the accumulation of culture and...
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Research on FMCG Logistics Management——An Example of Yili Group

Juan Wei
Nowadays, in the whole world of economic globalization, modern logistics has grown into a full of vitality and enormous development in emerging industries, which makes it become the foundation and source of enterprises to build competitive advantage. The level of logistics development has become the...
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On Strengthening Ideological and Political Education of College Students with WeChat

Yanlu Li, Yue Teng
With the development of the times as well as the progress of the network, the application "WeChat" is gradually accepted by the public, and is especially popular in young people. WeChat has become an indispensable part of their lives. Therefore, WeChat brings a new opportunity and method on the ideological...
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Pragmatic Acquisition and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Kaijie Chen
From the basic characteristics, teaching Chinese as a foreign language is a key discipline in the linguistic system, which involves the basic linguistic principles of foreign language and the specific context which it is closely related to. Therefore, it can be seen that learning Chinese as a foreign...
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Analysis of Internal Control of TUORI Technology Company

Linli Bian
This paper studies on the internal control problem of TUORI company. First, according to the problems of small and medium-sized private enterprises, analyze the causes and find the analysis of small and medium private enterprises internal control point. Then, based on, around TOPRAYSOLAR, in-depth analysis...
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Construction and Implementation Based on Curriculum Guided by Work Process

Weijie Gou, Dawei Yang, Lihong Wang
The curriculum construction of the work process-oriented integration of theory and practice, focuses on the vocational abilities training of professional positions; curriculum contents are combined with position requirements, the content of the course is based on the analysis of real products and production...
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Exploration of Graffiti Art in Children's Art Teaching Reform

Xu Li
Children's graffiti is characterized by spontaneity, creativity and imagination. In art teaching, children have the advantages like divergent thinking and rich imagination.Graffiti art could give full play to their subjective initiative and cultivate good hobbies.Therefore, in the children's art teaching...
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The Role, Problems and Countermeasures in the Construction of Experimental Practice Base in the Cultivation of Innovative Talents

Zhenbo Bao, Dengchao Jin, Hongjun Teng, Yuan Liu, Jinxing Peng
"Public entrepreneurship, innovation" is the Chinese government to promote, to encourage individuals and enterprises to venture innovation, college students is an important force in innovation and entrepreneurship. Colleges and universities are an important base for the cultivation of innovative and...