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Selection of A Rational Form for The Steel Winding Tower as A Preventive Measure to Increase Its Industrial Safety

Elena.G. Kassikhina, Vladimir V. Pershin, Nikiya O. Butrim, Weiguo Qiao
Herein there is a new approach to improve industrial safety in terms of operation of the steel winding tower based on rational design solutions.
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Engineering and process design solutions for the vertical shaft completion

Weiguo Qiao, V.V. Pershin, E.G. Kassikhina, N.O. Butrim
The comprehensive approach including the combination of advanced and new technical solutions with the use of modern technology opportunities providing the real possibility to reduce the vertical shaft construction labour inputs, costs and time.
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Study on Construction of Embedded Bolt Sleeve’s Precision in Massive Concrete

Chongge Wang, Jiachuan Liu
In recent years, with the coal mine construction expanded, the hoisting ability has had corresponding increase and the requirement for the quality of equipment foundation has become increasingly high; especially the requirement for embedded casing’s positional accuracy in the massive concrete is demanding,...
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Economic and technological criteria of choosing the support for construction of mine workings

Weijie Song, V.V. Pershin, Yu.A. Masaev, V .Yu. Masaev, Weiguo Qiao
The problems of rock outcrop self-sustainability maintenance in mine construction are considered. The basic requirements to the applied types of supports are formulated. The new design solutions for some kinds of supports are proposed.
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Constructions Parameters Updating of Protecting Apron Under Deepening of Vertical Shafts

Vladimir V. Pershin, Aleksandr I. Kopyitov, Mikhail D. Voiyov, Akhmed A. Wetti, Ivan V. Zhuk
New construction wedge safety shelves are offered. The principle of work engineering construction, its advantage and economic expedience of introduction in production are described.
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Highwall Mining Stability

Baotang Shen
Highwall mining is a remotely controlled mining method which extracts coal from the base of an exposed highwall. The method has the advantage of low capital cost and less lead time compared with a full underground mine, while being capable of producing in excess of 1 million tonnes per system per year....
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Study on the Movement Law of Overburden Strata During Mining Strip Pillar with Paste

Weijia Guo, Yangyang Li, Baoliang Zhang, Hailong Wang, Xizhen Sun
The movement law of overburden strata in backfill mining face was studied, by the method of similar material simulation, on the background of the paste filling mining in Daizhuang Coal Mine, and in consideration of change of filling body strength with time. The results showed that the immediate roof...
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Numerical simulation study on influencing factors to part-filling pillars' stability

Wanpeng Huang, Yanghui Ren, Lin Gao
There are many factors that influence part-filling pillars’ stability. In deep mining, the main factors are filling rate and the pillar’s internal friction angle that can influence the pillar’s plasticity area greatly in the process of filling pillar’s deformation and destroyment. This paper takes filling...
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Research on Strip Filling Surface Subsidence Rule

Yongkui Shi, Minhua Qi, Jingyu Zhang, Jian Hao
For recycling the remaining coal pillars resources in strip mining, a repeated mining method of using the strip filling replacement of strip coal pillar is proposed, a technical principle of strip filling controlling surface subsidence is illustrated, and the main filling factors which influence the...
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Characteristic Analysis of Surface Subsidence in Deep Mining

Xikun Chang, Rongfa Wang, Jinchen Zhang
Based on the monitoring data of surface subsidence in 230 mining area of Tangkou Coal Mine, the surface dynamic subsidence characteristic under deep mining subsidence and the maximum subsidence velocity were analyzed. The results showed that: in the deep mining that exceeds 300 meters, the ground surface...
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Mechanical models and support technologies for retaining gob-side entry

Yunliang Tan, Yanchun Yin, Jianguo Ning, Tongbin Zhao
Aiming at gob-side entry retaining for three typical roof conditions (hard roof, medium stable roof and limestone roof), theoretical analysis, numerical simulation, laboratory test and field test were carried out. Different support mechanical models were built, and various roadside support technologies...
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Influence of Mining and Retaining Parameters on Evolution of Hazard Rockburst in Strip-pillar Mining

Chunqiu Wang, Wenshuai Li, Shitan Gu, Chuanle Ma, Zhimin Xiao
Stress concentration caused by deep strip-pillar mining will give rise to rockburst. Mining and retaining parameters have a major influence on stability of coal pillar. Ideally, FLAC3D was used to analyze the distribution and evolution of vertical stress, deformation, advanced abutment pressure and elastic...
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The Application of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process for Thick Coal Seam Mining Methods in China

Lei Wang, Yang Yang, Huimin Cheng
In China’s energy reserves and production, the thick coal seams account for almost 45 per cent of national coal resources. It is in dominant position for coal mining. At present, mining methods of thick coal seam include slicing, top coal caving and large cutting height. Although these methods have achieved...
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Simulation Study of Dynamic Response of Bolt Support in Impact Roadway

Fan Liu, Wenjie Liu, Tongxu Wang
Coal burst and mine earthquake frequently occur with high strength in impact roadway. Bolting system will produce a certain dynamic response under the impact load disturbance. Bolts will be damaged and rock will be instability when it serious. How to design bolting system in impact roadway is a major...
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Rapid Heading technology of Coal Seam Containing iron sulfide Nodules

Xinglin Wen, Mengmeng Dong, Ran Fan, Kai Sun, Zhongjian Zhang
11605 coal face is the first working face in the lower series coal of Daizhuang coal mine, whose gateway drives along No.16 coal seam, containing iron sulfide with the thickness of about 300mm under the roof of 400 ~ 500 mm. To insure efficient driving of 11605 face gateway and meet the construction...
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Simulation and Analysis on Characteristics of Lower-group Roadway Surrounding Rock under Deep Near Interval Coal Seam

Peisen Zhang, Hao Wang, Dongcai Lin, Zhonghui Kan
Based on the linear function between the maximum horizontal stress obtained by fitting the measured in-situ stress test result and buried depth, FLAC3D software was used in this paper to analyze the characteristics of lower-group roadway surrounding rock under the influence of multi-mining of deep nearly...
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Study on Grouting Anchor Cable Supporting Technology of Roadway through Extra Large Fault Fracture Zone

Jinxiao Liu, Jidong Jing, Yiyu Feng, Lei Wu, Peisen Zhang
Fault fracture zone due to the loose and broken surrounding rock of roadway, tectonic stress, the surrounding rock deformation is hard to control, has been one of the difficulties in roadway support technology research. This paper aim at Xingcun coal mine-1196m level roadway through extra large fault...
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Study on Optimal Design of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Support in Coal Mine

Limin Liu, Shijun Zhao, Junzhi Cao, Zhongcheng Qin
This paper describes a new method of roadway support in deep mine. More than 70% of China's coal reserves exist -800m depth below. Along with the increased growing coal mining depth, mines in most mining areas are facing deep mining problems. Currently, the main support means in deep high pressure roadway...
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Measurement and Analysis on Failure Height of Overburden Strata of mechanized sublevel caving in Shallow Region of Baodian Coal Mine

Fuchen Li, Wenquan Zhang, Wei Guo, Zongsheng Wang, Yunjiang Li, Yanxin Liu
Baodian mine is gradually mining shallow area with thin bedrock, and failure height of overburden strata in shallow area has a certain difference from one of thick bedrock area. According to the measurement of “Two zones” in 5304-1top slice face and 5304 mechanized sublevel caving face, the paper confirms...
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Study on the Rapid Excavation Technology of Deep Large Cross-section Rock Tunnel

Xinjie Liu, Dezhong Kong, Gaofeng Song
Based on the characteristics of the deep large cross-section rock tunnel, inclined empty wedgy cutting technique, mechanized working line composing of full-hydraulic excavating drill-camel and loader buckets, secondary bolt/shotcreting support technique are proposed. These techniques effectively solve...
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Large Deformation Control Principle and Reinforcement Technique for Solid Coal Rib of Large-Section Gob-side Tailentry in Thick Coal Seam buried Deeply

Chuanwei Zang, Miao Chen, Yunliang Tan, Chuanle Ma, Xiangjun Meng
The large-section gob-side tailentry of the sublevel caving face often deforms heavily in the horizontal direction when driving and mining in deep mines, especially the side of solid coal, so it is difficult to support and needs several maintenances for the enough space. The control mechanism and technology...
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Durability Test of Gangue Paste Filling Material

Yin Liu, Qifeng Wang, Haoqiang Zhang
In order to study the durability of gangue paste, the cement, fly ash and gangue were mixed with the proportion of 1:4:6 to compose paste and the mass concentration was 74%. Anti-erosion, anti-permeability and heat stability of filling body after 28d’s maintenance were tested. The results showed that...
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Coal Deposits’ Mining with High Content of Natural Radionuclide

Pavel B Avdeev, Galina P. Sidorova
The article considers the methods of working off of coals with high content of natural radionuclide (NRN) that allow for the coals’ completeness of the getting and environmentally reducing their safety on the example Urtuysky brown coal’ deposit opencast mining located in Trans-Baikal region.
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Advanced Technology Based on New Technological and Organizational Principles of Spatial Development of Front of Mining Operations at Open Pits

Alexei V. Selukov
With the development of coal deposits Siberia, the open way and justified ways of progressive technologies are researched based on the new technological and organizational principles of spatial development of the front mining operations at open pits.
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Fractal characteristics of mudstone microscopic morphology in MATLAB environment

Dongmei Huang, Zhenquan Zhang, Xiaofei Lin, Huaxue Li
By using the image processing and numerical functions of MATLAB, after the treatment of SEM image to mudstone specimen with threshold segmentation, filtering and other procedures, we can obtain binary image of mudstone; and determine the fractal dimension of the image by MATLAB program. The results showed...
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Modeling of Hydraulic Power Cylinder Seal Assembly Operation

Gennady D Buyalich, Konstantin G Buyalich
The nature of the hydraulic power cylinder seal assembly operation with high working fluid pressure, different geometrical parameters of lip-type seal, is revealed. The method of hermetic sealing process modeling according to the simplified model using finite element method is considered
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Formation Auger Equipment Reliability

Yuri V. Dorzdenko
This article contains information about determination of the parameters that affect the formation of failure auger equipment
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Stress-Deformed State Knots Fastening of a Disk Tool on the Crowns of Roadheaders

Aleksey Khereshok, Leonid Mametyev, Andrey Bosirov, Aleksey Vorobiev
Presents innovative technical solutions, research results and recommendations based on mine testing and modeling of stress-deformed state knots of fastening disk tool for different variants of the structural design, including many-sided prisms at destruction faces crowns roadheaders selective action.
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Preventive Maintenance of Mining Equipment Based on Identification of Its Actual Technical State

Kovalev Vladimir, Gerike Boris, Khoreshok Aleksey, Gerike Pavel
The article treats new approach to technical maintenance of open pit excavators based on identification of technical state by functional diagnostics methods. It shows that applied diagnostics methods practically give full picture of actual state of diagnosable equipment which allows to estimate residual...
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Evaluation of Explosion Protection Means of Mine Electrical Equipment forOperation in Excavations of Coal Mines

Vladimir Efremenko, Roman Belyaevsky
Information of ensuring explosion-proof properties of mine electrical equipment is one of important problems of ensuring safe operation of electrical equipment in coal mines are provided. It is shown that this process is very difficult and a little studied. The analysis algorithm and identifications...
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Study of Asymmetric Failure Law and Support for Large Embedded Depth Roadway Driving along the Roof in Inclined Coal Seam

Guoqiang Cheng, Mingju Yan, Hongli Zhu, Haifeng Yu
The roadway driving along the roof for large embedded depth often had irregular failure in inclined coal seam at one coalmine, in order to analyze the failure law of roadway, this paper adopted the method of elastic-plastic analysis and numerical simulation to study the stress, plastic zone and deformation...
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Analysis on Human Safety Behavior Mode during the Production Process

Gang Zhou, Jiao Xue, Hao Wang, Qi Zhang
With the rapid development of science and technology, the ratio of accidents that caused by human unsafe behavior is getting higher and higher in complex industrial systems. Aiming at the situation of lacking the basic theory research about human safety behavior, taking the construction of overall model...
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Control design of roof rock for advance blasting in roof on gob-side entry without roadside support

Kaizhi Zhang, Baocheng Liu
In order to solve the problem that when using gob-side entry retaining, the overall cost of roadside support was expensive, the construction technology was very complicated and the stability of roof rock destroyed easily, gob-side entry retaining without roadside support that based upon the roof control...
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Drilling Strata Movement Detection Experiment on Failure Law of Overlying Strata Movement

Shijian Yu, Zhaobin Liu
The principle and test method of drilling strata movement detection is introduced. The failure law of stope drilling strata movement was analyzed and judged by useing the swell character of compresspoed wood when it met upon the water and moves along with surrounding rock. The height of caving zone and...
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Research of Mining Depth Influence on Floor Coupled

Liming Yin, Nan Shi, Juntao Chen
In order to obtain the influence law of mining depth on floor coupled stress-seepage characteristics, the coupled stress-seepage characteristics were studied by numerical simululation. The results showed that when the mining depth increases, the floor failure range progressively increase with expansion...
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Rock Burst Danger Warning and Large Diameter Drilling Pressure–relief Technology in Fully Mechanized Caving Island Coal Face

Shitan Gu, Zhimin Xiao, Ruifeng Huang, Yunliang Tan, Bangyou Jiang, Wenshuai Li
According to the appeared incident dynamic pressure of 1304 working face in a mine, the characteristics of electromagnetic emission signal were analyzed before the dynamic pressure occurred; FLAC3D was used to simulate the impact on pressure relief effect under the conditions of different borehole diameter,...
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Numerical simulation of stress relieving and analysis of influencing factors on geostress measurement

Tongbin Zhao, Minglu Zhang, Zhanhai Li, Ze Zhang
At present, over coring method by using hollow inclusion strain cells are applied widely for geostress measurement. But there are some errors in measurement accuracy. In order to improve the measurement precision and reliability of stress relief method, the paper analyzed the influence of drilling aperture...
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Numerical simulation of roadway gas migration based on the lattice Bolzmann method

Zhigang Zhao, Yongbo Zhang, Yunliang Tan
Coal roadway tunneling could result in redistribution of stresses in the coal body around the roadway, and cause the spatially uneven distribution of permeability in the coal body around roadway both in the radial direction and the axial direction. Considering this engineering fact and using the lattice...
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Research Status of Wet Duster in Fully Mechanized Workface

Yang Zhong, Mengmeng Wu, Xinxiang Yang, Wei Xiao
Cyclonic duster has become the mainstream in fully mechanized workface, better than any other kinds of dusters in dust removal efficiency, sewage discharge, disassembly and assembly, moving with the boring machine etc. This paper reveals the effect that the opening of the throttle plate significantly...
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Development and application of integrative jumbo for deep hole sampling

Gang Wang, Xinxiang Yang, Wei Xiao, Mengmeng Wu
According to the fact that the coal seam in our country is soft and the traditional sampling equipment is difficult to achieve the required sampling depth, speed, integrity and so on, integrative jumbo of deep hole sampling is designed and built, this jumbo has the properties of large power and small...
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Analysis on the Old Gob Water Inrush Accident of Kunlun Mine in Zibo

Hua Jiang, Wenren Gai, Fu Zhao, Xin Zhang, Hailin Liu
This article was based on the serious water inrush accident of Kunlun Mine, Kunlun Town, Zichuan County, Zibo City. According to the old gob water inrush mechanism, combining with the results of the numerical simulation, it analyzes the causation and the conditions of this accident, discloses the evil...
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Risk Assessment of Floor Water Inrush in Deep Mine Based on Grey System Theory

Weitao Liu, Xiaofeng Pan, Huan Liu, Jianjun Shen
In the paper, the comprehensive research was composed of main controlling factors of floor water inrush in deep mine, method of floor water inrush risk assessment and risk assessment system, which was carried on three aspects of the deep seam mining floor water inrush factors analysis, the mathematical...
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The Water-disaster Characteristic of Coal Mine in Shandong Province and the Research on Prevention and Control Countermeasures

Wenquan Zhang, Zhongping Ren, Hua Jiang, Gaoliang Sun, Qianqian Hang, Yi Dong
The key to prevent coal mine water disaster is finding out the "three elements" which is separately named source, channel and strength. Only by figuring out the "three elements", can the coal mine water-disaster prevention and control work achieve its target. Through analyzing the inrush source, influence...
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Determination of rational coal and rock pillars height of coal mining under the loose aquifer

Jianhu Wang, Mingxi Shao, Yanfeng Shang, Siwen Cao, Xin Zhang, Chuanmeng Hu
An coal mine belongs to the coal mining under medium aquifer, under which there is no stable clay aquifuge.To demonstrate the safety and reliability of coal and rock pillars, study and analysis of the failure and movement feature of overlying strata are conducted in the condition of the mine’s geology...
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Research on Water Resistance of The Hanging Wall of the Fault Tilting Water-resisting Key Strata Model

Yuhe Wang, Xinglei Zhang, Houchen Wang, Jiulong Cheng, Wei Guo
In order to make inrush coefficient method more accurate and effective in the coal floor water bursting evaluation, taking into account the interaction between the mine floor and the fault under the influence of mining, establishing the model of hanging wall tilting resisting key strata, solving the...
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Study on Test Method of Rock Acoustic Emission and Damage Evolution Characteristics Under Triaxial Compression

Yongjie Yang, Depeng Ma, Yanxin He, Luyi Xing
Aiming at the disadvantages of being unable to detect the comprehensive and reliable acoustic emission(AE) signals with acoustic emission detector installed outside the triaxial chamber, reasonable test method is realized with the AE detector installed inside the triaxial chamber based on the communication...
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Research advances of heterogeneity representation methods for rocks

Yanchun Yin, Yunliang Tan, Weijia Guo, Minglu Zhang
Heterogeneity of rocks has a great influence on macroscopic mechanical behaviors. So in rock mechanics research, the heterogeneity should be described properly. This paper presents Weibull distribution, which can describe the microstructure parameters heterogeneity, and sums up heterogeneous parameter’s...
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The Numerical Simulation of The Influence from Fault Dip Angle on Coalface Pressure

Li Zhang, Junfeng Xia, Chuanwei Zang
This paper simulated the effects of faults on mine pressure distributions in coal mining process by using UDEC4.0 numerical simulation software. The rock burst mechanisms of normal faults and thrust faults were analyzed first. After that, the working face of front abutment pressure peak values and distributions...
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The Research and Application of The Hard Roofs Forced Caving Technology in Short Wall Stopes

Min Gao, Jiuchuan Wei, Xiaoqi Ma
Based on the analysis of the hard roofs movement law in the a mine short wall stope, a kind of caving technology combining the deep hole blasting and the shallow hole blasting is put forward. The advantage of this technology is to set deep hole blastholes in connection drifts so that the blasting down...
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To the Question of the Destructed Rock Mass Movements Regime Assessment

Victor S. Kharkoaskyi, Valery M. Plotnikov, Eugenia V. Komleva, Olessya A. Kogay, Anna S. Korobkian, Anna V. Harlamova, Anna V. Goncharov, Yuri N. Goncharov
The article proposed equation criteria specifying the interaction force field with the medium. Based on the proposed regularities we suggested the medium parameters changes dependences and momentum and energy characteristics, the resistance of the medium on which the formation hazards equation were made....
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Simulation of Stress-Strain State of The Reinforced Soil Foundation for Structures

Sergei M. Prostov, Mikhhail V. Solokov
Therein there is formation of algorithms database of stress-strain state of reinforced soil foundations and optimizing the main parameters of the computer model. The analysis of the results of calculations for the foundation strip, slab and columar type on homogeneous and layered the basis
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Inert Compositions For Underground Fire Fighting in Mines

Vyacheslav Portola, Nima Galsanov
The properties of the inert compositions obtained by liquid nitrogen and water co-spraying are shown. The high performance of inert compositions made of gas-borne ice particles to extinguish underground in worked-out mine area is demonstrated. A reduction in coal reactivity after treatment with inert...
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Modeling Peculiarities of Reinforced Crack of Hydraulic Fracture of Coal Seams for Estimation of Their Permeability

Mihail Alekseevich Baev
The main differences of coal bed methane from other unconventional hydrocarbon resources are shown. Characteristics features of hydraulic fracture operation of coal seams are analyzed. The factors, affecting the permeability of reinforced crack of hydraulic fracture are marked. And the modeling peculiarities...
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Application of Safety Check List On Confidential Inspection

Haiyan Chen, Jianguang Gao, Yunfei Xu
Confidential work is an important work to a company or a country. Confidential inspection is an effective way to strengthen security work. By studying problems existing in the confidential work in the current, the paper introduces a method in confidential inspection, which is safety check list (SCL)....
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Coal Mine Safety Influence Factors Causality Analysis and Function Relationship Construction Based on System Dynamics

Jing Chen, Yongjie Yang, Qinggui Cao
The paper analyses the main features of coal mine system, and construct coal mine safety system dynamics model by using the system dynamics theory from the angle of enterprise’ safety management level. And it also make data quantitative analysis about the model by non-linear regression method, draw the...
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Research and application of heat exchange system in Sun village coal mine

Xinghua Li, Bin Xiao, Limei Zhang
With the rapid growth of economy in our country, the demand of coal will continue to increase. For a long time,the coal industry has continued with the extensive development and management model, but the study of its resources recycling is lack of necessary attention. By drawing from coal energy circulation...
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Research of Safety Pre-control Management System of Power Plants

Xinghua Li, Suli Wang
Carrying out safety Pre-control management can offer the power plants clear understanding and overall evaluation of hazard in the range of their productive activities, so as to avoid the hazard turning into potential safety hazard, and to nip it in the bud. On the basis of comprehensively identifying...
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Study on Early Warning Method of Coal Mine Accident about Ventilation, Gas, Dust and Fire

Xiaofei Lin, Shouxin Song, Dongmei Huang
The coal mine safety production is the difficulty and key study of coal producing countries, and the ventilation, gas, fire and dust accidents are the priority among priorities of safety production in coal mine. This paper established a set of coal mine accident early warning system which based on the...
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The Influence of Coal Mining on Groundwater Resources and the Analysis of Water Resources Protection Countermeasure

Hongri Zhang, Yuanyuan Sheng, Guibin Zhang, Zhizhuo Dong, Yu Liu
The large-scale development of coal resources, coupled with the impact of the extensive mode of production and mining technical limitations, many environmental problems have been caused, especially coal mine area water resources destruction. In the paper, we study the influence of coal mining on the...
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The transport systems of simulation and optimization of Dingfeng’s slime and gangue power plant

Xinghua Li, Danying Wang
To solve the problem of transporting the slime and gangue which in the power plant at the long-distance, and improving the economic and environmental benefits, it plans to design the pipeline of slime and gangue. Under the premise of the feasibility, begin to implement and manage the transportation method...
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Rare Earth Elements in Kuznetsk Coals: Ability to Excavate and New Functional Materials

Tatyana G Cherkasova, Elizaveta V Cherkasova, Elza S Tatarinova, Alena A Bobrovnikova, Irina P. Goryunova, Yuliya A. Mihaylenko, Anastasia V Tihomirova, Irina V. Isakova
he possibility of excavation of valuable rare earth elements (REE) from coals and excavation of ash dumps on the analysis of their content in Kuzbass is examined and discussed. New functional materials on the bases of REE compounds are presented
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The Main Characteristics of Freight on Hot Streams

Natalya V. Erofeeva, Irina N. Chebotova
Authors determined temperature of the extinguished coke by fractional structure. Authors suggested to lower temperature influence from the large heated pieces on a tape at the expense of loads segregation
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Study of the Process of the Polymer Flocculants Degradation Used for Coal Processing

Sergey D. Evmenov, Galina L. Evmenova
Herein there are the results of study of mechanical and chemical degradation of water-soluble flocculants under ultraviolet and ultrasonic irradiation. Experimentally it was found that the rate and degree of these processes can be evaluated by the change in viscosity of the solutions. The definition...
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Safety of Mining Engineering Buildings and Facilities Under Fem Analysis and Catastrophe Theory

Vladimir Viktorovich Pershin, Dmitriy Ivanovich Nazarov
The analysis of bearing structures of mining engineering buildings is conducted, the relationship between geometrically nonlinear FEM analysis and catastrophe theory in the dynamic fracture of facilities under static loading is shown.
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Physical Basis of the Controlled Electrochemical Treatment of Soils from Oil Products

Institute T.F. Prostov, Maxim B. Gucal, Evgeniy F. Shabanov
There are the main sources of pollution of soils Kuzbass are presented. The ranges of electrical resistivity of solutions containing oil and contaminated soil, depending on the degree of contamination are presented
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Solid Fuel Obtaining by Processing of Coal Enterprises Technogenic Materials

Andrey D. Ushakov, Elena S. Ushakova, Gennaday V. Ushakov
The work is devoted to the problem of wastes processing and utilization of coal-mining and coal processing enterprises. It is proposed to use coal-waste in solid composite fuel technologies with the use of innovative binder based on the activated sludge biological treatment facilities. Technological...
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Experience for Coal Mine Methane Utilization to Generate Thermal and Electric Power

Oleg V. Tailakov, Denis. N. Zastrelov, Evgeniy A. Utkaev, Alexey I. Smyslov, Alexey N. Kormin
Here an experience on utilization of coal mine methane (CMM) to generate thermal and electric power at Kuzbass coal mines is given. A process model of CMM utilization is presented in the form of a Petri net.
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Study on the dissipation mechanism of shock and vibration energy in a stress release area of deep roadway

Jianguo Ning, Jun Wang, Xuesheng Liu, Yunliang Tan
Stress release through artificial blasting is often used in deep roadways to prevent rock-burst, but the results in many coal mines are unsatisfactory since the dissipation mechanism of shock and vibration energy influenced by the rupture structure of the coal and rock mass in the stress release area...