Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Power Electronics and Energy Engineering

This year on April 19 and 20, the 2015 International Conference on Power Electronics and Energy Engineering, PEEE 2015, was held in Hong Kong, China.

People’s increasing concern towards the healthy and sustainable development of the economy has given great impetus to the research and study of new power and energy that are greener and recyclable. New systems and methods are also devised for traditional energy to make them more efficient and environment-friendly. While people are working hard for the same purpose independently all around the world, their findings and achievements should never be restrained for the use of certain groups or nations. It is the interest of the whole world that we scientists should take into account.

PEEE 2015, with participants from many countries and nations, exactly shows our concern on this point. We hope that by gathering excellent people in this field, new systems and methods from them can be spread and potential cooperation can be found for their future research.

To prepare for this conference, we have invited many excellent researchers to join us with their inspiring studies. We are very thankful to all the contributors for their support.

It is a great honor to me that, while preparing PEEE 2015, we have received support from all over the world. Together, we have received 250 submissions, and only a little more than a third of them, 90 papers exactly, are eventually accepted after reviewing and discussing. The reviewing process is as follows. Firstly, all submissions were divided into several chapters according to their research topics, and removed the information of the authors, including name, affiliation, e-mail and so on. Then the TPC chairs assigned the submissions to reviewers according to their research interests. Each submission was reviewed by two reviewers. The review results should be sent to chairs on time. If two reviewers had conflicting opinions, the paper would be transmitted to the third reviewer assigned by the chairs. Only papers which were approved by all reviewers were accepted for publication.

I proudly present you in this volume all the researches at PEEE 2015. For convenience, these papers have been carefully arranged in five chapters. Papers under each chapter are focusing on similar subjects and will be able to give the readers a good knowledge of it. These five chapters are:

Chapter 1: Power Electronics Technology and Energy Engineering;
Chapter 2: Mechanical Engineering and Manufacture;
Chapter 3: Applied Mechanics;
Chapter 4: Material Performance and Optimization;
Chapter 5: Intelligent Network Application and Computer Science

Lastly, I would like to thank all the people who have helped and supported PEEE 2015, especially the contributors and participants, the committees, the Atlantis Press and other people who have shown their kindness to us.

The PEEE 2015 Committee