Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Power Electronics and Energy Engineering

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Self-cycling modularized smart grid application integration

Y.P. Li, S. Liang, W. Xu, J.B. Xin
The essence of the construction of smart grid demonstration project is an integration process of various types of technology, system and device. With the integration of various kinds of adjustable resources including distributed power supply, reactive power compensation devices, and energy storage devices...
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Droop control of parallel dual-mode inverters used in micro grid

C.X. Wen, Z.Y. Liu, Z.X. Li
Grid-connected and island control of parallel inverters used in micro grid based on a variety of micro-source were introduced in this paper. Micro-grid in the connected mode should be able to operate automatically with the grid frequency and output high quality electricity in PQ control, and in island...
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Research of loss reduction scheme for regional distribution grids based on G1-GRA

W. Zhang, Y.M. Liu, W.Q. Ma
This paper proposed a comprehensive loss reduction evaluation method for regional distribution grids based on G1 method and grey relational analysis(GRA). The method is good at avoiding the prominent disadvantages of analytic hierarchy process(AHP) by determining the weights of evaluation indices. Otherwise,...
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The analysis on the influence factors and tendency of power regulation in China

Q. Guo, T. Liu, G.W. Gao, Y. Xu
Regulation is very useful in remedy the market failure effect caused by monopoly, especially in natural monopoly industry such as electricity. This paper first reviews the regulation situation in China’s power industry, then we analyze the influence factors that have influence on the regulation in power...
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Stability constraints of the transmission capacity about VSC-HVDC system supply to the passive network

S. Chen, X. Tang, W.Q. Zhang
The external volt-ampere characteristic of the rectifier and inverter station of the VSC-HVDC (Voltage Sourced Converter-High Voltage Direct Current) system is simplified and the dc network equivalent circuit of VSC-HVDC system is built. The small signal model of the VSC-HVDC system is then derived....
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Development of VLF test system for power cables

C.X. Huang, C.B. Yang, H.J. Sun, H.J. Li, F. Huang, J.M. Guo
With the rapid growth of the using of power cables in distribution network, a large demand for mobile high-voltage cable test systems is expected in the near future. VLF test system has a great equivalence of AC test, so it is wildly used in power cable test. In this paper, a novel VLF high voltage generator,...
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Selection of decoupling capacitors for power delivery networks with multiple power ports

Q.D. Wang, Y.C. Wang, X.L. Li, Q.S. Liu
In high-speed printed circuit board (PCB), decoupling capacitors are usually used to reduce noise of power ports. The number and location of capacitors is related to design cost and quality. This paper introduces a method to determine the suitable value and placement of decoupling capacitors for multiple...
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Intelligent management system of vehicle violation based on electronic license

Y.Z. Cai, Y.R. Li, Z.Y. Cai
Traditional vehicle management system is based on metal plate mainly identified by the video and image processing techniques which are low accuracy and less efficiency. However based on RFID technology, electronic license has the unique factory curing ID number and the vehicle physical binding, making...
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Research of HTS application on tokamak magnets

L. Ren, X.Z. Deng, Y. Xu, H. Liu, J.D. Li, J. Shi, Y.J. Tang
In this paper, the application feasibility of HTS tapes on tokamak magnets is discussed and the existing four kinds of HTS high current conductors are summarized. Furthermore, an YBCO conductor structure suitable for a 10 GJ tokamak TF magnet is designed and the current carrying capacity is evaluated....
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Analysis of losses in high speed slotless PM synchronous motor integrated the added leakage inductance

B.Q. Kou, H.C. Cao, W.L. Li
This paper researched the loss of high speed slotless permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with appended leakage inductance structure. This PMSM adopted novel stator structure to add the leakage inductance for solving the problem that high speed slotless PMSM inductance value is small. Compared...
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The application of electrochemical impedance in the environmentally friendly scale and corrosion inhibitor polyepoxysuccinic acid

H.Y. Tian, B.R. Zhang, F.T. Li
Polyepoxysuccinic acid (PESA) is a new, non-phosphorous, biodegradable, environmentally friendly scale and corrosion inhibitor implemented in industrial water treatment. The corrosion and scale inhibition properties of PESA were investigated in the test water by using static beaker test, weight-loss...
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Micro-phase separation structure of nonionic polyether-polyester polyurethane based on MDI

H. Quan, L. Wan, G.F. Wan
Segmented polyether-polyester polyurethanes with an amorphous hydrophilic soft segment phase were prepared from 4,4’-diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI), polybutylene adipate glycol 2000 (PBA2000) and polyethylene glycol 1000 (PEG1000) with 1,4-butanediol (BDO) as the chain extender. Further more, the...
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A novel high water-resistant aqueous acrylate emulsion, part 1: preparation and characterization

B.K. Ren, K.T. Hu, G.H. Li, A.B. Wu, J.J. Li
The acrylate copolymer emulsion with core-shell structure was successfully prepared via pre-emulsified semi-continuous seeded polymerization using SDS and OP-10 as compound emulsifier, and methyl methylacrylate (MMA), butyl acrylate (BA) and dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate (DFMA) as main monomers. SEM...
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Time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy study on intramolecular interactions of branched styryl derivatives based on 1,3,5-triazine

Y.C. Wang, G.Q. Wang, D.J. Liu, B. Li
A series of branched styryl derivatives based on 1, 3, 5-triazine have been studied by time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy method to study the intramolecules interferaction between branches. The obtained results further confirmed the TPA enhancement mechanism, the anisotropy of trimer shows faster...
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The design of electrode of coal roadway advanced detector

Y. Zhou, Y.M. Lv, J.T. Zhang, Z.M. Liu, X.G. Liu, M. Wu
In order to realize ahead forecastofgeological structure of coal roadway and reduce coal mine accidents, an advanced detector based on Dynamic and Directional Electric Field Excitation Method was designed by my research group. As an important part of the detector, the electrode has a great influence...
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Research of wind power prediction based on the auto-regressive model

L. Feng, C.H. Liang, H. Huang
This paper discusses in detail the reason for the inaccurate result from the present system for wind farm output power prediction. Time series analysis method was applied for improving existing problem in prediction model and treatment method of basic data. Improving self-regressive mathematical model...
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Research on fuzzy reliability prediction method of CNC machine tools

G.B. Zhang, D.M. Luo, Y. Ran, W. Yu
Traditionally the reliability data is very insufficient in the early designing stage of CNC machine tools and the factors that affect reliability prediction are complicated and fuzzy. So, in this paper, a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model based on vague set algorithm (VSA) is proposed for reliability...
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Failure analysis and diagnosis of spark erosion machine tools

H. Meng, N. Xin, H. Guo, L. Zhang
In recent years, along with the rapid development of industrial technology, the development of spark erosion technique becomes very important and plays a key role in the molding processing technology, especially under the situation when this technology is urgently needed. Based on the first-hand data...
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Design and development of material management system based on digital pulp pipeline

H.W. Liu, Z.L. Yu, J.D. Wu
Material Management is refers to the enterprises to manage the behavior of procurement, use and storage of the necessary materials. It is an important part of the normal production and operation of enterprises, and affects the economic benefits of enterprises directly. At present, most of the material...
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Transient elastohydrodynamic lubrication analysis of spur gear running-in considering effects of solid particles

X.B. Huang, Y.Q. Wang, Q. Liu, N. Dong
The elastohydrodynamic lubrication model considering solid particles was set up. Taking effect of solid particles into account, the Reynolds equation was deduced. The elastohydrodynamic lubrication analysis of spur gear running-in was completed considering time-variant effect. Results show that oil film...
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Electric power steering system for agricultural truck matching design

Z.G. Chen, W. Zhang, Q. Zhang, T.M. Zhou
This thesis aimed at the characteristics and the structural of a type of truck. It confirmed that its chosen power-assisted form of electric power steering system is Column EPS——that is C-EPS. On the platform of a sort of car we combined with the technical requirements of a certain model car steering...
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Research on precision forging blade TENON processing technology

L.J. Huang, M. Kou, X.T. Tian, Z.Y. Wang
TENON machining is an important and major processing for aero-engine precision forging blade. Traditional processing methods for TENON machining cannot meet the modern aero-engine performance, efficiency and environmental protection needs. In the paper, a "hard" clamping process method to machine blade...
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High precision work station research

X.M. Cheng, Y.Q. Chen, P.N. Zhang, H.C. Fan, Z. Zhao, C.Z. Li
A wide range of high precision work station can today be using various fields. The position precision will directly determine the precision and ultra precision processing equipment machining accuracy. It is necessary to research highly precise station system. In this paper, the development of a two-dimensional...
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Matching research between engine and transmission of vehicle based on AVL-Cruise

F. Du, Z.W. Guan, C.H. Liu, Y.S. Wan
Using the analysis of the design goals for a new car the basic structure type of this new car was determined. Under the presupposition of giving power unit, the various of matching scheme of driveline and engine was selected preliminary. The vehicle model was construced by using AVL-Cruise software,...
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A kind of research on regenerative braking algorithm of hybrid electric vehicle

Z.L. Liao, Q. Gao, P. Fan, R.F. Hu
Discussed an energy recovered method of the regenerative braking system of a Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), and promoted the performance, efficiency, and reliability in a minimal cost. Discussed the generative braking algorithm based on the simulation of PHEV in MATLAB.
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Study on modeling method of the precision machined surface geometry form error based on Bi-cubic B-spline

Z.Q. Zhang, X. Jin, Z.J. Zhang
For precision mechanical system, the different 3d spatial distribution of form error causes different assembly contact state. Since 3d spatial distribution of form error is not taken account in modeling and evaluation method of geometric form error and it is hard to quantitatively analyze the relationship...
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The suppression of Narrow band jammers algorithm and the implementation of Beidou B3 signal

C.M. Li, L. Huang, X.J. Wang
This paper investigates the use of the transform domain adaptive filtering algorithm to suppress norrowband jammers in Beidou B3 signal, which reduces the amount of calculation and improves Convergence properties compared to the time domain least mean square algorithm. The theorem and derivation process...
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Numerical studies of abrasion wear on the guide vanes in a submersible axial flow pump

H.M. Zhang, L.X. Zhang
The paper presents the numerical studies of abrasion wear on the guide vanes in a submersible axial flow using OpenFOAM code, which is an Open Source CFD Package. Hashish erosion model was implemented in this code. The 3-D turbulent particulate-liquid two-phase flow equations are employed in this study....
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The design of rice direct seeding machine

S.F. Ding, Q.X. Li, Q. Huang
In order to change the existing status of big turning radius of the large direct seeding machines with diesel and gasoline as fuel and improve the low efficiency and time-consuming condition of the machine driven by human or animal, an electric rice planter was designed. The mechanical parts and circuit...
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Designing a refrigeration and heat-removal system for rapid detector based on freezing point

X.T. Yu, J. Leng, X.B. Guo
Based on a detection method of freezing point, the paper proposed a simple, reliable, portable, and low-cost refrigeration and heat-removal system. Semiconductor refrigeration was chosen through comparing operating principles and features of three refrigeration solutions. Forced air cooling was then...
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Investigation of negative influences on ride comfort performance of In-wheel motor vehicles with high Unsprung Mass

T.Z. Shi, D.F. Wang, S.M. Chen
The in-wheel motor electric vehicle is directly driven by motors integrated in wheels. This unique design provides actuation flexibility, energy efficiency and performance potentials. Yet the introducing of in-wheel motor caused massive increment of unsprung mass, which shows negative effect on vehicle...
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Electrical power management for distributed automotive system

X.F. Zhang, M.H. Luo, Y. Shen, J.D. Cao
The electrical power management for distributed automotive system is proposed. The electrical power requirement is analyzed and the steady power source and electrical safe power source are independently proposed. Power supply channel with three-level current protection is designed to construct an electrical...
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Novel 0.1 Hz exponential wave generator based on semiconductor switch

Z. Hou, C.B. Yang, H.J. Li, S.C. Ji, J. Li, X. Chen
Very low frequency (VLF) high voltage technique has been used to some extent in the past for the field test of XLPE power cables. Equipment available has used 0.1 Hz voltage having a variety of waveforms such as square waves, triangular waves, etc. This paper describes a novel laboratory test system...
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Dynamic analysis of aerial work platform working device based on virtual prototype

J.Q. Guo, D.W. Liu, J.G. Jia
In order to analyse dynamic response of aerial work platform working device, a virtual prototype was established by using dynamics software of ADAMS. Got the force of joint between components with the change of luffing angle which was carried by the dynamic analysis of work divece. A practical method...
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TFT substrate glass geometrical parameter measurement and data processing

H. Guo
This paper has analyzed various sensors for the measurement of the TFT substrate glass geometric parameters and ascertain one of optical sensor for this task. The influence of measuring accuracy due to measuring platform has been studied, and then a solution for guarantee high precession measurement...
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Electrical retail tariff model based on the load characteristics

J.J. Wu, H.T. Huang, C. Gao, F. Yu, J. Pan
According to the recent policy requirements in China, which present to built the users classification of electrical retail tariff base on the users load characteristics, this paper put forward the consumers classification according to the voltage grade and load factor, and design the pricing system considering...
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Ultrasonic liver image denoising based on a hybrid threshold method

H.J. Zhu, L. Rao
The objective of this paper is to investigate a hybrid threshold denoising algorithm based on wavelet transform for the ultrasonic liver image. A novel hybrid threshold function first is discussed. The hybrid threshold denoising algorithm based on the wavelet transform is then performed for ultrasound...
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Study on aerodynamic performance of offshore wind turbine with floating platform motion

X.M. Ding, L. Zhang, Y. Ma
In order to study the effect of the floating platform motion on the aerodynamic performance of offshore wind turbine, this paper analyzes the aerodynamic performance under different amplitudes of tossing movements on unsteady Blade Element Momentum Theory (BEM).The numerical model for aerodynamic performance...
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A visualization experimental study of icing on blade for VAWT by wind tunnel test

Y. Li, J. Tang, Q.D. Liu, S.L. Wang, F. Feng
Blade icing is problematic to the safe and efficient operate of wind turbine. It is important to prevent and remove ice from the blade surface. To invest the characteristics of blade surface icing of wind turbine, wind tunnel tests were carried out on the wind turbine blade with NACA0018 and NACA7715...
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Kinematics analysis on the cross step skills of Chinese female javelin thrower lv Huihui

M.R. Zhou
The paper use the documents the mathematical statistics and the three-dimension picture analysis on the cross step skill of Lv Huihui, the champion of China Long Open in 2013 and get the kinematics parameters and summarize her skill features . The results show that Lv made a proper leaning back during...
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Microstructure and mechanical properties of micro-alloying modified Al-Mg alloys

J. Zhang, J.J. Zhao, R.L. Zuo
Er and Sr were added to 5052 Al alloy to investigate their possible effects on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the alloy. The results show that while Sr addition has a moderate grain refinement effect and has no positive effect on alloy plasticity, Er addition refines both the grain size...
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Comparative study on mechanical properties of V-shaped insulator string under fluctuating and calm wind

J.J. Huang, X.M. Chen, Y. Xiong, C.L. Liu, Y. Wang
In order to define mechanical properties of V-shaped insulator strings under dynamic wind load, a numerical commutating method is adopted. By carrying out comparative analysis of dynamic and static calculation results, this paper provides a theoretical basis for engineering design.
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The internal stress analysis method of cement paste under core restricted conditions

Y. Li, X.F. Liu, W.L. Bai
Concrete cracking is a major cause affecting the durability and applicability of concrete; it draws increasing attention from researchers in the field of civil engineering. However, previous studies of early micro-cracks are insufficient. The presence of early micro-cracks is the basis of macroscopic...
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Research and development of the tension pay-off equipment for wire rope maintenance

W.H. Cui, L. Tang, K.Q. Gong, C. Fu
Traction wire rope is used in the construction of the power. The wipe rope cleaning, inspection and maintenance integration system can detect the damages on the traction wire ropes and maintain the ropes. The integration system consists of a variety of equipments and the tension pay-off equipment is...
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Convex-concave property for parabola fitting of Dr. Bridge

J. Huang, S.X. Ding, H.G. Gan, S.F. Zhang
A new method is presented to determine the fitting direction while using Dr. Bridge’s linear editor to model various parabolas in this paper. By considering convex-concave property at monotone interval, parabolas' different shapes are determined. Based on the method, two set of symbols are introduced...
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TEM investigation on ceramic strengthening NiAl-based composite prepared by thermal explosion and hot extrusion

L.Y. Sheng, C. Lai, T.F. Xi
The NiAl-based composite strengthened by TiC and Al2O3 was synthesized by thermal explosion and hot extrusion. Its microstructure and mechanical properties were investigated by XRD, OM, TEM and HRTEM. The results reveal that the NiAl-TiC- Al2O3 composite can be densified with less porosity. The NiAl...
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Flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with bfrp bars

G.N. Yang, B.R. Huo, M.X. Zheng
In order to strengthen buildings against various damages and prolong their service life, BFRP is considered serving as reinforcing materials instead of steel. Through static load tests on six simple supporting beams reinforced with BFRP rebar and six reinforced with steel rebar, the paper compares their...
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Experimental investigating effect of reprocessing on properties of composites based on recycled polypropylene

F. Gu, P. Hall, N.J. Miles
This paper is aimed to provide knowledge and understanding to promote the use of recycled materials via experimental study. In this paper, for the first time, effect of reprocessing on properties of recycled PP/talc composites has been investigated via series of experimental tests, while both virgin...
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Properties of SnAgCu solders bearing Al nanoparticles

L. Zhang, L. Sun, Y.H. Guo, Y. Min
In order to enhance the properties of SnAgCu lead-free solders, the Al nanoparticles was selected as the additives. The effects of Al nanoparticles on wettability and mechanical properties of solder and solder joints were studied. The results showed that a small amount of Al can enhance the wettability...
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A Review: The wettability and oxidation resistance of sn-zn-x lead-free solder joints

L. Sun, L. Zhang
With the development of lead-free solders, Sn-Zn solder was attracted increasing attention due to its low melting point, cost saving and excellent mechanical properties. However, there are many problems need to resolved, such as poor wettability and oxidation resistance. In order to overcome these shortcomings,...
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Tensile behavior of high temperature Cu-Cr-Zr alloy

X.W. Zhang, Q.J. Wang, X. Zhou, B. Liang
The tensile behavior of Cu-Cr-Zr alloy was investigated at different temperatures. The material investigated was heat treated to the following condition: solutionizing 980°C-40 min then water quenching, aging 460°C-4 h. The test temperature was ranged from room temperature to 600°C at intervals of 100°C....
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Polypyrrole/sisal fiber composites for energy storage

H.D. Mo, L.M. Zang, C. Yang, C. Wei, F.A. Zhang, S.R. Lu, Z.Q. Wang, X.X. Huang
Polypyrrole-based electrodes were fabricated for energy storage applications using sisal fibers as a substrate material. It was found that the PPy nanoparticles deposited on the surface of sisal fiber cellulose (SFC) connected to form a continuous sheath by taking along the microcrystalline cellulose...
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Effect of accumulated strain on the microstructure and properties of TC4 alloy prepared by continuous various cross-section recycled extrusion

X.L. You, Y.Y. Liu, J.S. Hua, K. Wang, W. Yao
The TC4 titanium alloy were deformed at 800 , 2mm/s with various extrusion loops by a new sever plastic deformation method-Continuous Various Cross-section Recycled Extrusion, then the microstructure and microhardness of the specimen along the radial, the maximum deformation force in each extrusion procedure...
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Molecular simulation research on domain micro-structure of TSP-POSS/PU hybrid composites

R. Pan, L.L. Wang, Y. Liu
Trisilanolphenyl polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (TSP-POSS) with three phenyl groups, was incorporated in concentrations of 6, 12 and 20wt% into 4,4’-methylenebis(phenyl isocyanate) (MDI) and glycerol propoxylate to prepare TSP-POSS/PU hybrid composites models, respectively. The domain micro-structures...
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Study on fire extinguishing performance of superfine powder fire extinguishing agent in a cup burner

T. Chen, X.C. Fu, J.J. Xia, L.S. Jing, C. Hu
A modified cup-burner apparatus with a vibrating-spiral micro feeder was developed for testing the extinguishing performance of superfine powder fire extinguishing agent (SPEA). The suspension velocity of SPEA particles was calculated using the suspension-grade-model (SGD). The formation mechanism of...
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Lagrange multiplying method based calculation of material flaw thickness Exploiting ultrasonic multipath detection

X.Z. Shen, S.J. Chen
A signal model based on the multipath higher order reflections of the flaw is reviewed to detect the sized flaw by ultrasound nondestructive testing, and the different paths are pre-defined and identified to form the corresponding equations. Three paths are studied, DRP, MP-C and MP-W. DRP and MP-C are...
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Simple synthesis for hierarchical SiO2 tubes with adjustable Mesoporous

Y.H. Zhang, Y. Deng, Y.H. Cai, W. Xiao, L.L. Sun
With the aid of cotton template and precursor solution of mesoporous silica, hierarchical mesoporous SiO2 tubes with size–adjustable mesoporous in the tube–wall were synthesized through sol–gel method. The products are tubular silica that inherit the hierarchical structure of initial cotton and contain...
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Effect of synthesis conditions on the growth of ZnO nanorods via the solution deposition method

C.M. Zhang, T. Meng, S.Y. Yao, S. Huang, D.D. Wang
The ZnO nanorod films were synthesized using zinc acetate-sodium hydroxide aqueous solutions under different synthesis conditions. The effect of synthesis conditions on structural properties and morphology of ZnO films was investigated using field emission scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction....
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Study of the numerical parameter optimization method based on Nano-indentation process

J.S. Ding, G.Q. Shi, G.F. Shi
In order to solve critical process parameters characterize aluminum grating is proposed to optimize the impact of stress calculation values are based on a nano-indentation experiment - Method strain relationship parameters. By establishing numerical approximation model to fit the experimental data of...
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Gefitinib, as a new stent coating material, specifically inhibits smooth muscle cells proliferation through inhibition of EGFR/Akt pathway phosphorylation

F. Li, S.Y. Wang, J. Luo, Z.X. Wu, T. Xiao, O. Zeng, J. Yang, C. Chu
The objective of this paper is to investigate the effects of gefitinib as a new stent coating material on proliferation of smooth muscle cells and the expression and phosphorylation of EGFR/Akt protein. Rat smooth muscle cells were cultured in medium with gefitinib (10-2 mol/L-10 mol/L) for 24h-72h....
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A method for composite wing box optimization with manufacturing constraints

X.P. Zhong, P. Jin, Q. Han
An optimization strategy is presented for composite wing box structure using genetic algorithm with manufacturing constraints. Firstly, on the basis of region division and key region defined, both fiber orientation angle and covered length of each ply are treated as design variables to optimize laminate...
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Preparation of HA/TiO2 biological coating on titanium alloy

H.P. Shao, S.J. Wu, T. Lin, Z.M. Guo
In this paper, hydroxyapatite and TiO2 biological coatings on TC4 titanium alloy substrate was prepared by electrophoretic deposition (EPD) method. The coatings were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). By subsequent different conditions of heat treatment process (vacuum and high purity...
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Preparation of sub-micro SiO2 particles by sol-gel method

T. Lin, H.P. Shao, H. Zheng, L. Zhang
In this paper, the sub-micro silica particles were prepared successfully by sol-gel method. The ammonia was introduced as a catalyst and silane coupling agent as surfactant. The impact of reaction temperature, ethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) concentration, the amount of silane coupling agent and the order...
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Impact of computer music technology on the effect of the information memory of audiences

Y. Qin, D.J. Li, J.T. Yang
In the digital era to the core of computer technology, computer music came into being; it brings a series of new topics to disciplines to study. In the field of communication, the computer music technology is an element commonly used in the production of information, which can effectively achieve all...
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Design and realization of temperature measurement system based on PROTEUS software

C.L. Wang, P.Y. Chen, H.L. Hu
Computer aided design is an important method in industrial design. The process of single chip micro-controller unit (MCU) based on Proteus simulation software is ocular, rapid, easy debugging, with low cost and high efficiency. DS18B20 temperature sensor has high accuracy, wide range and anti-interference...
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Research on the strategy of group vehicle intelligent perception and traffic route guidance of semantic car road network

L.J. Tai, R.F. Hu, C.W. Chen
Vehicle road network has become the development direction of the future transport system. In this paper, semantic modeling of car road network is built, semantic integration and sharing problems of heterogeneous networking information is solved. The Group car intelligent perception and effective cognitive...
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Face recognition based on Gabor wavelet transform and modular 2DPCA

H. Yan, P. Wang, W.D. Chen, J. Liu
Since the dimension of face features which is presented by Gabor wavelet is too high, there has large computation if using the feature by Gabor wavelet transform for recognition directly. A novel idea based on Gabor wavelet transform and modular Two-principal component analysis for face recognition is...
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Study of Wuhan metro visual communication design under the background of “Jiangcheng Culture”

X. Zhang
With the rapid urbanization in China, the metro construction of our country's first-tier cities has been under a basic model, and more and more second-tier cities join the metro construction tide. It is found that metro is a very good media platform according to the experiences of varied cities in different...
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An energy consumption model of mobile terminal software based on BP neural network

L.W. Liu, T.F. Zhan, Z.Y. Cai
The energy consumption of software plays an important role in mobile application. Firstly, on the point of measurement, the characteristics of mobile terminal software are studied, and the functional relation between software energy and software characteristic is modeled as a nonlinear function. Secondly,...
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The cultivation mode about the ability of scientific research of undergraduate based on the dual-tutorial system

X.D. Yuan, J. Li, G.L. Yuan
The dual-tutor system is a talent training mode under the Education Reform. Recent years, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering in Shandong Jianzhu University, has began to implement the dual-tutor system to improve comprehensively the quality of students. The cultivation mode about the capacity...
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Training mode on graduation design of engineering students based on the dual-tutor system

X.D. Yuan, X. Liu, G.L. Yuan
The dual-tutor system is a training model. The Institute of Materials Science and Engineering of Shandong Jianzhu University began to carry out the dual-tutor system in 2006 to improve the quality of cultivating students and to strengthen the construction of connotation. The training mode on graduation...
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The connectivity of faulty folded hypercube networks

D. Yuan, H.M. Liu, M.Z. Tang
The connectivity of a topology of a given network is one of the most important issues in determining whether a network can simulate routings of various lengths. In this paper, it shows that any two distinct nodes x,y are connected by paths of every length from d(x,y) to 2n-1 in folded hypercube networks...
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Research and application of fuzzy control with multiple weighted factors by genetic algorithm

L.J. Dong
It is difficult to control the complex object with lagging uncertainty and nonlinearity effectively. To solve this kind of control problem, this paper presents a self-correction fuzzy controller with multiple weighted factors based on genetic algorithm. According to information achieved on line, it finds...
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Routing problems in emergency logistics based on improved data envelopment analysis

X.X. Zhu, S.Y. Wang
Emergency decision making is still an important issue for unconventional emergency management. For non-standardized weight distribution in the data envelopment analysis model, an improved data envelopment analysis model by constructing two decision making units, which have the highest and the lowest...
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The research of numerical simulation about the improved dense medium cyclone

X.B. Li, Q.Q. Huang, X. Li
The structure model, the CFD computing model and algorithm of flow field about the improved dense medium cyclone were analyzed in this paper. Then the simulation of flow field was done by using of CFD inside the improved dense medium cyclone. According to the simulation results, this paper analyzed the...
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A study on solving the nonlinear seepage flow model of three-region composite reservoir

Y. Wang, X.X. Dong, S.C. Li, H.E. Li, D.D. Gui
This paper builds a seepage model of three-region composite reservoir, in which quadratic-gradient effect, well-bore storage, effective radius and three kinds of outer boundary conditions (constant pressure boundary, closed boundary and infinity boundary) are considered. With Laplace transformation,...
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A study on solving the linear seepage flow model with r

Y. Wang, X.X. Dong, S.C. Li, H.E. Li, D.D. Gui
This paper studies the linear seepage flow model of composite reservoir under three different kinds of outer boundary conditions (infinite boundary, constant pressure boundary and closed boundary) which consider the well-bore storage and introducing the effective radius. On the basic of the theory of...
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A fuzzy trust evaluation model in mobile commerce

J. Chen, Z.Y. Cai, J. Peng
With the quick development of mobile commerce,lacking of trust and security is becoming a big obstacle to the development of the mobile commerce.In this paper,the reliability and security problem of mobile commerce, especially trust evaluation model in its operation are studied, and a trust evaluation...
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A novel method for 3D morphing by deformation matrix with triangle meshes

C.L. Peng, T.W. Xing, Y. Yu, Y. Zhou, S.D. Du
We introduce a 3D morphing method which generates a merged model given a series of triangle meshes. Our morphing, based on a set of parameters between the source and target shapes, can show the process of the transformation from the source to the target smoothly. We choose a model as our reference mesh,...
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A method of public policy refinement based on OWL and linear temporal logic

D.P. Lang, S.B. Huang, L.S. Shen, T. Zhang, H. Chen
It’s the consistency, safety and sustainability of public policy that to some extent determines the effectiveness of policy implementation. This paper focuses on whether we can use formal verification methods to verify the policy implementation consistent with their objectives. Based on a number of policy...
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Stochastic economic dispatch using bacterial swarm algorithm

M.S. Li, Y. Hu, X. Zhang
This paper adopts a stochastic optimization method for solving the Security-Constrained Optimal Power Flow (SCOPF) problem with the consideration of distributed load variations in the grid. The objective function of the dispatch scheme aims to minimize fuel costs of the grid. Compared with conventional...
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Study on the comprehension difference between managers and front-line employees

W. Jiang, Z.M. Zhu, L.N. Li
The safety signs are widely used in safety management and daily life, which is applied to instruct and manage people, safety behavior. In this paper, the author use the questionnaire survey to research the comprehension of safety signs in the workplace among managers and front-line employee in machining...
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Analysis on tectonic style and forming mechanism of the Cambrian system in the central uplift belt, Tarim basin

W. Yin, T.L. Fan
Based on the theory and method of structural geology, through the systemic analysis on seismic data, the author researched on characteristics of structure geometry and kinematics, and its dynamics mechanism: There are a series of half-grabens in the Lower-Middle Cambrian Series of the Central Uplift...
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Effect of the plan for educating and training excellent engineers on the experimental technical ability of undergraduate

X.D. Yuan, X.J. Yang, G.L. Yuan
The training system of 1234 engineering and technical personnel was implemented in requirements of the plan for educating and training excellent engineers by School of materials science and engineering, Shandong Jianzhu University. The construction of three-dimensional platform between the laboratory,...
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Study on the experimental teaching for undergraduates in requirements of the plan for educating and training excellent engineers

X.D. Yuan, X.J. Yang, G.L. Yuan
In requirements of the plan for educating and training outstanding engineers, the experimental resources were integrated by School of materials science and engineering, Shandong Jianzhu University, the opening experimental teaching system was founded, and the experiment technical skills of students were...
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Study on the opening experiment teaching for undergraduates in requirements of the credit management system

X.D. Yuan, X.J. Yang, G.L. Yuan
In requirements of the credit management system, the experimental resources were integrated by School of materials science and engineering, Shandong Jianzhu University, the opening experimental teaching system was established, and the experiment technical skills of students were improved. The influence...
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Study on the talent cultivation mode in requirements of the credit management system

X.D. Yuan, X.J. Yang, G.L. Yuan
1234 Training system of the engineering and technical personnel was implemented by School of materials science and engineering, Shandong Jianzhu University in requirements of the credit management system, and the cultivation quality for undergraduates were improved. The influence of the1234 training...
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Analysis on the characteristics of particles spectral of ice caused by freezing rain in Nan-yue mountain of Hunan Province

L.C. Zhang, J.L. Yang, B. Liu, K.J. Zhu, X.Y. Li
In order to know the formation and development micro-physical mechanism of iced-conductor in freezing rain, using the instrument of Parsivel laser droplet distribution to carry out the field observations of icing process under freezing rain in 2013 to 2014 winter in Nan-yue mountain of Hunan province.
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Changes in content and component of purple corn (Zea Mays L.) anthocyanin during the extraction and preparation

D. Wang, Y. Ma, P.P. Liu, C. Zhang, X.Y. Zhao
The contents of the total anthocyanin and color were detected in the purple corn at different process. The anthocyanin content at concentrating and spry drying process was decreased by 10.93%, 21.46% respectively compared to the extraction. The redness (a*) decreased significantly during the preparation...
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Study and practice on teaching system reform of engineering graphics based on training engineering consciousness

D.T. Xu, Y.J. Feng, J.L. Shi
It is very important and meaningful to improve college students’ engineering consciousness and project practice ability in engineering graphics teaching, so that excellent engineers, who adapt to the development of economy and society, can be cultivated. Based on the research and analysis situation of...