Proceedings of the 2023 3rd International Conference on Public Management and Intelligent Society (PMIS 2023)

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Azah Kamilah Draman, Nadeem Akhtar, Mohd Faizal Abdollah
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Design of Intelligent Art Open Laboratory Management System Based on Internet of Things

Nanling Zhang, Linzhi Zhou
Aiming at the current situation of low management efficiency and information level of art open laboratory, a design concept of intelligent laboratory management system based on the Internet of Things was proposed. The system constructed ZigBee intelligent open laboratory control system through high-performance...
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A New Type of Professional Farmers’ Digital Literacy Ability Evaluation Algorithm Based on Two-Step Clustering

Feng Wu, Wenjing Liu, Zhixiong Liu, Jingwen Zeng
In order to solve the problem of evaluating the digital literacy ability of new professional farmers, the definition and classification of urban and rural new professional farmer groups are integrated with existing research, the evaluation index of digital literacy ability of new professional farmers...
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Performance Evaluation of Listed Enterprises in China’s Cotton Textile Industry Based on Combination Evaluation

Lijuan Lei, Chengjin Sun, Songyu Wang, Jian Wen
In order to objectively evaluate the business performance of China’s cotton textile industry, this research uses factor analysis and projection pursuit comprehensive evaluation method to conduct a single method for empirical analysis. The results show that these methods pass the consistency test of Kendall...
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Prediction Application of MLP Feedforward Neural Network Based on SNNS Neural Network Platform

Fan Hu
Background: Rural disaster prevention and mitigation publicity behavior plays an important role in villagers’ natural disaster risk resistance, but related research has not been quantitatively studied due to the availability of data. Objective: To study the influence mechanism of rural disaster prevention...
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Design of Asset Digitalization Management System for Communication Enterprises

Jundan Hou, Zihan Suo
Modern enterprise management is developing rapidly, and one of the most important components is enterprise digital management. The rapid development of digital technology has not only triggered the transformation of production mode, but also profoundly changed the business system and value model of enterprises....
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Research and Discussion on Diagnosis and Treatment Service Mode of Intelligent Hospital

Yang Xiao, Wenjun Tian, Junhua Zhong, Zifan Guo, Xuge Qi, Bei Li
In the process of building intelligent hospital, diversified information technologies such as mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are integrated and applied to the intelligent clinic, intelligent ward and intelligent management to optimize the diagnosis and treatment...
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Urban Governance Dilemma and Countermeasures of Shared Bikes

Xiaoyue Hu
With the increasing prominence of urban traffic problems and the deepening of the concept of “green travel” into people's hearts, the bicycle sharing system came into being and developed rapidly, showing extraordinary charm. The emergence of bicycle sharing is changing people's lives in an...
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Evaluation Scheme for Quality Culture of Military Enterprises

Lu Li, Yuan Li, Xiaochun Xia
The evaluation of quality culture in military enterprises is an important work in the quality culture construction of military industry, which is conducive to accurately understanding the weaknesses in the culture construction, horizontal comparison, inspection, and supervision, and can also be used...
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Design of a Visual Traffic Management System for Smart Cities Based on Digital Twin Technology

Nan Sheng, Qi Chen
With regard to the current socio-economic situation, the traditional means of road traffic management can no longer adapt to the current speed of global information development. Intelligent traffic management, which responds to the practical needs of the history of intelligent traffic management, is...
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Research on Spatial Layout and Use Perception of Public Service Facilities in County Towns Based on POI Data - Taking Shiquan County as an Example

Xiaojun Yang, Lei Huang, Qian Liu, Shen Li
In order to improve the quality of life of county residents, we need to attach importance to the rational planning of public service facilities in county towns, which will promote the development of urban and rural planning and the construction of smart cities. This paper selects the public service...
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A Neural Network Approach to Explaining Donation Behavior

Yuxin Liu, Xianjia Wang
When a call for help occurs, people are more likely to donate to members of the in-group. Taking college students as a special group, an experimental scheme including donation situation scale, altruistic personality scale, warm glow scale, empathy scale and donation willingness scale was designed, and...
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Research on Overseas Technology Mergers and Acquisitions Based on Big Data Mining Technology

Ling Xu
The dual ability of enterprises is the core competitiveness of enterprises. Faced with the weak innovation ability of enterprises, many enterprises have carried out overseas technology mergers and acquisitions to improve their technical ability. Based on CiteSpace visualization software, this paper makes...
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Coupling Coordination Analysis and Obstacle Factor Diagnosis of Sports and Pension Industry Based on Improved Entropy Weight Catastrophe Progression Method

Xiu-juan Xu, Chun-ge Liang
Under the background of the gradual integration and development of the sports and pension industry, this paper constructs the evaluation index system of coupling and coordinated development of the sports and pension industry from four dimensions. Based on the “improved entropy weight catastrophe progression...
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Study of Xiamen Citizens’ Cognition of Roof Greening Based on Internet Questionnaire

Bagen Wuyun, Jing Zhou, Guangxing Guan, Shuxuan Cao, Lu Li
A network survey was conducted in this study with public insights such as comprehension, late management, cost assumption, expectation, design, of greening. The results reflect that, on the whole, there still exists insufficient and incomplete knowledge of citizens for top greening, due to their limited...
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The Prospect of Medical Device Companies Under the Background of COVID-19 Based on Factor Analysis and Regression Model

Mai Wang, Hongyu Cao, Xu Zhu, Hongyan Wang
With the continued impact of the new crown epidemic on the general social environment, the medical device industry has ushered in great opportunities. Among them, Andon Health is developing rapidly, and the company’s market capitalization surged 10 times within a year, making it the leading company in...
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Research on Public Service Quality with Artificial Intelligence Technology

Xinyu Du
With the rapid development of information technology and economic level in modern society, civil society has opened up the era of intelligence, among which artificial intelligence technology provides opportunities and possibilities for the development of public services in the new era, which can meet...
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Construction and Optimization of Traffic Safety Evaluation Index System for Long Downhill Tunnels of Mountain Highways

Tingjing Wang
The traffic accident rate and severity of mountain highways in China are high. Long downhill tunnels, as important sections, greatly affect the safety of the whole highways. Therefore, it is of great theoretical and practical significance to establish the traffic safety evaluation index system for long...
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Layout Plan Study of Community-Based Cabin Hospital in Normalized Epidemic Prevention and Control Perspective-Taking: A Case of Guangzhou

Yanyan Chen
In the face of the sporadic outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic nationwide, normalized epidemic prevention and control have become an important part of social and economic recovery. The “zero-COVID status at the community level” has posed a new challenge to the emergency response capability of community...
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Digital Twin: Health Code Technology in the Large Passenger Flow Management of the Asian Games

Zifei Wu, Zhenghao Li, Jiankang Zhang
Health code, as the integration of individual digital information, the health code promotes the positive transformation of economic and social forms, and the digital twin promotes the digital transformation and promotes the intelligent upgrading. This paper intends to analyze the application of health...
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Practice and Innovation of Digital Operation Mode of Smart Asian Games

Ni Dai, Jiankang Zhang, Enhuizi Wu
The 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, as the international sports event, has become an important booster of digital reform and an important window to showcase digital Hangzhou, digital Zhejiang and digital China to the international community. This paper combines the experience and inspiration of the digital...
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Research on the Application of Blockchain Technology in Sports Events Under the Background of Asian Games

Xuehan Luo, Jiankang Zhang, Chenyu Ni
In recent years, with the development of high-tech such as Internet technology, big data and artificial intelligence, blockchain technology has entered a brand-new stage of development, and has been gradually applied in many fields. The integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important...
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Optimization of Rural Public Service Facilities Allocation Under the Rural Withdrawal and Integration —A Case Study of Dalong Town, Guang ‘an District

Dong Liu, Pengyu Ju, K ui Liu
In the process of accelerating rural revitalization and urbanization construction, it is imperative to abolish and merge the village. For this reason, this paper takes the case of the rural withdrawal and integration in Dalong Town, Guang’an District as an example, by analyzing the rural public service...
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Exploring the Rationalization of Bus Stop Layout: A Case Study of Changning District, Shanghai

Yu Wenlong, Gao Fanqiang, Zhang Mingyu, Liu Jiahai, Cao Xiangyang, Wang Rui
With the rapid development of urbanization in China, many large cities have carried out large-scale traffic development and construction. However, its rapid development will inevitably lead to the imbalance of urban spatial distribution, structural disorder, traffic chaos and other situations. Therefore,...
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Analysis on the Technology Composition and Construction Path of Smart Sports Industry

Chenyu Ni, Jiankang Zhang, Enhuizi Wu
Intelligent technology gives new vitality to the sports industry. The innovative use of new technologies such as big data, blockchain, Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence in the Asian Games has not only improved the efficiency of event operations, provided quality services,...
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Research and Development of Vocational Education Service Management System Based on SAAS Model

Yuxiao Qu, Yan Ma, Wei Zhao
With the rapid development of the Internet, a large number of vocational education software are emerging. Most vocational education and training institutions need to purchase or develop vocational education systems and deploy their own software and hardware environments, and there are some problems such...
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Design and Implementation of Position Integrated Management System Based on 3D GIS and Internet of Things

Sen Shen, Dengjian Fang, Min Li, Shengzhi Yuan
In order to solve the problem of backward and low efficiency of missile position’s operation and management. The integrated management system based on the 3D GIS platform was developed by using the technical advantages of 3D GIS and Internet of Things technology in data management, visualization and...
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Research on the Connotation of Urban Carrying Capacity

Binchen Zhao, Wenlong Yu, Xiangyang Cao
With the rapid growth of the world population and the decrease of the cultivated land area year by year, people begin to re-examine and evaluate the carrying capacity of our land. The article absorbed the idea of sustainable development, and finished the interpretation of the connotation of urban carrying...
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Spatial-Temporal Pattern of Scientific and Technological Talent Agglomeration and Its Influencing Factors in Chengdu-Chongqing City Cluster

Jinjing Zeng, Xi Wu
The study of change and influencing factors in the Chengdu-Chongqing city cluster may contribute to science and technology innovation, as well as enrich existing population geography theories, expand the scope of application of multivariate statistical analysis by exploring factors that influence the...
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Integration Research on Driving Factors of Green Innovation in Tourism Enterprises

Jun Bao, Peiying Wu, Yingda Wang
This paper sorts out the influencing factors and formation mechanism of corporate green innovation, and determines that the two-dimensional regulatory pressure of mandatory pressure and incentive pressure, and the three-dimensional normative pressure of customer environmental protection pressure, competitor...
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Exploration of Construction Waste Treatment and Management Practice in the Zero Waste Cities of China

Take Shenzhen City as an Example

Cong Peng, Zhengquan Liu
Zero waste cities will become the model of sustainable cities in China in the future. In order to build a smart and low-carbon city and promote the construction of a zero waste city, Shenzhen city of China has adopted the platform of intelligent construction waste management system to collect and monitor...
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Evaluation of Transfer Efficiency Between Urban Rail Transit and Conventional Bus

Li Lin, Xuelei Meng, Yuanding Cui, Zheng Han
Aiming at the problem of transfer between urban rail transit and conventional bus, we select four first level indicators such as efficiency, convenience, comfort and synergy as well as ten second level indicators. Firstly, expert scoring method is used to calculate the indicator weight, then the analytic...
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Construction and Evaluation of Risk Index System for Intelligent Transportation System Development Project

Jiajia Xu, Xuemei Li
This article defines and analysis the risks of intelligent transportation systems that are different from the traditional IT project development process, it combines the types of risks in the development process of traditional IT projects, and forms a two-tier risk index evaluation system suitable for...
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Design Study of Urban-Rural Water Supply Integration Based on DMA Zoning

Yanli Lv
The current traditional urban-rural water supply integration planning scheme mainly relies on the management platform to realize, which leads to poor planning effect due to the lack of zoning treatment of water supply pipelines. In this regard, the design of urban-rural water supply integration scheme...
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Corporate Board Diversity and ESG Performance in the Context of Big Data Management

Hongyan Chen
Cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and other information technologies have become increasingly vital in the development of an intelligent society with the arrival of the big data era. In order to accomplish the transformation of business value, organizations should take advantage of cloud computing...
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Research on the Ways and Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility – Based on COSCO Shipping

Zitong Zhai
Taking COSCO Shipping as an example, this paper starts from the influencing factors and stakeholders of corporate social responsibility. It analyzes enterprises’ commitment to social responsibility and concern for stakeholders’ interests from the aspects of government, customers, society, environment...
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Access and Equity Assessment Based on Improved Ga2SFCA Method Under Multiple Transportation Modes

A Case Study of the Central City of Changsha, China

Xuehan Yu
In order to scientifically assess the accessibility and equity of urban residents' access to medical care, a time-cost-based accessibility analysis of three classes of medical service facilities was conducted using a Improved Ga2SFCA Method based on four modes of travel for medical care. The results...
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RBI Risk Assessment of Gas Field Stations Based on Improved CRITIC Method and Cloud Model

He Zheng, Zhan Wen, Songzhu Qing, Shaolong Liu, Shanbi Peng
Pipeline integrity management technology has become increasingly mature, however, as an important part of pipeline system integrity management, station integrity management is still in infancy. On the basis of considering the volume and work type of various gas field stations, the gas field stations...
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Mixed Ownership Reform Framework of Power Grid Enterprises in the New Electricity System

Hanxiong Xiao, Guowei Gao, Xiaobin Lin
The internal and external situations such as the reform of state-owned enterprises and the construction of new power systems require power grid enterprises to reasonably adjust the structure of the reform of mixed ownership. In terms of the structure setting of the mixed transformation at the lower level,...
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Research on the Relationship Between Perceived AI Substitution Crisis and Employees’ Negative Work Behavior: From the Perspective of Job Insecurity

Xiaowen He
With the rapid advancement of intelligent technology, “Artificial Intelligence+ ” not only improves production efficiency and quality of life, but it also brings new challenges for employees. This research analyzes the alterations in the work attitudes and conduct of employees as a result of the reform...
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A Platform for Intelligent Funding Information Management System for Colleges and Universities Based on Random Forest Algorithm

Ying Wang
As for the financial aid information management for students with financial difficulties, due to the wide range of financial aid and subsidy objects, various subsidy types, inconsistent time and complicated subsidy review and approval processes, the work of subsidy information management staff are very...
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Research on Engineering Cost Management in the Context of Intelligent Construction

Jiayu Shen, Xiaoxiao Sun, Yiye Qi
In the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure today, intelligent construction can, to a large extent, solve the problems existing in the traditional construction industry, such as the separation of design and construction, high labor cost and the lack of overall management of the whole...
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The Application of Intelligent Agricultural Big Data Platform on the Internet

Guoning Lv
In order to improve the ability of value mining in agricultural information management, control and decision-making, to meet the actual needs of agricultural big data. On this basis, the application of agricultural big data and its architecture are discussed in depth. In order to ensure the high availability,...
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Entrepreneurship, Exploratory Innovation and Financial Performance

Juan Cheng, Xiuhui Qi, Qun Wang
Taking Chinese A-share listed enterprises as the research sample, this paper empirically analyzes the impact of entrepreneurship on financial performance and the intermediary role of exploratory innovation in it, and further groups the relationship between government and business, and studies the change...
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Design and Implementation of the Exchange Information Platform for Foreign Students in Colleges and Universities Based on WeChat Applet

Na Li, Yimei Xu, Xin Liu, Fa Tan
With the wave of comprehensive opening up, the number of students studying abroad in China has increased sharply. In recent years, the international exchange and cooperation model between universities has become increasingly mature and universal, and the number of students studying abroad in Chinese...
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Research and Analysis of Cultural and Creative Industries in the Context of Computerized Big Data

Chun Huang, Zainuddin bin Abindinhazir
This paper studies the risks of development and operation of cultural and creative industrial parks from the perspective of risk factor relationships, improves the theoretical system of risk management in cultural and creative industrial parks, and makes up for the inadequacy of the research on risk...
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A Study on the Mechanisms and Risk Challenges of Fintech-Driven Financial Business Innovation

Dong Wang, Hao Chen, Jingli Feng, Jianping Huang, Xiaoxiao Ma, Xiaowen Wu, Aosen Zhu
Our research mainly focuses on the mechanism of traditional financial business innovation under the influence of Fintech and the new risk challenges posed by Fintech. Next, we focus on how to build a Fintech risk model based on a combination weighting approach. Our research discusses in detail the mechanism...
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The Impact of Government Governance on Private Investment in Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects: Based on the Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Hengrui Zhou, Wenhua Hou
This study explores the co-movement effects and driving paths of government governance on private investment in PPP infrastructure projects based on fsQCA, using 364 samples from developing countries. This study reveals three government governance paths that promote private investment in PPP projects....
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Probe on the Construction of Marine Environmental Safety Emergency Security Standard System in China

Shengwen Cao, Wenhu Lu, Fanchao Meng, Xiaoyi Jiang, Jin Liu, Lili Song
In order to further improve the level of prevention and control of marine environmental security risks and emergency support in China, based on the current situation of marine environmental security in China and the progress of research on standardization of emergency support at home and abroad, and...
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An Exploratory Study on the Relationship Between Manufacturing Intelligence Index and Enterprise Performance Based on GMM Model

Zeshuang Liu, Ruizhe Che
This paper constructs indicators to measure the degree of enterprise intelligence based on the annual reports of Chinese manufacturing listed companies from 2015–2021, and tests the impact of enterprise intelligence on enterprise performance through empirical analysis. The results show that 1. The intelligent...
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Mudanjiang Travel Routing Problem by Simulated Annealing Approach

Yan Ma, Wei Li, Shufeng Li, Peifu Zu
With the improvement of people’s living standards and the increase of rural tourism quality requirements, Mudanjiang snow town tourism has become a popular tourist resort. The travel website provides plenty of information, and tourists can arrange the route according to their own plans. However, most...
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Study on the Integrated Financing Credit Service Model for Small and Micro Enterprises

Huijie Sun
Deepening financial services for small and micro enterprises is an important decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, yet the problem of financing difficulties for small and micro enterprises has not been effectively solved, which has seriously hindered the stable development of...
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Linear Programming for Better Diet for Prisoners

Yiting Zhu, Siyun Zhang
Physical and mental illnesses of incarcerated people caused by nutritional imbalance is a prevailing issue in America. Meanwhile, prisons are facing requests from the state for budget cuts, disabling them to expand the prison meal options in number. However, there is currently a lack in the research...
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Research on Evaluation of Digital Capabilities of Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises

Zeshuang Liu, Jiawen Yao
The rapid development of the digital economy is profoundly influencing the transformation of enterprises. Digital capability is the core competitiveness of intelligent manufacturing enterprises in the new era and plays an important role in the implementation of digital transformation of enterprises....
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Research on Work Strategies and Workflow of Social Bots

Lingyu Xu
Social media is an important influence factor on public opinion. The application of social bots significantly influences the formation and changes in public opinion. This article analyses and concludes the workflow of social bots and divides workflow of social bots into three stages: Deployment, expansion...
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The Influence of Hotel Service with the Participation of AI on Customer Purchase Intention

Xiaoqing Liu
Artificial intelligence provides technical guarantee for the improvement of hotel service capability, but it contradicts the original intention of providing customers with a sense of warmth. Based on Markov decision process and questionnaire survey, this study explores the internal mechanism of the relationship...
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Research on the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Night Tourism

Meng Gao
Artificial intelligence has driven innovation in the tourism industry, bringing convenience to tourism enterprises and tourists. Tourism companies have introduced chatbots and applied natural language processing technology to push the best itineraries for tourists based on their characteristics and preferences....
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China’s Smart Cities Policy and Corporate Research and Development Intensity - A Quasi-Natural Experiment

Chunyu Jia
In this paper, we explore the impact of smart city policies on corporate R&D using a sample of Chinese a-share listed firms from 2008–2018. Our findings show that smart city policies have a catalytic effect on local firms’ R&D compared to cities that were not selected as smart cities. In addition,...
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Intelligent Exploration of College Stadiums Under the Background of “Internet+”

Tai Yu, Hongxin Cao
With the continuous development and maturity of Internet technology, the concept of a “smart planet” “Internet+” has gradually matured, in which healthy China and smart sports play a vital role. After selecting the research direction, centering on the content direction, relevant materials are inquired...
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Research on the Status and Development of Emergency Volunteer Service in Hubei Province

Li Li, Zixuan Wang, Youran Qin
An all-area linkage, three-dimensional and efficient national security protection system is inevitable to improve the national emergency management system. Mobilizing members of society to participate in the emergency management of major crisis events and guiding the general public to participate in...
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Evidence-Based Research on Multimodal Fusion Emotion Recognition

Zhiqiang Huang, Mingchao Liao
Multimodal fusion classifications are more generalizable and may be utilized in a variety of domains, including medical care, automotive autopilot, and in this paper's study of sentiment identification. This study is motivated by the human perception technique for emotion; it merges the information...
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Research on the Supply of Basic Public Services Under the Construction of Smart Cities

Zejing Xu
In recent years, smart city construction has been developing rapidly worldwide, and traditional smart city research has focused on modern information technology and hardware devices to build a smart city system based on the Internet of Things and big data. Smart cities have become a comprehensive and...
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A Review of Indoor Location Methods

Haolun Jiang
Aiming at the current common mainstream indoor positioning, this paper summarizes the basic positioning principles of WIFI, Bluetooth, UWB, inertial navigation, and visual SLAM methods respectively, and analyzes the possible problems and defects of each positioning method in specific different situations,...
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New Urbanization and Residents’ Wage Income: Data from China’s Urban Level

Nisa Jia, Zhenbang Han, Sijie Wang, Haoran Xu
It is an important issue at the present stage in China that the new type of urbanization helps the residents’ income increase. This paper examines the impact of the new urbanization level on residents’ wage income by using the data at the urban level in China from 2007 to 2020. The results show that...
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Call Center Industry Research on Customer Satisfaction Promotion Strategy

Xiaomeng Sui, Dingding Xiao
Customer satisfaction in call center industry faces significant pain points such as low result authenticity and poor guidance. Through process optimization, this study helps enterprises in the call center industry accurately identify management pain points, and conducts in-depth analysis on the questionnaire...
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Evaluation of the Coupling Coordination Relationship Between Public Cultural Services and Smart Technology

Based on the data of 31 provinces in China from 2015 to 2021

Bingtao Xu, Xiaoyong Lin
The deep integration of culture with science and technology is the inevitable trend of current cultural development. The widespread application of smart technology has changed the way of cultural production and dissemination, and the integration of smart technology and public cultural services has become...
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Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Street Patrol Cases in Zhengzhou, China, Using Getis-Ord Gi* and Space-Time Cube

Yirui Jiang, Shan Zhao, Hongwei Li, Juan Lei, Linqing He, Ge Zhu, Jiatian Bu
Urban management is an important content of social management, which is related to people's livelihood and social harmony. With the rapid advancement of urbanization and the continuous expansion of urban scale, urban management faces greater challenges, and it is very important to complete urban...
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Research on the Copyright Protection of Artificial Intelligence Generation in the Smart Media Environment

Jie Zhang, Xin Xie
The application of AI technology in the whole process of information dissemination has promoted the arrival of the era of intelligent media. While improving the production efficiency of intelligent media, enhancing the communication power and influence, the full AI manuscript magnifies the contradiction...
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Evaluation of the Efficiency of Provincial Medical and Health Services in China from 2012 to 2021

Li Wang, Xiaoyi Pan
To explore the change trend and influencing factors of health service efficiency in China from 2012 to 2021, and provide scientific basis for rational allocation of health resources in the next step. Methods: We selected medical and health institutions in 31 provinces and cities of China as the research...
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Vulnerability at Home: Domestic Factors of Cyberterrorism in SCO Countries

Jingbo Liao
As the latest hybridization of cyberspace and terrorism in the twenty-first century, cyberterrorism transcends national boundaries and poses an unprecedented non-traditional threat to any entities accessible to the Internet, including governments, corporates and civilians. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization...
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Analysis on the Influence Relationship of Each Element in Intelligent Construction Site Based on DEMATEL-ISM

Shilong Jia, Zeyu Zhao, Lei Sun, Jianfeng Chen
This paper deeply explores the mutual influence relationship between the components of smart construction site, and selects 16 practical application elements of smart construction site from three aspects of technical facilities, functional requirements and organizational management. The method of combining...
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Investigation and Study on the Environment and Residents’ Satisfaction Degree of Urban Residential Areas in the North of Xi'an City

Ding Ding, Chen Jing
Taking the closed community in the northern district of Xi'an as an example, this paper describes the spatial environment of the area as a closed community from the perspectives of the number of residential developments, land area, number and form of entrances and exits, shape of road and community...
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A Study of Financial Engineering Security Issues Based on Block Cryptography

Lin Zhang, Hongmei Wen
With the gradual maturity of big data and cloud computing technology, blockchain, as an innovative part in the evolution of information technology, has brought new opportunities for the development of various fields. Blockchain technology encryption algorithm can provide feasible solutions to the complex...
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Research on Implementation Strategy of Objectives and Key Results Assessment in State-Owned Enterprises

Xinwan Wang, Min Su, Xueyin Sun
Scientific staff assessment will help improve the staff performance. OKR assessment is a common performance assessment method. There are many problems in the implementation of OKR assessment in some state-owned enterprises, which cannot give full play to the advantages of this assessment method. On the...
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An Online Social Platform Public Opinion Communication Model Based on BP Neural Network

Benhai Yu, Yufan Ni
With the development of Internet technology, the number of Internet users in China has exceeded 1 billion. Network public opinion has gradually replaced traditional media as an information communication channel. On one hand, the efficient and convenient online platform plays an important role in promoting...
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Measurement of High-Quality Development Efficiency and Analysis Study on Regional Differences in 31 Provinces in China

Jianhua Zhang, Ting Yin, Xiaoyan Zhou, Junwei Sun, Shangjie Liu
With the economic development entering a new era, promoting high-quality development has become an inevitable requirement for the sustainable and healthy development of China’s economy. Based on the relevant data from 2010 to 2020, DEA-BCC model, Malmquist index and Dagum Gini coefficient are used to...
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Exploration on the Development of Legal Aid Mechanism for the Elderly from the Perspective of Information Technology Impact and Active Aging

Yuanjing Zhuang, Zheng Zhang, Zeyu Cheng, Tingyu Huang
This paper takes the existing legal aid mechanism as the entry point, uses data on the awareness of legal aid among the elderly in a community in Shanghai, provides basic descriptions and statistics of the data, and explores the expansion path of the legal aid mechanism for the elderly by combining the...
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A Study on the Scheduling Problem of Car Sharing with User Participation Under Dynamic Incentives

Jie Wang, Meijie Jia, Yunpeng Xie
Car sharing is growing rapidly worldwide, and the development of car sharing is constrained by factors such as unbalanced user travel demand and high enterprise operating costs. This paper considers the influence of multiple factors on user travel behavior, uses a multinomial logit model to encourage...
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Research on Improving Elderly Health Service System by Computer Artificial Intelligence Technology

Yan Zhang, Li Qi, Yi Qu, Weixin Zhang, Chunmiao Xu, Tian Song, Mengyao Wang
This article first analyzes the needs of the elderly, their families, community health service personnel and volunteers. Then this paper innovatively uses computer artificial intelligence technology Microsoft NET platform, Visual Studio 2013 integrated development environment, C# language, MySQL 5.7...
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China’s Metaverse Serves Traditional Chinese Medicine

Rui Yang, Qinglong Mo, Yongqian Xu, Yina Zhang
The Metaverse has been contributing to the long-term development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) medical services. The layout of a wide variety of regions in China in the new track of “Metaverse” has been initiated. China has been subjected to a high incidence of cancer and other diseases, and...
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Research on Policy Implementation of Government Purchasing Environmental Public Services

Based on the Analysis of Tripartite Cooperation and Confrontation Strategy

Shiyu Liu, Weilin Luo, Xiaotian Li, Yafei Li
The current supply mode of environmental public services is dominated by government purchases. However, in the process of the government purchasing environmental public services, there are still many competing interests. Therefore, this paper focuses on policy implementation, comprehensively uses game...
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Research and Application on the Model of State-Owned Enterprise Cadre Portrait Under the Background of Big Data

Youping Liu, Jiangang Shen, Junshuai Xue
Cadre management is one of the key points and difficulties in the management of state-owned enterprises. On the basis of human resource big data, this paper introduces talent portrait technology into cadre management and puts forward a model of state-owned enterprise cadre portrait based on big data...
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Analysis of Port Enterprise Management Construction Considering Cargo Owner Satisfaction

Jie Wang, Wenxi Wang, Dongxue Sui
Based on port service data, this study examines the impact of port services on cargo owners’ satisfaction. The structural equation model is used to measure the level of port-related services, revealing the impact of different types of port services on cargo owners’ satisfaction. Based on the research...
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Analysis on Influencing Factors of Traffic Congestion in Chongqing and Study on Countermeasures

Empirical Analysis Based on Principal Component Analysis

Xinyu Jia
Serious traffic congestion not only affects people’s quality of life, but also increases the economic cost of the city and reduces the efficiency of urban operation. As a typical representative of mountain cities and big cities, Chongqing has a serious traffic congestion problem. Through qualitative...
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Research and Analysis of the New Pattern of Ecological Evolutionary Development Based on the Context of Big Data

Yuanshi Jin, Jianfeng Chi
This paper introduces the prospect theory based on the traditional game approach, uses the value function in the prospect theory to analyze the evolutionary game process of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of crowdsourcing spaces, and further explores the strategy selection process of each subject through...
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Standard Cost Forecasting Model for Power Grid Production and Operation Under Multidimensional Lean Management Model

Yanqin Wang, Yong Wang, Ning Xu, Shunli Wang, Xian Zhao
The current conventional standard cost forecasting model for power grid production and operation is mainly based on the analysis of historical data of power grid operation by combining with big data technology, which leads to poor forecasting effect due to the lack of analysis of cost drivers. In this...
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Application of Zero Trust Framework in Security Protection of Power Internet of Things

Hong Xu, Leichun Gu, Shuhan Liu, Zhi-wei Hua, Xin Li
Aiming at the problems that the security boundary of power information system is gradually blurred, and external attacks and internal threats are increasingly serious, the theory and practice of zero trust architecture at home and abroad have constructed a smart grid security protection architecture...
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Study on the Vulnerability of Port Logistics System of Guangzhou Port Under the New Development Pattern

Cuilian Liu, Susu Qu, Xuejiao Yan
Under the new development pattern, it is necessary for the logistics industry to play its leading and linking role better. Port is an important window for domestic and foreign trade, and the sustainable and healthy development of its logistics system is particularly important. Vulnerability is an important...
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A Study on Food Safety Regulation Policy Implementation Based on Smith's Model

Yue Ding
The issue of food safety is closely linked to public safety and health, and has been a common focus of attention. In recent years, food safety incidents have occurred frequently and food safety issues have stood at the forefront of the attention of the whole society. The reason for this is that there...
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Application of Data Mining in Public Management Classification

Fuyan Hong, Louyan Sun
Data mining technology has become a very powerful tool to improve organizational competitiveness, organizational performance and service level. Many fields of public management, such as e-government, government performance management and public crisis management, are also in urgent need of introducing...
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Public Budget Revenue Model Based on SVR and Neural Network-A Case Study of Shanxi Province

Li Fang, Yuan Liu, Qing Zhao, Jing Yang, Luoyifan Zhong
This paper analyzes a variety of factors that affect public budget revenue. The data set is the Shanxi Provincial Statistical Yearbook collected from 1999 to 2021 years. This study uses the lasso regression method to select multiple factors affecting public budget revenue. The key influencing factors...
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Study on the Physical and Chemical Characteristics and Sources of Atmospheric Single Particles in Weifang During the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games

Zhe Chang, Jian Gao, Wenjun Li, Jinying Li, Lili Song
In order to evaluate the effectiveness of air quality assurance measures during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games, samples of atmospheric particulates in Weifang City during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games were collected to analyze the...
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Application of Big Data and Cloud Computing in the Construction of Economic Management Database

Xinxue Jin
In order to discuss the application of economic management in database construction, an application research of big data and cloud computing in economic management database construction is put forward. This paper first summarizes the characteristics of big data and cloud computing, then analyzes the...
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Control Method of Human-Computer Interaction Interface Based on Multi-level Analysis

Anran Li, Shouchao Luo, Lei Chen
In order to understand the effectiveness of man-machine interface control method, a man-machine interface control method based on multi-level analysis is proposed. Firstly, using the advantages of AHP, the factors related to users in the evaluation of man-machine interface are comprehensively analyzed,...
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Application, Development and Countermeasures of Intelligent Navigation Technology in the Field of UAV

Qin Yao, Liangbin Cheng
Navigation technology development is one of the core key technologies to promote the intelligent development of UAVs, and is an important technical guarantee to support the complex mission attempt of UAVs and their formations. This paper introduces the main navigation means and application scenarios...
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A Survey on Acoustic Control Systems

Liu Yang, Fucheng You, Xuewei Wang
Acoustic manipulation techniques have recently become a current research hotspot, especially their application aspects are receiving increasing attention in important fields such as medicine, engineering, environment, and military, yet the precise control mechanisms and the associated techniques are...
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Prediction of Carbon Peak in Shaanxi Province and Its Cities

Weixian Xue, Liangmin Wang
Shaanxi Province is an important energy province in China. There are great differences among different regions in resource endowment, industrial advantages and economic development level. Predicting the peak value is conducive to the early realization of the carbon peak goal in Shaanxi Province and the...
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Research on Planning of Multi Vehicle Series Line Based on AGV Adaptive Internal Circulation

Yumeng Du, Lei Dong, Yiwen Zhang, Yan Gao, Zhenhui Li, Zengyu Lin, Xiaofeng Wang, Jingru Liu, Hainan Li, Guoxin Song
Different from the traditional linear welding production line, the AGV internal circulation welding production line proposed in this paper mainly drives the AGV fixture and BIW products to realize the process transfer through the AGV in the region. The purpose is to build a welding production line that...
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Intellectual Property Protection Management Platform of Digital Resources Based on Artificial Intelligence

Jiacheng Cai, Lingling Xie, Ting Qiu, Yanwa Gao
In order to understand the legal protection of intellectual property rights, a research on intellectual property protection management platform of digital resources based on artificial intelligence is put forward. Firstly, with the help of digital resources of artificial intelligence, this paper determines...
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Analysis of Career Development Factors of Workers with New Employment Forms

Haoran Wang, Xiaoyang Wang
Through a survey of the newly employed form of labor groups in prefecture-level cities, we analyze the basic characteristics of their masses, their occupational characteristics, and identify the factors that affect the four variables of the group's monthly income level, willingness to participate...